What did you do in GT7 today?

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Josh from SIR racing here hope we all ok. Trying to qualify for daily C what setup we using for the lancer Evo Final. Iv tried many different setups but just can’t seem to crack it. Thank you
Give this one a try, I got a 47.150 with it. It’s got more in it than that, but I only did a few laps tonight.


I enjoyed watching Famine be an icon for 56 seconds in the Porsche Daily Race at Le Mans🤌🏻

Came here to post this!

That sudden turn to the right on the straight looks like questionable conduct...

Of course, could be that Famine was simply trying to move to the right and thought they were further ahead than they actually were.

Edit - In an exchange in another thread Famine makes it clear that this isn't him, it's someone else impersonating him.
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Hi so today I registered for the Toyota event for the reward car, I bought a FXXK from an invite I got for Ferrari which was won by the daily reward, did some races from weekly play list too. Bought another M3 08 because I liked the bayside blue one we used in the World Cup event online so I made my own with bbs wheels some tuning etc same number 11 lol. And now just save up again.
Ahaaa , I don't do daily races so wasn't aware of that .
I run only one time with a Prius as remember and from then nothing.
It is a spamsplatter show, too many idiotas bumping you off and being rude since both DR & SR are not active in this race, the only way to do good in this one is qualify for a good spot up front and then just be careful you may see yourself in a podium position because you know the track well enough to avoid the "rookies" that have not put as much mileage on lemans as us "grinders" LOL
It is a spamsplatter show, too many idiotas bumping you off and being rude since both DR & SR are not active in this race, the only way to do good in this one is qualify for a good spot up front and then just be careful you may see yourself in a podium position because you know the track well enough to avoid the "rookies" that have not put as much mileage on lemans as us "grinders" LOL
Ill see what cars running and might give it a spin .
Following the suggestion of @jrbabbitt i made one lap and done two online races at La Sarthe.
At first race one driver - Joe was his name - he ride behind me and pass me on big straight, i pass him again on Porsche curves and wait for him at the start straight for the second lap .
Was a " clean " driver and at finish i wait and let him win.
Did and another one but no competition at all , i was 25 seconds in the lead and just give the second player the win but was a bouncy and noisy field .
Also didn't get any penalty which was a surprise for me 😂

The best part of the play was the Corvette C1 58 at green hell on SH tyres with @Pesselles .
A gentlemen ride with a very nice car.
Today was good racing sesh right up until end (watch video below):
  • Logged onto the game and checked my last few weekly races.
  • Did the last GR1 race and used the Red Mazda LM55 to whoop the AI, it got wet and wild to say the least.
  • Then tried to improve my Onlien TT time in the JAg but it didnt happen, getting better though.
  • Moved onto the big race of GTWS at Trial Mountain: - 1st attempt I finished 5th from starting 7th with the BMW M3.
  • Tried it a second time at the 11am slot, and managed to do better and got a 4th place, very happy and good points recovered.
  • Collected some roulette money liek 30k creds and collected the 500k payout from weekly races nice.
  • Did the Daily Race A at Lemans and acheived 2nd place in a fairly chaotic race video uplaoding soon!
  • Tried to finish up the evening on my 2nd play with a Daily RACE N and all hell ensued with the NISMO GTR and a Ferrari Troll!

Apart from the bad egg at the end of the day, it was overall good and I look forward to Round 4 with the 917 LIVING LEGEND.

Gran Turismo™ 7_20240424111207.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240424113523.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240424114508.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240424121151.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240424123505.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240424123434.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240424123743.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240424123911.jpg

Gran Turismo™ 7_20240424195110.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240424205104_1.jpg

Did the Nurburgring Clubman 600PP race with the Aston Martin Vulcan. Leisurely right up to the final straight - overtook the Giulia GTam and slid home to 125,000 + 50% clean racing bonus so 187,000.
Got my daily workout ticket (6 stars) that gave me an Alpine VGT. Naturally, paid a visit straight to the used car dealership and sold it for 460,000. Not a bad day 😃 At least those VGTs are good for something!
Did the Porsche race a few times with different cars...

991 Porsche GT3

Porsche GT1 Strassenversion

And I did a Sophy race with the '70 GTR. I just wanted a fun race in an old car and this one did not disappoint. Couldn't quite catch up to the EK type-R in the lead, but I thought the Skyline did really well here. It definitely did right by me as it offered the perfect amount of looseness and handling which was exactly what I wanted. Sophy AI gets kind of wild in this one (divebombs anyone?), but offered a fun challenge and some small battles too. Compared to the "normal" AI, this is a whole other level.

1970 Skyline GTR

Not feeling great, but it's a GTWS day, so I fired up the PS5 for a GTP run. I got some practice in at Trial Mountain in the provided Corvette, getting down to the low-2:06's. That got me a 4-star Wheel of Despair that netted me a 2004 Subaru Impreza in an ugly gray that I dumped for a mere 14,630 Cr.

