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    Hello GTPlanet! FireEmblem10 here, with the second volume of the fanfic Pain and Heaven.

    Surprised that it's come so early? Don't be. I was in the middle of developing this volume around the 25th chapter onwards of Pain and Heaven.

    This volume chronicles one man's journey... into stardom and infamy, by dethroning the current Jintei of the racing world.

    (Some of the older members/readers may recognize the main character's name. Well... It's a different man now.)

    Hope you enjoy this much like the other volume.

    (And... for brevity's sake... Even though this story is set in Japan, everyone is going to be speaking English...)


    Chapter One:

    Date: February 25th, 2010.
    Location: Outside of Kyoto, Japan. At a college entrance.

    “Jeez... finally good to be out of that deathtrap.”

    “You know it. Wish college wasn't so expensive...”

    “It was the partying that the dorm had that got me.”

    “Ahh... They were kicked out, right?”


    “Well, keep in touch, you clown. Don't want to have to go to the hospital and find you stitching me together again.”

    “You too, Ryo, you damn :censored:

    “Well... I guess this is goodbye then, Kenji...”

    “It won't be, Sanaki. You know it.”

    “Yeah... I can only hope.”

    “I will keep in touch... Don't fret.”



    Damn. She makes me feel so awkward around her... I do have affection for her, but... she turns me to mush very quickly.

    My name is Kenji Yamamoto. 22 years old. Fresh out of college. Son of a famous race car driver in his day, now managing a race team in the Super GT series.

    And this... this is my car.


    A Mitsubishi Lancer from the 1980s. Rear-wheel drive. Nothing special. Gets me where I need to go, like to and from college. Or from the hospital where I work as an intern.

    My dad had the engine reworked slightly, the brakes upgraded, and the suspension tuned. Makes around... 180 horsepower. Like I said, nothing special indeed.


    Thing is... I didn't want him to touch the car. Besides doing an oil change. I don't have any plans to become a race car driver. I don't really even like driving in everyday life – I usually bike to where I need to get to. I only got this car because 15 miles IS a bit of a stretch, even for a bike.

    Wanted a motorcycle, but my dad said those were off limits. He used to have one, but broke his femur on it... Obvious reason he doesn't want me having one.

    I made my way to our house in decent time, despite being stuck in traffic.


    I pulled into the street leading to the driveway... to see a flash of green leaving.

    Funny... no one in our neighborhood has a green car. That is a pretty unique shade of green...


    And Dad is home. Good... Probably means a good meal.

    “Hello... I'm home...”

    “Kenji. Good to have you back. You finally done with college?”

    “Yeah – you get my message?”

    “Of course, dear. Dinner's all set and waiting for you.”

    “You know, Mom... you didn't have to wait...”

    “Only for you, dear. It's polite...”


    “So... how was your final day?”

    “Good, I suppose... There were so many people crying their eyes out, it was embarrasing...”

    “Wow... that's because you're an unsentimental idiot, why you think that way...”

    “Yoko, enough of that...”

    Yoko. My sixteen year old ***** of a sister.

    “No problem, Mother... it's what I've come to expect...”

    “Oh, you'll get it, you slimeball...”



    Then my little brother Jun-ichi ran in.

    “Big brother, you're back!”

    “Good to see you as well... What's that you have?”

    “Magazine. Has fast cars in it...”

    "And probably 'hot' women..."

    “Figures. You know I don't like cars that much...”

    “Yeah, it's a problem in your brain... I'm gonna fix it like you're going to do for a living.”

    “Hah. You got me there.”

    I began to flip through the pages. Kinda hard to do when you have a six-year old pointing at every single photo...

    “Junk, garbage, junk... Ah HA!”

    “You like it?”


    “Aww... it's not working...”

    I stopped at one page.


    “Hey... isn't that Druten's car...”

    “You mean... only the best racing driver of all time?”

    “Junny... We told you a million times already. He's not the best...”

    “He is to me. You're all just hating him because he's so good...”

    “Even he said it himself a while ago. He's not the best and doesn't plan to be.”

