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    Next chapter up tomorrow.

    And... I'm also wondering whether to continue this fanfic at all, there's like no one around anymore...
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    Seatbelts are to be used, you know... Godd chapter as always, I have been reading, just not commenting FE10. And you still haven't added me on PSN. :lol:
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    Due to an unexpected error, and because I don't think it's ready for release, the next chapter will be posted tomorrow.

    Sorry for the delay.
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    Chapter Twelve: The Suffering

    Date: April 4th, 2010.
    Location: Home, at least for me.

    “I... don't want to continue.”

    “Why? It's your dream...”

    “No, it wasn't and it never was. Saving people as a doctor was.”

    “Oh. And you think you could have saved Ryo by...”

    “Not ever becoming a racer in the first place. Mom... where's Mr. van Druten...”

    “I don't know, dear... Check his suite.”


    15 minutes later...

    “Hello? Anyone there?”

    Damn. It's the Yamamoto kid.
    I slowly shuffled out of bed to open the door and find one angry kid looking at me.
    Not a kid now... a man.

    “Oh... Ummm... Mrs. Emily... is your husband here?”

    “No, he's not.”

    “Well, then where is he?”


    “...I need to have a talk with him as soon as possible.”

    Let's see... By reading his body language, his facial expression, and his stance...
    Yeah, I think I know what he wants.

    “Would you rather have me explain? I am a psychiatrist, you know.”

    “You are?”

    “Was my career before I was married.”


    “I... believe... that this was all a setup to just... ruin me. Mentally, physically, and emotionally.”

    This is a hard one. I still hadn't been told too much about why this had all happened.
    It was also what I believed John was investigating in Washington.
    Usually, in racing accidents... necks do not snap, but this one... Yeah. He wasn't wearing his seatbelt.

    “Someone could have sold you out – but that doesn't explain why he didn't wear it.”

    “He never liked it.”

    “Oh, that's just great...”

    “...Do you think it was a setup?”

    “No. I don't think it was. I think it was just human error."

    That brought a shudder to the kid's face.

    “But... Well, yeah... Yeah... it's Ryo. Makes sense.”

    “I wish I could have installed a 5-point harness when it was here.”

    “The thing is... Dider Pironi told us to try Cape Ring out.”

    New detail. One that none of us knew before now.
    Personally... I'd trust the man with my life, but... that could all change.

    “The old fart who was a WRC champion?”

    “I think it was him.”

    “Personally... I would trust him, he's been in our employ ever since 2005. But... things can change over time. I will look into that...”

    “Alright. And... I have to thank you. I understand now... Maybe not why he HAD to be crippled for life, but WHY he's crippled for life...”

    “Don't count your chickens before they hatch...”


    Location: The Nurburgring, Germany.

    Here I was... again.
    Different venue, same purpose.

    Finding the right car.


    “Alright... This is a Subaru STI 2010 Touring Car that was originally the newest Cusco Advan Super GT car. We... reappropriated it for your use, sir.”

    I like that initiative...


    Feels good so far... but that's not anything new.
    Especially with what happened with the GT-R.


    No sudden failings so far.
    The color also was... very well thought of. Along with the number.




    “How is it, sir?”

    “Perfect. Now... I think we're about ready.”



    Date: April 6th, 2010.
    Location: Pennsylvania, U.S.A

    I had decided to take a break from it all and go kayaking down the Delaware River for a day or two. I had done it in my youth for a long time with my mother, and I always remembered the peace and serenity of the river.

    I needed that now.

    The Tachibanas were suing the Cape Ring people and the Spoon designers for their son's physical damage. Of course, they were overlooking the fact that he hadn't been wearing his seatbelt.

    I apparently wasn't being touched... being a racing god does appear to have some bonuses.

    I laid back and watched the clouds roll by... I don't get to do that often anymore.
    Running a business is... taking its toll on me.

    It makes me wonder...


    3 and a half years ago...

    Location: Amuse Corporate HQ in southern California.

    “You think I'll be the new head? Not just a spokesperson or something simple like that?”

    “No. We want someone to be the face of Amuse Tuning. You have the original S2000 we helped design... And you're a very successful driver.”

    “...On one condition, I suppose.”


    “Build two other S2000s like mine. One silver, one black.”

    “Alright. Two other identical ones?”

    “Only difference is the color.”



