What is, in your opinion, the best GT game ever made, and why?

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What is, in your opinion, the best Gran Turismo game ever made, and why?

  1. Gran Turismo

  2. Gran Turismo 2

  3. Gran Turismo 2000

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  4. Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec

  5. Gran Turismo: Concept 2001 Geneva

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  6. Gran Turismo: Concept 2002 Tokyo-Geneva

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  7. Gran Turismo 4: Prologue

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  8. Gran Turismo 4

  9. Gran Turismo HD

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  10. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

  11. Gran Turismo 5

  12. Gran Turismo 6

  13. Gran Turismo Sport

  14. Does Tourist Trophy count?

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  15. I have actually never played a GT game.

  16. I can't choose between two-four games!

  17. I loved all of them equally!

  18. Gran Turismo PSP

  1. Lord Kacperov


    My answer would definitely be GT4! It's content, the atmosphere, the graphics for it's time, etc were all great! Hell, I think it's the best racing game that has ever existed, period! But we all have different opinions, so it would definitely be cool to hear your opinions!
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  2. GT3 : Feeder.
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  3. Jeff Ross


    If GT4 had online play, i would still be playing it, everything about it was just great, the cars and tracks and it was the 1st GT i played in HD , yes the PS2 would run GT4 at 1080i and looked amazing for it's day.
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  4. TeamCZRRacing

    United States FL, USA, Earth, Sol, Local Bubble, Milky Way

    I really can't decide because they each had their own specific strengths.

    GT1: The beginning of it all. The game that introduced sim racing to the masses and changed many lives (including mine) in the process.
    GT2: An iteration of GT1, including better graphics and physics, and introducing several tracks that would later become staples of the series (and a few that desperately need to be resurrected - here's looking at you, Red Rock Valley).
    GT3: When GT went back to basics for the PS2. Sure, there was less content than GT2, but what was there, was drenched in atmosphere, with truly eye-popping graphics for the time.
    GT4: GT3 on steroids. It took the very solid base that GT3 had established and built on that, with more cars and tracks than any other racing game before
    GT5: The first "modern" GT, bringing it into the online era. Revolutionary new online system (when it worked), stunning graphics (mostly), and mechanical damage to add to the difficulty of races. Also, Red Bulls on Daytona.
    GT6: Refined online system (when it worked), great new cars and tracks, and later on, the Course Maker, which allowed people to make incredible new tracks and recreations.
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  5. SSQES

    Online Now!
    France France

    GT4 for me. El capitan <3
  6. Jason115

    Greece Athens, Greece

    GT3. Simple game, looked great for its time and probably the only GT i've played with challenging AI.
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  7. suprajef

    United States Florida

    Gt2 because of the copperhead concept!
  8. EDK

    Online Now!
    United States Boise, ID

    Borrowed my comments from a previous post in another section. I did not start playing until GT3, so can't really speak for the first 2 iterations.

    GT4 - Primarily due to the abundant variety of cars and tracks. The immense number and range of events in single player mode was also top notch, compared to the other releases in the franchise that I played. 24 hour races that are actually 24 hours are a bit over the top, ahead of the technology with no ability to suspend and shut down the console.

    The LAN mode was also cutting edge, ahead of its time even if it seemed like an afterthought. Many forum members will be able to speak to the community that encouraged, and it was ahead of the surge of internet enabled online play. But I am skewed on this. It was the game I first played with a wheel, discovered WRS, improved my abilities, came to know the community here. So it would be very difficult for any of the other titles to surpass that.
  9. Tired Tyres

    Online Now!
    United Kingdom West Yorkshire

    GT4 is without a doubt my favourite GT of all time - although GT3 is possibly a more complete game. Then it's GT2, GT, GT5, GT6 and GTS (as it stands) in that order.
  10. MrWaflz55

    Online Now!
    Canada Canada

    GT6 has my vote, it's the most fun I've ever had with a Gran Turismo game.

    Running the second iteration of duel of the week and using the photo mode was incredible.

    Lapping a track can only get so fun, so doing it with other people is where it's at. GT6 is the best online in the series.
  11. SlipZtrEm

    Canada Toronto

    Shhhhh... :D

    We've got an article coming soon (Soon™) that sort of talks about this subject. Should be interesting to see what the community says, and how it votes!
  12. mister dog

    Belgium Spain

    GT3, best overall experience and the graphics were awesome for that time on PS2.
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  13. Famine

    Online Now!
    United Kingdom Rule 12

    No GTPSP love?
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  14. Brend

    Contributing Writer
    Scotland Port Glasgow

    This guy gets it.

