What did you do in GT7 today?

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Drove myself nuts running the TT with no improvement. Ran a few LeMans using the Challenger and the Audi R8 4.2. Got a sport muffler from the wheel.
I bought a Focus ST and a Golf GTI which I elected to take around the Nurburgring for a Sunday drive. I then took the Focus to Willow Springs: Streets of Willow and drove my McLaren F1 around Le Mans.
Put 108 miles on the Gr.4 Viper tonight to finally beat the 1 lap circuit experience at Laguna Seca. I really hate this track. Those hot dogs at the apex of every turn and the slippery track conditions make it a real PITA to be fast on.
Golded the Mustang time trial. Not worth the time spent.

Bullied the AI in a 1-lap race around Suzuka in the base Huracan. Got P1 a few times within... 30 minutes? Worth the time spent.
I turned my Toyota MR2 into a Toyota GT-Two, basically a baby GT-One. 699 PP made it perfect for WTC Le Mans and I also made an attempt to recreate the 1998 GT-One livery, although some work remains there.
That's the one...
Yep. That one was really tough for me. It didn't help that I watched a tutorial here where someone won it but ran over a second slower than my best time. I only had managed to get 2nd place with my best time. So it made no sense how that was possible.
I didn't play today. Why? Because, once again, it went into scan the room mode. I DON'T NEED TO SCAN THE ROOM. I'M PLAYING A GAME IN SITTING MODE. Why? What prompts it to sometime just start right up and ask which mode I want, I select sitting mode, and move right on and start playing the game. Other times, for reasons I haven't figured out yet, it has to go through the scan the room BS, which takes several minutes, then may or may not get what it needs, and after I've sat there patiently looking around for what seems like forever, it fails and starts all over. I just want to sit down and drive for 10 or 15 minutes, but instead I have **** with this thing around in circles. Why can't I skip the BS room scanning? What prompts it to sometimes require a scan and sometimes not? What am I missing?
Gave the Race Together races a go after reading they were gonna go away. Expert at Tsukuba warranted a retry, figured I'd do up to Expert on all tracks before trying with the 1v1s, that's for tonight.
Wheel of Despair gave me a Dodge SRT Tomahawk GTS-R which I didn't have so one more for the collection a least.
Tested a new team for the next Manufacturers Cup - did all the WTC 700 / 800 races in their gr3 & gr4 cars. Worked on a livery for them - still need some practice making those but it looks ok. Just waiting now for the new season announcement.
Yep. That one was really tough for me. It didn't help that I watched a tutorial here where someone won it but ran over a second slower than my best time. I only had managed to get 2nd place with my best time. So it made no sense how that was possible.
Me too, I have friends who have achieved gold in slower times than I have for only 2nd place. There must be a configuration which allows this. Guess I’ll just keep trying until the game loads it for me.
Tried a Praiano tune for the Mercedes CLK
Would’ve liked a touch more front downforce but it’s pretty solid otherwise
I’ll probably use it for the Neoclassic Challenge
- Bought the 365GTB Ferrari from LC. Now I just need to buy the F40, 288GTO, and the two GT racecars and I'll have every Ferrari I actually want.

- Fiddled with my Mazda Roadster Touring Car and ran some races with it.

- Fine-tuned the decals on my Garry Mitsunaga tribute Pantera in the livery editor.

- Got $10k from a 3* spin, did the usual Chris Chan stress sigh.
As it turns out the Toyota TS030 is absolutely terrifying with the Medium RPM Turbo
Complete absence of any hybrid assistance going to the front wheels probably doesn’t help
Did the TT, drived like a moron.

Got a 3* tickets for my pain, was worth it, I got 5k...

+1 grind at Tokyo, I need the P4...

+finished all CE with bronze, even the terribly fast (for me) last sector of Le Mans on which I struggled a lot, plus Suzuka and Mount Panorama, where I had not done any CE until now. Gold will be more than a challenge on some tracks, I don't think I'll be able ever of golding all CE.
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On the GTP account, I grabbed the Silvia Touring Car for a very strange Sarthe race. I got punted on lap 1 to knock me back to last. Very heavy rain came at the end of lap 2, when I was the only one to pit (for full wet tires). All the AI came down on lap 3 after struggling mightily in the rain, and some didn't take rain tires. The rain essentially stopped by the end of lap 4, when I came down for intermediates and most of the field that didn't take rain tires did so (some IMs, some wets). I almost threw the race away on lap 5 by coming down a third time for RH tires because McEwen was doing a heroic effort on slicks. I couldn't catch him on lap 6, but he had to pit and I barely crossed the line before the 30-minute mark. He finished 2nd in the pits, but I had to do a 7th lap because of how the game handles AI pitting and timing.

I also witnessed another example of that horrible pit timing as Haywood, Bishop and Kokubun pitted out of 3rd/4th/5th (respectively). Even though none of them actually triggered the pit animation before the 30-minute mark, only Haywood was far enough along pit entry that it did eventually trigger for him. That dropped him from 3rd to 5th.

