Wither - Finale + Epilogue (10/18/12)

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    Also: Weird glitch during the photoshoot for Volume Three (Wut? Yep, it's in development, concurrent with writing Volume Two.)

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    Anyways, I don't think Ken Block would mind if someone became a more famous Subaru driver than him, he drives/hoons around in a Focus instead. ;)
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    Chapter Seven:

    Date: March 4th, 2010.
    Location: The Eifel Complex.

    Yaaawn. Mmmm... I like waking up whenever I want to...

    But, I'm still so used to waking up early for college... that sleeping in for me is only until 8:30 AM.

    Sad, when I have a sister that can sleep the entire day away.


    Booted up the laptop, and checked my Facebook and e-mail.

    Spam, trash, spam... Sakura?

    She wasn't lying... She did want to keep in touch.

    “Dear Kenji...

    I'm attempting to do a competition at the Tsukuba Circuit in three days from now. I know you don't like cars, but Ryo and I need your... assistance. Please come...”

    I skimmed through the rest of that message, and the other contents of my inbox.

    Tsukuba... Never been there. Heard of it, of course, but I don't know a thing about it...

    Maybe not the way I'd think she'd keep in touch, but it worked. And seeing Ryo and his yellow ricebucket Integra will help... especially with my new Subaru.
    Naming it, however... is slightly odd. My dad did that, and my little brother did to the family van...

    Ryo had named his Integra “Sugimori”. What it related to, I couldn't tell you, but it was something that meant to him... And only he knew about it.

    Enough morbid thoughts. He's a good friend, if not especially a genius.


    “Sometimes... I still wonder. Am I following the right path in my life?”

    “It doesn't seem right. And what of my family? I feel like I've neglected them ever since I've been a race car driver... I've let them go, and my kids are now teens? I've missed a part of their lives... Far too large of a part.”

    “And... so that... is why... I announce my retirement... from the world... of racing.”

    What a way to go out. At the top of his game, under his own terms.

    I'd like my eventual retirement to be like Ryosuke Sugimori's was.

    Short, sweet, to the point, and truthful.

    A part of me will die inside when I do leave. But... Maybe a part will be reborn.

    Knock, knock.

    “Mr. van Druten... are you awake?”

    “Yeah. Give me a minute...”

    I moved over to where Emily was resting on the couch.

    “Em? I'll be back, dearest...”


    “Just rest for now...”



    Goddamn morning sickness.

    Lucky I don't have it, but... it kinda does hurt seeing Em like that.

    “What did you need?”

    “Sorry to bother you... but... can you tell me about Tsukuba?”

    “Well... It's a small track, but one of the most difficult to master. Why?”

    “A friend of mine told me she needs my help there...”

    “It's... maybe a four-to-six hour drive. Unless you fly. Is it the One-Lap-Magic contest?”

    “I think so.”

    “Yeah... The idea is to get a lap under a minute with a non-racecar.”


    “I've done it, not many others have.”

    “What did you do it in?”

    “My R32 GT-R – the white one you saw before.”

    “Ah... So... I can go?”

    “I never said you couldn't. Just don't let Anna see you leaving...”

    “Ooh... Yeah, good point. Tell Emily thanks for getting my family here, I've not gotten a chance to thank her...”

    “Alright. I'll tell her.”


    I drove down the road, about 5 miles out from Tsukuba.

    The Subaru had a customized stereo speaker system installed in it, which was designed to blow the bass of the music so loud that it shook the car.

    Until I disabled the boost system, becoming a normal, civilized human being.

    Or, as human as one can get when listening to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes.

    I know John had an affinity for Dream Theater, and he had given me an album or two.

    Very deep, soulful lyrics and music. But, I still perfer my indie music.

    I eventually reached the gate, got signed in, set up, and sat where I was supposed to meet Ryo and Sanaki. Being brother and sister in the years that I've known them... they're never on time.

    At least Ryo isn't. If she's not getting dressed-up, Sanaki's usually on time.


    “Think that's him?”

    “Nah, he's got an old Lancer, remember?”

    “I was hoping he'd see the Integra. He doesn't know I bought this...”

    “Why'd you even buy it? It's old, American, handles like a land yacht...”

    “It's nice.”

    “Not a good reason to buy it...”


    I saw an orange Dodge Challenger drive by twice.


    Challengers. American boats in the 1970s. Not known for handling.

    It swung around again, and I recognized the profiles sitting in it... Ryo, on the right, Sanaki on the left.

    They pulled over to me when they saw my arms-a-flappin-in-the-breeze.


    “Damn, good to see you again!”

    “It's been a long month. Sorry I've not been in touch...”

    “That's fine. You're alright and here, all that matters.”

    “So... where's the Lancer?”

    “Sold it. Got this.”

    “No... Noway.”

    “Yes way! It's kinda hard to believe, but... do you want the full story?”


    “Go for it.”


    “Dayum... And this all happened?”

    “How are you even continuing to function properly?”

    “Don't know, besides Druten's hospitality.”

    “So... you're living with the racing god.”