    Fin Chapter Twelve
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    Nice chapter :)
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    Next one will be up later today. Been sick with a sinus infection and been busy with my Eagle Scout Ceremony.
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    Delayed due to me still being sick, but felt well enough to post this chapter.

    It's not really a chapter so much as a breakthrough in my poetic writing.

    Hope you enjoy this.


    Chapter Thirteen: The Watchmaker

    Is this really all for the best, or is life just some bizarre test?
    Life is full of ups and downs on the path we are set with.
    Like a
    touge in the heart of Japan's mountains...
    Life goes on.

    Time... isn't our friend.
    The hours, minutes, seconds tick away
    All leading to our final breath.

    Funny, when you think of mortality...
    There are things that are infinite – and things that aren't.
    Our lives are as fragile as the finest blown glass

    While the things that are infinite
    Happen to be things we'd rather forget or don't need.

    Reasoning is partly insane
    Image just an eyeless game
    And Time – is a bird in flight.

    I drown in hesitation
    My words come crashing down
    And all my vast creations
    Just burning to the ground

    Starting over again...
    The thoughts leave me paralyzed
    And unable to dream

    But forevermore I fight
    Shattered glass around me
    With the beliefs I once had
    Lying dead up in the clouds

    Don't know what I want
    Or where I want to be
    Feeling more confused
    The golden days fly by

    Still, we all must remember
    That even black clouds have silver linings
    That in all pain, there is a heaven
    That life as we know it could be
    Just a mere speck in the eyes of God
    Washed away by the sands of Time

    The moment in the future
    Becomes the present,
    But by the time you realize it
    It becomes the past.

    “I was brought up to believe
    All is for the best...”
    That belief has failed me now

    Lying in the cold, dark thoughts of my mind
    I realize... What is, what was... and what will be.
    I need to change it...

    Sitting here alone in the dark
    Foreseeing my future
    Which does not look pleasant.

    I have to remember though
    That the measure of a life
    Is based on one of love and respect
    And so hard to earn, but so easily burned

    And in the fullness of time
    A garden to nurture and protect
    Of our own ideas and dreams
    We should plant

    The times we share, the times we live
    They all fade away... eventually...

    In the rise and the set of the sun,
    'Til the stars go spinning,
    Spinning 'round the night
    Oh, it is what it is, and forever
    Each moment a memory in flight
    Time's endless flight...

    The arrow flies while you breathe,
    While you move, while you speak
    The hours tick away,
    The cells tick away...

    The treasure of a life is a measure of love and respect,
    The way you live, the gifts that you give
    In the fullness of time,
    It's the only return that you expect
    In the name of love...

    The future disappears into memory
    With only a moment between.
    Forever dwells in that moment,
    Hope is what remains to be seen.


    “There... that should do it.”

    I do regret that I am leaving.
    I am doing it with my legacy intact...

    “Not quite.”

    What the deuce...


    Fin Chapter Thirteen
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    The fourteenth and also the final chapter will be released concurrently.

    Am getting a new laptop, so expect delays as I transfer my stuff over.
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    Nice (and long) poem I must say.
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    Hit a bit of writer's block on this... But it's coming together.
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    Good chapters. Sorry I haven't left much feedback lately. Been a tad busy sorting out the bollock pain that is my A level subjects, and playing Boderlands 2 - what a game. Good chapters, just my opinion being voiced (as usual) but not so keen on the poems, though that's a matter of taste.

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    Chapter Fourteen: Straight to Hell

    Time: 10:32 PM.

    Must... live... for Emily...

    The blood pooling from the shot I had taken to the chest was all around me, and stars were flashing from my eyes.
    I could see the rain roaring down outside the window in perfect clarity.

    Is this how I die? Alone and lost, no one by my side...
    How did I deserve this? I just don't understand... Like the Count of Tuscany did.

    Strange, I should view that tortured man in the splinter of my mind's eye. It had been terrible to kill the man – I understood and sympathized with him and his ideals.
    I was a soldier, however, and followed orders to the letter – which tore me apart inside, like Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series when he had to kill Big Boss, his genetic father.

    It hurt... choosing the life path I had taken.
    Or is that the gunshot wound...

    It had been a 9-millimeter pistol. Not as bad as some of the other guns the assassin could have used, and I wonder if...

    Yeah. He will.


    10:42 PM



    “Dear... wake up. It's urgent... Gah.”

