What did you do in GT7 today?

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Yeah I'll get used to the Tokyo and Spa races so I can cycle between them and get some variety once I've beaten the clock on the F1 and F40. I don't want to waste 30 minutes and get caught out by not reading the weather properly or something.
At least at Tokyo, the weather isn't variable, so there's no radar reading there.

As for my day, I did the Weekly Challenges. On the GTP account,...
  • Catalunya Special Event in 3:16 with a 1985 Renault R4 GTL with dirt tires and slightly tuned (272 PP with said tires)
  • Nurburgring Schwarzwald League in a wet 8:36 with a stock 2022 Porsche 911 GT3 RS
  • Lake Maqggiore Ferrari Circuit Challenge in 11:05 with a stock Ferrari 458 Italia Gr.4 (after finding the F12berlinetta too slow, and I don't know if I would have won had the F8 Tributo started out front instead of 6th)
  • Spa Historic Sports Car Masters in 8:37 with a stock 1988 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary (beating a pair of Countaches that started out front)
  • Sardegna WTC 800 in 26:38 with a stock Chevrolet Corvette C7 Gr.3 (running out of fuel at the end, and having an entirely ordinary Fraga that finished a distant 3rd)
The parts ticket gave some titanium rods/pistons for an engine for which I could use them, the car Wheel of Despair gave an Aston Martin DBR9 (hung onto for tuning purposes), and the 3-star workout Wheel of Despair gave the low-showing 5,000 Cr.

On the Plus account,...
  • Catalunya in 3:00 in a highly-tuned Renault R4
  • Nurburgring in a dry but unclean (though I don't know where I lost the CRB) 7:33 with a stock BMW M4 Gr.4
  • Lake Maggiore in 10:54 with a 2002 Ferrari Enzo tuned to 685 PP on SS tires (and the F8 8 seconds behind after he started 3rd)
  • Spa in 8:28 with a stock 1987 Porsche 959
  • Sardegna in with a stock 2008 Lexus SC430 GT500
The parts ticket gave me a camshaft S for an engine for which I could use it, the car Wheel of Despair gave me a Mazda LM55 Gr.1 (hung onto for stock purposes), and the 3-star workout Wheel of Despair puked out a semi-racing muffler.
-Drove the Toyota Supra GT500 and the standard Supra around Brands Hatch.
-Fully tuned my C2 Corvette and drove it around Deep Forest.
-Bought the Evo 9, R34 GT-R and 350Z. I then drove them around Daytona.
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Going after the evil S10 again


Nearly 3 seconds faster than my previous best but still not quite there. You know how long I’ve been trying to get this one last thing done for the Platinum?

Its Been A Long Time Waiting GIF
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So my GT time today, new weeklies R4 challenge twice as I can't make a stock R4 get in the top 3, it was a struggle to keep p5. Pimped R4 with 92hp slaughtered the competition.
Schwartz league at the Nordschlief I suck some sports hards on a Merc GTR and turned the restrictor upto 80%, easy win just had to go a bit slow being aware of the tyres.
The Ferrari challenge in a 430 with racing softs and bit of aero.
Enough for today, 4* ticket = 10k. Parts ticket = camshaft for a lexus. 200k for 3/5.
Think this week's challenges are rather restrictive.
On the GTP account, the GTWS was, as expected, a disaster, not helped in the least by a NSX-driving one-talent hack (care to guess what that "talent" was?). The only consolation was I did get a CRB out of my 12th-place finish. To add insult to injury, the 4-star Wheel of Despair was even more useless than usual, projectile-vomiting an invite.

On the Plus account, I finally restarted my march to 50 Sport races, with Daily B and not enough pseudo-laps (using pitting to avoid actually setting a time) to get a feel for my speed. I started 14th/last in a rental Porsche, the 2nd of 2 drivers to not take a time, and finished a clean 10th.

After a few pseudo-laps at Road Atlanta in a rental Alfa Romeo MiTo, I got my theoretical lap time down under 1:49. I deemed that good enough for Daily A, while the game deemed it good enough to give me a 4-star ticket worth a high-showing 30,000 Cr. I started 12th/last in a mixed-bag room, with drivers all the way from A/S to D/C, and the only driver to not take a time. Thanks solely to the misfortune of others, I got another clean 10th.