    “Yep, sums it up nicely.”

    “Wow.... just wow....”

    “Loss for words for once?”


    “Where'd you get this Challenger, anyway?”

    “Dad bought it for me as a graduation present.”

    “It's yours? Thought it was Ryo's...”

    “I'd never trade in Sugimori.”

    “That's what I was questioning. What does it have done to it?”

    “Engine is bored out and upgraded to a modern LS2 Chevrolet engine, suspension is a new Tein kit – basically everything that made the Challenger horrible is fixed.”

    “Besides the color.”



    “The One Lap Magic Showdown is now commencing! All drivers, get to your cars! We will run them off in order of registration number!”

    “We got here early, so we're up fairly quickly... You're up dead last.”




    “Alright. Here goes...”


    “GO! The Challenger heads off down the straight...”


    “Clean through the first turn, minimal understeer...”


    “OOH. Swung wide there, that'll cost her!”

    “God. Won't he shut up?”



    “Oh dear, that's a bad mistake... There goes your time...”


    “This isn't drifting, you know...”


    “Oh my word, that was a lap of 1:00.685! If it wasn't for the mistakes, she'd have the win easy!”


    “Don't feel bad about it...”

    “I'm not. The announcer was pissing me off, though...”


    “Oh, lovely... A ricebucket.”

    “Hey, you little ************! Go die, you *****!”

    “What a vocabulary to match his car choice.”

    “He got to the first corner, what an amazing job!”

    “**** you!”

    “There's something you don't see everyday... no understeer!”


    “Surprisingly good run so far, but does he have the power to do it?”


    “Clean, very clean...”


    “That thing is like a gluebot! I'm liking it for some odd reason!”


    “Close, so very close...”


    “Amazing lap of 1:00.428, but not good enough! Fastest showing so far, I've revised my opinion of this man!”

    “Damn right you did.”


    End of the day.

    My turn. And I have no idea how to drive this place.

    “You'll do fine...”


    “Here's the final entry, and a rookie who has never driven on this track before either!”


    “Clean start, that's a plus.”


    “Sticking to the curb...”


    “Good so far, amazing job from a rookie!”


    “This is amazing! I'm on the edge of my *** just watching!”

    “It's 'SEAT', you ********...”



    “Good Lord...”


    “I... am in shock. A time of... 0:57.942.”

    “This is... the best I've seen...”

    “From a rookie.”

    “Druten would be proud, I think.”

    I was sitting in the seat of the Subaru.

    “Kenji... How....”

    “I really don't know. I don't.”

    “You are Kenji Yamamoto?”


    “Here's your prize of 15,000 GT Money.”



    That's a lot of money.

    “What should you do with it?”

    “No idea. I want to sleep, though.”

    “Here's an idea – find a hotel and use that to pay for rooms.”

    “Works for me.”

    Fin Chapter Seven
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    The really light and bright text is becoming more of a nuisance each chapter, and this time I found the light cyan color unreadable without highlighting it. I'd suggest toning down the brightness a bit. Other than that, loved the chapter. :tup:
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    That's the reason, will change in future chapters.
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    Chapter Eight:

    (Author's Note: This is more of an introspective chapter. There are quite a few hints and reasons for names and ideas that do happen in this story. It also covers quite a few controversial issues, such as the belief in life after death. If you are uncomfortable with reading about this, please skip down to the first photo.)

    Date: March 8th, 2010.
    Location: The Tachibana Family House.

    “Whut... morning already?”

    “Mhmmm. Time to head out, dears.”

    “What... for?”

    “Church... Kenji, you going?”

    “I'm not religious, but not atheist either. I'll go, I suppose.”


    “Today... in this world... not everyone is correctly guided. Some of us... have lost their way... through tragedy... pain... and suffering.”

    “But... remember... that all clouds... have a silver lining... no matter how black.”

    “Then... there is a heaven?”

    “With pain, there comes a heaven...”


    I dwelled on the minister's words as Mrs. Tachibana drove us all back.

    The one question the young man did ask was one that bugged me.

    As did the response.

    Could all this pain... lead me to happiness eventually?

    It begged thought, action, and reason.


    Back at the house, we were planning our next move.

    “Why Suzuka?”

    “It's a good way to get experience...”

    “Including the bad luck my dad had?”

    “Ooh... forgot, sorry.”

    “Don't worry. I just... don't like it.”

    “It's the only event that's within a day or two – and it's not far from here to there.”

    “...You're convincing me. Is that a bad thing?”


    “You sure?”



    I was driving home later that evening.

    Kenji had won.

    Not like I hadn't foreseen that.

    But... He was untrained.

    Pure, raw talent.

    That maybe... I cannot match.


    On a whim... I took a route that I hadn't traveled in over five years.


    A route... where I had lost a dear friend five years ago.


    And... the infamous tunnel where it had all began.

    The death of Federigo Flavian.


    It had been a long time since I had thought about that.

    Our lives would have been so, so different.

    If it hadn't happened.


    The car I was driving... happened to have been a 370Z.

    Not a 350Z, but close enough.

