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    There is an interesting column "How to get prize car rarer" in Japanese book GRAN TURISMO Official Guide Book (1998).
    operation test for acquire prize car rarer method based rumors at the early of 1998,
    the effective method is only one ; "Watch the ending video on arcade mode" before the race.
    SCE comment ; "It has possibility of affect a acquire car program"
    I tryed it in 1998, and was surely effective. got car rarer within raced 3 - 5 series.
    but I don't know about case of playing PAL or NTSC-U/C version.


    and one tip in GT1, I think that many people have already done it.
    same car (same year/model/equipment) can use the same setting file in common.
    that is to say, able to own cars different color for 1 car in garage.
    there is incompatible between prize cars and the commercial cars.
    (example, Evo-IV, R32 GT-R, SVX and more..)

    go to place able to load/save settings. and load setting data of other color.


    files loadable glowed. after load yellow car file, color changed.


    in case of Concept Car, no compatibility between B-licence orange car and U.S.vs UK series yellow/purple car.

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    I almost forgot about the car color trick.....don't know if I'd call it a trick, but it was a way to collect all of the colors of each car. Each time you loaded a different color, it would "wash" your car as well, rendering the car wash useless. There's another solution for everybody to avoid the dreaded car wash bug.
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    If I remember rightly, although there were three colours of the concept car; the orange version was distinctivly slower than the yellow and purple versions. However, I am not sure if there is a performance difference between the yellow and purple versions. Personally, I have only ever obtained the purple version. For comparison between the differences between cars, I raced against the orange version in a race. My memory is letting me down here, but I'm pretty confident the race took place on the Trail Mountain circuit. Although I can not remember what car I was driving, I am almost certain it was in a similar class to a Skyline in terms of performance. And I thrashed it. This becomes relevant when I tell you that I completely destroyed the competition at the Grand Valley 300 endurance race racing with the purple version. Even the fastest racing cars were left standing. Thats how fast the car is. It would be helpful if anyone could clarify what I have said here, if it is wrong then I am sorry. This was rather a long time ago however.
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    The Copper concept car has like 200 something HP while the yellow/purple has like 560 HP. I STILL can't get purple, I have won the yellow 5 times now :(