    She awoke in a flash.

    “John, you're hurt... What's going-”

    “Shhh. I'll live... despite the pain. More or less... We've got intruders armed with heavy weaponry.”


    “You need to get out of here – I'm the one they want. Not you.”

    “But, John...”

    I steeled my heart for this.

    “No. You have to go... You know I'd rather die than lose you.”


    “Em, please. Listen to me. Meet me down in the lower garage area.”

    “But... what are you going to do?”

    “Get you out of here... Even if I can't make it myself.”


    10:50 PM

    “Boss... You sure he's coming? We got nothing in the room where he was.”

    “He'll show up. He refuses to leave unfinished business behind.”

    Wrong. I will leave business unfinished... until a further date, when it is convenient to take care of it.

    “You need to take this. It makes next to no noise.”

    “It's an electric car... Slow as ****.”

    “Em, I know, but... it's less likely to be seen or heard.”


    10:55 PM

    “Nothing, sir. Quiet as a grave.”

    “Nothing from the sound detectors?”

    “He could be using a suppressed exhaust, we did detect some motion earlier.”

    My world... was crashing down on me. All because... of John's love... for me.
    A love so great... he'd sacrifice himself to save the ones he loves.
    His 'fatal flaw', if you will, is shown to be personal loyalty.

    All the same, it's that love that... breaks me inside. To save me and our unborn child, he'd sacrifice his life.

    I love him all the more for that. Even though... I may never see him again.


    11:00 PM

    “I think he may have left.”

    “Keep searching! This all ends tonight!”

    I silently moved to where the mysterious man was standing at the control bank, screaming into the device he had.

    “You're right... It ends tonight.”

    He froze, but didn't turn his head.

    “And... may I have the pleasure of knowing who's done so much to thwart me, to hurt me... Admirable.”

    “You are unarmed, yes?”

    “You know I use deadly weapons minimally. How did you get in here, though? An inside man who works for you secretly?”

    “Try 'woman'.”

    Anna appeared to my left, holding a Chinese assault rifle I didn't recognize.
    As I turned my head back to the man, my brain forced me to realize something.

    Anna... was up and walking, not in her wheelchair.

    “So... You played me all this time. And I didn't even know it. Good work.”

    “You do know... there's no way out this time, John. You're going to die tonight. By my hand, if-”

    “No. He's mine. Do what you want with his wife. He will pay... and if there's something left of him, you can toy with that.”

    I sadly smiled.

    “There's only one of us here now... My wife is gone.”

    The man only then finally turned his face toward me.
    My constitution had managed to live through seeing Anna walking around, but...

    This revelation... brought me to my knees, both physically and mentally.

    The man before me... was once a friend.

    One... that I had shared good times with.

    One... that had left me and Emily.

    One man... named... Han... Tzu. Hot Soup had come back...


    11:15 PM

    The kick he sent toward me... I had no power to dodge it, and so I took it under my jaw and was sent flying into the wall. He kicked me in the small of my back twice, and when I groaned from the agony and rolled over, he brought his heel down on my stomach.

    “Didn't you ever think... about your friend? What had happened to him?”

    “You... were... banned from the... WRC... for cheating...”

    Another smash to the stomach, and a blow to the chest.

    “And you never used your influence and power to help a friend out. You're a selfish little bastard who cares only for himself and that **** of a wife you have. Look at Anna – you were unable to see her true nature, because you were blinded by your power.”

    I received a kick to the head this time, and the stars began to spin around my head as I was shoved off the deck and down a flight of stairs.

    “I can see why it is said that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I'm reveling in the pleasure of seeing the world's best driver under my boot heel.”

    I knew I screamed when the punch to the chest broke three of my ribs. Couldn't feel much after that... and the world was growing dim.

    I knew what had to be done. Gathering my little strength left, I...

    “Com...Computer... Verify... self-destruct....”

    “Confirm voice and passcode.”

    “John van Druten commands self-destruct. Passcode is Hapspir, Beloxiton, Corbolarn, Triaxis.”

    “Confirmed. Verify timing and resources.”

    “Timing in five minutes. And everything goes.”

    “Nuclear warhead detonation confirmed.”

    WHAT?! I never had THAT installed...

    Smash. To the jaw and groin this time.

    “You're... going to take us all out.... or try to. I see... Selfish little bastard. Anna?”