    “Yoko... you do remember... He has won the Super GT series and the JGTC four times...”

    “Yes, I know the story... he used to work for you in the nineties, quit and came back in 2005...”

    “And look where he is now.”

    “Obviously not driving for you anymore...”

    “YOKO. Go to your room. You're being very nasty tonight...”

    “Everything I said was true...”

    She was ushered out, with my mother and Jun-ichi following. Left me and my dad.


    “Dad... I have a question... Did you see a green car around here?”

    “Yeah. It was Anna Romanov.”

    “No way.”

    “Yes way.”

    “What... did she want?”

    “Apparently, to see if you wanted to race.”


    “I told her that you didn't have an interest in doing it.”


    “She was a bit surprised, but once I explained she understood. In her words, 'Maybe that's a good thing. We need more doctors in this world who can do things and still have a compassionate heart.'”


    “You having doubts about your decision?”

    “No, no...”

    “Son... I know you. I know what you're thinking. I will say... I'm behind your decisions every step of the way. Being involved with racing... just runs in the blood.”

    “...Thanks, Dad. It's a comfort to know that...”

    “Good to see we agree.”

    “One more thing... Isn't Anna Romanov crippled?”


    “And she can still drive?”

    “She can do many things even in her state of physical disability.”

    My dad stood up, and got one of those looks of pride on his face.

    “That's another life lesson I'm trying to explain to you and your sister. God gave us the ability to do and think on our own. What we do isn't limited by impairment. Everyone should look at a disabled person and see ability, not disability.”

    “That's why I'd like to be a doctor. To help change that outlook.”

    “You do understand. Now... get some rest for a change.”

    “Alright, Dad...”

    Fin Chapter One


    Criticism, thoughts, anything at all, mentions of how bad Mitsubishi's suck in GT5, etc... is welcome.
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    That Mitsubishi is one of my favourites... it's just a shame that it really is awful. One of the only FR cars I can't seem to get right. Much as it pains me to admit, the 1970 Skyline of mine was easier to tune.

    Moving on... the story. Very good. I like how it ties in with the previous Volume (though that would've been go figure). Good to see you're not taking a break! I've been planning my own for a while now. Think I told you about some 13 lap Eiger race story being done for practice... not sure if I can still be bothered with that one.

    EDIT: Having said that, you and I both know that the Lancer EX '83 is a nicer drive than the Evo IX.
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    I hope you don't abandon this like the last time Kenji was the main character of a story...
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    Or any Evo, for that matter.

    Will not be, unless I die lol.

    Will be away until Sunday though, so maybe expect the next chapter on Monday.

    Fixed the year as well. (Story is in 2010, not 2012...)
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    I'm pumped for this. The first chapter is great, it's nice to see a perspective of someone who isn't obsessed with cars and racing from the first sentence. Looking forward to reading through the rest! :tup:
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    Sorry, due to an unexpected problem, there's been a slight delay in posting the next chapter.

    Nothing too serious, just letting you all know so you aren't left dangling from a hook.
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    Chapter Two:

    Date: February 26th, 2010.
    Location: February 26th, 2010.


    Gunshots waking me up?

    No, of course not. Some crappy pop music coming from my sister's room.

    One of these days... the neighborhood is going to vote to kick her and her 'hot boy band' music out.

    I'll be laughing when it comes.

    “Oh God... so tired...”

    I had fallen asleep reading a book entitled Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

    Was some pretty weird stuff, but the author was brilliant in the way he thought out the plot and everything.

    I made my way slowly down the stairs to welcome the aroma of freshly cooking bacon.

    “Mmm... Smells delicious. Probably tastes even better.”

    “Thank you, dear... your father already left for the racetrack early this morning.”


    “It's Sunday... as in, the season opener at Suzuka.”

    “Oh... yeah...”

    Crap, had forgotten. It's become family tradition to attend the season opener of the Super GT series at Suzuka. Means a bit of a drive for my mother. Might be able to beg off going this year...

    “And you need to drive – the van's in the shop.”

    Well, never mind... Hopefully SOME of my friends are there.

    Maybe Ryo. Maybe Sakura.


