What is, in your opinion, the best GT game ever made, and why?

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What is, in your opinion, the best Gran Turismo game ever made, and why?

  1. Gran Turismo

  2. Gran Turismo 2

  3. Gran Turismo 2000

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  4. Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec

  5. Gran Turismo: Concept 2001 Geneva

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  6. Gran Turismo: Concept 2002 Tokyo-Geneva

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  7. Gran Turismo 4: Prologue

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  8. Gran Turismo 4

  9. Gran Turismo HD

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  10. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

  11. Gran Turismo 5

  12. Gran Turismo 6

  13. Gran Turismo Sport

  14. Does Tourist Trophy count?

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  15. I have actually never played a GT game.

  16. I can't choose between two-four games!

  17. I loved all of them equally!

  18. Gran Turismo PSP

  1. Lord Kacperov

    Lord Kacperov (Banned)

    Fixed it! :)

    I loved GT PSP, despite it's flaws! Like for example, it didn't have an actual campaign mode, unlike it's console brothers.

    And the reason why I included GT Sport, is because we know quite a bit about it's campaign mode, it's gameplay, Scapes, etc. And GT 2000 existed. I think it did (kind of) make it to the public. But I could be wrong though.
  2. Coiler


    Most of the people didn't have the chance to play GT1. Those were the times!
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  3. Famine

    Famine Administrator

    United Kingdom
    I know it exists - I have a copy - but it was a show demo only and wasn't sold to the public. The game eventually became GT3.
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  4. Manasseh257NSX


    Congo Kinshasa
    Gotta agree 110 % with you on this one @TeamCZRRacing

    Gran Turismo 1 was the beginning of what has been a great legacy and by far my personal favorite.

    Gran Turismo 2 took it a step further. Especially when upping the car count.

    Gran Turismo 3 was a game ahead of it's time. At times it doesn't hit me that it was made in 2001

    Gran Turismo 4 took GT3 and times it by 3. This to me is the best overall GT made.

    Gran Turismo 5 & 6 like CZR said, it became modernized with the online multiplayer not to mention it's Graphics were out of this world for a PS3 racing game.
  5. JoaoSilva


    Gran Turismo 4 , it just had pretty much everything a player could want , tracks were amazing and it had so much to do as well.

    And the game aged pretty well , graphics and gameplay wise.

    It is arguably the best PS2 game ever made.
  6. R1600Turbo

    R1600Turbo Premium

    United States
    GT4. And I don't need to say why because a majority of the votes are also for GT4 and that says enough. :lol:
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  7. ArR29


    Mine is GT PSP. It was my first Gran Turismo game, wasn't the greatest GT but it was memorable. I remember playing GT during break back in High school. Good times.
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  8. Northstar

    Northstar Premium

    United States
    GT2 will always have a special place in my heart as it was the first GT I owned.

    However GT4 is easily my favorite purely because of the career mode. There was always something to do purely because of how massive it was. I especially liked the special event races at the tight city tracks. In fact I liked it so much I'm hoping Blueprint makes it into FM7 so I can make a modern version of GT4's career mode.

    I did that as well.... twice! :lol:
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  9. Master Weasel

    Master Weasel Premium

    United States

    On top of having a long and great single player, it also nails the presentation with its music and well designed menus. It did a great job of making cars and racing look appealing and fun, something that I think the more recent GT games have been lacking. The fact that it's still the best selling GT game to this day says a lot as well. It also gets points for introducing F1 cars to the series.

    GT4 comes in a close second though.
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  10. Corsa

    Corsa Premium

    You all are bringing back memories for me banging on about all that GT4 offered.
    And now I'm wanting to go pick up a PS2 again.
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  11. cjr3559

    cjr3559 Premium

    United States
    They were all great until the next game was released. I put more hours and miles into GT6 than any other game before it, mainly because having a wheel made all the difference. I played a LOT of GT2 and GT4, but every time I fire them up I'm just disappointed in the graphics and the overall game-play. I know people love GT4, but without Lamborghini and Ferrari the car list just seems lacking. When people complain about the AI during the PS3 era, all I have to think about are the rolling road blocks glued to the road in GT4.

    GT5 had online, day/night transitioning, the UCD; GT6 had the course maker and all the cars available at the beginning of the game once you had enough credits to buy them which PD basically threw at you. GT4? Please no more 24 hour endurance racing at the exact same time of day.