    “Yes, Han?”

    “Give him a burst in the spinal cord, then get the hell out of here.”

    “Yes, sir. With pleasure."


    I looked down into the face... of my former boss, and saw the face of my love... lying dead upon the cold asphalt of La Sarthe.

    It felt weird, knowing that I would avenge my love's death in the only way I had ever desired... by letting him die the way my love did.

    “Goodbye, John... May you rot in the tombs of your fate FOREVER.”




    11:17 PM

    “Get my Skyline rolling... he's set this place to blow in five minutes. Get us out of here...”


    Then, the high whine of a car engine could be heard, and... something... peeled out of one of the side sheds in a roar of high-pitched screaming.

    Wait... He couldn't have...

    “Anna, do you copy? Anna...”

    “She... has been left to die.... by your own selfishness. Now... Would you like to... end this now, or do we have to... COUGH... wait... COUGH... until... later....?”

    I grabbed the comm unit on my GT-R.

    “Sounds like you don't have much to end with.”

    “True. Now... What's... AGHHHH.... your choice?”

    “The same as it was five years ago, when I first met you: DRIVE

    Fin Chapter Fourteen

    This volume will conclude in the next release. It's up to you to guess whether John lives or not.

    There will be a total of four volumes. The third one is already in development.

    Enjoy the show, and thanks, as always, for continuing to read my works.
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    Great chapter, but it's been so long since you've posted a new one. I guess I'll have to re-read this story at a later date.
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    Intense. Can't wait for the conclusion. :tup:
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    My fault, life was getting in the way of posting and writing a new chapter, plus getting a new laptop didn't help (I LOVE it though, best $400 I've ever spent, also considering I've never spent more than $400 before.)

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    Great chapter.. Dat conclusion will be awesome.
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    11:19 PM

    He had... somehow... disabled me, and I was unable to walk again. A piece of the walkway had hit me in the spine from when he flung it as I bent down, and... I couldn't move.
    Ironic, that my supposed disability was just a ruse, and now I'm lying here as I was assumed to be. Crippled.

    I moved my arm to see my watch as it counted the fatal seconds down. A nuclear warhead... That was my biggest installation, and one that John had not known about.

    Yet... it was my undoing.



    The massive explosion of my complex disintegrating lit up the night behind me. A wall of sound, light, and energy lit up my world as I knew it.

    However... I could still hear the GT-R behind me, chasing me... into the depths of my own failures.

    Just me... and the pulsating beat of Cymbeline beneath me. The 'demon' car. And yes, that would haunt me.


    I tore through the night, despite the pain filling me inside. The rain wasn't helping either – an overpowered FR car isn't going to do well against a 4WD machine.

    The racing slicks didn't help, either.


    The back end flew out as I tore around a bend in the road, and it took what little strength I had left in me to keep Cymbeline on the road.

    “You're losing it, the magic touch you had in the rain... I can see it in you.”


    I opened a minor gap as I felt that I wouldn't see these roads again...


    And again, I used my diminishing strength to save myself and the car.

    “Can you make it around the hairpin?”



    I drove past the bridge me and Emily used to sit together at, just watching the sun, clouds, and cars roll by.


    Oh no. Brake, it's the turn...



    One last moment of clarity and life, and then... the world faded to black.

    My last thought was... Em... I love you....


    I looked to where the guardrail was all torn to pieces, and I slowed to a stop.

    He had left me behind, but... I didn't think he'd crash.

    Then... I slowly moved past the turn, to find...

    A car in flames, and a man lying... dead... upon the cold, wet ground.

    My hands were shaking as I got out of the Skyline and moved over toward the body... of the greatest driver the world has ever known.

    Lying there, in shame and failure, upon the inky blackness of his past life.

    I moved to the comm unit.

    “Boss, what happened?”

    “Our enemy... is no more.”


    The Tachibana family house, the next day...

    “Reports are just coming in, but the site where the world's best driver's complex was is now a smoking ruin. It appears to have been a nuclear detonation, and the hazmat crews are in the area, investigating.”

    “He's... gone?”

    “Around the same time as when the detonation occurred, the mangled wreck of a Honda S2000 that was custom-designed was found on the road, burnt to a crisp. It appears that the driver, who has been identified as John van Druten, was street-racing or something related to the complex, like fleeing the scene.

