[WHAT HAPPENS?] - Let's face it, why is Polyphony Digital so slow in content production?

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  1. BrunusCL82


    Firstly, I do not want to provoke the fans. Nor to create intrigue. I really want to propose the dialogue.

    I wanted to understand that.

    Since GT3, the PD presents several arguments for the delay of its games. But in the end, it launches incomplete games.

    Maybe, the PD has many advantages over T10 and SMS. Which are they?

    - Good relationship with automakers.
    - Good relationship with FIA.
    - Much prestige and patience from SONY.
    - And probably have a much bigger budget than T10 and SMS.

    But these softhouses feature games more often and with a lot of content. Much!

    I see a lot of fans doing "damage control" even in an irrational way.

    Does GTS have great graphics? Yes! However, they are not so superior to Forza 7 or Project Car 2.

    In an intent of "damage control", I read fans saying that Project Cars 2 tracks are ugly and poorly crafted.

    Honestly, they are not! I saw a video on Sugo, COTA, Basthurt, and they are excellent.

    I read fans saying that GT cars are incredibly well crafted.

    Right. But F7 or PC2 cars are not made with 16 bits. They are very well made cars.

    I see fans talking about GT lighting.

    Okay. But the F7 and PC2 lighting is very good. Not like GT, but it's good. But they have rain and dynamic weather.

    I see the dynamic climate being implemented in Forza 7 and PC2 in a very well worked out way. Very beautiful.

    And why GTS, even with five or four years of production, has such a weak content game?

    F7 and PC2 do not have the production time as GTS had. But they delivers a vast cast of cars and tracks.

    And another advantage is that PD works for one platform only.

    While SMS and T10 work for two or more platforms such as PC, Xbox and PS4.

    All this is normal? It's definitely not because of the advantages that PD has in comparison to other softhouses.

    Does Kaz have difficulty delegating roles and tasks to others?

    Does PD have tools and outdated technology?

    The PD has few employees?

    The PD is a softhouse with little money. T10 and SMS are richer and have more employees?

    What really happens?

    I do not adapt to the gameplay of F7 and PC2. I do not know what it is. I love the gameplay of the GT franchise. I really wanted the GT franchise to produce content like F7 and PC2.
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  2. urmie


    To reply to the title of this thread, the normal response I've seen, and not sure if this is the case now, is that Turn 10 and the other companies outsource some functions, whereas Kaz keeps everything in-house, hence, slower content production.

    But if 4+ years for GT Sport is any indication, perhaps Kaz needs to get with the times and expand his team.
  3. JayRS200


    It's a tough one and I wish I knew.

    All I keep thinking is it might be similar to how Honda in F1 has worked out. Some Japanese companies do have a different way of working and sometimes it causes failure.

    The failure in GTS not being their sales figures however, but in ratings and everything we see being spoken about now.
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  4. EbrahimOsman


    South Africa
    I honestly wonder the same thing. FM7 and PC2 are not perfect by a long shot. But neither is GT and yet we have 1/5th the content.

    I'll take a 95% good car model of track any day and have 300 good cars and 30 tracks then 99% and have what we have now.

    Most fans would probably be the same.
  5. JacksHerer


    United Kingdom
    This is the modern world (tune in your head now :D)

    If all the content came on release it would be like christmas where wheel barrows of presents go into the spare room never to be seen again.

    Drip feeding content keeps tracks busy and will bring people back if they get bored and leave.
  6. BrunusCL82


    Do you really believe Polyphony is stockpiling cars and racetracks?

    Seriously? Even with the improvisation of Kyoto Yamagiwa + Miyabi?

    Even with the negative reception, on the number of race tracks, did the PD hides content?

    Kaz said that STILL are working in Deep Forest, man ...

    I must be very pessimistic, then.:D

    With all due respect, i do not believe it. I think PD does not have content ready. I think PD is really really slow.

    I just do not know why.

    IMO, if PD had two or more ready-made race tracks, she would already have made it available, to comfort the community about her plans.
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  7. JacksHerer


    United Kingdom
    All we have is optimism, hopes and dreams. I don't think and am not saying they are stockpiling, that could make them redundant!
    Those cars since the cobra weren't as 'polished' in VR, things like interior dash lights not working in the samba and stingray. So they seem to have been rushed to release.
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  8. IngRobNy


    I do believe PD are doing just that yes, PD started to make GT S in 2015 and i don't think they made 12 cars and made the Kyoto Yamagiwa + Miyabi track in 2 months and i don't think they can make 50 cars until march, but we are promised 50 new cars until march, i think most of this is ready and PD will give us this over time, to keep the game fresh and give us something to look forward to.

