Your first day of GT4

Discussion in 'GT4 Race Reports' started by intelectualism, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. Malleus


    Nervous when I first popped it in, but once I started racing I really didn't want stop. Got a truck load of cars now, I started with 110k and purchased my WRX, near 600hp now. I'm really having fun with it.

    I must confess I'm disappointed in the fact that I still have no deformations, no skid marks, no weather and no frikking AI (for love of God, at least give me some real AI, i've waited all these years in this game for AI and....sigh...toca 2 anyone?)

    The gameplay is quite addicting, race, lose, tune, race lose tune, race win, etc... I'm planning on trying to get online ASAP, but in the meantime, my buddy and I are setting up a lan here at home, so whenever he visits we're gonna go at it.

    Btw, I know I have to be missing something, but I can't figure out how to setup full screen replays of splitscreen races like in GT3. They couldn't have removed this feature, as that would be assanine...plz tell me they didn't remove this feature...
  2. Kremithefrog


    My first day, it was about 7pm. I was looking at other forums and people were talking about the game and I couldn't wait any longer (maybe should have, stupid shaking screen). I called my mom and asked for it as an early bday present. I went to EB, got it, played for 2 or 3 hours then quit so I could study for a test.
  3. mustang_4_ever


    woke up, thursday moring with a cup of exitment running threw me (feb24, the day it comes out in canada) i sprint to my comp at 630am, check, if they have it, THEY DO, comes in 9am, i check more shops, dont say jack....come here abit and look around...730 rolls by and i make my lunch, run upstairs to tell my dad get the hell up and go to futrure shop, he says "ill see what i can do"... :dunce: ....arive at school, tell my friends that care the great news, sprint home at lunch, he hasnt gotton up (11:20am) i shiza briks at him, run back to school (1230am) antisapation is driving me crazy :scared: run home with adrenilin thinking about what to do first (3:36pm) burst thew the door, grab the game, do a little dance :sly: , run down stairs. mom tells me to walk the dog (340pm) play the game a bit, get up and say "lets go for a walk" open up the door, pitch black (843pm) i say outload "what the ****" run around the block, run down stairs....
    all licneces and someother stuff plus 150k to spend on my first car. head to bed a 12am :dunce:
  4. intelectualism


    Nice a fellow eye spasm'r lol..
  5. FRST


    1) goed into arcade mode to test the new Mustang GT..awful driveability I almsot threw up because I really tought the games was pure crap a 300cv FR with major understeer didn't look nice to me..booooo
    2)ok then after some tought I tried the Amuse S2000 R1 with confort tyres (N2???) and what a relief the game is great after all ! oversteer madness all I like :)
    3)started doing the licences and stopped after a NB and half of NA had some gold but was too tired anyway lol
    4) after a looong study I bought a Civic type-r 98 as my first car for 9990.- considering I could play the civic and type-r races with it.
    btw in the european version we can buy a mistu evo 1 for under 10'000.- also !!!
    didn't see this in the jp used car list ?!?!
    5) I played until my eyes where closing and things began to get tough for my "stock" used car...
    6) they really messed up the FF car handling I'm constantly getting oversteer with street tires wth ???

    and now thanks to a release in Switzerland the 3 march !!! when the game was supposed ti be released the 9 march...I won't be able to play it for 4 days !! grrrrrrrrrr I took 1 week of vacation starting the 9 march specially to be able to play the game and now I still we have serious problem to sleep and think about my work lol my company will not thank you sony ;)
  6. BlackNSX



    Ive been reading these reviews with a mixture of extreme excitement and jealousy (i'm in the UK so have to wait for 5 days at least).

    I just wanted to ask, how different is GT mode to GT4 Prologue?


  7. phxchristian


    Just won a Mazda Kusabi Concept car for all silver in B License.... I wonder what I'll win for all silver in A License?
  8. Curt


    I got GT4 about a week ago, i've played it 1-2 hours per day since. on my first day I transferred my GT3 licenses and 100k, then bought a Corvette Z06 for my first car and tuned to around 600hp. I breezed through the Sunday Cup and FR Challenge. Since my first day I have won alot of events and got some great cars already. I am now going back and winning all the beginner and professional events so i can go into extreme events.

    Great Game! bar none best PS2 game i have ever played
  9. Epik


    haha sounds like you had a good first day. Evo is definitely the starting car to go with i think.

    I've got my Evo upgraded and doing the Capri race too. Good money. Keep us updated on how you're doing. Good luck!
  10. DJ-CiviC

    DJ-CiviC (Banned)

    My first day of GT4 started off by getting headache by adding codes in my gameshark... After that, Power ON, the first car I bought was the Volks Bora (Jetta) to race on Nurburgring. After 1 lap I found that the Bora didn't roll like in real life so I bought my baby, Nissan Skyline GT-R M-Spec Nür '02 (R34), a real beast. First with the Skyline I've learn to drive with the new physic engine, after only 2 hours of the intense Nurburgring's curves and its tight road, I was ready to start in GTmode.

