What did you do in GT7 today?

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Today I..

Got to half way on my road trip back to 100M.👍
Gran Turismo® 7_20240529004210.jpg

Got my exam results (passed 😁) and rewarded myself by buying all the amazing cars in LCD right now. (911 GT1, 959, F40, F50) Big haul. Then I did the weekly challenges and was rewarded with my 8th Aston Martin Invite (still no porsche or ferrari) and the Audi VGT. Quicksold the VGT for ~700k
Also randomly saw this which was pretty cool
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Congrats on passing your exam.👍
- I have engines and parts I received as gifts, can't we sell them?
Not directly. However, most parts made available to be installed on a specific car, whether actually installed or not, will be worth 10% of their tuning shop value if that car is sold back to Andi in the UCD, while installed engine swaps add 30,000 Cr. to Andi's offer. Of note, Andi won't pay for either weight reduction or nitrous (and possibly other parts).
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Not played for two days, Porsche TT at Nordschlief clean but slow.
Sauber at Sardinia for 5/5 of the weekly challenge, daily marathon ticket gave me 6* and won $1m credits, 6* car ticket is a Nissan GTR500.
On the GTP account, I completed the replay of Trial Mountain with the X2019 Nations Cup (22:04 with a X2019 Competition on RS tires and max downforce) and American FR Challenge 550 (7:01 with a stock 2015 Ford Mustang GT). The all-cash 3-star Wheel of Despair gave the low-showing/lowest possible 5,000 Cr.

On the Plus account, it was the Alpine A220's turn to grind Sarthe. The...you guessed it...3-star Wheel of Despair gave...you know it...the low-showing/lowest-possible 5,000 Cr.
Last night I took my engine-swapped Pantera with a full body kit, customizable manual gearbox and custom suspension to Spa. Finally figured out why I was bottoming out at Eau Rouge. Did all of that in V.R.

Went to bed late with a smile on my face. Can't wait to go back tonight and deal with the understeer.
Bought all the cars and did all the events. Got a Bugatti Chiron motor from the new cafe menu ticket.

European Sunday Cup - Audi R8 v10 (16) Easy win
Japanese FF Challenge 450 - Civic Type R Limited Ed. (20) Easy win
Japanese FR Challenge 450 - Lexus LFA. Easy win

WTC 800 - Mugen NSX.... two words - holy christ. I forgot how much i do not like St Croix. Completely butchered my first race. Only finished P7 because two drivers in front of me pitted on the last lap. Kept all the standard suspension and diff settings. Added high RPM turbo and racing transmission set at 310 km/h.

Second race selected the medium RPM turbo instead and dropped the top speed to 270. Ran the race on FM 4 and made it up to P3, Pitted at the end of lap 4 with the car ahead of me. (leader did not stop) Changed tires and took a full load of fuel (i think on this one youre gonna need it.) Car behaved WAY better and was quicker out of the corners. Took the lead on lap 6 and ran away with it from there. Fraga finished second 21 seconds behind.

I still really don't like St Croix.
I downloaded the new update and did some grinding before I bought the new cars. I took a swapped DeLorean to Lemans 700 pp race then I took Merc GTR LM to Sardegna then to the 900 pp LeMans race. Then I bought 2 of each car except for the V40 ( I only bought 1) I also bought Bac Mono & KTM X-Bow to complete the extra menu. So I ended up with engine tickets and a 3 ⭐ 🎫 . Got 100k cr from the ⭐⭐⭐ 🎫. I swapped on e of the Civics I bought. I tried all of the cars except the V40.
Started a new account, I wanted to try doing a couple things differently than I normally do. Still only at the beginning first menu book before the licenses, but I 'grinded' the Broad Bean sunday cup and am oddly enough enjoying 'struggling' to buy cars. I bought the 240 and the EG Civic so far and also rebought the three starter cars with the miles since they don't show up ever again in the UCD afterward which makes those examples rare.