    “GO :censored: OFF!”

    “Oh God no...”

    “Watch the stove, let me solve that...”


    “Are we there yet?”

    “No. Shut up.”

    “Are we there yet?”

    “No. Shut up.”

    “Why does it have to take so long?”

    “Because Kenji's a grandmother when it comes to driving.”

    “Can I please throw her out the window, just this once...”

    “No. Maybe some other time.”




    We did make it to the track in good time, with about half an hour to spare.

    “At least we get the private boxes...”

    “That's only because of Dad...”

    “Correct. Otherwise we'd need to pay to get seats.”

    I motored the Lancer into the private garage section, just squeezing into the final spot next to a white car.


    “Ooh... that's a Skyline GT-R...”

    “R32 model, now I recognize it.”

    Still don't like them. Every teen who wants to race just HAS to have one. Idiots, wasting their money.

    Thing is... it looked very clean. Maybe dropped a few millimeters, and the exhaust was non-stock.


    In the private boxes...

    “There's Dad, down there.”


    “Take the binoculars...”

    “Oh. Now I see him... Is he giving his driver a pep talk?”

    “Probably. You know how bad the team's been doing in the opener...”

    “Yeah. Hope they do well...”

    Somehow, we had found an empty private box. Usually they're all filled...

    I could hear faint voices in the background though...

    “Sir... you said you wanted an empty box? I'm sorry to say, there's none empty.”

    “That's fine. Can you please find us the one with the least amout of people?”

    “That would be...”

    The door to our box opened...

    “This one.”

    “That will do. Thank you very much.”

    I looked around to see a man and woman enter the box and sit in the back.

    The man had long black hair, a clean white shirt, jeans, and a black leather jacket. And a black fedora.

    The woman had long, strikingly red hair, with a white turtleneck and jeans. They were both wearing sunglasses, so I couldn't really pick out their faces...

    Focus. They're just people. Don't mean us any harm. They do seem familiar...

    I pulled my head back to the track, where the race teams were motoring to the start line.

    It began to rain as well, and soon turned into a downpour.

    “At least Daddy's driver starts in tenth for once...”

    "Like that's an accomplishment.

    “Instead of last, it is. Why is it always here...”


    Sergio Vergara, or Serge as the public knew him, was actually a very good driver. Over three wins he'd managed to pick up seven wins for the Calsonic team.


    “Ready, boss.”

    “Take it easy. You're on full wet tires, but this is still very bad conditions to be driving in. Also... watch out for the rookie.”


    “Taken care of.”

    There had been a rule change made in the off-season that allowed rookies to race in the rain in the first race, if it happened.

    And it did.

    A rookie named Joshua Garrels ended up getting a spot and a ride.



    # -“The crowd roars as the drivers take off on this wet and rainy day! Even so, it's an excellent test to see who's the best in the rain... Can the Calsonic Nissan team finally pull it together for the season openers? Only fate will tell!”

    “Melodromatic. Too 'over the top.'”





    # - “Ooh... nearly a pileup forming into Turn One, and this is only the first lap! The YellowHat Skyline, No.3, is loose! Truly, racing at it's greatest!”

    “Alright, now I agree with you.”




    “Serge, just stay back and be patient.”

    “Sure, boss.”



    # - “And the rookie Garrels swings wide, allowing a plethora of cars to pass him!”

    “Guys... something doesn't feel right on the car...”

    “Take it easy, then...”


    “I think a tire's going down...”

    “Keep it under control.”


    “Tire's down, losing control fast!”

    “Kid, just let off the throttle and brake...”



    “NO! Keep you head on!”





    “Ahh. :censored:!!!!!!”

    The crowd instantly was silenced, and we all jumped to our feet....


    To see yet another wasted year and wasted dream... lying in the sand, crushed.



    # - “Seriously... This is really a long string of bad luck for the Calsonic team. They didn't even make it around once!”


    “Kids, let's... go home. I don't want to face... Daddy's anger over another dissapointment like this.”

    “Alright, Mommy...”

    “What a waste of time...”

    “Sis, I for once agree with you...”