    Near-perfect irony.


    “What the...”

    Hit a slick patch on the road. Felt like oil.


    Dinged up the bodykit...

    I continued after checking the car out, and looking at the road behind me. Oil from a leaking barrel at the construction site.

    Both seemed fine, although there was a bit of a sluggish start.


    It all came to hell thirty seconds later.


    The axle and drivetrain froze, locking the rear wheels...


    Sending me into the guardrail near the park.




    Where... am I?

    “****... hurts like ****...”

    “Sir, shhh! You'll upset the residents!”

    “Not another hospital stay...”

    “No, but you took a nasty bruising to the chest along with a mild concussion.”

    “Can I leave?”

    “Your ride is here, they were just waiting for you to wake up.”


    She wasn't lying. I felt like I had been put in a dryer and ran for five hours straight.

    I limped slowly out to the BMW M5 that I owned.

    “They wouldn't let me see you...”

    “You're supposed to be in bed...”

    “John, please... I'm just concerned for you...”

    “I am as well, and also for our child.”


    “Em... I'm sorry. I guess... I was just scared.”


    “Losing you...”

    “Oh, John... Let's just get home and rest for a while.”

    “Alright, my love...”



    Date: March 9th, 2010.
    Location: Suzuka Circuit, early morning, in a lxury condo overlooking the track.

    “Good morning...”

    “Hey, Sanaki. Where's Ryo?”


    “Where else...”

    She moved next to me on the couch, and draped her arm over my shoulders.

    “Have you ever thought... of continuing our relationship?”

    “...Do you want the honest truth, and would you be mad if it isn't the answer you want?”

    “Yes, and I won't be mad...”

    “... I really haven't been able to, except for this week.”

    “That's understandable.”

    “So... you're not mad?”

    “No, I care too much for you to be mad at you.”

    “...You really are the sweetest girl I know, do you know that?”


    She laid her head on my shoulder contentedly.

    I began to flip through the TV channels, trying to find something to take my mind off what my heart and 'instrument of theological enlightenment' were telling me to do.

    Garbage, MTV, ESPN... Why is everything American programming?

    News station...

    Hold it.

    “Something about Druten... Car accident last night... is fine... bruising and minor concussion... Unable to drive for... a week.”

    “That's not good...”

    “Not good at all.”

    “And he's got a Super GT race soon, only one out of three he does...”

    Was he going to ask me to do it?

    Not something I'd want to do, I'm a rookie...

    But... I did do a good job at the One Lap Magic event.

    Racing professionally isn't something I'd like to do.

    But... My life seems to be leaning that way.


    I slowly made my way to one of the hangars of the complex I'd inherited.

    Most of the hangars all contain cars, things related to cars, and a few old jets and a single Zero fighter plane.

    And my collection of stuff from admirers. Usually, it all gets thrown in the warehouses.

    This warehouse, however... is not really a warehouse so much as a heavily armored shed bunker.

    I have it keyed to my retinas, fingerprints, and numerous locks.

    Only Emily knows of its existence besides me.

    You may ask... what's in here? Something dangerous, all-encompassing, a secret that could destroy the known world?

    No, of course not.

    What's inside... is my biggest failure.

    The Nissan Motul Pitwork Z that Federigo died in.

    Along with his final words, notes, and a picture of us from 1995... When we were comrades-in-arms.

    Along with Andrei Makarov's personal items.

    My two biggest failures.

    Why do I go there?

    To meditate.

    On what I've done.

    What I've done wrong.

    And what I'm doing now.


    “Is Druten really a problem, still?”

    “...He's not going to be any trouble soon. He has other things on his mind. I can tell you... he's retiring soon?”


    “I know him well. Too well. He'll cease to be a threat, and then we only have this new guy to deal with...”

    Fin Chapter Eight
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    I may be an atheist, but I didn't find that bit at the start "offensive" or anything like that. Great chapter.
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    Thanks to you both. Was exactly the approach I was aiming for.

    Mhmmm. Or, being Roman Catholic and believing in evolution (as I myself do.):idea:
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    Chapter Nine:

    Date: March 10th, 2010.
    Location: Suzuka Circuit, Japan, specifically near the Mie Prefecture...

    We had decided to do a little sightseeing while we were in the area – there hadn't been any time when I was growing up to explore the area of Suzuka.

    There was a famous Japanese racer who had been born in the area that had won the F1 World Championship, that much I knew.

    The garage that his father ran was located about 2 kilometers outside of Suzuka Circuit – not a big-name garage, but one that was famous enough in its own right.

    We drove by, to see... nothing with the famous name on it. The name of Matsuda.

    Just a sign saying Auto Repair Garage, nothing more.

    The stark simplicity got to me – because he didn't advertise his greatness. His obvious supremacy in siring such a racing god.

    Just like John. Privacy is what is wanted. No fame.

    Dissapointed, we made our way back to the track.


    “Where's the second ice pack...”


    Gah. My head was pounding like a giant 9-ton hammer.

    I'd taken enough aspirin to kill a moose, but... I still felt the adverse effects of the concussion.