I did a few pseudo-laps at Dragon Trail in a rental Chevrolet Corvette Gr.4, getting the theoretical lap to the mid-1:49s. It was a 15-car all-D/S room, with me starting 14th, 1st of 2 drivers to not take a time. Based on the qualifying times, I have a chance of al top-half. I didn't have any speed, and didn't break 1:51 until the final lap (and then just barely), but I kept it clean, and my first-lap stop strategy brought me home a clean 6th.
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Today I spammed Sardegna again. Started around lunchtime, intent on getting to 20mil and getting my McLaren F1 today. After logging in, I saw it's moved to limited stock, which galvanized my resolve.

After the first run, in VR, and remembering my sore eyes and forehead marks yesterday after something over 4 hours in the VR headset, I decided to turn the PSVR2 off and do the rest on flat screen. This was to reduce eye fatigue and discomfort, but also because this is a grind. Doing the same race over and over again in the same handful of cars gets a little boring after a while, and I don't want to burn out the novelty of VR, for it to become familiar and normal, on this race. So I'll use that for new cars and new challenges. For grinding, I'll use flat screen.

This was more of a challenge than I expected. I don't have a big screen, but it is the same one I've been playing racing games on for over 10 years and... suddenly it looked so small. And I was understeering everywhere. Not understeering as in sliding the front tyres, but understeering as in I simply wasn't turning the wheel enough. Weird.

Seems a reasonable assumption that PD doesn't change the steering ratio, make it less sensitive when I take the headset off. Seems more likely that I do actually turn the wheel less on flat screen than I do in VR to try go around the same corner.

The corners themselves look tighter in VR than they do on flat screen too, so perhaps its that. I turn less because the corner looks less severe. I guess it's down to perspective and perhaps the flat screen view is a wide angle.

I also notice that I seem to start turning in to the corner earlier on VR. That may be perspective too, making me think the corner is further away when on the flat screen.

It took me a while to recalibrate. My first run was about a minute and a half slower than I was doing in VR, but I gradually started easing the car into the corners earlier, which opened them up, and also, I think, had the benefit of reducing the amount of lock I needed on the wheel. Or maybe I was just getting used to that too. Either way by race 2 I was starting to feel the groove and I started getting closer to my VR times.

Funny how much smaller the wheel feels too when I can see it, but of course it's the same wheel.. it's just smaller than the virtual wheel I've gotten used to seeing in VR..

Anyway, after an afternoon slog, I had enough for the F1 so I got it, along with that '92 NSX. I had no time to enjoy my new rides though. I still needed 3.5 million for the F40, and I don't fancy more grinding tomorrow so I dropped the cars off at the garage and went straight back to Sardegna for another round, before taking an afternoon break to mow the lawn and cook dinner.

After the meal and wine I was back in the seat, and now I have the F40 in my garage too. I took that around Brands Hatch to celebrate. Tomorrow I can get back to enjoying the game, post a Nurb TT time, clear the weekly challenges, start doing the rest of the WTC 800 races... maybe start working on missions, or getting gold in the licenses I don't have yet.

All that will go out the window on Monday whwn PD replace the McLaren with another 20mil must have.

Funny thing, the F1 has so many collector points it bumped me straight from something like 36 or 38 all the way up to 48, and unlocked a bunch of menu books along the way. The F40 was enought to push me to level 50, so now I can do engine swaps 🙂

A productive day but a tiring one. I'm glad I'm done with that and can get back to having fun.
Porsche TT 1 lap, historic sports cars at Spa in a Ferrari 308. 4* = Alpine A110 so I tarted it up with some arches wheels and aero and put it back to the same PP setting without any major mods ready for a swap at some point. Did horse theifs mile in the Lancia Delta, silver times only....
I bought a couple of cars from the UCD. 06 Viper, 72 Alpine, 08 Z. I swapped the Z. Then I continued working on my super license and got to S 10. I am not trying to gold every test just enough to get the license but I must say that last one is going to require some effort on my part or maybe watch the demo 🤣🤣🤣. After that I took the Super Silhouette to LeMans for a mostly dry race. It started raining on lap 5 so I had to switch to wets and I thought I might have big lead to just do 6 laps but that didn't happen. Next I took the Audi DTM to Sardegna. Fun race it was of the few I didn't have accidents. Got 500k cr from a ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 🎫
I did a Custom Race at the Nürburgring Nordschleife in the Porsche 911 RSR with the Manthey EMA 'Grello' livery, and it was probably the best race I've ever had in GT...

