What are your dream bikes ?.

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Somewhere only we know.
These are my dream bikes.

A range of new Cagiva Elefant Dakar replicas, each with a quad cam v twin dry sump engine and direct injection plus EFI plus a multivalve head, needs a competition radiator.Needs a newly advanced traction control system.Also to be fitted with big heavy duty off road biased upside down forks.Plus powerful monoblock Brembo calipers and with the new bosch ABS system on it.Plus massive front twin discs, big brembo rear brake caliper, lightweight wheels that are painted black, a massive bash plate that protects the engine/exhaust pipes.Brighten up the night with fog lights, xenon headlights, plus LED indicators and an LED brake light.Have to have a fully adjustable Dakar type windscreen and a choice of paint schemes the main colour being white with Lucky Explorer or Lucky Strike decals or whatever race colours.Also need easy to read dials ( a race spec LCD dash )for oil pressure, water tempreture and a fuel gauge, plus the obvious speedometer and rev counter etc.Bikes have to be the lightest, most powerful & best handling for a road legal Dakar bike.Also tough Acerbis wrap around handguards need to be fitted with good wind protection.Easy air filter changes are a must have.Would be nice to have smaller engines too, say about 950cc plus a 450cc & 125cc bike for learner legal riders and all bikes to be liquid cooled.Would also be nice to have a big tank range for the 1300cc Elefant, say about 32 uk litres.Please don't let it be the end of true dual sport machines as we know it from years ago :nervous:.Would be nice if they were more biased to the dirt than the KTM 1290 R Adventure bike :).Also try to carry down the technology to the smaller bikes if you can.See if you can fit a multiplate dry clutch aswell, so we can hear the rattle.
Basically they have got to be very ruggedly built machines, capable of taking on the rough stuff.Make em more rugged than the old Team Cagiva Dakar bikes.

Edit: Also all have to have a 6 speed gearbox too with a light clutch if possible.Plus a low seat height for all models, that is lacking in the trail bike market.

Horsepower rating for each road legal bike:

125cc single or v twin = 15bhp
450cc v twin = 85bhp
950cc v twin = 130bhp
1300cc v twin = 170bhp

Plus make some trail bikes that look similar to the Elefant 650 but with a smaller engine for green laning or for fun off road.
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This is my dream bike oh yeah.

I'd love a new Cagiva Elefant, about 1,350cc with direct injection/electronic fuel injection.Needs to be fitted with big biased off road USD front forks & monoshock or electronic off road suspension, big ass Brembo brakes plus linked ABS and massive front twin discs, traction control too, lightweight wheels that are painted black, shaft drive too, big chunky bash plate, twin underseat exhausts that are stubby please, fog lights/xenon headlights, plus LED indicators/brake lights, adjustable rally type windscreen, a choice of paint schemes ( Lucky Explorer, Lucky Strike ).Also paint all of the frame black including the swingarm too.Bikes have to be the lightest, quickest & the engines have to be the most powerful to date for a Dakar bike.Also tough Acerbis handguards need to be fitted.Easy maintenance, like a Honda XR650R dirt bike (easy access to air filter etc).If Cagiva/MV are reading this i would buy your bike in a heartbeat.Make it reliable too please.Would be nice to have smaller versions too, say about 1000cc, 750cc & 450cc plus a 125cc bike for learner legal riders ( all v twin except the 125cc bike ) and liquid cooled that would be ace.Would also be nice to have three fuel tanks ( auxiliary, main tank and reserve too ).If the Elefants turn out the way i want it, they are going to KICK ASS.Go mad with them Cagiva/MV Agusta pretty please.I know i am asking a bit too much, but get as close to that as you can get it to these beasties :).This is the only solution to having cater to a bigger market.Please don't let it be the end of true dual sport machines as we know it from yesteryear :nervous:.

Edit: Also all have to have a 6 speed gearbox too.

Horsepower rating for each road legal bike:

450cc = 65bhp
750cc = 100bhp
1000cc = 150bhp
1350cc = 185bhp

I wanted one for Christine but no one listened:D

Edit: who is Christine?. I wanted one for Christmas:LOL
I have a couple dream bikes. One is a 1986 Honda ATC 350X and the other is a '86 200X.

'86 350X: 27hp
'86 200X: 19hp

These are trail bikes too. Three wheelers. Both are 6 speed manuals.
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I grew up riding them. I still own one, just want more lol. When I was young I had an '86 and an '85. Sold the 1986 model but I still to this day own the '85. Looking into restoring a 1984 though, posted a thread about it here.
Pretty much any 1920s-Mid 1950s British motorcycle, BSA, AJS, Matchless, Norton, Sunbeam, etc.
More specific:
Manx Norton (pretty much compulsory)
Vincent Black Shadow
Greeves Scottish

MV Agusta F4 (RR would be nice)
MV Agusta 500 (one of Agos ideally)

I could go on...
This is about my dream bikes.For the engines make the internals completely out of titanium ( rings, pistons, con rods, valve gear, crank, bearings etc ).

Wet weight for Cagiva Elefants

125cc = 135kg
450cc = 150kg
950cc = 180kg
1350cc = 200kg

Power to weight would be phenominal.These would be the most powerful, capable and quickest trail bikes on the market.They could make the fairings & the petrol tank out of carbon fibre too.As long as it's an all rounder i 'm fine with that.If Cagiva/MV can better the wet weight, that would be awesome.

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Im pretty content with what I have, but I wouldn't mind having a Crossplane crankshaft....:lol:
After test riding countless bikes at Bike Week, I've came to the conclusion that I currently own my dream bike (2008 Suzuki B-King). If I had to choose another bike, without a doubt it would be the 2013 Yamaha VMax.
BMW are thinking about making a new HP2 Sport by the way.With about 160bhp on tap from a liquid cooled boxer twin :D.Oh and a Yamaha MT-07 and MT-09 is coming out.Plus a naked Goldwing with 1,800 flat six engine should be good fun.
Ducati 1199 Panigale R.

I wouldn't mind riding a Magni special Mv Agusta 750 Sport America from the 70's with four megaphone exhausts fitted.
So hard to pick a bike, mostly because they all look the same compared to cars. :/

2014 KTM 300XC-W

RZ500 (Highly tuned.)


An RS250 with lights. (Would MURDER people in the canyons.)


And a Ducati 1199 Panigale S Tricolore, because it's most extreme Ducati.
I like that Ducati...Always was a big 848 and 999 fan though.

These were the 2 from the last page that I want:

'86 200X:

20hp @ 7,500
14lb-ft @ 6,000

Weight: 282lbs
6 Speed Manual
Top Speed: 66mph


1986 350X

27hp @ 7,000
22lb-ft @ 6,000

Weight: 320lbs
6 Speed Manual
Top Speed: 72mph


Would like a 250R but they are expensive and I'm not big on 2 strokes. Even though it makes a whopping 40hp and equal torque. That ain't bad for a 25 year old three wheeler :lol: Especially with a 93mph top speed and 291lb dry weight.
I'm not going to post pictures of these, but my dream bikes are:

(2005-Present) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R
(2005-Present) Yamaha YZF-R6
(2007-Present) Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10
(2007-Present) Yamaha YZF-R1

And maybe a supermoto somewhere in there. I would love to have a DR-Z 400SM.