Which Of The Big Payout 4 Races Have You Grinded The Most.

United States
Alpha Centauri
Sardegna Road WTC 800PP - I have over 10K miles on this race alone 6.5K with the GR10 which I don't use no more and over 4K with the McLaren VGT gr1.

Tokyo Expressway WTC 600PP - Just grinding this one over the last few days close to 2K miles on my AMG Black series.

Circuit de Spa Francorchamps WTC 800PP - I stop grinding this race over a month and half ago but I done over 2K in total with different gr1 cars.

Circuit de La Sarthe WTC 700PP - Over 8K miles with just my P1 GTR and not counting the other cars I use sometimes this one is not that far of Sardegna.

And you?
I run it lean at FM6 for the duration of the race, with that I only need to pit once at the end of lap 8. Using that strategy I usually lap everyone up to P5-P6 and finish at least 45 seconds ahead of P2. If I'm really consistent and don't make any mistake and I can build over a minute gap to P2 at the end and still have over 2 laps worth of fuel left in the tank.
Thanks, I'll buy one just because I like the look of them.