    The coroner's report, however, has created questions instead of answering them. Mr. Druten appears to have died from a combination of blunt force trama, gunshot wounds, and loss of blood. We may never know what happened to this man.”

    I reached up and turned the TV off, with what little I had left in me. My family... probably dead. My car... gone, in pieces. And, my hero... Dead.

    It... was just too much to bear.


    Two months later, in El Capitan at the famous memorial site;

    “Even though Mr. Druten's body was stolen, we are here today to lay... the greatest driver of the age... to his final rest. We all hope that someday... we will meet with him again, and share in eternal life.”

    Emily was a wreck. Sanaki and the rest of the Tachibana family were the only ones keeping her upright.

    And I... I still couldn't believe it.

    I just don't... understand...

    His body had been stolen. The ruins of his car had been stolen as well. No one knows where they both went or are. I couldn't help but feel... that he should just be left in peace, not in pieces.

    The hot tears spilled down my cheeks as I vowed to avenge the name of the greatest driver... by keeping his memory... alive.



    Whatever became of....?

    Emily van Druten barely managed to live through this trial. She only made it with the love and support of her parents and the Tachibana family. In time, she gave birth to a healthy daughter with blond hair, and named her Yune, after John's grandmother's name.

    Barely five months after John's death, Han Tzu reappeared on the racing scene and proceeded to demolish almost all resistance to his domination of the racing world. If people challenged him, and lost, they wouldn't see the light of day again. He made it a habit to eliminate all opposition, wherever it could be found.

    Kenji Yamamoto soldiered on after the loss of his family with the help of Emily and the Tachibana family. They all grew to support each other through the loss and pain and suffering. Kenji also began to build his skills and talents as a driver in the hope of one day toppling the menace of Han Tzu and avenging John's name.

    A mysterious organization of street racers known only as "Wind Stars" sprung up out of the depths of the world to take control of the street-racing. Han Tzu attempted to suppress them, but after his men were defeated and their mangled bodies sent to his office in the GT Association, he had no choice but to let them be. No one knows who they are, or even how many of them there are. All that is known is that they are cold, relentless, and heartless in their pursuit of dominance.



    Date: January 12th, 2011
    Location: Trial Mountain, Dapplering, Wyoming, USA.

    "Sir... the target's shown up at the gate. Do we proceed?"

    A voice like none other - one that spoke of mechanicalness, one of not being fully human anymore - answered.

    "No... remember, the object here today is to see how good of a driver the man is now... It's been a long time since I've seen him race. Too long, in fact. See how well he does, then proceed as you see fit."

    "Is elimination of the target allowed?

    "No. We don't need to draw any attention to ourselves. I will meet you back at the base to discuss the next move. Mourning Sage out."

    The sound of a engine began to echo like birdsong through the comm unit, and a flash of white could be seen leaving the top of a hill overlooking the track.

    The man muttered to himself as the car left.

    "I may be new, but you're just as cunning, you bastard... How are you still living, even after the accident..."
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    Just a note: The Mourning Sage is NOT John. John is DEAD. The Mourning Sage has appeared in this story before - it's up to you to figure out the clues I'm leaving in the next volume as to the Sage's identity.
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    It's great to see the story go on. :tup:

    I'm just wondering what the frack a nuclear warhead was doing in the hands of an average citizen...:odd:
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    I have three options for the Mourning Sage:
    a) John's father.
    b) Oda (former HKS racing team boss).
    c) Corentin.
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    With the right amount of money, you can buy anything... including WMD's.

    A) Nope. He's dead.
    B) Nope. He'll show up later, though.
    C) No. However... He may make a reappearance. No idea how to revive him, he DID die... Oh well. I'll figure something out, just like I have something else in the works...
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    A & C) How did I forgot they are dead I don't know. :lol: Need to re-read both volumes now.
    B) So he's getting out of prison, eh?
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    Just read the final chapter of the first volume.

    He's out, yes. Back to his old tricks, I'll give you that.
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    Wow, what a dark ending. Most race stories end positively, but at least there will be two more segments. I loved it all the way through though, and it was very well written. :tup: If only John could have lived...
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    That's why there's two more chances for a positive ending.

    And you'll see what happens.
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    Wow, that was so deep. Just read from the beginning to the end (been ages since I last read it so I read the whole thing). It made me feel a bit sad... :(
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    Working on the next volume.

    Will post the first chapter sometime during the week.
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