The 7 pm CDT GTWS race was a disaster, so I did a second run at 8. It was worse, so I did a third run at 9 to see if I could get rid of my D DR bar entirely a week after I nearly got it back up to C. I wasn't quite successful in fully tanking the DR.
I completed all the weekly challenges, did 4 races at Le Mans, entered silver territory in the Interlagos TT and did some scapes/photos. And did some campaign events, that's about it.
-Bought the FC Mazda RX-7, fully modified it and took it to Laguna Seca.
-Bought the Pontiac Firebird, fully modified it and took it to Road Atlanta.
-Drove my Aston Martin Valkyrie around Fuji Speedway.
Tested how the Afeela compares on Tokyo WTC600 with sport softs (~570PP).
The tyres didnt last for 3 fuel laps.
Tested again on mediums.
The tyres didnt last for 4 fuel laps.

I estimate this car weighs about 4 tonnes with a weight distriubution of front 80%-20% back.
Also comparing to some other no pit runners, its "fuel efficiency" would be more expensive than burning stuff into the atmosphere, even worse considering how many tyres it eats up before breakfast.
I was quitting the test before I got lapped.

Also worth mentioning: you can pick it for free from brand central AND there is no tuning available except for the choice of tyres.

I guess, they have used wrong values for this car in the game...
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Completed the 3 new races:
  • Alsace inv. with a Civic Type R Touring Car: +20 sec ahead and CRB
  • Trial mountain inv. with my Corvette "Red Tiger" Stingray: +30 sec ahead and CRB
  • Grand Valley with the Porsche VGT: +10 sec ahead no CRB

Menu Ferrari V12 - 6 ⭐ ticket : Cr. 500.000
Daily marathon - 6 ⭐ ticket : Cr. 500.000

Banked the Cr. 1.000.000 from the TT with the KTM on Atlanta (gold was clearly doable but not enough time, not enough dedication, etc). Pity.

Bought the Chevelle 🥰 the Skoda thing 😠 and picked the Afeeda thing 🤮

Sorry but currently not really available for TTs and the new one at Watkins Glen is clearly NOT FOR ME :P

Won a clean and nice race on Sarthe
Drove GTB4 - absolutely lovely car

Then tested new season challenge on Skoda or whatever, felt vomiting after this "vehicle". It's a piece of car

Ps why seasonal time attack challenges are so strange. Amazing Jaaaag for some reason uses modern slick tyres that kills the feeling of the great car, and not another anti vision.

Afeela, despite being a washing machine, is lovely, nice interior (thank God industry moving away 100 inch LCD Tesla style tv screens from interior) . But no sound and gears killing the fun of a obviously nice car
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On the GTP account, I got the 2 new cars that can't be won from the 6-star for completing the new Extra Menu, then picked up said ticket and 1,000,000 Cr. from the expired time trial. While the ticket got me an expensive car, it wasn't the Skoda, but the 2017 Ford GT. I hung onto it for tuning purposes, then bought said Skoda, a Bugatti Veyron Gr.4, Honda NSX Gr.4 and Lexus LC500 (the last 3 for engine purposes), dropping engines into the Bugatti and Lexus.

I then dove into the new races. The Trial Mountain American FR Challenge was an easy 7.7-second win in 7:01 with the 2015 Mustang, especially since the modern machinery started in the back. The Chevelle, which started and finished in 4th, was the first classic, some 11 seconds behind. Judging by the replay, it is a handful on the stock CM tires, and the 3-speed geared for top speed hurts acceleration, but it will hit 155 in whatever state of tune it is in that race.

The Afeela was surprisingly fun to drive around Alsace in the Japanese Clubman Cup, doing the race in a rather brisk 7:04, beating its front-running stablemate by 9.6 seconds and beating the 2002 RX-7 by 11.5 seconds. The car does understeer near its limit, which seems to be rather higher than the Teslas.

It was annoying to have to knock down the performance of the Skoda some, specifically adjust the CPU to 96%, to get it to fit into the VGT Trophy race at Grand Valley. Even so, the acceleration is second to none, which is good as even on the stock RM tires, low-speed corners are the bane of this beast. I knocked off the pole-sitting Skoda by 4.1 seconds in 8:51, and destroyed everything else.

All that netted me a 5-star ticket, which gave the 2nd-lowest-showing/lowest-legal 100,000 Cr., which I used to help pay for a Porsche Living Legend for Saturday's GTWS run and a 2021 Toyota GR86 for Sunday's TGR GT Cup. I finished the GTP portion of the day by taking a rental Skoda around Watkins Glen for a few laps, eventually setting a very-solid silver time of 1:37.4.

On the Plus account, I went straight for the 6-star, which netted an Aston Martin One-77 that I flipped for 660,970 Cr. I then overpowered the new races (or at least overpowered 2 of them, using an ICE VGT for a closer race):
  • Trial Mountain in 6:29 with a Chevrolet Corvette C7 ZR1
  • Alsace in 6:40 with a Nissan GT-R NISMO
  • Grand Valley in 9:03 with a Lexus LF-LC GT VGT
The Wheel of Despair welcomed the Plus account back with a 3-star bearing the low-showing/lowest-possible 5,000 Cr.
Painted up Wooderson's Chevelle SS and posed it with Pickford's The Judge in some scapes, while quoting the movie in my head like a dork. L-I-V-I-N.