Speaking of UCD I wonder if PD will ever up the year cutoff threshold. Currently seems to be 2010< which is a little odd if they're trying to aim for real world reflection of car culture seeing as many of the cars from the 2010s can be bought irl used. I'd say up it to like 2016<.
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Today was a decent session:
  • Checked out the new scapes feature, height camera adjustments. Took some cool snaps.
  • Went to the LCD and bought the JGTC 2000' NSX for 1.2 mill. What a cool race car!
  • Tested it on Tsukuba circuit, then tuned it up to 788bhp and improved some laptimes.
  • Bought the rest of the new cars in the update 1.48 minus the volvo v40!
  • Tuned my barge Vollyy 240 to 344bhp and added sum nice livery.
  • Finished up the weekly races challenges and got the F1500 GT car in the roulette.
  • Did Daily race C and was all over the place, carnage ensued bumpers galore, poor pace and I hate brands hatch, it such a tricky tight messy track.
Maybe tomo will be more frutiful for dialies, need to get my rank back up!

Gran Turismo™ 7_20240530194747.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240530194804.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240530195048.jpg
Gran Turismo™ 7_20240530200415.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240530200229.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240530200519.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240530201620.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240530203043.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240530202901.jpg
Gran Turismo™ 7_20240530213927.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240530222215.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240530222237.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240530223032.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240530194640.jpg
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Bought all the new cars, ran at LeMans in an Audi R8 LMS, gambled on slicks on lap4 fuel stop and lost, second session of rain was hard and I lost the road five times in one lap with the car just either spearing off to the side while driving straight ahead or refusing to turn despite full lock when you try anf initiate a turn. Plugged on just for the Audi to swap ends the moment I came off the drying line spent more time looking backwards than I care to think of. Finished 16th, my worst LeMan in over a year.
Daily ticket gave me 10k and buying the 1.5m Honda got me a menu ticket that yielded a Hellcat Charger engine.
Pretty poor GT7 day to be fair
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On the GTP account, I went on a spending spree, buying 2 1987 Nissan Skylines (1 to keep in the garage), 3 1993 Honda Civics (1 to keep in the garage, 1 to eventually put an engine into), 2 Volvo 240 SE Estates (1 to keep in the garage), 2 2000 Honda NSX GT500s (1 to keep in the garage), and a 2013 Volvo V40. The first NSX allowed me to collect an engine ticket from Luca, which turned into a Huyara engine, which I promptly put into a waiting 1997 Toyota Supra RZ.

The elder Civic doesn't quite have what it takes at the Japanese FF Challenge at Autopolis, so I resorted to the 1998 Civic to get a half-second win in 3:02.7. It's relatively easy to keep the CRB, so there's that. For a beginner series, 633,000 Cr./hour (give or take loading times and, of course, CRB) isn't too bad.

At the European Sunday Cup 400 at Kyoto, the elder Volvo was betrayed by everything about it, while the newer Volvo, despite the slushbox transmission, was too powerful. I eventually settled on the Alfa Romeo MiTo, and, after being held up by traffic on the first lap, I needed a bit of aggressively-clean driving to get by and hold off the pole-sitting Peugeot 208 by 0.3 seconds in 4:29.8. The 450,000 Cr./hour rate is poor, but it's a Sunday Cup variant.

For the second day in a row, it was a 3-star Wheel of Despair, for the 2nd-lowest-showing/lowest-legal 5,000 Cr. At that point, I decided to take my 1,000,000 Cr. for getting a marginal silver time around Brands Hatch, and rent an elderly Civic to thrash around Tsukuba. I doubt the 1:13.1 will hold for gold, but it's there for now.

I returned to the new races, taking the R31 Skyline to Lake Maggiore for a too-easy 3.2-second win in 5:38. Considering the new FF's payout rate with a "fair-play" car, the 585,000 Cr./hour rate here is a bit disappointing.

