Would you prefer Gran Turismo 7 or an updated GT Sport for PS5?

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GT7 or GT Sport?

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  1. kjeldsen


    If the next game is GT7 then the modern way of doing things would be to release a GT-Sport update that takes advantage of the enhanced graphics, implements raytracing etc. Keep GT-Sport updated until GT7 is ready for release in 2-3 years, because PD. This way PS5 would have a great looking next gen game that can be played on launch day.

    What i hope is happening, is a GT-Sport 2.0 released on launch day, or very close to, at a reduced price for owners of the original GTS. With a healthy track pack and new modern cars. Maybe they will waste time on a career mode but i would rather have them focusing on the the current GT League and rework that into a more rewarding series.
  2. XSquareStickIt


    With how much the eponymous Sport mode is reliant on a working penalty system, and how broken the penalty system is, and how long it's been broken for, I'd definitely want a more traditional numbered title over another Sport.

    Don't get me wrong. I've played Sport since Beta and continue to be active today. It has made me a lot better as a driver simply because of the focus on competition and sportsmanship. However, Sport always felt like it had an air of elitism to it, where you needed to be among the top 16 or so drivers in the world to really be able to gain anything more than frustration and stress from Sport mode.

    The penalty system is the backbone of a competitive title like Sport, and given how broken it is currently, and how long it's been broken for, I'm led to believe that PD just doesn't have what it takes to program in a semi functional penalty system, and I know they're listening to their fan base, as recent patches have been addressing issues like slipstream and fuel burning. And while I appreciate the effort PD puts into actually listening to their player base, as they are traditionally known to not do, the changes they made have been very shallow in nature, and feel more like band aids to show the player base they're listening, instead of actually fixing the problem. Band aids like simply toning down the sensitivity of penalties, or just... turning off contact penalties entirely, or simply turning off fuel consumption in qualifying entirely, instead of fixing the core issue of things like "I got punted and I got 5 seconds for it while the rammer drives off scot free and with a blue SR to boot", or "why can't I just decide how much fuel to take on board with me during qualifying?".

    I enjoy Sport. I really do. I enjoy watching the world tours, I enjoy seeing old favourites added back into the series. I've learnt so much about driving, about photography, about making liveries. But I feel that PD has bitten off more than what it could chew with their ambitions in Sport, and therefore I'd like to see a return to something they already know well. As things are in Sport right now, I'm forced to find ways to make my own fun in GTS, be it making liveries, writing reviews, shooting cars, finding private communities to race with who are cleaner than yoir average Sport Mode races, and so on. It's a more single player, open ended, make your own fun, traditional way to play, and I'd love to have more options to make my own fun, that is more synonymous with the traditional numbered GT games.
  3. Shayden_CPT


    South Africa
    Personally I'd like a blend of the two to be honest. I really enjoy GT Sport, it's not perfect but I do love it . They can bring the sport aspect to it , like it's being done now . While still having the "traditional" Gran Turismo that we all know and love . By that I mean all the tuning and extras that go with it. I really miss being able to put a rear wing, spoiler or even remove the stock wing completely. One thing I noticed , is that if you reduce power it still makes the reduced amount at the same rpm, in previous GTs it was altered . I miss being able to choice which part I want to put on the engine to get the specific power I need, some of my cars had the same power output but the torque differed .Really enjoyed the tuning aspect. So if that get brought back, along with the sport part, and obviously more cars. Everyone should be happy , I know I will .
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  4. Saidur_Ali


    I rather they just release something new even if it is a demo, don't want a repeat of the GT6 situation. Will take a free GT Sport update though if new game gets delayed by a few months due to current situation. Kind of crazy when you think about it, just over 2 years 6 months ago latest retail GT game was GT6 on PS3. Now we are looking at prospect of a GT releasing on bleeding edge of hardware in all areas.

