What did you do in GT7 today?

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This game is getting me hooked again, go figure. I should just stop playing it or I won't play anything else.

Anyways, after doing this week's challenges I had somewhat of a rough ending in Daytona (check related topic), after doing it with the RCZ Gr.3 that I had bought just to import an old livery I had made in Sport. Somehow I totally fell in love with the car and I've been using it quite a lot for money grinding at Sardegna recently, but not before upgrading said livery thanks to 7's more powerful editor.


This car is amazing, with her lovely and laggy 4-cyl turbo engine. Drives like a dream compared to other Gr.3 cars, the Praiano tune fits sooooo good! If the GT40 doesn't disappear from the Legendary Dealer tomorrow, I'm gonna use the RCZ at Spa 1h to grind the last money needed to buy it (and finally complete the Ford special menu).
Today I test drove 2 more cars at Watskin Glen event in the weekly challenge set.

Then I bought 2 Sema cars (the Maverick and the Greedy Fugu) to complete an extra menu, which gave me a 5 stars ticket holding a Ferrari invitation. An useless prize for me.

After that I sold the mentioned Sema cars along with some dups I was kepting for whatever reason, deleted some replay, liveries and decals from my collection/itens.

Decluttering day one may say.

Not a lovely GT7 day.
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It's really funny how one person 's useless invitation is another's treasure. For me I get everything except for the Ferrari invite. I have all of the invite cars I just want another invite to buy some more. Right now I about my 10th or 11th Bugatti invite 🙄 but someone else that may never come for them which is the big issue. The invites are too random
It's really funny how one person 's useless invitation is another's treasure. For me I get everything except for the Ferrari invite. I have all of the invite cars I just want another invite to buy some more. Right now I about my 10th or 11th Bugatti invite 🙄 but someone else that may never come for them which is the big issue. The invites are too random
I'd happily give it away to a fellow GT player. It's my 3rd Ferrari invitation. On the other hand, I've been waiting for a Bugatti one since..... Forever. 😅

Dealership invitation is one of the worst GT game mechanics ever. 😅😅😅
On the Plus account, I did some testing for the GTWS as I don't care if I put mileage on the Hagerty's cars there. I was in the 3:44s with both the Toyota and the Mercedes, and 2 seconds back with the Audi. I found the Mercedes a bit easier to drive, so I'll burn the money on the GTP account to buy one for tomorrow's race.

For cash, I ground the 2013 Nissan GT-R GT3 around Sarthe. Had it not rained, I would have had to throttle back to keep from doing 8 laps. The cashless 5-star workout ticket gave me an Aston Martin V8 Vantage Gr.4, which I hung onto to have a bone-stock one (the other already has wet tires available for it).

I needed sleep, so all I did on the GTP account was buy the Mercedes-Benz CLK-LM and put my usual Nations Cup livery on it.
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Yesterday was just grinding on the Online Daily Races, Race B and C was very good.
One spanish "jammy rammer" on Daily Race C at Dragon Trails bumped pushed me before the end as I passed him at 5th postion so he got childish and rammed me to the grass but hey is what it is.

Went to get better ranking in time for todays online qualies for GT World series.

I did have a great lobby race, which I can post photos from later on today. It was like a GT Cup practice race for the Le-mans track (la sarthe) and was some racing some quick A & S rank guys was fun. I did a bit of nutty strategy and didn't pit to change tyres and forgot to change my brake balance.

But I started in 5 or 6th, the start was choppy by others not shooting off the gridline clean, then I gained the lead as the leader pitted on lap 6 out of 10 laps and I tried to hold it with degrading tyres till lap 9 when he cauhgt up, and managed to hold a 2nd place till the end. I do love La sarthe but will do some more practice in the Ts020 and check my BBalance before todays online race.

Wish me luck and happy clean racing lads! See you out there.

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Yesterday Daytona 800wtc weekly 5/5 in a Mazda 787, dominant win on a no stop strategy won by a lap, I hate this track, but love this car, I got distracted on lap 10 by the fireworks, the flashing fuel warning, changing my multifunction display etc and over ran turn one, good job there's lots of run off space that's still tarmac there or that could have been nasty. Poor line for the next two corners but not a disaster of a lap thanks mostly to the great car.
500k for finishing the weeklies and a 4* ticket that gave me a nice 500k
Went and looked at the Time trials and rented a McClaren.... I have not got a clue how you get this round Suzuka in 1:34 I could barely keep the blasted thing on the tarmac for a whole lap and my best time is a poor bronze, won't be going back (yes I know watch the videos, practice etc, rinse and repeat, I just don't see the joy in that, the car is twitchy and very rapid, my poor skills would take a lot of work to get a silver and gold won't ever happen here in that).
Will look at the KTM crossbow time trial with a bit more focus as at least that's a car I've driven a few miles in.
Finally finished the all the GR.1 Prototype Series. Some of the most enjoyable racing i've done! The 30 Mins at Road Atalanta was fun.
That's the one that took me a while despite that being one of my better tracks!

