What did you do in GT7 today?

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Wondered if not all improvements have to be new cars or on track ?

4/5 Tokyo VGT race, cruised about Tokyo in the Bugatti VGT cleared race 4;
World Rally Championship, Sardinia I'd only got a silver previously here so needed to resolve this, strapped into a Yaris GR that I've gone crazy with (848bhp)..... Tried too hard first try and ended up coming off a jump near the start finish line and going through the pits twice.
Second time out spent less time with the throttle planted and went a lot faster. First place achieved and 40miles done in total daily wheel 5k.
As for the tune on the Honda (Amuse) s2000 turbo I will load a photo of the tune that's proven useful, of course everyone miles may vary, I'm not saying it's as fast as it can go.
Managed to progress on Lake Louise track experience. I had 3 bronze and 2 silvers, now I got 4 silvers with 1 gold. My favorite rally track!

Also ended up doing about 200-300 km (124-186 miles) with my fully turned '68 charger with a Dodge Demon engine swap and grinded quite a bit.

I tuned my Silvia Q's '88 with an engine swap and iirc it ended up with about 1100 HP.
Another day, another Sardegna grind (Nissan GT-R GT500 on the GTP asccount, Lexus SC430 GT500 on the Plus account), another 3-star Wheel of Despair on the GTP account (for the lowest-possible 5,000 Cr.), and a 4-star Wheel of Despair for 30,000 Cr. (the highest-showing of 3 cash prizes) on the Plus account. I did at least cull the garage some more on the GTP account.
Finished the last of The Human Comedy driving missions. I didn't seem to have much issues with any of the 1 hour endurance races. But the car rewards were a little disappointing for all bronze and all gold. Both were duplicates.

I kept the duplicate of the Nissan Z to have a clean 0 miles and swapped the engine/wide bodied my other one. Sold my California Sage Aston Martin for a modest amount of credits.
This might be a long post...

Been juggling today... started the day with only 380k in credits (recently bought the D Type which bankrupted me :lol: )

Ran the weekly events, which got me up to about 850k. The 6 star car ticket got me an IsoRivolta VGT in a nice red (new car to me so I've kept it).
My pot pourri of cars this week...
View attachment 1328878
I managed to squeeze out a 3rd in the Biposto adding just a set of Sport's Softs to this stock classic.
The Celica was rather squirrely at Alsace making for a nail-biting finish!
View attachment 1328880

Now, the Legend cars are full of cars i don't have right now. Decided to aim for the Pennzoil Nismo to finish the Extra Menu book. But nearly all the valuable cars I have are Legend cars or "Invite only", so I had to sell the Red Bull Competition (which I had received previously as a car gift) for just under 1.5m.

Then I ran the Autopolis and Nurburgring GP races to complete the 900PP menu book. Which got me the 5 star ticket...
And enough credits to buy the Pennzoil. Which got me the 6 star ticket...

The 5 star ticket for 900PP gave me 100K credits (could be worse , could be better).

The 6 star Nissan race car ticket got me the 918 Spyder (new to my garage, very happy with that).

And just realised that has completed the Porsche Supercar menu book! :D

Which has given me the RX-7 Spirit R engine worth 225k which is new to my garage!

I'm now at 175k credits though, needing 2.5m to get the 1964 Carrera.

I loathe grinding and won't do it on principle normally, but will have to hope that one grind plus next week's Weekly events will be enough for the Carrera.

The 1966 GT40, McLaren MP4/4 and 20m Shelby will have to wait a few months for the next cycle...

So I'm Red Bull down and these 3 up, and a new engine, today. Feels like a good day overall...
The main highlight for me today was doing the WTC 900 round at Nurburgring GP for the respective Bonus Menu. Of course, I got a clean P1. All that's left for this Bonus Menu is the round at Suzuka, too, but I'm really hoping they add both more Gr.2-eligible cars as well as more rounds in general.

I'm not just referring to the most recent GT500 cars, with the Honda Civic Type R-GT, the Nissan Z, and the Toyota GR Supra, but also the other three DTM cars from BMW, Mercedes-AMG, and Aston Martin. (That is, from the end of the 2010s before DTM switched to GT3-spec cars.) Then there were the other GT1 cars from 1997/1998 that could join the McLaren-BMW F1 GTR and Mercedes-Benz CLK-LM, namely the Nissan R390 GT1 and Porsche 911 GT1. And sure, there was also the Toyota TS020 and Panoz Esperante GTR-1, but I'd rather have the LMGTP-spec version of the former from 1999, so it can go into Gr.1. Meanwhile, the latter supposedly has notable licensing issues, and I frankly don't mind its absence as much, anyway.