    We passed the man and woman on our way out, and Mom motioned me to go ahead and get everyone ready to leave and strapped in the car.

    Still couldn't place their faces...


    "John and Emily! How have you been?"

    "Alright, I suppose. Keeping busy leading Amuse in the right direction."


    "You alright, Em?"

    "Yeah... It'll pass."

    "Alright, just wanted to see you two again. Sorry you were disappointed by Mr. Yamamoto again..."

    "It's no problem. he just needs to get... some new talent - and luck - for wet conditions. I have an idea..."


    “Can you tell us who they were?”

    “No. Stop asking.”

    “Are we there yet...”

    “Oh Lord, please give me the strength...”

    “Tell us...”

    “And the courage...”

    “I need to go pee! Are we home yet...”

    “...To keep from hanging my kids upside down from the rafters by their toenails.”


    We made it home fine after that, and had dinner.

    I did ask Mom who the man and woman were after Yoko and Jun-ichi had gone to bed.

    Only answer I managed to get was...

    “Never you mind, dear... It's... a backup plan. In case something goes wrong. He owes me a favor.”


    “Kenji. Please. Don't worry. Now go rest.”


    3:00 AM, the Yamamoto residence in Gion, Kyoto:


    “Yes? Who... who is this?”

    “This is the national police, madam. Are you the wife of Makazuda Yamamoto?”

    “Yes, yes I am... What's happened?”

    “Well... we've found your husband. Dead in a car crash."

    The phone fell to the ground.


    Fin Chapter Two

    Couple notes:

    HDMI Cable for the PS3 died last night, and I will be getting one possibly tonight or tomorrow. (I do not have my AV cables anymore. I think. If I can find them, then excellent.)

    The Calsonic Skyline refused to 'smash' right like the Z from the previous volume or the au Cerumo Supra. Did the best I could.
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    Those crashed cars still look like they've been stuck in a microwave. :lol:
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    Hmmm, you found the secret photo editing method...

    Must go hide my work...
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    Haha! Those roadtrip scenes really crack me up! :lol:
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    Sadly, I admit they're from personal experiences on road trips...

    My sanity is lying somewhere on the Garbage (Garden) State Parkway in New Jersey.
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    Oh, I see...
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    Just to let you all know, I haven't abandoned the story - just that taking pics is hard with AV cables.
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    Chapter Three:

    Date: February 27th, 2010.

    I woke up in the morning and looked outside of my window, trying to ignore the sounds of Green Day coming through the walls.

    The sun shone over the rooftops, like a picture.

    I decided to go get breakfast, and in doing so I whacked my head on the low ceiling.

    After the stars cleared, I slowly got up and walked into the kitchen, where the TV was showing a bit on an accident:

    # - Reports indicate that the driver of the car was traveling at a speed well over the limit for the residental area he was in. He appeared to be also intoxicated way over the legal limit.


    I've actually never had a drink in my life, besides the ceremonial sake wine that I sometimes partake of during family reunions. The last one I went to was in 2004. Far too long ago...

    # - The driver has tentatively been identified as a resident of Gion, Kyoto. His exact ID and name are still unknown.

    “Sounds like that drunk who lives three houses down...”

    # - Here are the accident replay photos and live camera from the speed trap that was in the area.







    I sat down. Hard.

    That looks like Dad's 350Z...

    Looks too much like Dad's.

    He'd never had a drinking problem, except when something would go horribly wrong...

    I reached for the remote and turned the TV off.

    I didn't want to see it, if it would confirm my horrendous thoughts that were running through my head.

    It just doesn't seem possible, if it's true at all.

    I just don't understand...


    5 years previously.

    Mt. Aso Touge.

    The day was a hot August one.

    I was there only because my mother was still in the hospital after the birth of my baby brother.

    There was a white Honda driving around the circuit, and it caught my eye.

    “Dad? What car is that?”

    “The white one? Some Honda S2000 with a fancy bodykit.”

    Some Honda it was.

    I sat down next to a crew member monitoring the laptime data for Calsonic.

    His eyes began to show a shocked expression as he continually watched his monitor.

