WRC 7 Confirmed for September Release, Watch Exclusive New Trailer Right Here

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    The WRC 7 full career run continues with Mexico...

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    Well guys I've finished my play through of WRC6, it's taken me a couple of months & 21.5 hours to complete all 3 championship on hard difficulty.

    I have enjoyed playing it, it's been good to understand the differences & witness the series development compared to 7. For instance I found I only had to practice the stages 3-4 times before being able to win in championship mode & although one might attribute this to the stages being wider, I think the biggest difference is the bumps, WRC7 is full of them and complete understanding of where they are is needed in consideration to acceleration & braking.

    Graphically it's not much different to 7 but the time of day lighting is much better in 7. For example too many times in 6 cloudy at noon produced a dark dim unrealistic light.

    The are more stages in 6, (no epic), some of which I really liked so hopefully some of these will resurface in 8.

    Whilst the handling not feeling as good as 7 I soon got dialed in & then decided it felt pretty fine, this is on a controller.

    I played using bonnet cam & compared to 7 this view seemed too high & angled toward the track, which wasnt so good.

    I played on an XB1X & the frame rate seemed very smooth with no screen tearing or slow down whatsoever.

    Rally China was pretty crap, just 3 stages, all quite boring compared to the rest, it feels like they gave up on stage design once they found out it was cancelled.

    After comprehensively playing 7 I wanted more, (particularly a season in the 2016 cars which can't be had in 7). I'm glad I played 6 as although a little bit inferior, I just took it as a different game & enjoyed it for it's merits. All this has done though is make me think about playing through one more season of 7 whilst eagerly waiting to get my hands on WRC8.

    End of ramble... :)
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