    And, of course, I canceled my entry in the Nurburgring Super GT race.

    “I still don't get why didn't you have someone else do it?”

    “We don't have a second car, and it's set up only for me. Remember during development of that prototype race car? How Vettel was shocked at my settings for the NSX?”

    “I do remember that. Wasn't the Red Bull team boss shocked as well?”


    “Wasn't it over how close to the edge you race?”

    “Yes... Although I can't fix that unless I detune the cars.”

    “...You really that concerned?”

    “Yes, dear. I couldn't bear to lose you...”

    “...I know. And... I like driving as much as you do...”

    “That's not allowed, per orders.”

    “Whose orders?”

    “Dr. Love, otherwise known as me.”


    “Shhh... No buts. I love you too much for anything to happen to you. Alright?”

    “Mmmm. I understand... now lay with me.”



    “Ahh. Irony. We meet again.”

    “Stop that... just focus and run your race.”

    Despite the calming effect of Sanaki's words on me...

    I just couldn't shake the feeling of apprehension that was built up inside of me.

    Especially considering what had happened to my dad.


    Not a good start. Tried to force it it...

    Tore up the newly relaid sod, probably pissing off a large group of environmentalists.


    However... it worked. The driver of the green Honda slid up and lost focus, allowing me to stay inside to pass the black GT-R.

    “Keep it steady... Don't be nervous.”

    Her voice is like birdsong... so sweet and melodious.

    I could get lost in it forever...

    But, I have a race to run.


    “The yellow NSX is probably the second-best car in this race – driver's a different story.”

    There it is again...


    Hmmm... I passed him without even focusing... it can't be THIS easy.


    I flipped on the TV while me and Emily snuggled close, half awake.

    “Hmmm... He's running at Suzuka...”

    “Huh...? Oh... I see...”

    Interesting, and also commendable.

    His friends must have some pull over him – but, he's conquering an obstacle.

    Conquering my own obstacle took 10 years.



    Yep... not this easy.

    “****, you alright?”

    “Yeah... this asshat isn't going to be...”


    I flipped him the bird as I passed him.

    Continuing on...



    There were wild gasps from the crowd as he passed the second-place 300ZX on the outside.

    “You used to do that...”

    “That was in the... Lancia. And before I became pregnant.”

    “Touche. That was... a scary car.”

    “You didn't like it?”

    “Admittedly... it scared the crap out of me... when you drove it.”

    She shook her head, smiled, and laid back down against my chest as I continued to watch Kenji's charge.



    It only took the remainder of the straightaway to catch the other GT-R.

    “Matsuda made the R32 famous by defeating **** like you're driving!”

    “This isn't a Supra... Learn to see what you're against, *******...”

    He blocked me, and opened a small lead...

    That was also when I dropped a wheel off of the course.




    Much better.




    Nose to tail, up your fat ***.

    “Get off...”

    He hit something, and a liquid dropped out of the back of his Skyline...

    A liquid that happened to be... oil.


    “Damn you!”

    “Heheh, suckar...”



    Hmmm... Oil.

    Why is it that oil seems to cause so many problems? The Gulf War... Iran... and accidents. And the Exxon Valdez.

    Then again, cars need oil, specifically refined petroleum, to run.

    Most cars, anyhow.



    “Back again? Wow, you're persistent.”

    “You do know they caught that all on camera... and the Honda Accord crashed because of that.”

    “Oops... would you like me to go apologise to him?”




    “But I would like you to lose...”


    “Well played, Yamamoto, well played...”


    They took the driver of the Skyline out in a body bag after he attempted to murder a track official who disqualified him. And, of course, after he shot up my Subaru, leaving it disabled.

    "We think he was a hired gun, sent to take you out. We'll be investigating."

    In the trunk of the Skyline rested a large collection of drugs, and one other item of interest...

    “Is this a transmitter?”

    “Military-grade, I believe. This isn't stuff you see in public.”

    “What do we do with it?”

    “Take it to Druten. I think he can help.”

    “You sure he's willing to help?”

    “Yeah. Thing is... I'll need a tower for the Subaru...”

    Brrring. Brrriing. Brrrrinnnng.


    “Excellent job, Kenji. I must say... I'm impressed for overcoming the obstacle of racing at Suzuka and winning – it took me 10 years to fight my own obstacles.”

    Wow. Ironic.

    “Well thanks, Mr. van Druten...”

    “Call me John... you're an adult now. I'm sending over a car transporter – it'll be there in a few hours to come take the Subaru back here. There's something I need to check on...”

    “Oh. Alright, thanks... We also found an item of interest – maybe you can help identify it.”

    “Alright. Be safe, though...”


    “Alright, I finally believe you.”

    “You mean you didn't?”

    “No, I thought it was a joke your little brother told you to play on me...”

    “Since when have I ever pulled a prank or told a joke?”

    “Oh. Oh, yeah... you're the humorless one, I forgot.”

    “Ugh... Well, we just have to wait for the truck to get here.”

    “I'll take a nap...”

    “You didn't even do a thing!”