The engine ticket gave me yet another Supra engine. Even though I have a bunch of cars that already have that engine, I currently have only 2 of the 8 I still need for swaps, not counting a spare to see where else it goes.

On the Plus account, it was a dry stomping at Sarthe with a detuned BMW M3 GT. The 4-star workout roulette gave me a M2 Competition (fitting given I used a BMW today).

After the midnight UTC refresh of Hagerty's and the UCD, I came back to buy the 1952 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL (W194) on the Plus account. That leaves, at least until the March update drops, just the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO and 1997 BMW McLaren F1 GTR Race Car unacquired on either account (though more on each).
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I bought the last Hagerty car I didn’t own, the Mercedes 300 SL W194. I saw my Lamborghini invitation was about to expire so I bought a second Veneno to keep stock since the other one I own is modified from the Hypercar Parade Menu book. I did some grinding and got a 4-star ticket that gave me 30k. Prior to the McLaren F1 and 917k appearing in the LCD I had 99.5 million credits and now I’m at 8.4 million, but I never have to buy a 20 million credit car again so there’s really no need to horde credits like I was. Still going to buy duplicates of several cars from the LCD and I have a lot of BC left to buy, so more grinding is necessary.
got my 18th F1
More Race Together races, but only just enough to get DW so no 1v1s. Spent some money on the Bugatti VGT and Chiron and got a engine ticket which netted me a Z4 engine, put it in a M3 '03 which I'll have some fun with heavily tuning.
I tried a glitched DB11 build at Tokyo and to me it's waaaay more stable than the AMG Black build. It is also slower but I will choose stability over speed for this track. I took the Aston Martin VGT to Lemans and then I took the R92CP to Sardegna. My Sardegna race was terrible I had multiple crashes. Some of was me being sleepy and some of it was my tune. After the race I looked at the settings and it was a jacked up tune. I got the most hp but the way I had the ballast added caused it to be slower and handle poorly. It always felt slower than my other Group C cars but I didn't think about tuning it to get it up to par. I got 10k from the wheel
I created the perfect multiclass custom race. Around 15-20 laps so you get a full transitioning from dawn to night, or night to day. It is fantastic to see all these “classes” do their own thing, when you lap them. I race a CLK-LM so I put two other GT2 cars in the mix to have a fight.

Funny thing is in saving your custom race, the names of the drivers are the same, resulting in me batteling with a certain N. Carter for fastest lap every race. Very funny.
after running in some low PP lobbies (Old and Slow, 5am est on Sunday), I spent some time creating a "Comfort Hard" and "Sports Hard" class out of my favorite cars. i ended up with about 24 at 400pp and 40ish at 600pp, and i am going to start testing them - preliminary findings have the Merak at 400pp as my fastest and the 85 abarth at 250pp... both i would've never tried to perfect because there is 0 reason to in-game.

was trying to figure out what level PP to set that can eliminate the swapped cars, but both the mini and the bus get to 350pp. i was hoping to avoid 'banning engine swaps' or anything else really, i was hoping to find a PP level where the cars would actually all be competitive against each other. tried to keep the swaps in the sports hard class but even then - my swapped focus can wipe the floor with a lot of those. i won't even start on the cappucino swap, which has glitched PP, and likely the sort of thing that will ever prevent more tuning dailys.

i am thinking i'd like to start hosting lobbies in these classes, every once in awhile. mostly i am looking for an excuse to finally race the stingray concept or the ghia roadster (which i finally sorted out as well)
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Another go (the last one ?) at current Sport Mode TT, and improved my best lap on the first lap of the 12 I've done (shaved 0.003s later on lap 11)

Got a nice Mazda Roadster with my 4* ticket, a nice change from the regular poop.
Haven't played a few days, due to Diablo IV open beta. Picked up the grind at Sarthe for credits, using the 330 P4. Another car that cruises to victory. Rain every race, some torrential, still no challenge.
Put a Glickenhaus 007 livery on the car, wide tyres, slicks too.
Adding the car to the grind rotation.
Daily ticket was a 3 star. No further comments....
It was a Sardegna day, so I decided to put the Audi R8 LMS on the Plus account versus the Evo version on the GTP account. Do bear in mind that this comparison may well not be applicable after Wednesday as a rather significant set of physics changes is supposedly due in the 1.31 update.

Despite having a lot of understeer, he Evo burns up the rear tires pretty well by the end of a 5-lap stint (I had a wreck on lap 10, and almost had one on lap 15). It will turn laps on either side of 1:41. The older R8 is less composed, but I managed to keep it on the track all 15 laps. Because of that lack of composure and unfavorable winds at the end of the 2nd and 3rd stints, I couldn't get it under 1:41.

The Wheels of Despair disappointed. The GTP account got a Lamborghini invite out of a 4-star (the first one in a while, as that's the only active invite), The first parts ticket of the month (4th 6-star overall) on the Plus account spewed a carbon driveshaft for the Bugatti Chiron.