    Please, they are or was not when i played it when it was released, i played PC2 for couple hours before i deleted it on my regular PS4 slim and the tracks was very blurry and pixelated.
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  9. TS050

    TS050 Premium

    DLC plan;

    - 50 cars in 4 months (December to March)

    TIL 50 cars in 4 months is slow
  10. BrunusCL82



    It is the same that i think about Yamagiwa + Kyoto. It is perceptible that the junction was improvised. The visual breaks the coherence of the entire circuit. The impression is that it was improvised, in a hurry.

    Note that there is a forgotten piece of asphalt, as you would have tried to test a layout. Even the junction structure diverges from the circuit's structure and structure.

    Nothing against the layout. I liked very much. But structurally it needed to be polished more carefully.
  11. Ripper83


    Having played both GTS and PC2 on ps4 pro my opinion is that GT sport is significantly better graphically.

    Still shots of PC2 can look good but once you start playing it, the game is an utter mess on many levels including graphics, textures and frame rates.
  12. BrunusCL82


    It does not justify. Man, understand that.

    SMS works for three platforms, PC, Xbox and PS4.

    Of course, SMS does not have Polyphony's budget.

    And yet, it features a lot more race tracks and dynamic climate. I know that graphically PC2 is less than GTS. But it is a very praiseworthy work for the vast content.

    Watch this videos:

    It's ugly? Is not. It is very beautiful. It's on the PC, but still it's a very impressive job. Add to that the rich number of race tracks.

    And even with all PD rigging, she can not even get 1/5 of content the "weak" SMS.

    But I'm talking about content. It's not graphics. Polyphony has a bigger budget and only works for the PS4, and still produces a very thin content.

    Proportionally, PD is very unproductive. This is point.
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  13. DesertPenguin

    DesertPenguin (Banned)

    United States
    None of those words are gameplay.
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  14. IngRobNy


    Thats' because the PC version is far better than the Playstation version when it comes to graphics, i can't talk about Xbox version, because i don't have Xbox, if you will compare GT S and PC 2 at least compare between the same gaming platform.
  15. BrunusCL82


    You still do not understand.

    It is true that PC2 is no better than GTS about graphics. Its true.

    Even on the PC, PC2 is lower than the GTS. Correct.

    But the point is that SMS works for three platforms. SMS has a smaller budget than PD.

    But it manages to present a game with vast content. A Lots race tracks.

    It does not matter if the look of the race tracks is lower than the GTS tracks.

    What matters is that SMS even with a smaller budget managed to make a game for three platforms, with several race tracks, with rain and dynamic climate.

    So the question: Why can not PD do the same?

    The PD has more money than SMS. The PD has more time than SMS. The PD only works for the PS4. But it delivers a game with weak content. Why?

    This is the point.
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  16. TheGeologist


    United States
    A lot of good points are being raised. I agree that PD seriously needs to be better with content.

    PC2 had a lot of bugs though. It takes them a long time to make that game stable. GTS is solid in that dept, just lacks content
  17. Daniel55


    Quality over quantity

    Look at the cars in GT Sport and look at the cars in PC2. Even in GT6 some of the cars are better than in PC2. Also, look at the lighting in GT Sport. It's incredible. As long as we get the promised content (50 cars until March and new tracks), I'm happy with the game. Yes, it has less content than other games, but it will grow over time.
    And GT, at least for me, has something that other games don't have (I also like the fact that it gives you information about the cars any the history of the brand). I played PCars and Forza, and neither of them was good ( for my preferences). Don't get me wrong, for PCars I have the Deluxe Edition ( the one with a steelbook case and some DLC cars), but I don't enjoy the game. Everyone has its preferences and they can play what game they want.
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  18. IngRobNy


    So why did you bring it up then?

    How do you know?

    And a lot of problems, which can indicate that SMS didn't have that much time. All i know is that GT S was more polished than PC 2 was when they came out and i prefer less content but quality over a lot of content and not that great quality and we will get more content in GT S over time and in the same high quality we have now, so i don't mind waiting and at the same time have something new to look forward to.
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  19. ShiftingGears


    I think that PD is seriously mismanaged considering their slow output and also wasting their resources with rally and Vision GT cars. I would put scapes into that category also.
    AI has also not significantly improved, nor does GT League represent real racing.

    It's taken them 4 years of PS4 being on the market to develop their first PS4 game, and whilst there are good features it's got an emaciated amount of content. Not good enough.
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  20. Downhill Dino

    Downhill Dino Premium

    United States
    But I like taking pictures. :(
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  21. Dready1984


    Not denying content is slow from PD. Most of the stuff for GT6 took ages to come out.

    But the first Project Cars was a PS4 title, so I'm guessing alot of PC2 was transferred from that, updated and made to look new. Codemasters pretty much do the same every year with the F1 games.

    GT6 was a PS3 title, so maybe most of GT Sport has had to be made from scratch for a new platform.