    The patrician's choice. :sly:
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  15. bdj57

    Online Now!
    Indonesia Jakarta

    So now we're talkin. The best GT for me is the one and only GT4. Heck, I even played it until my disc can't load the data anymore lol. I'm glad that my first GT I had is GT4 not just because the epic orchestra intro (that's awesome and I like the changing background scenes at the beginning) it is also has rich features and many types of event you can have in Career Mode. It is also the first game that introduced me to Green Hell and La Sarthe, those tracks later became my favorite until now. One thing that I enjoyed a lot as well is the Photomode. I had took many pics and saved it to my computer back then. So much memories...

    Now my GT4 disc can only load menu screen and play replays (can't load to race prepare screen anymore, idk why), but I think I already have enough fun and joy playing the game. Thank you GT4...

    I also played GT Concept, that was pretty good too, especially with the inclusion of unique and memorable Toyota Pod mini games.
  16. MrWaflz55

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    Canada Canada

    I have that one too, but that's like saying the portable Mario platformers are more memorable than the console games.
  17. Famine

    Online Now!
    United Kingdom Rule 12

    For some they may be - and it is at least a GT game that made it to sale, unlike GT2000 and GT Sport thus far, both of which are in the poll. And US gamers didn't get any version of GT Concept (of which only two of the three versions are included) or GT4 Prologue...
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  18. mister dog

    Belgium Spain

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  19. sems4arsenal

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    Contributing Writer
    Egypt Cairo, Egypt

    I really enjoyed that game, reviewers didn't like that the cars were not available at once, but I didn't care.
  20. Tired Tyres

    Online Now!
    United Kingdom West Yorkshire

    I'd forgotten about GTPSP as well. I'd place it ahead of GT5 in my previous post....
  21. imported_rik19

    England southport

    I love em all really, never been a bad one in my opinion , I think GT5 made me go wow..even more than rushing home from work when GT1 came out..:)
  22. tonderai


    GT5 for the real tyre wear and fuel depletion during hot lapping in all modes and races..the car handling evolved with each lap which I really like
  23. Zero7159


    I picked GT5, but that is strictly for me. It was the first GT I played with a wheel, first the Fanatec GT2, then the Fanatec CSR, then the Fanatec CSR Elite, then the Thrustmaster T500RS and finally, the Fanatec CSW. All wheels felt great on GT5, particularly the T500, which enjoys official support. The graphics were jaw dropping. The career mode was challenging and engaging. I even did one of the 6 hour endurance races. And, there was the online mode, which I enjoyed with a great group of guys every week for several years.

    But, the feature that really kept me glued to GT5 for several years, long after the career mode was done for me, was the Seasonal Events. I so looked forward to the new events being released. The seasonal events were great fun, but they also provided great rewards.
  24. Lukanyon

    Brazil Arujá/SP

    My vote goes to GT4 because of one thing: Career Mode. Not only because there were lots of events, but they were varied. Therefore you nedded to buy lots of different cars in order to complete all the series. In GT5 and GT6, you can enter most championships using the same cars.
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  25. AudiMan2011

    Online Now!
    Japan Idol Hell

    GT4. It had a decent career mode, stacks of content, great graphics for its time and it got me started on manual wheel driving.
  26. Coiler


    GT3 Because of the WOW factor. GT4 was jus more of the same.
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  27. JoeH187

    United States Seattle WA

    My favorites were due to an exciting period for me personally. My mid to late 20's, the early PS3 era, GT HD, GT5 prologue demo, GT5 prologue. leading to GT5.

    The GT-R coming to the United States, the unveiling of the car in the Japanese demo, the black mask, the final unveiling of the CBA. Then in GT5 the launch of the DBA car, then of course me getting my own GT-R.

    The graphics on the then new system were beautiful, and I spent hours upon hours of buying cars, trading cars (until that stopped) and driving my dream cars.

    Good memories
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  28. Johnnypenso

    Canada Windsor,Ontario

    GT5, not because it was the best game but because it brought me into the online racing community and to GTP:sly:.
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  29. Mattpro


    Gran Turismo 4 in first place, of course. I think GT4 was the best Gran Turismo ever made, the orchestra - Moon Over the Castle intro that i listened today and makes my almost cry, the memories of that game are awesome. First game with 24hs races, with Nürburgring Nordschleifte, you remember it? first time runing that on a GT game? My god... insane.
    Used cars - Challenges - Licences - Endurance - Championships - a lot of cars - a lot of tracks.

    Honorable mention: Gran Turismo 2 - Japanese Edition
    By Far, the best soundtrack and physics game that i ever played on Playstation 1, excellent menu like GT4, excellen music and ambient, nice graphics, great tracks like "Red Rock Valley"... thanks god that i can play it today on my phone with emulator, every single day i make at least 1 race on it.

    Gran Turismo Passion.
  30. mister dog

    Belgium Spain

    I was just going to write that, 50% of the vote almost though :p.

    Also 0% for GT1 :indiff:, the game that launched it all and was totally refreshing back when it came out during the need for speed days.
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