Your drifting strategies...

Discussion in 'GT4 Drifting' started by 90crxfreak, Feb 14, 2005.

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    Nice reply DTC.
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    WHAT!!!! :crazy: thats silly
    why include the parts in the game if they do nothing......

    no no no

    k, i'm gonna start ranting a bit. I don't plan to repeat what DTC has said with regard to the suspension. She's right onthe money with the weight transfer. I'm just adding a bit more to supplement her comments.

    ok, brakes
    the abs thing i can sorta fall in line with. But brake balance does make a difference to a car's handling. Take any car (I know MR's do this for sure), put on N1 tires on and set the front balance to 1, rear to something real high - lets go 24 just to get the full effect.
    Now pick up some speed and brake at full. You should hear the rear tires sorta.... chittering is the only word i can use to describe it. If you try turning like this the rear should come around quite easy as they are being stressed to their maximum while the front is hardly being utilized. The rear's don't fully lock up when I've done it, which supports your ABS idea, but they break adhesion rapidly when any lateral weight transfer is applied.
    I don't go to this extreme when I tune. I noticed it when i was playing around with settings on an MR LMP car. When I'm tuning for drift (if i use a brake balancer at all) i will only adjust the brake balance subtley just to get the sort of response i want at turn in.

    suspension settings....
    your way off the ball here, I feel. Suspension plays a massively huge role in determining under/oversteer. Its all I use on many cars I drift.
    Be sure that all the aids are turned off first of all. Then take anything, even an FF, and set the rear notably softer than the front (spring rates, dampers/shocks, stabilizers....everything). This will undoubtedly result in less understeer/more oversteer. No car i've tried yet has responded differently.
    Furthermore, have you played at all with the toe settings? touching them will drastically effect the cars handling characteristics. Even -1 in the rear alters most cars attitudes greatly under braking and turn in and makes them step out much sooner.
    Now granted, this phenomenon of having to soften the rear to induce oversteer does not make much sense as applied to real life, so I see where any confusion may stem from in this regard. But to say all the suspension settings do not affect performance is nothing short of a ludicrous statement and to me it indicates either a lack of experimentation or a total lack of feel.

    again, way off the ball, I feel. It's the last step in determining how power gets to the ground and can change a car's whole attitude and how they respond to driver inputs. Now, in many cases for me installing one has had a negative impact on the car's 'driftability'. I've found some AWD's do better on the stock or a 2way lsd (possibly b/c I'm just brutal at tuning the front lsd settings). And many of my FR's are on a stock one as well.
    In any case, they do have tremendous impact on handling characteristics. Try cranking the initial torque setting and compare how easily you break the rears free with power over - as contrasted to a very low initial torque setting. Then, set the lsd accel and decel low and note how much easier the car will rotate and change direction.
    A fully customizable lsd is not a part which I use often in GT4, but I refuse to dismiss it and say that it has no bearing on how a car behaves. It likely effects high power cars moreso than lower powered cars (for the ability to change the torque settings) - and since I rarely drift anything over 320-330hp, I simply may not have the need for it in my settings.

    you just need to experiment more and take closer observations.
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    Ok I had a search on speed drifting but I guess this is a good thread for it too, I'm thinking of drifting an endurance, not just an endurance, the 2 hour Super Speedway endurance, I WANT THAT NSX LM BAD:crazy:!!! But haven't got a real good car to do it in drfting, it seems like fun to me:p

    Any settings or suggestions you have?
    I'm officially asking ALL HELP I can get lol:lol: I don't think this is possible but I won't have problems with tyre wear I guess:lol:
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    My Drifting Strategies.

    Drive the car on N1 tires to find out exactly how it reacts when you cross the limits of tire adhesion.

    Put N2 or N3 tires on, depending on vehicle weight/horsepower.

    Since I drive MR and RR almost exclusively, I hurl the car at the corners like I've got a death wish, and feather the throttle to hold the lines...applying as little countersteer as I can to get out of it, so as to avoid snap back.

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    I agree that setting Initial Torque High and the rest low in the LSD settings DOES make a difference!
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    Grab a stock arcade car....put comfort or road tires on it....and go drift...thas my strategy....silly tuners.....
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    Just saw that comp[etition in that endurance is even harder than I expected, Audi R8's and Toyota Minolta's and such crap, lol forget my request for tips
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    get low , get hard in the rear and go.
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    have you been listening to my conversations on the phone with my g/f?
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    My strategy is kamikaze ^_^
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    YOU ARE GOING TO GET FRUSTRATED! Trust me! When you get frustrated, don't do anything your going to regret, I broke one of my DS2s. That just made me feel worse... lol
    Just do something you like race and beat people, maybe play san andreas and go blow some stuff up... And remember practice makes perfect and all stuff, you'll get the gist of it after a week er' so

    hope that helped
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    GOOD strategy.