    “Mr. Yamamoto...”

    “Hmmm? What is it...?”

    “Take a look at these times.”

    Dad slowly looked over the sheet.


    “You see what's happening?”

    “Yes. Thing is...”

    “What, Dad?”

    “I just don't understand...”


    I walked on.

    I had grabbed a bite to eat from a local eatery I frequented.

    I just... plodded on.

    Not knowing where I was going.

    A mindless slave to the emotional doctrines.

    I put in my earbuds from my iPod...

    “I hide myself in my music, forget the day...”

    Oh, Boston. How I miss Bradley Delp and his voice...

    “And dream of a girl... I used to know...

    What a song. And how it fits, here and now.

    “I closed my eyes, and she slipped away....”


    “So...sniff... You'll let us... stay with you?”

    “At the complex, yes.”

    “Don't... you have... sniff... an actual home?”

    “Unless you would consider living in Yosemite National Park in Wyoming...”

    “Oh. I see... How can I tell the kids?”

    “...Who would be the one who takes it the hardest?”



    “He can be so... emotional... sometimes. I worry about him the most.”

    “Like I once was...”

    John got up and stared out of the window overlooking the river and bridge.

    What a nice location. Ironic that it's at a hospital.

    I still was having a bit of a stomachache, and I had no idea what it could be from...

    “You alright?”

    “Still trying to forget the past as it was.”


    “...I... just still... can't belive it...”

    “Mrs. Yamamoto... If there's anything you need done, let us know.”

    Brrring. Brrring. Brring...

    “I'll take it.”


    “Is this Yoko?”

    “Yes... Who the :censored: is this?”

    “Yoko... watch your... mouth.”

    “Mom? Is that you?”

    “This is Emily van Druten.”

    “Oh. Ummm... Can I please talk to my mom?”

    “She's... unable to talk right at the moment.”

    “Where are you, anyway, and how do you know her...?”

    I felt a hand gently close over the the phone and take it away from me.

    “Miss Yoko, this is John van Druten. Your father's been in an accident, and we're at the Kyoto Hosital at the moment.”

    “Oh. Oh dear...”

    “Your mother is just very emotional at the moment, and she can't talk to you right now. Can you get your little brother ready to go and yourself, and I'll have Miss Emily come over to get you?”

    “A-alright. But...”

    “What's the problem?”

    “Kenji's gone. He went out somewhere and isn't back.”

    “Oh, lovely... Well... just get yourself and your little brother ready to come over, alright? I'll take care of everything else.”




    “We just have to wait. You can go pick Yoko and Jun-ichi up.”

    “And what are you going to do?”

    “I need to find out where your son went.”

    Fin Chapter Three
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    Nice chapter. :tup:
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    Good thing John and Emily are still involved in this! Keep it up!
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    You'll just have to see what happens to them.

    Next chapter hopefully up tomorrow.

    I'll add you on PSN btw, NM99.
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    United States
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    Ok then, I'll accept you FE10. If you need something in GT5 hit me up.
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    Chapter Four:

    Date: February 28th, 2010.

    Location: Downtown Tokyo, near Route 246.


    Well, here I am.

    Not 30 yen to my name – or, actually, GT Money. Forgot it's an acceptable currency now in Japan.

    Does fit, so many popular cars here for tuning and racing – and it's because of that selfsame garbage that my father's dead.

    What a way to end.

    Killing 8 people, injuring 20 others. Dead himself, the family name forever tarnished.

    All because of racing... and cars in general.


    I slowly made my way to a local cafe I had heard about from Sanaki.

    She had been to the place before, and had nothing but praise for it.

    The cliente, the atmosphere, the service... all appeared to be excellent.


    Except for the people that had to be there. Especially ones in sports cars.

    Some random silver car sitting there, just... tempting me to deface and defile it.

    I was seriously thinking about taking a rock to the thing, but... not in broad daylight.


    Ahh. Excellent hot chocolate. With the right touch of mint.

    Interesting cafe location as well. Smack dab in the middle of Route 246, near the exit ramp for the downtown area.

    Obviously, a good place for business.