    Hopefully finally get to see PPIHC and IOMTT, they must have been working on them tracks for a really long time now. Maybe they have been saved to take advantage of PS5's fancy SSD tech and GPU feature set.
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  5. Shingo_civic


    Wrong thread
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  6. Racerx_34


    I miss being able to dial all the wing off a LT F1 GTR and do an endurance race at La Sarthe.
  7. wowbaggerBR


    Why not both?
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  8. djm99


    I voted for an update, for the simple reason that I bought a PS2, PS3 and a PS4 for Gran Turismo. I don't wish to buy a PS5 just for one game, but that's just me being selfish lol
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  9. KhladAli


    The next title should have both
    A career mode like other GT titles and a esport mode where some cars are available from the beginning so you can jump in just like GT Sport.
    Right now many fans are split and have been since GT Sport, it also shows in this discussion.
    So why not make a game to please all the players, it's a win-win.
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  10. The Phoenix

    The Phoenix

    United States
    I might consider coming back to GT with the right blend. Personally, I can't stand the online racing, but I do like career modes. Granted, they need to have realistic racing where you are challenged, but still get to control the cars well for those of us without wheels.
    If they could step up a bit beyond the liveries in Forza and make more options available for body mods and paint jobs, that would be great
  11. maximax


    I do not want old gen hardware/software optimisation holding the power of what could be produced if focused solely on PS5 hardware.

    I want "GT7" to be our main racing platform constantly evolving during the whole PS5 era with several free major game-changing updates (like spec II, spec III) and fair priced DLCs over years (if it can help PD to get funds to produce ultimate quality and quantity content). If PD is focused on supporting and constantly improving GT7 it will be a serious motivation for players to get more involved and dedicated. [iRacing and Assetto Corsa 1 could represent two inspiring examples for different reasons]

    For GT7 to be like my second home it first has to feature top of the line physics, aero and tires modelisation combined with industry leading graphics and audio of course! Then I trust PD to treat me well in its virtual lounge. After racing I want to chill out listening to great HiDefinition audio BGM while looking at cars in great sceneries or reading docs in the museum. I also want to learn about mechanics, setups, driving line, pit strategy, etc. Both with basic and in depth infos must be presented attractively but it must be accurate. I want GT7 to feel like a Bible or an Encyclopedia ; links to useful educational Youtube videos or GT-TV could also be gathered somewhere. I really love what have been done for GT Sport regarding all that is not directly gameplay related ; I want the next step... maybe with more garage managing to actually know more about the running cost of a hypercar collection (buying new tires, applying PPF, washing car, fixing what has broke after trackdays, upgrading parts, dealing with sponsors and insurance or hiring a team to do all that for me)?

    I dream of a partnership with Michelin that will produce a reference platform for car manufacturers and F1 teams (a bit like rFactor Pro), hoping for more reliable data . It would be great to have some options to configure triple-screen (even with multiple consoles) and motion systems. Extensive optimization for Direct Drive (at least the official Fanatec one) is a must by the way.

    I am pretty satisfied with all the great driving games/sims we currently have but... Physics Based Rendering, photogrametry, HDR, ray tracing, tesselation, higly detailed dynamic foliage, particles interacting with tracks and cars, etc, it is all that that excite me and make me look forward Gran Turismo and PS5(Pro?) above all. I want extreme visual realism with very very few obvious geometry collisions or shadow bugs that are immersion breaker but I am pretty confident with PD on this! Personnally, I like how weather is managed in GT Sport if it can bring the best pre-rendered/baked visuals. If dynamic 24 hours cycle, rain, mud or snow is too heavy, maybe we could get several tracks featuring it as specific race scenario with some eye-candy turned down or off.

    I want very beautiful roads, and would like them to be real and very long if possible. Targa Florio, Isle of Man, Tokyo highway, etc. I would love old track variants also (old Fuji, old Nurburgring). More laserscanned tracks. More road cars! More racecars! Thank you Polyphony for GT Vision car, it is cool to have these concepts also.

    I want to see my own car reflected in my mirrors. I would like cars kind of reflected on each other and not having only scenery reflected.

    I am curious about the sound implemantation with HRTF, 3D audio and Tempest engine. I just hope they will do their best without impacting visuals and physics ressources. My hopes aren't very high though since there is not a single current game/sim that manage to totally blow me away audio-wise. Even actual Youtube binaural recordings cannot reach the pure sounds I witnessed in real life (maybe because I do not listen at 110db?).

    For gameplay on TV, I would like option of at least two graphical settings :
    - one maxxed out at 4K&45fps focusing on eye candy real-time and raytraced effects
    - the other one being a sweet compromise at 1440p&120fps focusing on latency and driving accuracy. Here I would be very satisfied with GT Sport PS4 graphics with new physics based visual effects (like glowing exhausts, wind on grass, dirt and rubber on track, tire and wheel damage, you name it).