So, once they do that, I could definitely see there being rounds of the WTC900 at say, the Red Bull Ring, or perhaps even an American venue like the Daytona Road Course or Watkins Glen.

EDIT: But to be more on-topic, I also bought a spare Z33 in orange, and put an R34 GT-R engine I had laying around into it. Similarly, I had a spare Honda S800 in Scarlet, and swapped its engine with a 2&4 Concept engine that I recently won. I also gave into impulse and installed the best parts for it, and it turns out it can max out at 288HP, which is nuts for a car that, with all weight reductions, weights about half a ton. However, for all the credits I spent on those parts, I have no idea of where I'm going to find this particular S800 useful - at least outside of online play.
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Today I tried few more laps on the TT at Dragon Trail Gardens but sadly with no improvements.

Also worked a little bit on my Abarth 500. Bought parts and tuned as seen in JC's garage.

A 4 stars despicable wheel gave 10k for my trouble.

PS: tuned as seen right there:
Bought 3 Meraks, put 3 different tunes on them. Ran LeMans with each. Re-ran the Weekly at RA with the turbo'd tune. Fun car. Ran the Dragon TT a bit, picked up another 6/10ths. Got 10k from the wheel. That beats the sport shocks that were on that spin. :)
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Finished the weekly challenge. Got a AMG VGT which I sold for 500k cr. Bought a Bugatti VGT GR1 , painted the rims and took it to Sardegna. Bought the Porsche in the special picks section of the UCD, bought the rest of the cars to finish the Lexus extra menu. Got another Lambo invite which I don't need 😁
Today I ran Sardegna once with a Mustang Gr3 and completed 2 missions under the Gone With the Wind tab. (the pass and the drag race one)


Edit: later that same day, I was able to play some more GT7 and I completed and golded the rest of the "Gone With the Wind" set of missions. Except for the Viper drift one (forever in silver) and the High Speed Ring 30 minutes race which I saved for later. And man, "the pass" at a rainy Spa was damn hard.
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Just did a few CE , completly gold 3more.

As i did not race online this week i went last night do 3 races at Spa.
First quali 10, and as was using the 650s i'm not used too, and felt really different in race , realising i was just blocking guys behind , i let myself last .
Second quali P9 , finished 12 starting to feel a bit more confortable in race with the 650.
Third race started P8, for p5 finish withis Time no penalty of any kind.
I did the weekly challenges today and the GR3-Time Trial at Mount Panorama.
I used the M6 Endurance Model because I know the car quite well at the moment after the Nordschleife-CE last weekend. It took some time to trust in the RS-tires, because my latest experience with the track (CE with the McLaren 650S a couple of weeks ago) as well as with car (M6 at Nordschleife as said) were both on RH-tires and really not an example for grip. Finally I did a 2:03,685, which is okay for me.
I really try to gold everything in the game (even if it takes a day or sometimes even longer) but not the time trials. Here my goal is silver, because I'm not the type of driver who can compete with the top 2%. the cost-effectiveness ratio would therefore be catastrophic. I would need at least half of the week for gold :scared:

I just did the Bathurst 12h* in Custom Races, and won by 1.1s 😅

OK, so it was 'only' 2 hours, and I only meant to test whether it was going to work or not... it certainly did!

I had a good battle in the first half of the race with Kelvin van der Linde and Laurens Vanthoor, but eventually took the lead cleanly and pitted on to refuel around the 75 minute mark. After the AI pitted, I was 25s ahead of the field and wondered if I should pit again (for fresh tyres) to even things up - I'm glad I didn't, as the AI went into turbo mode (even though 'Boost' is swtiched off, as usual).

I had the fastest lap until around lap 40/55 - a 2:07.2xx ... but that was obliterated by the AI with a frankly absurd 1:59.1xx. However once the AI had got to within 5s of me, the rubber banding stopped and it was a straight fight to the end.

Despite my best efforts, however, I managed to bin it coming into the Esses, but thankfully I didn't get a penalty, and I was able to recover just in time to stay in the lead. I held my nerve for the final lap, but it was mighty close in the end. 2 hours, 55 laps, 211 miles and 582,500 Cr. was the reward.

Apart from the rubberbanding, it was a brilliantly realistic experience. I even added in 4 Gr.4 cars and they did their job of balking the fast guys, even though at one point it spoiled a good race (Vanthoor/AI was in P1 and got balked by a slow Gr.4, which cost him at least 20s; I held back from passing, only for the AI in P3 (K van der Linde) to pass all of us.