The NSX GT500 is almost on par with the better normal AI at St. Croix, and will do better than 4 laps on fuel and the full race on tires. Unfortunately, it starts too far back to be competitive, and in the hands of the AI, is a backmarker. The Corvette Gr.3 is fast enough, but guzzles too much fuel. The Audi R8 LMS Evo will do 4 quick laps on FM2, though I probably should have changed the RH tires on the stop, as I was losing a lot of time on the last 2 laps. Still, I eventually managed a 3-second win in 26:02. The 675,000 Cr./hour rate is very disappointing.

On the Plus account, I bought single copies of the new cars, getting a Mercedes-AMG GT3 engine. The new races went as follows:
  • Autopolis Japanese FF Challenge in 2:49 with a stock 2022 Honda Civic
  • Kyoto European Sunday Cup 400 in 3:51 with a stock 2016 Audi R8
  • Lake Maggiore Japanese FR Challenge in 5:04 with a stock Lexus LFA
  • St. Croix WTC 800 in 24:57 with a stock 2008 Nissan GT-R GT500 on a no-stop (FM5) strategy
For the third time of the last five, the 3-star Wheel of Despair showed up. For the second time of those three, it was for the lowest-possible 5,000 Cr.
Today's session on the new account I mentioned yesterday had me trying the Camaro book menu race at Daytona with the Mustang GT '15 and the Focus RS. I managed to get 3rd in the Mustang, and 2nd in the Focus. Will keep trying more car combos and seeing the lap times they get, because unless you have a car that can reach 175mph+, you're not winning that event. Which does beg a question why they intended you to do the race in the yellow Z28 Camaro.

Also did several races of the Sunday Cup Classic at Tsukuba in all the update cars excluding the NSX, since I haven't gotten the LCD unlocked yet, mostly so I could see how well they'd all do on a narrow technical track. The 500k or so I've gotten from those races were merely an added bonus.

Still need to do the A licenses for the upcoming Trial Mountain Cup, but I'll hold off on that for a little while longer and try to enjoy the early game just a wee bit more. Not really in a rush to unlock rich people cars anyway as I've only saved up about 1.3 million, and that was mostly made from doing the CE's at Blue Moon Bay oval and Willow Springs horse Thief Mile.

My garage sits rather comfortably at 40-ish cars, so likely won't be buying too many new cars but rather trying different combinations with the events that are unlocked currently.

Lastly, today's workout ticket was a 4* at collector level 10 which gave 30k. I'm okay with that since usually at level 10 the 4* tickets are rare.
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-Fully modified my Volvo 240 and drove it around Nurburgring GP
-Bought a second Volvo 240 that I'll keep unmodified
-Bought the Jaguar E-Type to complete the Jaguar menu and get the D-Type
-Bought two R31's
-Drove one of the R31's around the High Speed Ring
-Modified the R31 and took it to Bathurst
-Bought the V40 and took it to Catalunya
On the GTP account, I did the Weekly Challenges as such:
  • High Speed Ring Japanese FR Challenge in 3:14 (as rain came in) with a stock 2015 Subaru BRZ S, and the 2021 Subaru BRZ S closing rapidly
  • Tokyo Lightweight K-Cup in 6:46 with a 1991 Honda Beat tuned to the max
  • Red Bull Ring Special Event in 8:02 with a stock 2013 Volvo V40 T5 R-Design on a clean last-corner dive-bomb
  • Nurburgring European Clubman Cup in 14:45 with a stock 2022 Porsche 911 GT3 RS and Gallo starting his cheater Giulia GTAm on pole
  • Nurburgring WTC 900 in 19:13 with a stock 2016 Lexus RC F GT500
That is the worst guaranteed-money non-CRB Cr./hour and 2nd-worst CRB Cr./hour return of the 30 Weekly Challenges, ahead of only November 2023 Week 2. The parts Wheel of Despair gave a stage 5 weight reduction for a car that already has it installed (completely worthless), the car ticket gave a Dodge SRT Tomahawk GTS-R (hung onto for tuning purposes), and the 4-star workout Wheel of Despair gave the low-showing 30,000 Cr.

It turned out to be too late to start a Plus run.

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