    If PD introduces day/night transitioning or maybe offers more cars with current-gen graphics along with the inclusion of Porsche in GTSport, it will likely be my favorite. And if they add another course creator (hopefully enhanced and improved than the GT6 version) it will seal the deal.
  12. Sambert

    Sambert Premium

    For me GT6 is objectively the best of the lot for now. However, GT3 is the one that I look back on the most fondly. It's the last in the series that I played as a game, rather than a piece of software that allows me to run laps around virtual circuits.

    It was "next generation" stunning, had predictable physics/handling, all topped off with pressure sensitive acceleration/braking (controller). Coming off GT2, it was truly amazing. When the later games launched, there were more cars, more tracks, more modes - yet they felt somewhat sterile and less fun.

    My time with GT3 was filled with wonder, whereas I found myself getting progressively annoyed by poor design choices and weak audio from GT4 onwards. GT3 gets my vote, tho I'm encouraged by the GTS beta.

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  13. JR98

    JR98 Premium

    United Kingdom
    While GT3 had the best driving physics and best structured career, I'd say GT4 is best due to the sheer number of cars and how extensive the career mode was. B-Spec was also an incredible addition and it had the best soundtrack of any PAL GT game IMO
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  14. Last Daimyo

    Last Daimyo

    United States
    I'd say GT3. While two had some of the most iconic tracks, cars and music, and four had sheer scale. Three however, found a nice middle ground, while everything afterwards, felt more of the same; more cars and tracks with better graphics and physics.
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  15. Aerocoupe


    United States
    Voted GT2 mostly for nostalgia reasons, what with it being the first video game I ever played, but GT3 is probably the one I like more. The soundtrack (both the licensed in-race music and the menu music) were excellent, the graphics looked great then and still hold up now (IMO), and overall it was just a wonderful game. It also had a more lively feel that was missing from GT4 onward, with upbeat music and an overall bright color pallette that just seemed happy and not overbearingly serious.
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  16. BoneSawTX


    United States
    Gt2, GT and GT3. Those were my three favorites, it's been to long to remember why but those were the ones that kept me optimistic about where it was going.
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  17. Nexus


    GT2 because of the great car and track selection. I hope that we'll see the Vector M12, Venturi's, Espace F1 and other unique cars from GT2 in a future game. Can't forget tracks like Rome, Rome Night, Grindelwald and Red Rock Valley either.

    GT4 is a close second.
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  18. queleuleu


    GT3 is my favorite racing game and I was expecting something similar from GT5 (never played GT4).
    I was so "disappointed" by GT5 and GT6 because they were boring and dull as games IMO. So I've bought a second hand PS2 last month to see if it was nostalgia or not. It's clearly not nostalgia. The game is still fun 15 years later, the soundtrack amazing, the arcade menus a masterpiece... Instead of trying to be a iRacing-like, they should remake a GT with the GT3 vibe. No need of 1000 cars or the best sim like rFactor/AC... They want to make money, so keep the fun of the first GTs and this particular vibe that no other game has.
  19. Gejabo

    Gejabo Premium

    GT4 for me.
    I loved the variety of tracks.
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  20. daan

    daan Moderator

    Couldn't plug my steering wheel into it, so no.
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  21. Scaff

    Scaff Staff Emeritus

    United Kingdom
    GT3 for me, it's the most balanced title overall in my opinion.

    Which is why I got that one signed by @Jordan and Kaz.

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  22. Brend

    Brend Premium

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  23. fikridroid


    Yup, coupled with solid and enjoyable driving physics makes it one of my fave GT
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  24. bokimoto


    United States
    I thought I'd be the only one to vote for GT 6 .... one other has, too :cheers:

    It's my favorite,
    > because it works so well with great, up to date, wheel & pedal sets,
    > because it's so cheap now, to buy an extra two used PS3s, and run it with triple screens
    > because it is the one which has three cars which i own in real life
    > because we can run a 24 hour light cycle race at Le Mans, Daytona, or Brathurst, day changing to night, and back, plus weather
    > because today, and for the last 4 years, I have had a great group of competitive friends who race online together,
    and the PS servers have always been there for us, free of charge, global, anytime. We race one night a week, every week, no breaks, since 4 years, and have had an absolutely insignificant number of troubles with it.

    It's free, and to this day, it still serves up wonderful, private league online racing every Wednesday night for us.
    We just started our 17th 'Season'. [​IMG]
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  25. diesel97


    United States
    To be fair the OP should have put down known of the above
  26. machine1121


    United States
    I voted for GT4 for many of the same reasons that have already been mentioned by others.

