What did you do in GT7 today?

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I did Sardegna in the 25th anniversary Red bull and I just missed the marathon because I finished at 11:59 pm . Looked for S14 but it was gone from the UCD. Have to wait until it comes back
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I sold a bunch of spare cars I likely wasn't gonna use anyway and raised a nice amount of extra credits. I then did some campaign races I hadn't gotten around to completing yet, and then got a three-star ticket, which netted me a nitrous kit for the Genesis X Gr.3. As someone who refuses to use nitrous, I promptly discarded this part. I was also surprised that I got 1m credits for getting silver for the current Online Time Trial, as I didn't see a new one to take its place. I also bought a few cars, like the Dodge Tomahawk X VGT, as I will definitely need it for the trophies that require you to reach frankly absurd speeds.

I also don't feel like doing the current Daily Race, and it's highly unlikely I'll get around to the next one, either, as I'll be in Miami Beach for almost the entire week. But that's fine by me, too.

Finally, I decided to stop making liveries (albeit basic ones) for my road cars, as I like the lower-key appearance of them without any stickers, but still installing aero parts and custom wheels. I've even been stripping some of my cars that had liveries installed, down to their original paint schemes, which can especially be nice when they have neat OEM decals that may get removed when making a custom livery, such as on my Mustang Mach 1 '71.

EDIT: Oh, and I also bought my first Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari F430, and Ferrari F8 Tributo.
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On the GTP account, I took the 86 Gr.4 out for a laugher of a wet 6-lap Sarthe stomp, partly because I was the only one to grab rain tires on lap 2, and partly because, despite the track being soaked by the end of lap 3, the front-runners didn't take rain tires until lap 4. The 4-star Wheel of Despair gave the low-showing 30,000 Cr.

On the Plus account, it was an incredibly-tight soaker of a 7-lap Sarthe win for the NSX Gr.4. The rain came down heavy and early - everybody pitted for intermediates on lap 2. The field came back down for dry tires on lap 4, while I held out until lap 5. The cycle of stops ended with a 4-second lead for Portilla, which I whittled down over the last 2 laps, finally passing him in the first Mulsanne chicane in a move that the GTWS stewards probably would have frowned upon.

The Wheel of Despair did frown upon it, giving me the low-showing 10,000 Cr. off a 3-star. I'm sure that if 5,000 Cr. had been showing, it would have been my 4th consecutive 5,000-Cr. cash "prize".
Do the WTC600 Tokyo and refine the medium tire tune.
Race is more fun with a slower car.