What Phone Do You Have?

Discussion in 'Computers & Technology' started by benzoboy, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. benzoboy


    Pretty easy, I got my dads old Motorola V3X Blue
  2. Holdenhsvgtsr

    Scotland Scotland

    had a blue V3X,no offence but was the worst phone ive ever had nothing worked on it :lol: ,had it a grand total of a day before i took it back.now have a Samsung S500i

    just to add something else to the thread,all the phones ive had :lol:
    1.an alcatel(cant remember the model,didnt like it cause my sister had one :lol:) swapped it for a
    2.truim mars(had that about a 6 months till it broke) then got a
    3.nokia 7110(had that till it broke)then a
    4.nokia 3300(got stolen after 2 weeks)
    5.motorola 525(great phone but blue tooth never worked on it)
    6.samsung e330 (was ok had it about 5 months till i got the phone i always wanted :D)
    7.samsung e720(best phone ever!!)everything i ever wanted and was for real upset when it went for a swim in the bath :cry:
    8.blue V3X(worst ever) got it cause people say its great,dont see how,more above :lol:
    9.samsung S500i great phone :D just as good as the e720 plus has IMODE
  3. i got an lg u8550 in green :sly: and i just love it:dopey:
  4. benzoboy


    Might as well say I used to have an O2 X3 too, one of the best phones around IMO
  5. Danoff

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    United States Mile High City

    Black Motorola V3. Love it. Best Phone I've ever had. Possibly the best phone ever made. Durable as hell too since I've dropped it (hard) multiple times.
    I also have a Plantronics Voyager 510 Headset to go with it that works really well.
  6. ExigeEvan


    T630, but really really really want a K750i. If that's not an incentive for a summer job what is?
  7. Dave A

    United Kingdom Altrincham, Cheshire

    Right now I have a P990 a P800 a D600 and an N70. The P800 is dead as of not so long ago, died at nearly 4 years of age, it no longer get's on with the charger, well any charger as a matter of fact. The D600 is currently standing in as a paper weight and hasn't been switched on for about 2 months, and I use the P990 for business and the N70 for more personal stuff and going out since it's smaller than the P990.
  8. CDailey

    United States Alabama

    Sony Ericsson K750i. Will be upgrading to the K790 later this year hopefully.
  9. wfooshee


    I have a RAZR V3 (not V3x) and I love it, with 2 exceptions. The belt clip (extra cost, not included!!?!??!!) covers the speaker on the back, so you don't hear it ring, and I dropped it and cracked the camera lens. OK, that's not the phone's fault, and I could care less about the camera anyway. As a photographer, I've never understood how people can actually get excited over cameras in phones. THEY SUCK!!!!!!!! I used Bluetooth to put some real pictures in it for caller ID pics.

    I don't use the web from it, or run videos. I put some MP3s on it via Bluetooth for ring tones.

    Previous phone was a V60, which I had almost since they were brand new. I just replaced it 2 months ago for the RAZR, which tells you how good the V60 was: years of effortless service. No toys in the phone, but a great PHONE.

    Before that had a couple of Kyoceras, and I could not be paid to carry any of those again.

    First handheld phone was a Star-Tac, back when they were just the coolest thing you could imagine.

    Before that, it was a built-in car phone, 6 watts of analog power!!!!!

    Before that, there were no cell phones.

    I'm showing my age, so I'll stop, now.
  10. motorola v551
  11. Mark T


    Sony Ericsson W550i.
  12. The list of mobiles I had,in chronological order:
    1. Alcatel One Touch Easy DB. That phone was good for the price,I still have it,and it still works.
    2. Alcatel 303.That phone was good too,but got rid of it.
    3. Nokia 5110. I loved that phone,but it got stolen.
    4. Nokia 3310. I think back then almost everyone had one.But back then in 2001,that phone was perfect. I sold it for....
    5. Erricson T20e.Got rid of that too.One of the worst.hones I had,tanks to the super small screen,and crappy software.
    6. Nokia 5510. That one was really weird to use,but full keyboard,radio and MP3 were the things that got me into buying it. I still have that one.
    7. Siemens M55. THE worst phone I had. Crappy battery,crappy software,crappy keyboard.......
    8. Nokia 3650.Also one of the weird phones,thanks to the old school style circular keyboard,but the phone was excellent,until I broke it.Symbian S60,it's OS,pretty much rules.
    9.Nokia 6630. Probably the best I had so far.My current phone. I'll probably trade it for a N series or something,but not in the near future,because although already a bit old,the 6630 can still be good as some of the newer phones.....
  13. GM