    And not the good kind either.

    You could smell the weed from across the room. And see the deals going on. And the couple obviously having you-know-what in the booth two down from me.

    “You finished, sir?”

    “Yes... Keep the tip.”

    “But... this is $50 dollars!”

    “Keep it. My contact is here.”


    I was pissed.

    Very pissed.

    Then... a man with long dark hair walked out and towards the car.

    He noticed me, but only after I began to walk away.

    “Hey... You. You there...”


    “Would you like a ride, Mr. Yamamoto?”

    “How do you know-”

    “Your dad and I have a past association.”

    “Had, you mean.”

    “That means... He's dead?”


    “****. **** it all to ****...”

    “You're making a scene.”

    “****. Get inside the car... we need to talk.”



    “Thank the Lord for 5-point safety harnesses. One good thing about cars...”

    “Especially for this one. TVR's were usually built with no ABS...”



    “It was supposed to be the gentleman's sports car.”



    “Just don't throw up...”

    My heart rate slowly fell back down as the man pulled out of the death-defying tailslide.


    “Please... not again...”

    “Can't help it, no traction control system on this thing. There is ABS now though.”

    “So... You said you knew my dad?”

    “Yeah. I was only about... 17? Been too long...”


    “Not again!”

    “Accidental. And yeah... he gave me my first big break as a racer.”

    “When was this?”

    “1993, I think.”


    “You know, you could slow down...”

    “Not in this. Too much fun.”

    “1993... I was too young to remember.”

    “Year before Senna died.”

    “That I remember...”



    “Oh my God...”

    “We aren't going to die... And in 1993, I won my first JGTC Championship.”


    I know who this is.


    The godly skill with a car.

    The stories. The appearance.

    “You're... John... van... Druten...”


    “...I want you dead, you know...”

    He stopped the car and got out.

    “Then kill me. I've been wanting death for three years.”


    “Take it. There's a gun in the glovebox.”

    “...Why...do you want to die?”

    “You know... Fame isn't everything.”


    I wish... sometimes... that I hadn't taken that ride in LeMans.

    The fame and glory that came with it weren't welcome.

    Corentin... had left me about half of his considerable fortune.

    I had all the money I could need.

    I should have just left the racing world and gotten out of the spotlight.

    But I didn't.

    And look what happens.


    “You'd give it all up to be left in peace...?”


    “WHY?! Everyone loves you...You're a household name! Loved by millions!”

    “That's dead wrong. I've made many enemies... and I know they'd love to see me removed from the racing world. Or this world as we see it.”

    “And... you're thinking... that because of past association... my father had to die?”

    “He got caught up into the mess of the racing world. He loved it to death... just like Midori, his father, and my father.”

    “You're a cause of the mess, right?”

    “Dominance... by one man or team... is never good. Parity is needed.”

    “There's no one comparable to you, then.”

    “No one alive anymore...”


    “Look... I have your mother at my Eifel complex. My wife is getting your sister over there – we're taking care of you. Now... are you coming with me, or will my conscience haunt me forever?”

    “Why... are you doing this for us?”

    “... Your father asked me to care for you if anything ever happened to him. I failed to save his life. Is the least I can do is to help you in life?”

    “...Fine. I'll go...”


    Poor kid. Wish I hadn't got him involved. But... if he can remove John, then... I can reclaim my dominance.

    Fin Chapter Four
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    Whoa, I feel bad for John.
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    You're not alone DK.
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    Fixed the blue text issue, no idea how that happened where it was missing from the end...

    John is a man trapped by fate.

    Could explain more, but that's all I can give you for now. Otherwise, I'd be hinting at future chapters...
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    Wow, I'm really looking forward to seeing where this goes. Intense! :tup:
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    Chapter Five:

    Date: February 27th, 2010.

    Location(s): Outside of Tokyo Bay

    "Quintus. The fifth, in Latin."

    Where had I read or heard that?

    Had something to do with the actual number of cars my family has owned.

    Why it had any importance, I don't know.

    There was the old Legacy my mother had bought...

    The Honda Integra my dad had for a while...