    He's dead. I see. So a hired gun failed.

    Don't know how it failed... I thought the kid had no talent.

    Guess I miscalculated. Can't be doing that.

    Fin Chapter Nine
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    Next chapter has been slightly delayed due to school, but will be up hopefully tomorrow.
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    More delays, damn you school.

    It was delayed because I'm rewriting/writing the next few chapters in advance.
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    Here it is! The long-awaited (and delayed) 10th chapter!

    Was very short before, but... I think it's a good length now.


    Chapter Ten: Test of Demons

    Date: March 15th, 2010.
    Location: The 'hidden gem' of the Touge World

    “Why am I here?”

    No, not a question of existentialism.
    More of a question of... why THIS venue, of all places?

    Besides the fact that it is a brilliant place to tune cars at.
    It's in the middle of nowhere - quite literally. Located in a rural farmland – the true heart of Japan.
    There isn't that much to see... There's a windmill, a farmhouse... and a winding road on Mt. Aso.
    A winding road that loops back into itself. A crude racetrack, if you will.

    I was here to test the user-friendliness of the cars the development team was working on at Amuse – they were tuned to a normal specification compared to most of my preferred settings. The idea was to see which of the two would be the most cost-efficient and user-friendly at the same time.

    It was an idea that had been conceived by the former head of the company before he passed away peacefully and I took over – start producing the cars as limited runs instead of just one-off models.

    “Alright, Ricky, James. What do you have for me today?”

    “We've got the Nissan Fairlady-”

    “Z, please...”

    “Alright, the Z model that we've been working on.”

    “There's also the Skyline GT-R, R34 model, the old CarbonR.”

    “Hmmm... Who said that producing that one was a good idea?”

    “Mr. Hideki and Mrs. Taikio said to suggest it to you.”

    “OK, that makes sense to me. And did they say that Elder Ynr, bless his departed soul, had that dream?”


    “We'll have to see if it's effective enough to continue his dream – I'd love to honor his wishes, but at the same time I wouldn't like to see the company fold. I'm sure he knew that.”

    “I believe so too, sir. And...”

    “No, don't tell him yet...”

    “What now?”

    “Umm... the dev team has a surprise for you coming later.”

    Lovely. Knowing their sense of humor, and if they know Emily's expecting... it'll be some hideous pun that I'll enjoy laughing at.

    “A wheel of fate, a game of change...”


    Out of respect to the departed Elder, I had picked the CarbonR to test out first.
    I had HAD it set to my settings, but the engineering team had returned them to when it had originally been built. To be honest, they weren't horrible, but the original weight balance was.. which is why I had specifically asked for that part to be left alone.

    “Am I online?”

    “Yes, sir. Would you mind turning that music down, though... It is a bit hard to hear you.”

    “I admit I can crank it up too high... I do love Queensryche for driving, though.”

    “I like it too, but my wife is always telling me to slow down...”


    “Sir, we're picking up data from the sensors. Stress levels... nominal.”

    “Is that on suspension or chassis?”

    “Both, sir. The launch pad readings also are acceptable and within the limits we established for the chassis and suspension.”

    “Good, even with the weight addition and re-centering... Sir, how does it feel to you?”


    “Excellent. I'm noticing it's restricting me from going all out... is that a limiter or just the tuning?”

    “It's a limiter, I was suggested to place it in so that the car wouldn't be damaged.”


    “Heh... I can be rough on my equipment at times. Just like Steve Vai.”

    “Especially like Steve Vai, sir.”


    Wasn't the best car I owned, but enjoyable enough.

    Easy enough to drive for anyone, but can be pushed to the limit as is.

    “Alright, that's good for now. Pull her in and we'll run the diagnostics and data through the software, and then make a judgment later.”

    “Fine by me.”


    “Why is the name 'SupperLeggera'?'


    “We lightened it by 250 kilos from stock. Not as much as the CarbonR, but I think more efficiently.”


    Now this... is a lot more fun.


    “This is a recent build, correct?”

    “Yes, sir. We built it for an auto show in Paris, and it received generally positive reception from the public. You haven't driven it before, and we wanted you to try something fresh.”

    “Interesting concept, and I happen to agree with it. Good work on the feel.”


    “Why yellow?”

    “I don't know... Is it a problem?”

    “No, I love it. I also love the car.”


    “Same thing, come in, et cetera, blah, blah blah...”

    “I want this back... I'm driving it home.”

    “I like that attitude toward it...”



    “Alright... I think I need to call it a day. I need to get back to take care of Emily. Where are the keys to the Z at...”

    “Sir, but... you haven't seen your surprise.”

    “Alright, surprise me. Where is it?”

    “Up by the tent. There...”


    What... is that...?

    “Do you like it? It's the project we were working on...”

    It looks like Minerva and Diana... the white S2000 and the silver S2000... But, it's more than Diana and Minerva are. There had been a black one named Cymbeline... I don't know where it ended up. I never drove it.

    “We redesigned the bodykit from the old S2000 GT1 to be more... modern... to keep up with the other upgrades. The engine has been bored out to the maximum it can be, the turbine is now a Level 55...”

