Which version will have the cleanest online racing?

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Which hardware platform do you think will have the cleanest online racing?

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  1. PS4

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  2. Xbox One

    1 vote(s)
  3. PC

    63 vote(s)
  4. Wii U

    2 vote(s)
  5. They will all be the same

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  1. Daisey327

    Daisey327 Premium

    Will be good to see some more info about this league and others esp in the Australasia area. Once things kick off ill be getting into a clean Aussie league if there is one made. :D
  2. nepal road

    nepal road

    United Kingdom
    As someone who bought a PC specifically to play PCars on, I can confirm that how to cheat with a PC was not my first thought...but then I'm interested in the experience being as accurate and true to life as possible for a driving/racing experience and my actual racing skills.
  3. James Nash

    James Nash

    I will be getting it for PS4.

    Having played a lot of racing on GTA V over the last year I have found great clean racers and crews. Using contact-on and having long races is no problem when you find the right group.

    It will be the same for Project Cars. Find a group of like minded people who like to race properly and the version of the game you use wont actually matter. Join any random lobby at your own risk as always.
  4. RacerPaul


  5. BarryB


    Sadly (as Im on PS4), I suspect the answer will be PC.....
  6. Zakspeed_TV


    I wouldn't be so sure on that, i have seen some very poor driving on PC and this is people on wheels :D
    There are good racers on all platforms, its just getting in the right group.

    And all this about people racing with controllers wont be as clean as wheel users is just crap, its down to the skill level of person behind the wheel/controller, not what your using. A lot on my friends are still on controllers and they are very quick and super clean, as i was when i used a controller.

    Edit: for quick clean racing on PS4 your welcome to add me Zakspeed_TV
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  7. Johnnypenso

    Johnnypenso Premium

    I don't think it will be hard to find clean racing on either console or PC, you just have to get into an organized group to do it. Open lobbies/servers will be hit and miss on any platform and PC is no different IME. The best strategy is twofold. If you like open lobbies, try and move around and befriend the hosts that do the best job with room settings and handling the punters. General rule of thumb is the more realistic the settings are, the better racing you'll have. Second part of your strategy is to cruise all the places you can find organized racing, sign up for the ones that fit your schedule and try them out. You can usually tell what a group is like by reading their forums. I suspect there will be some excellent organized racing right here on GTPlanet.
  8. BarryB


    I just think each platform will have extremes of good and bad. Lets say 10% of each on console for the sake of argument. But I think its likely to have more than 10% of lobbies that are good on PC. I believe there are fewer casual gamers in PC and that is what will lead to more good lobbies. Nothing to do with controllers, wheels, skill or anything else. A good lobby doesnt need to be a quick lobby for example, just CLEAN. Control method and speed are irrelevant to that.

    I also think there are probably more mature gamers on PC due to the cost and/or knowledge required to buy/build a rig. These things tend to come when you're 18+. Consequently, more maturity should mean more sense/decency. At least when compared to MOST people under 18. Whereas there are likely more younger players who had a console bought for them as opposed to a PC. Of course, as with anything, there are exceptions to this. But for the sake of this debate I have generalised quite a lot! So no offence intended to any of you "exceptions to my generalisation" out there!

    Edit: Johnny seems to have pretty much described my expected plans to find decent lobbies! lol
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  9. racezilla


    Considering that consoles are more aimed to casual players, I believe that open lobby racing should be cleaner on PC, on average. Usually lobbies get cleaner as the game gets older.
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  10. bleeder


    would running with full damage deter those who drive recklessly? if it's visible in the lobby then people who can't drive properly might just drop out and those who want to race clean will stay. at least, that's what i'm hoping for. although i can imagine still being frustrated if someone accidentally crashes into you and puts you out of the race.

    what's everyone's experience with playing online with full damage? does it make for better races?
  11. Johnnypenso

    Johnnypenso Premium

    I hated open lobbies with damage in GT5/6, mostly because I seemed to get damaged a good % of the time and it was never my fault. It was always me getting rear ended or moved off the track by someone driving wrecklessly, or carnage directly in front of me I couldn't avoid. In a short sprint race, damage pretty much finishes your race and it's no fun driving around for lap with your steering wheel all cockeyed. The way I've always looked at it is, if you drive with people you know and can trust, you can have damage on or off and it won't make any difference. If you are a lobby of randoms, they will simply drive the way they normally drive, whether damage is on or off. Either way, I doubt having damage on makes anyone more careful, you are either naturally that way or you are not.
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  12. katpeeler


    Does anyone know how Pcars are going to handle private/public lobbies??...This will answer alot of questions on this matter. I havent played GT since GT3 and realy cant remember how the series handle there lobbies. But in FM4 (not FM5 unfortunatly) you had the abiltiy to see what lobbies were out there AND see what the host had the setting on (locked camera view/damge/mic required) before you even joined the game. This made for a lot better experience. But you still had a idiot every now and then but a quick boot at the end of the game made it all better.

    But like was said before I think its the people that play the game makes a difference. My vote was for PC just because more in experience racers would be on the consouls..just because they asked there parents for it. BUT I had a conversation with a work buddy who is also a heavy PC gamer (mind you he doesnt race) and as I was talking to him about a great racing experience I had a few days ago where 3 of us was battling for 8th place he just had this dumb founded look on his face and said "Well why didnt you just run them off the road??....Aint that what you suppose to do??" So it all depends of the people you put around yourself in these type of games
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