    Since last Thursday (Marth 3th), I've only done like 4% because I'm not doing any races... I'm rollin' in Track Meet, testing the tracks and different types of cars. I'll start officially GTmode when I'll get the DFP. So since, I got lots of cars, Volks Golf R32, Honda Integra Type R, Spoon Integra Type R, Honda Ballade CRX 1.5i which I made alot of fun by beating her, Chevy Camaro 350 '69, Buick Special, Rally Project Subaru Impreza WRX STi '04, and much more...

    Soon I'll be making a drift project car which will be the first drift car I'll drive and the first to feature in my brand first GT4 drift video.
  11. G.T

    G.T Premium

    United Kingdom
    I woke up Friday morning just thinking it was an ordinary day. I was waiting for the release on the 9th March.

    At about 5pm my Dad was leaving work to go to Tescos to get Metal Gear Solid 3, which was just released. But when he got there, he rung me and said he's got GT4 in his hands right now. I couldn't believe it. I'm getting it 5 days early. I was so exited and I couldn't wait for him to get home.

    When he came home I had to make space on my memory chip. (I didn't care at that moment what I deleted)I decided not to import the GT3 money and GT4:p licences so my first car was a Nissan Skyline GTS-t Spec M. I done two races before my Dad asked to do a two-player battle with him.

    We went on Nurgurgring twice, one of the Speed Rings three times, Deep Forest twice and Trail Moutain. I beat him every time. After this I carried on going through the championships and licences.

    The thing that killed me most was that night I couldn't get to sleep. I only got 4 hours sleep. I posted here in the morning about 2.15am on my small report.

    What a day!
  12. Kutscher80



    Yesterday I went to work. At 11 AM I was told that my GT4 (PAL) has arrived at home. I decided to end my work day early about 1PM.

    From 2 PM till 11PM my friend, my brother and me played the game. AWESOME!! Great!! I can´t describe my feelings...

    Today I have to work again... hope to survive so long without playing GT4 :scared:

    Have FUN :)
  13. Leonidae

    Leonidae (Banned)

    I got my GT4 today, after long wait. the intro caused me to shiver, and when I finally got into the game, I was excited beyond all recognition. Skyline! Pug 205 T16! beetle! damn.. so many legendary cars to have.. :drool:

    I did start by bringig some money from GT3, and bought Skyline GT-R 32.. tuned it up a bit. thn, first drive. it way way beyond all I had expected. but it was too clean with all driver assist thingies on, so i turned them off. fun factor went up like rocket, and i could do something to keep the car on track, like steer and COUNTER STEER! after few spins I finally learned to treat the throttle like a friend, instead slamming it down like a hammer. after demolishing the resistance in few beginner races, i started to go thru the licence tests.. damn, some of them just pist me off.. :grumpy: which means that it is just as good, if not even better than previous ones. :tup: but now, back to the game. :dopey:
  14. Cakeman


    i went home from school early today to get the game cause i just knew that my preordered copy had arrived, so i ripped off the wrapping and almost threw it into my PS2, and got a few disc read errors, which is always nice, so i had to disassemble the ps2 to clean the lens and do some adjustments. then it finally worked. i first got the b license, which was really almost too easy. i silvered most of the tests on my first try, and i almost fell asleep during the guided laps. why do you have to run them with 90bhp lumps full of understeer? the a license guided laps were much more entertaining. after the B license i sold the car i got and bought a Rx7 Gt limited, and modded it to about 200bhp. i totally killed the sunday cup, and went on to try the mazda RE-cup, which i of course didn't have a chance in, so i decided to take my a licence and start running special conditions races. i won the second one, but had to buy a motorsport elise just to be able to finish a race on citta di'aria without crashing into every single wall. i also bought a few new cars, and right now my garage contains the following: RX7 (fc3s), S2000, Honda Integra type R, Cadillac Cien, Abarth A112, sunfire concept, and another car which i can't remember...

    i really don't think it feels to different from GT3, the most notable difference is the lack of stability at high speeds, and less stable braking.
  15. Indoctrin


    Well technically my first day hasnt ended yet.

    Got home from work yesterday at around6pm and noticed the game sitting on my living room sofa so excitedly ripped off the packaging and started my PS2 up :D

    My first stop was the B License which i gained with mostly silvers (ill get all gold when i get round to it). Yay to shiny new cars for me i decided ill import the save game from GT3 to give me a tiny bit extra cash and wandered over to the used-car showrooms and spotted a nice Mitsubishi 3000GT so that was my first purchase. Went off to the Sunday Cup to begin racing and demolished the opposition and won my prize car.

    Now what to do i throught to myself? I went into my garage and got into the Mazda Kusabi i had one and noticed it was FF, so off i went to the FF championship won each race but decided to despise the Hong Kong track bah at those stupid 90degree corners!

    After getting the prize i went off to get my A licence and got mainly all bronze. I got into my 3000GT, did the Umbria Rally and got my Cien, then i took on the 4WD series and won that to. Time for the international B licence which was mianly bronze again.