    “Anything else? The wing is garish...”

    “Ummm... It's a work in progress, this is the prototype. Suspension is the same as you had, the transmission is now 7 gears, and the power is around 615 HP.”

    “...Where'd you get the base from?”

    “There was a black S2000 sitting in the garage with the GT1 bodykit on it...”

    “Hmmm. This is Cymbeline, then...”

    “Oh. Oh, ****... Sorry...”

    “No, don't be sorry. I like it... Let's see what you did.”



    This... isn't a car.


    This is... a demon. Completely possessed. It was like I wasn't driving it... It was driving me.
    As in I barely did a thing, and the car chose where it wanted to go without my conscious input.


    This car... was a manifestation of my hidden nightmares.
    I didn't get it. I've only been afraid of driving a car once – it was the McLaren F1 my father had used. It was just too emotional to drive. And... I had a premonition about it. It sits to this day in a locked garage by itself.

    “Have you decided on anything?”

    “If you want to go about building these for the market... I'd suggest detuning it. I'm being pushed to control this thing.”

    “Wow... Never thought I'd hear you say that...”

    “Would you like to try it, James?”

    “No sir.”

    “Then I suggest you shut the **** up and continue with your work.”




    Location: Deep Forest Raceway, France.


    Here I am. Finally getting back on top after my dismissal from the racing so dearly loved.
    I've come back as more than I once was, despite everything that has conspired against me.
    The problem is... Finding a car to get me back on top.

    My old Subarus had since long died, except for my original Legacy I had paid to be saved from dismemberment at the hands of a vengeful group that I had been a member of. Emotional attachment by them is considered a weakness. That emotional attachement led me to kill the leaders of Veracity – once the head falls, the body falls soon afterwards.

    I kept a large faction of the ex-Veracity technicians and workers – they respect me and do follow my orders well. Despite my effort to eradicate the group from the world, I do believe one person lived that was a leader.

    She will be finished... as soon as I have the key to her whereabouts. But first...

    I must find... a suitable car to get me to the top again.



    “Holy ****... This isn't good.”

    Paranoia has become a part of me that I can control. While it feels like it was an attempt on my life, I believe that it's a combination of two factors.


    “You alright, sir?”

    “I am indeed.”

    “Can you continue?”



    “Not sure. Can't tell if the suspension is damaged or not.”



    “Yeah... I'll hazard a guess at some issue.”


    “Get the towing rig... I need to have a talk with the engineer. Can you get him up and waiting for me?”

    “Umm... yes, sir.”


    “I want you to tell me what went wrong.”

    “Sir... I don't know.”

    “You designed the setup for it... tell me why it doesn't work right, and why I could have been killed.”

    Pitiful little man. Brilliant designer. Just... apparently let something slip his grasp.
    In my employ... that never and will not happen.

    “Sir... I seriously don't know.”

    “Well... Is there someone who can help this man out, and give me a decent reason why he has failed me and no one caught his mistakes?”

    No one moved or even made a sound. Fear had been instilled in these men from Day One in my employment... and now I'd show them why.

    “Engineer Jackson... Do you know the difference between a mistake and a problem?”

    “No, sir...”

    “A mistake can be done once. A problem is a reoccurring mistake. And do you know how you eliminate problems?”

    “No, sir...”

    “You eliminate mistakes. And do you know how to eliminate mistakes?”

    “No, sir...”

    Click. I pulled my Sig Sauer out of my pocket.

    “Eliminate... the source of the mistakes.”


    The man's body crumpled to the ground.

    No one moved.

    “Now... you all understand. Don't fail me... in this quest. Or yes, you will die by my hand.”

    “One way... or another.”


    Location: The Eifel Complex.

    “Hmmm... This is a Chinese transmitter. Obviously not something you're going to see in just anyone's possession.”

    “Is it a problem?”

    “As long as it's not actually from the Chinese Communists, then no. It's not a problem.”

    “Alright... Is the Subaru fixed?”

    “Yes. The suspension may be slightly stiffer, but I installed a butt-cushioning system to counter that.”

    “You mean...”

    “New seats, yes. Heated ones, to be exact. No more freezing your collective behinds.”

    “Oh. Thought you meant... you know...”

    “...You kids all have gutter minds. New business... Would you like to visit the United States?”


    “I'm thinking about moving a lot of my car collection to Dapplering, Wyoming – where I've got a 75% stake in the Trial Mountain circuit.”

    “You're giving up this place?”

    “In the future, yes. Anna's operation is growing and growing, and she needs the space that my collection takes up. I don't mind losing the space, and I'm just an old man getting older.”

    “...Does that mean you're retiring soon?”

    “Maybe. I have some other matters that have to come first, if you know what I mean.”

    The whine of a jet engine starting up could be heard throughout the compound.

    “Hey... do you mean NOW?!”

    “Yeah. Private jet, you're being flown to the Amuse headquarters in California, then being driven to the Trial Mountain track. I've gotten everything packed – and also permission from Mr. and Mrs. Tachibana for you two to go, along with Mrs. Yamamoto. You going?”