    My strategy is to get a nice and slippery setup and use as much throttle as possible and use whatever method will get through the turn. :mischievous:
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    thats how i am i like to feint like a mother so i got my car set up for that but sometimes i use the e-brake becuase i never slow down for the turn i guess like dude said my strategy is kamikaze lol
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    My strategy is to be VERY SMOOTH. I try my best to keep the car sideways and stable at all times. In my experience with this game if you jerk the car around, you're done. Once I start drifting I don't stop. I just keep linking turns until I meet a straight so long that it would take 3 or more links to get to the next turn. I feint, braking drift, or powerover to initiate.
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    WOOOHOO kamikaze! lol, I try to link all my drifts, but at the same time get as much angle as I can, while still going fast (yeah its weird) lol
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    im not sure if anyone has or does this but when entering a corner, as soon as your rear begins to slip, you can brake while counter steering and youll gain the desired angle quicker, and you have to have the front tires griping. so i gues since a cars brake balance is normaly concentrated on the front, when you brake when drifting the front will slow down faster than the rear thus increasing angle.
    just remember you have to be countersteering for it to work otherwise youll just understeer really bad.
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    You got a vid of that? Sounds awesome.
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    I found out that High Speed Ring is a piece of cake if you're VERY GENTLE with the wheel and avoid overcorrecting or oversteering.
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    Question: If your not oversteering, how are you drifting? :lol: :odd:
    I don't get that, it's a total contradiction in and of itself.

    I drift HSR all the time, it's my drifting test track, and your right about being smooth on it, but it's all about the oversteer, just more low angle than most. Oh, except for turn 1 which I can drift beyond 90* successfully and clean 70% of the time. Such a glitch. lol

    Swat: Yeah, I got several if you know how to get them off of my memory card and into the computer w/o a capture card. :lol:

    You guys are tempting me to go buy one, how much are they?
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    Captain Trips (Banned)

    By that I didn't mean sliding, I meant getting annoyed and tossing the wheel around. :sly:
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    just have to accept sometimes people dont know what they're talking about and just dont want to. :dunce:
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    I'm posting this here as I feel it's the best place to post without making a new and pointly post. Almost every person has brought up a usefull tip or comment such as:Throttle control,steering input,tunning;Toe,Stabilizers,springrate.....,but I've yet to see anyone mention Line (I've looked my best but it is hard to read as many post as GTPlanet has so please forgive me if I haven't seen you post)racing/drift, it's somewhat avoided at best, tunning from what I read is used as a crutch to manage drift,true, settings can give you a more prosice drift but as Gran Turismo has tought from the beginning, line is critical to fast cornering,thus drift line should be considered at all times consciously or subconsciously, with or without knowing/understanding this is a must practicing this (line) will help more than anything, helping to avoid hitting walls,loss of angle/speed, even sometimes help prevent spinout.In short drift line can significantly improve the speed and quality of drifts.

    In regards to this some people don't constider "Drifting" on tarmac drifting at all but a powerslide as they feel drifting can only be done in rally (on dirt,snow.....).:crazy:
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    Ive been practicing by making clipping points on the turns I have been drifting. I know where I want to be on each drift at certian points. It slowly changes to what I feel is the best line through the turn or turns(at least what I believe it to be). Ive been doing this for each turn on apricot hill raceway and can get through the first few S turns relatively well for just starting out. Im really hyped because I my DFP arrived today in the mail (unfortunatly I was at work). Im probably going to have to learn to drive agian though.hahaha..
    Does this seem like a good technique? Or should I just keep trying to go though the whole course rather than sectioning it out..?
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    Don't limit your self to just Apricot try all the courses, I love El Capitan I think it's a wonderful drift course but I've drifted all the course in the game, and it is up to the person so don't always rely on others, I don't expect you to listen to my advice and its best you try things for you self as it will result in you own satisfaction,if you like your drifts thats all that counts.:) :tup:
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    Theres no specific strategy and good technique to drift. Its all about the wheels and the guy between the wheels. You need a drift setup adjusted to your driving style (drifting style). You cant just take a setup from a guy that says its a good setup, because its adjusted to HIS style. For sure, tuning a car into good drift settings is tough and requires alot of patience to tune, test, tune, test... But at the end of the hard work, you get the results YOU WANT. The only thing I can suggest, is to be patient and intelligent. Also, try to learn your final setup on Gymkhana doing circles and eights. Its a great track to learn drifting, I done it myself.

    Also, the variety of tracks in GT4 helps you to try different types of drift. Apricot Hill is by far my favorite, but Trial Mountain, Deep Forest, El Capitan and alot more offers different tastes of the drift.

    I think I said it all :)
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    hi i am a new learning long i read in gtf posts about all you an your expiriance in drifting in gt3 and gt4..i played gt3 but i couldn't dream of now i feel strange when i read all that!!now in gt4 i saw the drift cars and think i could do problem is that i can't hold big angles for long..i know it is early,yet but i'm tryiing hard..i think i 've impruve my drifting techniqie so long'but i'm not sutisfied with my self.soon i will upload a video,so i would like to have your expirianced opinions..i need some help please!!!settings?i can't setup my car 'couse i don't how exacly any of the parameter i change reacts in car..i'm noob i now but i would appriciate anyone would like to help...
  28. Marouan


    same here dorykiing... low angle drift i can hold for a very long time..

    i dont seem to have what it got for high angle long drift

    well anyways.. keep practising
  29. skaterava


    to answer the original question, just buy a decent drifting car

    (go Japanese, the skylines and Evo 8s are all good)

    tune them up to the max, turn off the driving aids, give the wheels maximum torque with the LSD changing thing, and if u want add some weight to the back of the car.

    then just go and practice

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    Feint all the way!