    I want jaw-dropping 30 fps replays where I can zoom and slow action down, combining 4K+ (or even 8K?) resolution with avanced raytracing lighting, reflections, shadows and audio reverberation.

    More or less the same for VR, I want two kinds of experience :
    - Precalculated raytraced generated playable scenaris, slow motion pregenerated scenes, and replays : to be the most immersive experiences related to cars on planet Earth.
    - Wide FOV, low latency, very high refresh rate, clear picture with lesser picture quality : to focus on performance while real-time racing.

    I need my AI races to be exciting enough for career, training and when Internet is slow. AI needs to be perfectly realistic in its visual representation on track (roll, pitch, suspensions work, jumps, tires deformation, etc).

    Last but not least, I do want a Sport mode focused on esport with "official" disciplines (Group A, Group B, Group C, IMSA, SCCA, FIA GT1, BPR, WEC, Indy, Formula Renault, actual manufacturers Cups (like Porsche, Mazda), DRM, DTM, SuperGT, Super Formula, WTCC, Hill Climb, Pikes Peak Unlimited. Because of licencing fees, and for it to be properly made, some series could be added through paid DLC.
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  12. SDSPOWER01


    Honestly I would say a new title will always be better for a new console, but I am also eager to see what GT Sport can look like in it's maximum potential.
    Not that I want it in a form of a new game but with the backwards compatibility of the PS5 I hope GT Sport is one of the games that gets optimised and played with the boost mode of the PS5. Like this we can all get a taste of what the next gen title will look like and play out.

    Obviously there has been over the years some potential teases of GT Sport running at a much higher resolution with much sharper reflections (in which I think but not sure is dynamic ray tracing) with included motion blure and all of that.

    It kinda makes me wondering how does it look like with the added rainy conditions a couple of months ago in the updates, can they include stuff like dust picking on the windshield, a much more realistic water spray from the tires, perhaps even volumetric fog and smoke (when pushing the tires to it's limit).

    During the first time gameplay of rain conditions you could clearly pick up rain droplets of the car spray in front of you (it was a very neat little detail) but some updates after removed this obviously because it will take some toll on the stable frames.
    So then your left with thoughts like was the PS4 really what Kaz wanted to achieve with his vision? Is he really satisfied with the outcoming results or was it again hardware limitating some of his ideas?

    There is just that part of me that is really curious to see GT Sport in it's maximum potential.

    So I am pretty much stuck on both sides here and cannot really choose what I would want for PS5.

    For GT7 or whatever number it will be I obviously have a much different wishlist of stuff and features I would like to be included and I can share some of that in the appropiate thread.
  13. PJTierney


    GT Sport “2” for me please.

    The philosophy Sport envisioned (and for the most part executed well) has made it the most important racing game in the past 20 years in my opinion, and I’d like to see them build on that foundation in the future.
  14. GTPVenomZombie


    DELETE (please)
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  15. 2_FAST_4_U


    United States
    The stat numbers so far on this poll and the other GT7 poll that I authored and posted seem to be sending a clear message...
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  16. WheelmanSteve


    I'm pretty much over "Sport". Haven't played in weeks; launched the game a couple of times, but just not interested in the current FPS-style penalty system. Give me half decent AI and some depth in car and circuit selection and I'll consider it.
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  17. GTPVenomZombie


    If we get GT7, i hope we get something similar to GT4 but obviously with more content and races with an online mode. I refer back to GT4 because i think it had the best overall package. Lengthy GT Mode, and it had the best arcade mode out of all the GT games in my opinion. When you buy a car, it would become available in the arcade mode selection. That was one of my favorite features of GT4. So i hope we get a traditional GT game again. Can`t even remember the last time i played Sport tbh.
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  18. Sportscar_Rob


    I realize I'm a minority but I would prefer a Gran Turismo Sport 2 over and old-fashioned GT7 actually.

    For some reason I've been enjoying GT Sport more than any title since GT4 probably, while GT5 & GT6 certainly were more "rounded" in terms of career mode and content. GT Sport's emphasis on higher-end race cars is definitely my cup of tea, I don't mind the relative lack of low-end cars at all, even though I'm aware that the whole "having your own daily driver/affordable dream car in Gran Turismo" is a major attraction for many who would probably prefer an old-style GT again.
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  19. fordlaser

    fordlaser Premium

    A numbered game will have a better Career Mode and championships races, than a a really boring GT League that is in GT Sport.
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  20. Vspectra


    First live demo in Unreal Engine 5 running on a PS5. Anyone here still think next-gen Gran Turismo is just going to be better textures and effects? :p The much improved geometry desity and 3d modeling assets for environments is going to be insane, it baffles me anyone would think GTSport 3D track models are adequate for PS5 generation or would want a next-gen GT be held back by also needing to support PS4 hardware.