    “Alright. Good luck – you'll meet quite a few racers I know on the trip. And some drivers in my employment – ask them about racing long ago. You'll learn a lot.”


    “They've gone.”

    “Excellent... And where is John headed?”

    “A conference. What for, I don't know. And he's hinting at leaving this place to me and retiring to his El Capitan estate.”

    “So... he'll cease to be a problem anyway?”

    “Yes. He's working on moving his important cars over to the place, and then he is going to retire peacefully. I'd like to see him do it that way.”

    “An attachment to him? Interesting.”

    “Not an emotional attachment in that sense. He just has given me everything and isn't expecting a damn thing in return but peace.”

    “Contrary to your original Veracity beliefs. Which is why you were such a maverick... made it so much easier to take them all down, and I thank you greatly for that.”

    “Are you willing to honor my request?”

    “Actually, yes I am. He may be my greatest enemy and rival... but he also doesn't know that. I don't think that he will do anything to fight me once I show myself. On the contrary... I know him. I've studied him. He'll just do nothing and let me go.”

    “Even if you take the Association over?”

    “Yes. He'll not lift a finger. Which reminds me... I do have a plan if I need to force his retirement to be a little early. I will give you the details later. Soup out.”

    Fin Chapter Ten
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    So again someone is willing to take John down?
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    Awesome chapter, pretty dark. :tup: Might want to check some of those image links though, I doubt you meant to post the same picture five times in a row.
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    Remember the OP? It's about revenge.

    Think. And the name of the guy in red communicating with Anna is a hint.

    But... the third and fourth volumes will be more long, this one is intended to be about 15 chapters.

    The fifth volume is the final one.

    Blame my netbook, POS but it works a lot better than my main desktop does at the moment. Will fix that.
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    Chapter Eleven: Love Is a Long, Long Road

    Date: March 18th, 2010
    Location: Outskirts of Los Angeles, California.

    God. I absolutely HATE flying.
    Sure, it's fast and a lot more efficient than boats.
    But... the sheer terror of something going wrong – like a terrorist attack or a malfunction causing us to crash. Today's jets are more safe than ever... but the almost-daily headline story of a plane crash or a traffic controller failure is enough to make you want to never set foot in an airport.

    Despite my many misgivings... it was a safe flight with all the creature comforts anyone could ever want. Along the way, we swapped stories of our lives with the three retired race drivers Mr. van Druten had working for him.

    “Tim, the Lotus sedans... what are they called again?”

    “Lotus Carltons. 345 horsepower stock, rear-wheel drive, comparatively light weight for a sedan, top speed is 175 mph...”

    “That's a rundown of the sedans we're transporting. Mrs. van Druten collects them and other Lotuses. I do say, they are quite fine cars, actually.”

    “It's a sedan with that kind of capability? Amazing.”

    “The ones that we are moving all have over 550 horses, and have been tuned... They're pocket supercars.”

    “I never liked the things... I like 4WD's better.”

    “You're the ex-rally driver, Dider...”


    “Odd thing to collect, though...”

    “She had one for the longest time apparently, until it was wrecked. Mr. van Druten rebuilt it and then found a group of three, and then it took off from there.”

    “They're a bit... different... than the usual, but they are a lot of fun.”

    “You've driven one before, Mr. Pironi?”

    “I used to own one. I sold it to Mrs. van Druten and got a job working for Amuse as a test driver.”

    “You enjoy that, then.”

    “Actually, yes... It's interesting driving the different models and customized cars Amuse produces – and every single one is different from the others.”

    That does seem like a good career – you get to enjoy what you love doing, and you're being paid for it. But... I wanted to be a doctor – to help people. I can still do that, sure, but what I'm doing now... It's fun. Is there a career in it, though? I don't want to end up like my dad, dead due to raging.
    I just don't get it.

    I feel like there is a definite future for me in racing... but there are many possible futures in this world. I wanted to be a doctor – I can still do that. But WHEN would I do that?
    I'm doing THIS. What else CAN I do?


    Location: Outskirts of Tokyo.

    Well... That wasn't a fun meeting. They never are to begin with, but this one... took the cake as the worst.
    It started out 100% fine, and the idea behind it was to have a discussion on what racetracks should get a racedate for the 2011 and 2012 Super GT series. Since I own one track that HAS a date already, Trial Mountain, I had to come – I couldn't send a proxy and take care of Emily.
    It didn't hurt her THAT much, but... It breaks me up inside.

    Three of the owners proposed that Trial Mountain should be replaced with Eifel – the reasoning was that because Eifel is a lot newer, it's better.
    The problem with that is that Eifel is in a more remote location than Trial Mountain is.
    Trial Mountain is also the single biggest reason (and moneymaker) that Dappelring is one of the best cities in America – and the money from Trial Mountain also helps keep Yosemite National Park afloat.
    Without our help, it would have folded a long time ago.

    I had to explain that it was a question of money – will it go to help the community, or will it line my pockets?

