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    Skip forward to the 1:20 mark. Only has the tuning options, no dealer unfortunately.

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    Does anyone know the limit of how many cars can appear in each used lot per week? Cause the number of cars that appears in each lot is not consistent week to week.
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    I recently stumbled upon this thread from 2009 where the OP claims that the Toyota 94C-V was seen in a few pre-release screenshots for Gran Turismo 4 in an old issue of the PSM2 magazine, which really piqued my interest because I was eager to see if there was any more missing content for this game and the fact that I suggested this very car in the suggestions thread years ago. In the thread, the OP states that the screenshots mainly took place on the George V Paris course, and he distinctly remembers seeing the car with Japanese characters in place of where it should say 'Nippon Denso', which interestingly, I found this picture of the car with just that:

    Unfortunately, the PSM2 issues I could find online did not show any screenshots nor make any mention of the 94C-V in the game, and the OP of the thread has long since been banned. If anyone can offer any further insight on this, that would be much appreciated.
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    So I just found out about this secret menu that is now available in GT4 and it works great ! Guess it's been in hiding for years. I've used the GT5 one a lot over the years, but now, being that GT4 is my all time favorite game of the whole series, it has brought back new life to this game I've enjoyed so much. I've always not liked the AI cars match up that in many cases never made any sense of certain cars being together on the same circuit . Now I can do in GT4 what I've done for years in GT5 and set up my own race with cars that make more realistic sense being in the same race together. Thank you !
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