Today I've done about 400km at le mans. But most of my time was finding a nice livery for the GT One. Rest of the evening will be spent waiting for Suzuka to disappear from TT
We had a test drive on Nordschleife with the TZ2.

Speed dating of three Titans and three Giulias.
Of course @Pesselles was dating @smoothbore12 :rolleyes:

So I had to talk to three Italian grandmas :irked:.
Finally I had to make a picture from the three old chatterboxes. Of course highlighting their "best side" :nervous:

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Thank you for nothing guys :banghead:
At least wasn't a ...... blind date 🤣
Today Le Mans 700wtc 30min; I took a previously unused Peugeot VGT gr3 car to the paint shop and then to France. Lap 2 it started to rain, lap 3 I was in for fuel so put on wets went to fuel management 6, rain continued, peaked at about 80% wet end of lap 5, I stayed out on wet tyres and preserved fuel. 8 laps in 33:09, everyone one lap short. Usable car although would have struggled if it had been dry throughout, formulaic race. Got a 5* ticket that I didn't cash yet.
No pics today because I was lazy, but I took my newly beloved RCZ Gr.3 to Spa for the 1,5 mil grind and won, mostly because everyone kept on pitting due to a light shower that had everyone go on IM and then go insane. I stayed on RMs, struggled for a couple laps and then won by a minute.

Thanks to that million I managed to buy the GT40 Mark I and completed the Ford GT menu, whose 6* ticket gifted me 500k. Daily 4* gifted me 10k.

Afterwards took the Jimny, swapped it and Praiano'd it for the Jimny Cup menu book; won with ease, fun car indeed on every surface. 4* ticket once again, 10k once again.
I finished the last CE for me, 24 Heures du Mans. The last section was kicking my butt. I only struggled (had to try 10+ times) with that one and one of the dirt sections. All told, I ended up with some golds, several silvers and enough bronze to start a new statue factory.

Next self challenge is getting all cars that have swaps in both versions, original and upgraded or downgraded? (looking at you Trans Am)
On the Plus account, it was another Sardegna milk run in the Renault R.S.01. I shouldn't have spoke about the dearth of 3-star Wheels of Despair as the third one of the last 4 workouts puked up the low-showing/lowest-possible 5,000 Cr.

On the GTP account, while I waited for the 7 pm CDT GT3 rooms to open, I took a break from redoing the races (Colorado Springs was up next) to grind Sardegna with the 2008 Nissan GT-R GT500 as I needed a bit of Cr. to get another Honda RA272. Super-Duper Fraga (who finished in 26:39) was the only car I didn't lap. The no-cash 4-star ticket gave the only prize worth anything, a 787B engine.

It's hard to be disappointed in a 4th-place finish after not taking a qualifying time, but getting a harsh pit-lane penalty when the entry was exactly like all my WTC 600 grinds (which probably cost me 2 spots) will bring on the disappointment. The slightly-longer write-up is over in the GTWS thread.
-Fully tuned my Taycan and drove it around the High Speed Ring.
-Tuned my Sileighty a bit more and drove it around Watkins Glen.
-Fully tuned my Maserati GranTurismo and drove it around Dragon Trail.
-Drove my Aston Martin DBR9 around Dragon Trail.
I ran my First Nations cup race today. Qualified p6 finished p8. Last 5 laps I was in a close clean battle with another driver. I was pushing too hard to keep my 1 - 1.5 sec lead and spun out on the last 90* right hander. Probably the most fun I’ve had in an online race so far.
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On the GTP account, I redid the Fishermans Ranch races:
  • World Rally Challenge in a not-clean 6:49 in a Toyota 86 Gr.B
  • Dirt Champions in a clean 3:20 with the same Toyota 86 Gr.B
  • Japanese 4WD Challenge in a clean 3:22 in a tuned-up Mitsubishi GTO
Futilely chasing the CRB in the WRC got me a 4-star Wheel of Despair at the end of that, which netted the low-showing/lowest-possible 10,000 Cr. I then took my 250,000 Cr. for bronzing the expired time trial and after making sure my marginal time at Road Atlanta was still silver, rented a Jaguar to run a few laps around Interlagos. I got it down to 1:36.5, which should be good enough for silver.

On the Plus account, I ground Sarthe with the Renault Megane Trophy. The weather was a bit odd, as the meaningful rain fell at the end of lap 5 into lap 6, causing me to come in for intermediates and struggle on lap 7 as Portilla ran a near-perfect race, finishing only 9.9 seconds behind. The all-cash 4-star workout ticket gave the 2nd-highest-showing/2nd-highest possible 500,000 Cr, only the second time an all-cash Wheel gave the 2nd-highest-showing prize. I'll take that.

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