    “You're the racing GOD! Why do you need money? That little hick town needs that junk place to stay afloat? Wow, it must be horrible there.”

    I had to walk out...
    I'm not invincible. I don't have infinite money.
    And I especially do not have infinite patience.

    I was reminded of an old song my dad used to play... before he lost his sanity.

    Carry on my wayward son,
    For there'll be peace when you are done
    Lay your weary head to rest
    Don't you cry no more

    I loved him then. He would sing just like the song.
    The lyrics also mentioned that I should just lie down and relax.
    Hard to, in this world...

    Once I rose above the noise and confusion
    Just to get a glimpse beyond the illusion
    I was soaring ever higher, but I flew too high
    Though my eyes could see I still was a blind man
    Though my mind could think I still was a mad man
    I hear the voices when I'm dreamin', I can hear them say...

    This... fit with how I felt like.
    Is it time to retire soon?
    Peacefully... I'm going to be a father soon.
    I need to focus on the right things now.

    Carry on my wayward son,
    For there'll be peace when you are done
    Lay your weary head to rest
    Don't you cry no more


    Date: March 23rd.
    Location: Cape Ring, California.

    “What... happened? I still don't understand...”

    “There was some trouble with our passport information.”

    “So they basically trapped us in the city for three days. THREE.”

    “Yes, I know... They seem to have had a security malfunction. Everyone was trapped who was coming in by plane.”

    Coincidence? Probably.
    We motored out and headed to a place Tim Lyman had told us to try for racing.
    A brand-new facility on the California coast called 'Cape Ring'.

    “Sounds like a Nurb imitation...”

    “It's not. It's just as complex, but the 'Ring' in its name appears to come from the unique corner on the track...”

    “Interesting. By the way... are you using you laptop while you drive?”

    “No, just my phone. Why?”

    “It's illegal here, not to mention unsafe.”

    “Oh... sorry.”


    “So, certain PP range only... Why was this invented?”

    “To bring fairness to racing.”

    “Ok. How?”

    “Uhmmmmm... I don't know. Now... are you entering or not?”

    “I'm game. Five laps, right?”

    “And a $5,000 cash prize.”

    “Ooh... I wonder where that could get me.”



    “Is this the full layout?”

    “No, just the northern section. There are quite a few different variants. This one is decently simple – it does have the unique turn I told you about earlier."

    “Alright. Here goes nothing...”


    I tore into the first turn.
    The whine of the Integra is unique to all Spoon cars.
    Or, any imitators with Spoon exhausts. This is a Spoon model, tested and tuned by their engineers.
    It's better than anything else here.


    A white RX-7. I used to own one... Before I crashed it in a rainstorm.
    I loved the little thing, despite it being so difficult to tune correctly.
    Which is why I crashed it in a street race in the rain.
    Stupid idea... But, can't dwell on it now.


    “A G20?”

    My MOTHER has one of them.
    It's a family sedan, not a sports car...
    God. Why in the world...
    Up to fourth.


    “He's doing good... he's just got to keep his temper down.”


    “He still has that tendency to get angry easily?”


    That could prove to be an issue if someone holds him up...


    What in the name of God...


    It's a BRIDGE TURN... that loops around on itself.

    Beast. If I wasn't racing, I'd sit there and watch it all day, drinking in the beauty and design.



    “Oh dear...”

    “He's risking it... that thing can't stick to the road at that speed...”



    “DUDE... What the ****...”

    Crap. Accidental...


    Up to 3rd.




    “****... You alright, Ryo...”

    “That ******** hit me!”

    “The yellow Integra has spun out! He's down to 11th...”



    What an idiot. I accidentally hit him...
    And he takes his revenge out on me...
    Blame the track designers...


    Up to the RX-7 again.


    “Wait your turn, impatient boy...”


    Sanaki was shuddering with her face in her hands, listening to Ryo's curses going through the comm unit.


    “Be patient...”

    “MOVE OVER!”


    “Don't hit him!”

    “He's in my way!”

    [COLOR=""]“That's it... go ahead...”[/COLOR]


    MUST. WIN.


    Or... not...






    He hit him in mid-air...




    Out of control...




    Ryo's... neck... had snapped.
    He wasn't wearing his seatbelt.
    And... he was now... a quadruplegic,

    I was... losing myself. Sanaki was incoherent and unable to do anything.
    Why... What had gone wrong... WHY!?


    “Excellent view. How did you stay hidden?”

    “The environment/stealth suit.”

    “That was a good piece of technology we appropriated from the Veracity people before they were destroyed.”

    “And only I know how to build more.”

    “You're also 75% machine now.”

    “Yes, true. But... I'm living again.”

    “Touche. So... Where are you going next?”

    “Washington, D.C."

    “Ahh, yes."

    “I will have the item at the drop zone in a day."

    “Be careful... you aren't invincible.”

    “Right. Dying Star out.”

    Fin Chapter Eleven
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    Not wearing a suitbelt while racing? SO HARDCORE.
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    I hope you meant seatbelt...

    And, yeh, it had to be done.