    My Lancer...

    The Suzuki Cervo my mother has...

    And... the Nissan Z my dad... died... in.

    “You know...”


    “You could have this.”

    “No... it's yours. Plus... I'm... afraid of its capabilites. I'm not you as a driver.”

    “You're a Harada. All that matters...”

    “We aren't invincible.”

    “Your family was, back in the 1950s to the 1970s.”

    “Just like that one American football team...”

    “The Green Bay Packers? Love them.”

    “Yuck... American football is so...”

    “Crappy. Yeah, I know. Niente e vero, tutto e permesso.”


    “Nothing is true, everything is permitted. Describes the NFL's referees.”


    “You're such a slow driver, even slower than Kenji...”

    “Is she always like this?”

    “Yep. Can't stop it.”



    “This is such an arid place... You have extra water?”

    “And a bottle if you need it.”

    “Eew... That's SOOO gross...”


    “All I can see is... desert.”

    “It's not exactly desert... the region is just in a dry spell. You'll have comforts when we get to Eifel.”

    Some time passed.


    “He's falling asleep...”

    “Good... Just can't do that myself. You can rest if you need to...”

    “I'm fine.”


    Sheer... nothingness.

    It was just... boring. So mindless.


    I felt sick just looking out at the wasteland...

    Then... I realized I actually do feel sick.



    “Miss Emily... Miss Emily... Wake up...”

    Sensory perceptions rushed back into me as I woke up.

    “What... happened...”

    “You... blacked out at 5 MPH through this turn and hit the guardrail. Are you alright...”

    “I... think so... Ugh. Maybe... not...”

    “You... need me to drive? I have my permit...”

    “Fine. After...hurk... I stop throwing up.”



    Location: A seedy outskirt district of Tokyo Bay.

    “Tim. TIM. You here?”

    “Yes, what do you want, sirs?”

    “Oh Lord...”

    “Tim – this young man is looking for a car to drive. You got anything left that's decent that you picked up from all those government auctions?”

    “Maybe. I sold most of it...”

    “You have to have SOMETHING decent.”

    “Let me check the showroom. Be right back.”

    The seedy early-40s man named Tim walked out.

    “Why here, of all places?”

    “Tim's a man who likes buying auctioned cars, then selling them at more than they are worth. He owes me a favor, and doesn't scam me, however.”

    “So... they were... street racing cars?”

    “Tuned for it, and busted. Could be drug runners as well.”

    He came back in, displaying a sheaf of photos and papers.

    “Alright, I've only got four cars that are sellable at the moment.”

    “Can we have a look?”

    “Sure. Go right in.”


    Interesting place. Looks like the kart track I had had built at the Eifel complex.

    I could feel the wave of revulsion pass through Kenji as he saw the first car.


    “Defenitely not, then.”

    “I... don't like Nissans anymore...”

    “Understandable. I do have a few myself, and my first car was a 1991 Skyline GT-R.”


    “Isn't that a Porsche?”

    “Nope. RUF – the uber tuners.”

    “Why isn't there just regular Porsches here?”

    “Because of EA's fascist licensing policies.”


    “Never mind...”


    “BMW M5?”

    “Those are actually very nice cars. A bit heavy, but workable.”

    “Hmmm... Where's the fourth car he mentioned... I'm not a big fan of this selection.”

    “Let me find Tim...”


    “Where's the fourth car?”

    “Ummm.... Well... I wasn't planning to sell it... I wanted to keep it.”


    “I like it... and it can be a good running car...”

    “You ******* idiot. I'll have you arrested if you try to do that...”

    “Easy, man. I need to make a living.”

    “Do it legitimately, like I did.”

    “...Alright, fine. You want to see the car? Come out back...”



    “Mother of God...”

    “That's... amazing looking...


    “You like it? It was used as a street racing car, has only 3,000 miles though. Fully tuned.”

    “You like it?”

    “Yeah. Definetly. This is the one.”

    “We'll take it, Tim.”

    “Excellent. $10,000 is acceptable?”



    I really need to see a doctor when John gets back... I don't know what's wrong with me.