2 laps at night, and I won by passing the leader on the pit straight - in fact, the top 4 cars finished within 0.750 s of each other, with myself and an AI Aston Martin battling for most the second lap, only for another AI car (a GT40) to pass us both on Döttinger Höhe.

This was part of my final preparations for my trip to the Nürburgring 24h tomorrow - I can't wait to visit the place in person and complete my own person 'triple crown' of 24h races, having been to the Le Mans 24h in 2014 with a GTPlanet crew, and the Spa 24h last year.
Got my exam results (passed 😁) and rewarded myself by buying all the amazing cars in LCD right now. (911 GT1, 959, F40, F50) Big haul. Then I did the weekly challenges and was rewarded with my 8th Aston Martin Invite (still no porsche or ferrari) and the Audi VGT. Quicksold the VGT for ~700k
Also randomly saw this which was pretty cool
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I earned a Porsche invite, while my previous Porsche invite was still active. There's only one invitation Porsche in the legends shop, the Carrera GT. I guess I now just have a bit longer to buy it.
On the GTP account, I collected my 1,462,500 Cr. for the GTWS effort. I then continued my replay of the World Circuit races at Trial Mountain with the American Clubman Cup 700 (10:56 with the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8) and WTC 900 (18:19 with the 2016 Honda NSX CONCEPT-GT). The 4-star Wheel of Despair gave the low-showing 10,000 Cr.

On the Plus account, I ground Sarthe with a Ford Mark IV, forgetting it requires fuel saving to do 3 laps until the 2nd lap. I just made it back to the pits at the end of lap 3, but otherwise dominated a mostly-dry race. The engine ticket (I haven't seen one of those from a workout in quite a while) gave a Porsche 959 engine, which I didn't have until now.
It is finally time to admit defeat at my ongoing attempts of snatching any top 10 on 1h Lake Maggiore.
With todays run feeling like the best I could do not being on the leaderboards just shows how much unfathomable difference there still is towards those who are chea... really fast 😅

A total of 1h 1m 45s with an average of 1.56,7 was not enough.
I think this is my limit, but I will continue doing it for the same reason as ever: I like the event.
I earned a Porsche invite, while my previous Porsche invite was still active. There's only one invitation Porsche in the legends shop, the Carrera GT. I guess I now just have a bit longer to buy it.
There's no invitation cars in the Legends Cars dealer. All invitation cars (including the Carrera GT) are in Brand Central.
There's no invitation cars in the Legends Cars dealer. All invitation cars (including the Carrera GT) are in Brand Central.
Perhaps in GT8...
Then we need to get an invitation and also to be lucky enough to find the car at LCD until the invitation expires.
The planet would need a couple of additional servers to store our tears then 😜
Perhaps in GT8...
Then we need to get an invitation and also to be lucky enough to find the car at LCD until the invitation expires.
The planet would need a couple of additional servers to store our tears then 😜

Support desk will be spammed with trouble tickets saying "GT8 my credits again 😭"
Was driving with a D DR after destroying driver points at Seaside.
Had a lovely quali time in the Kyoto Driving Park with a good number of podiums and now finally a B rated driver back again lol :)
Prepping for the upcoming update by going back and doing some of the events I either forgot to do, or the ones I normally do but this time trying them with different cars. The '73 911 is quite fun to use in the Porsche events, though it takes a bit of finesse to get a podium finish. Made about 1.3 million so far today and the only cars I bought were the XJ220 and C2 Corvette for the extra menus. Haven't finished the Jaguar menu, but the Corvette menu gave me 500k for the 200k investment with the C2, so I'm happy about that.

Today's workout ticket was crap as usual, a 4* 10k reward, but I wasn't really playing for the ticket like I usually do.
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