Your favorite car for Drifting!

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I drift hundreds of different cars on the game but my favourite car for points has to be the spada codatronca ts it drifts a dream and nobody expects it 991 hp and dead light.

Other cars i like are my ssc ultimate aero just shy of 1300hp mid-engine rear wheel drive its a b*tch but its fun, i have some 450hp silvias atm. and loads of other stuff. i quite like drifting the ferarri 250 GTO's ocassionally.

Tell you what guys add my GT: Lana Sevol Asil

mention GT Planet and i'll give you a free drift car or tune you one specifically of your choice (below 1 mill in value before people get greedy and ask for 250 GTO's) rear wheel drive only though guys im not into allwheel drive
AE86+ Supercharger, LSD, Camshaft, Racing Tires, Paint = Drift Machine