    PSN:George0393 + GTP_GM

    Current Phone : Nokia N70 - Great phone, has everything you'll need and more :tup:

    Also in chronilogical order :

    Samsung D500 - Not bad, but I'll never love a Samsung like a Nokia.
    Nokia 6230 - Great phone, easy to use, but dust gets trapped behind the screen, very annoying.
    Sagem MY-V55 - My first ever phone, loved it at the time, fell out of my pocket on the bus, and got a cracked screen, great excuse to get a new, better phone
  14. Max_DC

    Germany Germany

    Sony-Ericsson K750i

    2.0 megapixel camera (really nice), have it for about a year, a lot of features, can't complain.
  15. Pako

    United States NW Montana

    Razr V3 Charcoal black. It's an alright phone. Possibly one of the most important features for a cell phone to me is using the alarm to wake me up. The RAZR sucks at this as the phone seems to go into a sleep mode for 5 hours where the alarm won't go off. No one seems to be able to fix this issue.

    I also use a Plantronics 640 ear piece which works great.
  16. Danoff

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    United States Mile High City

    Really? Mine doesn't do that. I've never had a problem with the alarm on my V3. What is this "sleep mode" you speak of?
  17. Pako

    United States NW Montana

    It is some hypothetical reasoning as to why my alarm works when I test it during the day, but at night it doesn't work. I even set my actual alarm clock that's plugged in just before the phone alarm should go off thinking that maybe I was just sleeping through it. No luck, still no alarm in the morning after the phones been sitting inactive for more that 5 hours. Seems any alarms set to go off in a short amount of time of inactivity, the alarm does go off as it should.
  18. MildAshers

    England Wymondham, Norfolk

    Motorola V220:(
  19. I have a nokia 6230i it rawks
  20. ExigeEvan


    Haha my mum might be gettin that phone cause her (extremely, Phillips C12) old one is getting kicked off the network. Is it a bad phone or just a tad dated?
  21. livemusic

    Brazil Blumenau, SC

    W800. I'm installed a bunch of games on it and now I can't stop playing! I'm also loving its 2mp camera and the mp3 player. Plus, it's beautiful.
  22. Jondot

    United Kingdom Kent, UK

    It's just dated. My mum has one, and she has no problems with it.

    Sony Ericsson K700i :)

    I'm hoping to get a k750i soon, though.
  23. Greycap

    Finland Finland

    I seem to be the first current Siemens owner here, M65 is my piece of equipment.

    People complain that it has a bad battery, oh well, I have got ten days of use out of mine, including a good deal of talking. People complain that it has a tendency to crash, but mine hasn't done that even once during the 13 months I've had it. Then there are the ones that don't understand the Siemens menu structure and dislike it for that...

    I must be just weird, but I really like that phone.

    - R -
  24. Leonidae


    Nokia 6630. it's enough for me.
  25. STLbarcelona5

    United States Columbus

    Motorola E815 since July '05. It's a little big, but gets the job done.
  26. Danoff

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    United States Mile High City

    That's really strange, since I use mine all the time when I'm travelling and it's never let me down. Just the standard checklist here. When you set the alarm there should be a little clock next to the time in the list of potential alarm settings. That's it as far as I can tell. Once I do that, it works for me. I guess there's something screwed up with your phone. Maybe in your volume settings? I don't know, very strange. :odd:
  27. Pako

    United States NW Montana

    Yeah, it is very strange. Guess what...I set it yesterday, didn't work but it worked this morning... :odd: Volume settings are at 7 which is max I think. I guess I should call my provider and tell let them deal with it.
  28. I've got a Sagem something or other, it's quite old and doesn't have too many features. Before that I had a Nokia 6510 and before that a 3310. I'm not too bothered about keeping up to date with the latest phones because they go out of date quickly and as long as I can make calls and send/receive texts I'm happy. A camera is a nice luxury but mostly unneccesary due to the usually poor quality and size of the photos.
  29. Max_DC

    Germany Germany

    Well I have a 2.0 Megapixel cam and that really is a great thing. Sure, the pics aren't superb quality, but 1600*1200 pics are good enough for many things : You can take a pic of a nice car, of documents in school/university, pics of friends etc. And now one Sony mobile phone even has a 3.2 megapixel cam.

    I wouldn't want to miss my phonecam, I use it everyday, not just for fun, but as I said also for university.
  30. Nokia 3220 with custom fascia (the buttons broke :lol:)


    It was like that but now it is a lovely turqouise.
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