"Hey Benny, you better have yer woodscrews, 'cause I'm gonna blow yer doors completely off!"
I annihilated my grind run of the day (Le Mans WTC 700 of course) with this gem of a car. Atenza Gr.3 Road Car with the 787B swap. All of the racing engine swaps (especially the Group C ones) are quite lovely, if not slightly OP. This car felt to be on another level, though. I'm happy I spent the $$$ to build it and the time to tune it!


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Well. I did it yesterday. I finished the time trial for the X-Bow just in time and it put me over for the daily ticket and I got a 5 STAR car ticket. It gave me, you guessed it- an X-Bow.

I've only had time to update the game and collect the goodies.
-Bought the Bugatti Veyron Group 4, put the LS7-BRZ engine in it and went to Bathurst.
-Bought the Chevelle and took it to Willow Springs.
-Modified the Chevelle and took it to Sardegna.
-Did the Skoda VGT time trial.
Finished last weeks weekly set before they were exchanged.
Only needed to create a new tune for the 350PP event as I had no car in that range.
Edit - In an exchange in another thread Famine makes it clear that this isn't him, it's someone else impersonating him.
Unfortunatly this is only read by those on this board while the statement "a certain named GTP person is driving crazy" is now spread in the net. This is how reputational damage works; even more so as the above video is NOT on Super_GTs channel and him apologizing for this mistake wouldnt have the same reach as a video of the wrongfully accusted person doing car bowling.
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Yesterday most of my limited GT7 time was spent in the Skoda TT at Watkins, bronze time fixed, I did a two lap European race also in the Skoda to take me upto 30miles for the day, I'm not impressed with the way the Skoda drives to be fair, poor to stop, limited turn in, can't break traction even though it has massive torque and it sadly lacks grip of cars of a similar/lower PP. I had more red laps than clean ones.
Bought the new cars, bought the Daytona in Legends that gave me the V12 Ferrari extra badge. Haven't opened a ticket for a while.
Today was nice seshsion, geting up to speed on this update 1.46:

Tested out the new cars, firstly the JAG XJ15 time trial, then the SKODA VGT TT at Watkins.
Then moved onto the Scapes, took some snaps at San diego with my newly bought Chevy Chevelle SS!
Tuned it up to 901hp and it ripped like a bad boy monster with nice side exhaust note!
Took the AFEELA for a spin, felt like a Honda "Plaid" so nothing sensational atually quite limpy to drive!
Took some more snaps of the new cars I acquired.
Collected 3 rewards, 1 roulette credits (30k), 1 lightweight part (6 star) & 150k in credits.
Did a couple of Master S licnce tests but still on Silver.
Did the Jimny Cup which is always fun to bash around these cars.
Some more weekly races and all done.

Getting in some practice for tomorrow for Round 4 of the GTWS Nations cup, here goes! Not a fan of Lake Maggiore but it should be good fun reagradless.
Gran Turismo™ 7_20240426134833.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240426132222.jpg

Gran Turismo™ 7_20240426141057.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240426143103.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240426143953.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240426135515.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240426140703.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240426140805.jpg
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On the GTP account, I whipped through the Weekly Challenges:
  • Willow Springs Jimny Cup in 4:58 with a stock Suzuki Jimny
  • A dry Red Bull Ring European FR Challenge in 5:28 with a stock 2007 BMW M3
  • Alsace Japanese Clubman Cup in 7:06 with a stock Nissan Z Performance
  • Suzuka Special Event in a "not-clean" 9:49 (don't know how I lost the CRB) with a stock Honda Civic Touring Car
  • Grand Valley Gr.1 in 16:26 with a stock Porsche 919
The parts Wheel of Despair gave an ultra-high RPM turbo for a car/engine which I could use it, the car ticket gave a SF23 Toyota (hung onto for tuning purposes), and the 3-star workout Wheel of Despair puked up...you guessed it - the lowest-possible, yet only 2nd-lowest-showing, 5,000 Cr.

On the Plus account, I overpowered the Weekly Challenges as usual:
  • Willow Springs in 4:34 with a Jimny tuned to 385.22 PP
  • Red Bull Ring in a dry 4:58 with a stock Ferrari F12berlinetta
  • Alsace in with a stock Amuse S2000
  • Suzuka in a "not-clean" 9:46 with a Honda Civic Touring Car tuned to 571.68 PP
  • Grand Valley Gr. 1 in a "not-clean" 16:14 with a stock Mazda LM55 VGT
The parts Wheel of Despair gave a completely-worthless weight reduction for a car which I already have said ticket, the car Wheel of Despair gave a 2015 Audi R8 LMS, the Friday 4-star marathon roulette gave the max 1,000,000 Cr., and the Saturday 4-star ticket (as the last event spilled over) gave a Dodge Charger Hellcat (sold for 25,690 Cr.),