Will we be seeing an offline custom single event/championship creator in GT6?

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A feature from a few other racing sims I enjoy is to make your own grid and car choice for the ultimate dream race or something to display the potential of one car versus another. A 16 car brawl, a duel, or maybe more creative car battles?

Example: In similar pp, will we see a well tuned Corvette beat it's new age rival: the Viper? This also opens to tuners, letting the mostly precise AI test their modified cars instead of super variable human hands.

And I don't think a stock vs stock car battle would interest much. I was thinking about the favorited cars being selected, along with the normal selection.

Just wondering if any plans are to be seen towards this. I am happy to see input being made on our voices.

EDIT: Hope you mods don't mind a few additions. I am aware of 'one question per topic', and looking underneath, the magic conch shell people have spoken, and how about more elaboration?

- An exemplary way of getting this in is within an Event Creator thread, quoted here. Credit goes to @Tenacious D for pointing it out, and @research for making it (simplified by a bit).

Event Creator Choices:

–Choose the Tracks for the series.

for each track, choose:
-Time of day/Time Progression including Weather/Weather Changeability/Surface water
-Qualifying / Set Grid Manually / Random Grid
-Standing / Rolling start
-Penalty Level

next screen, choose:
–Your car

–Field size
(2-16 cars)

–A.I. cars (choose individually, by PP or HP or Weight high and low limits, by Drivetrain, or by 'class'- Touring Cars, SuperGT, Kei Cars, Sports Cars, Wagons, Supercars, Classics, LMP, Multiclass, etc...
It would be ten times cooler if we could *create and save a Class- for example being able to choose from our garage AND the entire car list of gt5 to create a grouping of what you, personally, would call "Classic Sports Cars". Save this class and it will be in the list until you decide to modify/delete it.)

–A.I. group or individual Tires (sometimes you just don't want that Ford GT to run away from the pack by 2 miles. Seriously. That ish is boring. I'd rather hang out and battle the pack than chase the rabbit. Let me put some Comfort Soft tires on that Ford and let's see how he likes it.)

–A.I. group or individual Difficulty (1-10 like arcade mode)

–Tire wear, Fuel depletion, Grip on wet/off track, Slow Car Boost, Slipstream on/weak, Visible/Mechanical damage off/light/heavy..

–Finally, you decide points awarded for each finishing position/ or use the pre-programmed formula. Creating and saving different Points Systems would be nice.

–Prizes should be selected by a program that factors the total difficulty after all options are set- hopefully not by PP alone, as we've seen the crap results from that method (generated opponents in arcade, anyone?). Tire selection and # of races + race length should play big roles in deciding prizes. How about helmets, suits, car tuning parts, rare paint chips, and car tickets of all levels?

- Make us earn credits for attending it. If not, maybe adopt a betting system to select a car and get rewards for it's finish position, scaled with their grid location and the event's average PP amount?

- Maybe do some sort of community online sharing tool, so you can share your favorite races. But not without some limiting. It'd be too tiring to see the hundreds of Honda Civics or EVO VS STI tourneys possible. Have the community get a say on what goes where.

- Some would mention the PSP release of Gran Turismo having these as its career mode. It's a great concept, and that can be used as a base.

MOAR EDIT: @masterrugalm made a nice thread regarding how he envisions this to exist, and more. CHECK IT OUT!
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I had a similar thread closed so adding my support (and I guess a bump) to this. Glad there are so many like minded individuals.

I would just add that any events created with this should be able to run offline single player, online with AI filling out the grid in online rooms where there are spaces free and even in B-Spec.


Wait...it was in GT PSP?


GT PSP Career Mode was essentially executed through Custom Event Creator.

You could choose desired car to race on particular track**, opponent car type (same as yours or random), tire compound type and number of laps. From that point on, the game would itself generate awards (XP/Cr), based on above parameters - and you could start the race if you were satisfied with the suggested prizes.

**There was track "level" to be unlocked for every track in the mandatory sequence in order to "unlock" highest AI setting. So, you have to drive and win on each track for at least 5 times to unlock highest AI difficulty for particular track.

It was not only PERFECT by simplicity and approachability - it was also the best imaginable way for the newcomers to actually learn all tracks by simply playing the game.

It was pretty much glorious.
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This is the one thing that would transform the offline game from being completely useless to being very wonderful and fun. Add a short qualifying session to the event creator and suddenly you have a game that's actually worth playing! I wouldn't mind chasing rabbits nearly as much if I could choose which rabbits I get to chase. :sly:

" PD, we have made our part, you know our opinions, now we would like to know yours. with some of the content and features left unused, both career and arcade are like an unfair lifeless trailer of GT6. With rich graphics and poor options, GT is easy to look at but hard to use offline. We care for the brand but just dont know how to use GT without a full race creator. Arcade´s racing concept and seasonal events are not enough to fulfill offline players eagerness to use GT. Will GT6, or any future GT, ever be gifted with a race creator valued with all possible options and let us play? "

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This is probably the feature I would most like.

I would like to earn credits, to share with others, and for the best to become seasonal events. Tied in with a course creator and you have an amazing tool. So that you could fine tune the events to match you own capabilities.


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@SomePlayaDude you might want to consider rewording the question in the OP. I can't see Jordan asking Mr. Yamauchi, "The Event Creator, any luck?":lol:

Maybe something along the lines of, "Will be see an Event Creator for offline racing in GT6 or GT7?", would be better suited for presentation.
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You might want to consider rewording the question in the OP. I can't see Jordan asking Mr. Yamauchi, "The Event Creator, any luck?":lol:

Maybe something along the lines of, "Will be see an Event Creator for offline racing in GT6 or GT7?", would be better suited for presentation.

Given that the topic was made at 1 AM at my timeline, can't argue with that. Swapped it.
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This topic should be on top of the list! To the OP, please, also add to the question: Offline championship creator

I can't see a reason why people are not voting for this one...

One thing that I can see me doing once we get our hands on this feature is a Vision GT cup :)
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. ... If you want to stay faithful to the legacy of the GT series, you can change "event creator" into "Event Generator".

It was called like that in GT2 (first and last GT game besides GTPSP that had it).

Well this is one of the key points that is often brought up, Amar. The Event Generator from gt2 was VERY limited compared to what we're looking for in such a tool for gt6. The crucial aspect of the Event Creator is the ability to choose each individual opponent, either from dealership or your garage, in order to create the dream-races that we all desire.

The old version would factor in your car and just "generate" a field of likely opponents. To it's credit- the opponents were much more logical and evenly matched than today's Arcade Mode, which boggles the mind and frustrates the players to no end.

Thanks @Tenacious D for the props and getting my EC template into the OP. (also thanks to @SomePlayaDude for the update)

You guys know whats crazy? The Online Event Creator is already loaded with most of the desired options and is just sitting there waiting for an offline version with opponent selection!
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