    At least we made it safely and got settled in.

    I hope that this is the right way to go about helping the Yamamotos...

    Fin Chapter Five
  27. DK

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    There's one bit at the start which confused me, when two characters had the same text colour for their speech. Other than that, great chapter. :tup:
  28. Michelin

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    That Impreza! :drool:
  29. FireEmblem10


    United States
    Emily and Yoko? Similar colors, but not the exact ones.

    It handles amazing, too.

    Still not as good as the Amuse S2000 GT1 '04, but close to it.
  30. FireEmblem10


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    Chapter Six:

    Date: March 1st, 2010.
    Location: The Eifel Complex, near Hiroshima, Japan.

    It had taken us two days to finalize the ownership papers and get to the Eifel location.

    I had my doubts about whether this was a good idea, but...


    That all flew out the window when I drove the Subaru for the first time.


    “You think you're going to be the next Ken Block?”

    “I feel... better then Ken Block.”

    “I can see it... 'The new face of Subaru... The Challenger to Ken Block...'....”


    “That would be... so weird.”

    “Besides, everyone wants to be the next big thing. Or, like me.”

    “You sound so bitter...”

    “I am. If people are trying to be like me... they'll be stuck on a boulevard of broken dreams.”

    “...Too much Green Day?”


    “Anna spams it...”

    “Like my sister then.”

    “Oh God... not more of it...”


    “I had no idea there was a karting part...”

    “We - basically, Anna... - added it to train from a young age.”

    “Can I try it?”

    “Sure, go right ahead.”


    “Here we are.”


    “Good Lord... is this a private racetrack?”

    “And a racing/tuning complex.”

    “You're set up good, aren't you?”

    “Kind of. It's not very well known, but we do have some fairly good traffic on weekends.”



    “Aannnnddddd.... GO!”



    “Karts are a lot different from your regular cars. That model you're using has rear brakes only.”


    “Damn, this is fun!”

    “The other good thing about karts – they're a blast to drive.”


    “Em? You there?”


    “Anything wrong?”

    “I'll tell you later, alone. Anna's giving Yoko a lesson in kart driving right now, if you want to see her.”


    Wonder what's up...

    “Where do you want me to park?”

    “The visitor hangar.”


    “Will do. What's there, anyway?”

    “You'll get a guided tour after we see your sister finish her training?”


    “Anna's putting her through the kart regimen...”

    “Oh Lord.”


    We walked in to see...



    “This isn't Mario Kart, Yoko! Keep going!?”


    “Oh, good. You're back with the kid. He'll go next in-”

    “Not today.”


    “Hmmm... You were training him?”

    “Nope. He can do his own thing – they're our guests, not paying customers. Means VIP treatment.”


    She returned to her task.


    “Good job, bring it in soon...”


    “Careful – use the gas to steer...”


    “Alright. Enough for one day."



    “Good job, Yoko.”


    “Tired? It does wear you out quite fast.”

    “And my neck is sore...”

    “Also part of that. Professionals use karts to build up their endurance.”

    “I... can see why.”

    She staggered off into the living section of the complex.

    “So, John... how did it go?”

    “Excellent. Found Kenji a white Subaru Impreza STI '07 for a good price.”

    “Perfect. Is it rally-tuned?”

    “Nope, grip only.”

    “Alright. And Emily needs a word with you... she wouldn't tell me about what.”

    “I'll go take care of that... Can you show Kenji around the facility?”

    “Oh, sure. No one else is lined up for instruction today...”

    “Good. I need a break...”


    Later that night...

    Em was curled up, resting in my arms as I held her softly.

    “What's been bugging you, dearest...?”

    “Well... I got really sick on the way here with the Yamamoto kids... I had to let Yoko drive the rest of the way.”

    “Alright... And?”

    “I went to see the doctor afterwards.”


    “Well... he said...”


    “I'm... pregnant...”

    “Oh, Em...”

    “I'm sorry...”

    “It's not a bad thing, dear.”

    “Alright... I just feel so...”

    “Shhh. I know... Everything will be fine, dearest...”

    Fin Chapter Six