Next time I will try it with all cars with 'real' liveries and all real driver names. If only there was rain at Bathurst in GT7, it would make it ultra-realistic, but even without it it is still a great experience to be able to recreate the race so well.
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Yesterday, aside from running Sardegna of course, I did the thing that I love to do the most in Gran Turismo - I spent several hours scrolling through my garage picking cars and taking them out for a lap or three at Nordshleife. I took a bunch of Porsches, a couple lambos, my Valkyrie, The Jag X220, several others but the one I really enjoyed was the Alpine A110 '17. As much as GT7 is a frustrating and weirdly antagonistically-constructed game, the one thing that saves it and always blows me away about it is the fact that it has hundreds of cars and they ALL drive differently and have uniique and recongnizable characteristics.
So after checking quicky this week online race , and did couple of race A.

I décide was time to go back trying to improve licence test with one focus trail bracking with the controller.

So i gold the last 3 of A licence , and carry on golding the 3 first of international B .

So for the moment my trail bracking is not really better than my usual straight bracking , but happy to get at least not slower and with time i will really get time.

And also i removed from start all assist exept tc1 , even corner marker and brake marker i usually keep on on first try. Focus to work on finding all alone brake point etc etc

Really enjoy doing it , as almost each try was improving the previous one until i got the gold.

Always a pleasure to find you improved

Edit: i carry on

And international B gold in the pocket
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I got on last night and decided to the Gr 1 menu races. I used the Bugatti VGT Gr1 for all of the races. That is quickly becoming one of my favorite cars. Got a Hyundai VGT from the 6 🌟 🎫 and 10k cr from the daily 🌟🌟🌟🎫. I bought the Porsche light green paint so that I can paint the 992 in that color.
Yesterday was one of these very rare times that i didn't get a single credit to my account.
I just try copen and s660 at Alsace for our upcoming challenge at Sunday.
What's worry me the most is that the " rattlesnake " @Pesselles always find the speed to pass us at the race while in practice isn't so fast .
Also he writes the faster lap and that killing me double 🤐

Waiting for new weekly races and 2 invitations to spend my credits......hope not to change year before i get them.
Yesterday was one of these very rare times that i didn't get a single credit to my account.
I just try copen and s660 at Alsace for our upcoming challenge at Sunday.
What's worry me the most is that the " rattlesnake " @Pesselles always find the speed to pass us at the race while in practice isn't so fast .
Also he writes the faster lap and that killing me double 🤐

Sad Season 4 GIF by The Office
Been offline since the weekend, completed weekly challenge at Suzuka; ticket gave me a mitsubishi VGT thingy that is going to get sold, I took it for a quick razz at high speed ring, I'm pretty sure a Lancer is similar paced.
Daily wheel gave me a Ferrari invite, I've therefore bought the FXX and Enzo that I previously didn't have the funds for when last had an invite. I went to grind some more Credits by taking on Tokyo express (as a change), in a Jaguar XJ220 this proved to be a mammoth mistake, hit the walls (lots) and bumped at least one car (a 911) off the track whilst trying to stop in the wet at the bottom hairpin came home 5th place, only saving grace I can give the XJ220 in standard format is it's fuel efficient.
Raced some random online lobby last night. Qualifying about 5th out of 10-15 drivers.

First lap, first corner, behind another driver, one to my right but just ahead a little ways. I hold the outside line. Get punted off the track. Into the sand and right to the back. 20-30 seconds behind now on a 3 lap race. Whatever. There goes my race, try the next one. I still managed to move up three positions but not even close to being able to finish before the race ends.

Next race, same thing happens. It makes me feel like it’s something I’m doing, yet in our Sunday private room lobbies we can manage to go around the tightest of corners three wide and not even bump each other. We’ve even been two wide through Monza’s chicanes.

Sick of people driving like you’re not even there. It’s a “this is my line and I’m sticking to it, I don’t care if you’re in front of me, if you’re not going my speed then I’m going right thru you” kind of driving mentality.

Almost the entire grid is bunched up in the first corner and two or three guys drive like nobody is even on the track. They’re on the outside line, they cut down hard and make it because I backed off as I saw their actions coming. Wow they made it… oh no, they just took that guy out… and that guy, and the one wiped out of his own doing.

The more I race online lobbies the more I’m finding out, hardly anybody can actually manage an alternate line through corners and around the track. If you’re side by side entering a corner, it’s not a game of chicken. Hold the line you went in on. People see a half car width gap and go for it. Needless to say I just shut it down after three or four races of mid pack qualify to right to the back within the first half of the first lap.

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