    However, GT1 definitely deserves some recognition. By my logic it wasn't the best because the subsequent games improved on its revolutionary baseline. GT5 and GT6 still improved upon GT4, but they failed to live up to expectations, and for that reason I can't consider either them the best overall. In its time GT4 was nothing short of amazing. When GT1 came out, I didn't even own a PlayStation. I first played GT1 at a friend's house, and I ended up buying my own memory card just so I could have my own saved game. Eventually, I bought his PlayStation, GT1, GT2, and a couple other games off of him for $80. I had been playing the early Need for Speed games on my pc, but Gran Turismo was different and quite honestly life-changing for me. GT1 was the most influential, GT6 is the best from a technical point of view, but GT4 was best overall experience. Can't wait for GT Sport and the future of Gran Turismo.
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  27. rronak95


    United States
    GT4 had the best "feeling", everything from the car physics, to the graphics, to the U.I had a premium feel. Also, I LOVED GT4's hood view with the standard tachometer. Why isn't this adjustable in GT5 (the hood view is too low and the tachometer is a bar)? Also, GT4 had wind noise which increased the immersion and made drafting easy and staisfying.

    I don't care about most of the issues surrounding GT5 and GT6 (Standard cars, spotty online support, slow U.I). Just please bring back the old hood view, tachometer and wind noise. These three things made me fall in love with Gran Turismo. At least make it an option.
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  28. VBR

    VBR Premium

    I voted for GT5, not because it was the best game, nor because it had the best physics, but simply because I ended up having some of the best racing of my entire life in it's Shuffle Race mode in online public lobbies. Nothing has come close to that since, except maybe GT6 when I ran my own Shuiffle style lobbies. Nothing on PS4 even comes close to the sheer amount of options & functionality that those two games online modes had/have, but GT5's Shuffle was a stroke of genius imho, & sadly one that PD didn't seem to recognise as they dropped it for no apparent reason in GT6.
  29. Carbon_6


    United Kingdom
    I still own GT2, but I never really delved into that game in its entirety: time trials were as far as it went really when I first received it.

    I rented GT3 for a couple of days one summer and was mightily impressed with what I saw, though why I never bought it escapes me (although I do have that game to thank for revealing to me the best version of Feeder's Just A Day, alongside the game's intro :bowdown:). And although GT: Concept 2002 Tokyo-Geneva was my first full introduction of the series (racing the emotive Toyota Pods at night = :banghead:), it was when GT4 dropped that things truly took off. I had played various racing games before, but this was in a different league...

    The scope of the career mode alone was staggering: being able to jump from driving the Mazda Demio/2 through New York's Time Square, to racing the Mazda 787B at Circuit de la Sarthe was quite something, in that it not only gave so much variety in events to compete in, but it also provided so much variety in handling characteristics. RWD, 4WD, TC, N/A, V8, V12... it was all there to be sampled, without having to leave the comfort of your couch.

    To be fair, the physics of the cars in the real world will obviously be different to their virtual companions through a DS2, and most of them would be beyond the realms of possibility when it comes to actually being driven, but the fact that you could try out so many vehicle types, learn their strengths and weaknesses, as well as buy and sell them to upgrade or win new models through the events on offer, gave the game a real flavour of adventure. Exploring new regions of the map, assembling the dream garage, going toe-to-toe against new cars, mastering the layouts of tracks on offer, taking part in some of the most well known races in history etc., it all added to the game's longevity. Countless days were lost to it that's for sure, but that it was fun and rewarding to play at the same time did it no harm, which is arguably something other racing games that have come since seem to have forgotten. That includes this games subsequent pair of primary sequels.

    It also introduced me to a track the likes of which I had never encountered before in gaming: the Nürburgring Nordschleife.
    I'd known of the circuit beforehand, but only after playing it did my level of respect for the place go up a few notches. To drive there in real life, especially during the 24 hour races, must be quite the ride...

    Throw in Photo Mode, which in my opinion trounces everything that's come since in the series, a B-Spec Mode which was actually useful, and a soundtrack that still rocks to this day, and you've got what many would perceive to be the best all-round package. Sure, other games/series have improved on the formula, and even bested it in some areas, but when the debate rises over what makes a good racing game, a single two letter, one number combination always comes to mind.

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  30. VXR


    United Kingdom
    For me, it will always be GT2. It had the best selection of mainstream European metal and the juiciest of JDM treats that I learnt about from the game and are the cars I lust after now. It had so much content including the best Race Mods of the whole series, it had Grindelwald, which was the perfect playground for role playing an Alpine drive. It hard charm in spades and I currently own two copies of it, but hardly ever play it. It’s just comforting knowing I have it.
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