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Do you think Kaz should retire from GT?

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Hi there,

it's been 3 months that GT6 was released and the game, for all it does better than GT5, still falls short in MANY areas (OMG that disastrous framerate...the sounds... the car list... the cars/tracks inconsistency... ridiculous online features... still no community update...still no new track... still no track editor... but a constellation simulator, useless GT Vision/adaptive tesselation stuff that takes all the communication momentum... unfinished game lacking VERY important features... lightning at night downgraded compared to GT5... clutch still not dealt properly... bugs...etc...).

I am not even going to point all the problems one by one: anyone who is a regular on GTplanet knows what many in the community think of GT6: the series does not progress (enough).

It seems to me that Kaz, as a producer, has no vision whatsoever about where to take GT next. Just the same old recipe again and again... And if there is "human drama" in GT, it's more inside its desperate community than in the game.

I know for a fact that GT6 is a better game than GT5... but still: there are really infuriating problems that even me, pretty suspicious about PD priorities and Kaz so called "vision", was sure they would be fixed in GT6. I was wrong. Some were (as you would expect). Many were not.

Kaz looks to me like big movie directors who create great series and then don't see when their time is over, don't see that they already said everything they had to say about it. They don't see that they hurt their series, that they turn around in circles. Ridley Scott, Steven Spielberg, George Romero, John Carpenter, etc...
In the videogame industry, he reminds me of Seabass: unable to put himself in question...and leaving PES, once by far the best football game in the world, far behind FIFA today.

At this pace, GT will soon end up far behind Forza (not technically as GT and the PS4 will always crush Forza on XBone) but as a game. It hurts to say that but Forza, by shamefully copying every PD idea, ended up with a much more coherent, consistent and smooth gaming experience. PD should feel ashamed. And when they screwed up with Forza 5 (big time) , Dan Greenawaldt got the guts to aknowledge the problems, apologize, communicate about them, and try to fix it (when he is way less powerfull than kaz... most problems were not even his fault but MS's). you can tell he put himself in question and opened up to fans... When did Kaz ever do that?

What is Kaz's vision of GT as a VIDEO GAME (I seriously don't care that GT becomes a big name in car industry...if that does not make the game any better... I don't care about GT Academy if it does not make the game better...) ? The guy lost track about what makes a good game and what does not... I mean: at this point, does he even care what fans think? Still no official GT forum. Still no official english speaking PR, miscommunication everywhere, ...

And for those who say that it's not Kaz fault if the PS3 is not powerful enough... seriously guys... this is the worst defense ever. Working in a constrained environment is the core of a producer's job. If Kaz did not want eye candy everywhere, GT would have a smooth framerate, great sounds and...yes...probably no accurate constellations. That just shows that his sense of priorities is all over the place.

So now, who here thinks Kaz should leave to let someone else renew the series with fresh ideas and a real vision?

Frankly, at this point, i think it's a fair question.


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You make some interesting points, but I'm afraid that his successor would be just as likely to be worse.

I wish there was a cross-platform driving simulator that could compete with both Forza and GT, just to give Kaz a kick in the butt. When developers compete, everyone wins.
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I said no purely on the fact that its his baby and deserves to grow and show it his way. Yes Forza is the american counterpart doing things their way, more gamer focused not Kazs, self focus. I do believe that GT is GT because of him bt i do see another game coming up behind and take the rains as primary PS4 Racing sim.

PCars seems to be the best multi port Sim which could kill both off if they keep to a good structure and not veer off the racing sim route. But a new, or Current Dev could see this as an opportunity to take it to the next level and beat them at their own game. Could N4S reignite the Shift series but more seriously and more competitive through new eyes? Or when forza doesn't sell well for 5, where do the expensive devs go??
I don't know if he should retire completely from PD, as he has an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience, but I do think it's time for him to step down as the lead director. Perhaps stay on in an advisory roll. But I really think it's time PD had someone at the top who does a better job of resource management, in terms of time, personal, and actual system resource management.

I totally agree with your analogy of a movie director who doesn't know when his time with a series is up.
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I don't think Kaz views GT as a video game, he views it as a never ending art project. The reason everyone gets so mad and frustrated on these forums is due to the fact that they only understand the "what", the game itself and they have a very limited view. We often fail to think why GT was created, why Kaz created GT. I think once we come to grips with that understanding, we can see why certain issues are okay, why it may take a while for updates, and finally as so many people complain about, why there is never an end to the games development (or to use peoples words "a finished game"
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The biggest problem is the communication, if there was any way to be in touch with them it would solve alot. They could announce things and giving answeres, and users could report flaws. They could even do polls with features which could be voted by the fan base or even cars to include. None of those things happen while it does on other games. The pure lack of communication is imo the worst of all. So they do what they want and like, and as soon it's over that people buy and play the game as they want to they gonna have to change their attidute.
Generally i like his vision on GT series. He makes it stand out from all other racers on the market. He makes it unique. The only problem here is that GT struggle to evolve. And i think it's Sony's fault, because they want to make more money. Kaz is great guy and i think it really hurts him to read such critical opinions abut his work. He should have publish GT by himself, that nobody from Sony would tell him do this, do that and do not do that!

So i voted NO. Kaz should definitely stay. If Sony would give GT to someone else to make, the series would become Need for speed or GRID.
@cassiusclay99 It's pretty awesome to be able to draw conclusions about an organization based on the result, rather than the process. I think you could have a bright future as a business consult. Any company would just have to show you a product and you can immediately tell who should be fired and why. That's like magic!

The way he runs things is embarassing. He's too focused on gt academy and the vision project. Its not what the people want Kaz, get your head out of your.....

You have no idea how he runs things.
I am not sure I agree with getting rid of Kaz. He was the visionary who gave us the Gran Turismo series. Remember when you first fired up the old PS1 to play Gran Turismo, it was unlike anything that was around at that time. I still remember all the hours I played it and fun I had. That is why I love Gran Turismo and that is why we need Kaz around. I just think we all need to be patient and good things will come.
The way he runs things is embarassing. He's too focused on gt academy and the vision project. Its not what the people want Kaz, get your head out of your.....
And the Vision project has only spawned one car in 3 months so far. Even that isn't going that well.

Then again, the GT Academy project is great. It does work, as seen in the several news articles on the front page.

But it feels like GT as a whole has become GT Academy. The physics are really good and so is the car selection but outside of time trial the game isn't really that special (or in some areas even good).

Things are going a bit too extreme around eh?

Things are going a bit too extreme around eh?

Yeah, the cooling system went down due to an electrical failure and as a result the core in the epic whining and crying thread reached a critical mass.


I have to admit, though. It's quite spectacular to see :cool:
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