    I have Project Cars 2, havnt played it yet though. But I did enjoy the first one.
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  22. oamoShotya


    First impression of this thread is that thread starter don't play on 4k HDR tv.

    The thing about GT Sport is that it is designed around having good Esport capabilities, and they have made an excellent stable platform that they can make content and work on for many years. And to make a got esport title, you cant just chuck a lot of unbalanced content in there.

    I haven't played PC2, but i think they are prioritizing different ideas and for me they cant really be compared.
    Its really like comparing Battlefield vs Call of Duty, its just stupid to begin with
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  23. ShiftingGears


    I would personally have the photo features on the available racetracks only. I dont know how many resources went into creating all the scapes, but that came at the direct expense of the tracklist.

    They needed to focus on delivering with the fundamentals before branching out into these features.
  24. BrunusCL82


    Do you want me to respond? it is necessary?

    When was the last game of PD?

    And when was the last game of SMS?

    Oh you say to me: "PC2 recycled PC1 cars."

    So, I ask: When was the first Project Cars? After GT6. And how was it funded? Crowfunding?

    You also do not understand.

    I'm not discussing quality or grafhic. Its no point.

    As far as possible, within its financial limits, the SMS presented a much more laborious work about content than the PD.

    For all the advantages that the PD has, as said above, PROPORTIONALLY, the PD should present half of the number of PC2 race tracks, for example.

    Is it so difficult to understand?

    Look, it's FOUR YEARS from GT6.

    It's been three years since the announcement of GTS at E3. THREE YEARS!!!

    And just present a game with four reals racetracks? No classics original racetracks? You see?

    I know GTS is a game with a lot of quality.

    But the advantages of PD are enormous because of its budget, its working time, and because it works for just ONE PLATFORM (PS4).

    It's a very unproductive job about content.

    I would like to understand what happens in PD for being like this.

    The PD could outsource the manufacture of circuits and cars. For example. I do not know. I just do not understand this very limited number of race tracks.
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  25. GTP_Remo

    GTP_Remo Premium

    United States

    Gran Turismo Sport

    The Real Photo Simulator......

    Bah! We want cars and tracks.
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  26. BrunusCL82


    Maybe. Can be it.

    I once heard this anecdote:

    PD loves cars much more than motorsport and racing.:confused:

  27. Nuschel01


    Why don't you just apply for a job at PD and try to fix everything you're complaining about. :rolleyes:

    Both Turn10, SMS, Codemasters etc. are non-japanese companies which already makes up for a huge difference in how they approach their work and what they feel about releasing it to the public. Sure, PD takes a lot of time creating their content but that also shows that they want to give us something we can enjoy for more than a few months without then having to buy the next installment and having to pay for 50% of the content the previous game already had again due to DLCs.
    GT6 had a continuing support from 12/2013 to 12/2015 (24 months), pCars from 5/2015 to 11/2016 (19 months) and FM5 from 11/2013 to 9/2014 (11 months). If PD wouldn't be working so much on games post release you can be sure they'll be able to put more work into a new game but why should they? Their approach is to just update what they have (with free content) instead of releasing a new game every (2) year(s) and then releasing more content as DLCs.
  28. dzumaalcapone


    Those not happy with the amount of tracks.. Just out of curiosity.. How much have you played?

    I've driven about 70 hours (according to the game itself) and I have no complaints about the amount of tracks.. But I guess if you've driven like 300+ hours maybe the tracks are not enough..

    To me the point where the tracks are not enough is when I know which car I'm fastest on each of the tracks and when I can repeat my best lap over and over again like a machine..
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  29. Daniel55


    You don't understand.
    PD is prioritising quality, while SMS quantity.
    Also, as someone said, PC2 is a recycled game. It's exactly as PC1 but with some tracks and cars added. They changed the lighting a little, but overall it's the same game.
    Keep in mind that the PS3 had a different architecture, being harder to develop for it. They had to remake many things for GT Sport because it's on a new console.
    Also, you say that you don't care about the graphics, but that's the answer. It takes more time to implement better graphics, lighting and car models.
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  30. FUNanywhere

    FUNanywhere (Banned)

    Its the same for other AAA Games. Its a norm for Sony.

    Games needs to be polished.

    Be it uncharted,horizon,etc all had delays. Horizon was a 7 year project. GTS is extremely polished product whereas PC2 is not certainly. It polishes with updates.

    Keep in mind that GTS launch was pretty smooth and it has stayed that way till now. I would anyday take a polished content rather than a game with bugs which require constant fixes.

    GTS also is building everything from ground up whereas Forza and PC are not.

    Both FM7 and PC2 are not much different from their previous iterations with obvious upgrades but GTS takes a giant step in another direction which takes time and testing.
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