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  21. NosOsH


    Damn I wanna play that game lol.
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  22. Ramosis


    I thinking more about how PS5 can change next's GT game design...
    Real time light would means dynamic time and weather conditions "at will"
    Streaming data would means big sceneries, tracks, maybe even a real good track editor/generator
    Possibility to import raw data could means a faster car's modelling and much more detailed tracks/enviroments
    Hard body simulation to better crash physics and general collision with scenarie's objects, maybe even car parts and debris...
    Sound simulations would provide a big step in sound quality...

    I'm pretty excited about the possibilities...
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  23. AlanH49


    Geometry is already pretty good in GTS for both cars and tracks. It’s the lower LoD models that really knock the immersion factor. That and the very low quality trackside textures needed to hit a locked 60fps.

    The sim genre is really well positioned to take advantage of next-gen. We won’t see game scope increase greatly, beyond grid sizes, dynamic weather, maybe crash physics. So devs will have an abundance of resources at their disposal.

    Quite a difference from previous gens. When it’s been a huge task to hit 60fps with decent graphical fidelity etc.
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  24. drebin4real


    I really want to buy that Volkswagen Lupo with my 500 bucks and drive my way through prototype cars. We need a single player that has SOUL.

    And implement the online experience of GT Sport, there it is, the perfect game.
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  25. queleuleu


    I hope you're right... Tracks like Sainte-Croix or Alsace look awful IMO, they're empty with very poor textures.
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  26. Chubbymudkip


    United States
    I skipped a console generation solely because I didn't get my "traditional" GT followup.

    GT sport is fine for what it is, but it's not what I'm looking for :/.
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  27. Stoop Solo

    Stoop Solo

    I'd prefer GT7 on PS4. :p
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  28. goongumps


    Same, I really think more of GT Mode needs to be implemented in the next game. I don't mind the competitive online racing of GT Sport but I much prefer how it was with the older games (i.e GT4 and GT5). I also hated how GT6 forced you to buy a Honda Fit right away and gave you no choice in your first car.
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  29. Vspectra


    Yeah, GTSport tracks have very obvious edges, the mountains and rocks are notably low poly compared to this, not to mention the majority of flat 2D trees that populate the world. If they just port over GTSport tracks it's going to look very last-gen compared to tracks made specifically for PS5.

    The UE5 demo where they use literally the highest polycount film-quality 3D scanned assets without downgrading it to lower LODs is thanks to PS5 GPU geometry engine on top of their new engine features. And that was a third party studio working with Sony, I'm pretty sure Sony first party will have developed their own game engine solutions to take advantage of the new GPU hardware and SSD. With the PS5 SSD speeds they can instantly load in the high quality asset without having to worry about ram memory bottlenecks.


    "A new block known as the Geometry Engine offers developers unparalleled control over triangles and other primitives, and easy optimisation for geometry culling. Functionality extends to the creation of 'primitive shaders' which sounds very similar to the mesh shaders found in Nvidia Turing and upcoming RDNA 2 GPUs."
    Tim Sweeney who designed Unreal Engine talked more about the geometry improvements the ps5 brings here:

    “It has an immense amount of GPU power, but also multi-order bandwidth increase in storage management. That’s going to be absolutely critical,” he says. “It’s one thing to render everything that can fit in memory,” he adds, but a much more impressive feat to render a world that “might be tens of gigabytes in size” almost instantaneously, as Sony’s new console and its M.2 solid-state drive are promising.

    “[The PS5] puts a vast amount of flash memory very, very close to the processor,” says Sweeney. “So much that it really fundamentally changes the trade-offs that games can make and stream in. And that’s absolutely critical to this kind of demo,” Sweeney explained.

    “This is not just a whole lot of polygons and memory. It’s also a lot of polygons being loaded every frame as you walk around through the environment and this sort of detail you don’t see in the world would absolutely not be possible at any scale without these breakthroughs that Sony’s made.”

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  30. 05XR8


    Maybe with that type of power, we'd be able to traditional button-tap our avatars, to race across the track, for a classic Le Mans start. ;)