    Now its time to go buy a new car and i got the Cappuccino and headed off to the lightweight car cup and won the series. Mission hall 1-10 was completed next and i got my Delorean.

    Now i wanted a good FR car so popped back to the used car lots and noticed a rather nice Silver TVR V8S 1991, purchased that beauty and added a wing to it for a bit of downforce, this blitzed the FR, Spider/Roadster and British Lightweight races.

    Then i took my Cien for an easy series of MR races and well i didnt have to go outta first gear most of the time, got my car and just for the hell of it spotted that Volvo 240 in the used car lot in BEIGE! (OH THE HORROR) so thats now mine to.

    Went to the TVR showroom and took on the Blackpool racers, yay a Speed 12 at SS5 but i won! with only 258 BHP though the Speed 12 oblitereated me at Laguna Seca so i quit that.

    Finally i took my 3000gt to thew Japanese 90's series and won that now im just mulling over which truck to buy for the truck series, decisions decisions

    And as a message to everyone BUY THAT TVR, ive now got the wing on it, weight reduction 3, an exhaust and a racing chip and its evil well evil for a car around 250BHP!
  16. Mad Marky

    Mad Marky

    I'm still trying to decide what Car to start with. I transferred Cr.100,000 from GT3 over plus the National B License (didn't have the A). Looking through used car lot & looking at Skylines or RX-7, then I go to the Tuners Cars. 1st one on the list is HPA Motorsport (some might know their Golf R32), well in their Full Model part you can buy their Stage II Bi Turbo Golf R32 for Cr.31,870 (btw I have Cr.110, in total after bringing money over). This car is 4WD 552BHP/5250-6750rpm Torque:

    Got a shock, A 2nd Hand Skyline GT-R V-Spec '99 with only 276BHP having done 244,577miles is Cr.36,386

    Which would you rather have?
  17. String King

    String King

    Day One: home from work to discover package from Amazon. Neighnour had phoned me at work to tell me had delivered his. Spent most of the evening gaining licenses on neighbour's machine. No way shall either of us be 'cheating' with GT3 saves.
    Day Two: Enter GT4real compy online. Working from home, daren't open my Amazon package for several reasons . 1) Have work to do. 2) Dire stories of old PS2's not playing it (mine's an Aug 24 original - remember that?) 3) I need my life. Decide to spend a little time reading about others playing it as some weak substitute. Damnit, I have things to do...
  18. Scaff

    Scaff Moderator

    United Kingdom
    Don't worry about point two, my PS2 is also from the original UK launch and it plays GT4 with no problems at all.

    Must say, no idea how you have the willpower to not open the package, you know you want to play it, go on, tear it open now.
  19. dJomp


    Day 1:

    Spent an hour or so checking out every car available through manufacturers. Noticed different cars in the used car sections, will be a hell of a challenge to get every car (like I managed in GT4).

    Wandered over to Arcade mode and put a couple of laps round the new circuits. Got used to the new handling and everything. Then, back to GT mode...

    Imported everything, bought a Caterham (the 100,000 imported is not for the normal gameplay, but for that little baby), then went to the B licence; silver only in two, rest gold. Did a bit of photomode with the Caterham, then decided I needed some sleep.

    Will get about 5 hours per night to have a go at this, we'll see how it goes...
  20. yeti


    Got home yesterday and ate my Pie and Chips that I picked up from the Chippy on the way home...

    Went to check the post... found package from Amazon...

    Ran back to flat opened inserted... turned on... turned off... took disc out... turned on... deleted loads of **** off Mem Card... inserted... turned on...

    Bought Misti Lancer GSR from Used car lot for about £9,500... Won some of the sunday cup... realised I had dirty oil... changed that and slapped a wing on the back (They all cost the same... do they have different downforce ratings? Is it just a look thing?) Won the rest of Sunday cup...

    Did Licence A and B (All Silver on A with 1 gold... All silver on B cept 4 bronze and 3 gold!)

    Raced AWD cup with Evo... also adding computer chip halfway thru to help against Impreza at Fuji!

    Raced FF cup in Pontiac thing I won somewhere with Oil change, a wing and a Computer chup... this car is awesome at Suzuka... mainly cos it's slow enough to do the slalom bends easily!!

    Went to bed...

    Woke up... Silvered two of the missing bronzes on A licence... went to work...

    At work... Boo...

  21. Polyphony001


    As someone in full-time education, my first day of Gt4 was shorter than some, but still enjoyable:

    12:50 leave school at first available opportunity (lunchtime), go to Special Reserve. Walk in the door, a copy of the game is slapped on the desk, unpriced. A priced copy is sitting at the back of the desk. No communication need have been made.

    16:25 Home. Rush upstairs, slap disc in, and get playing!

    Spent the next couple of hours playing with arcade mode, trying out new courses and cars, and trying to get the feel of the courses im not familiar with.

    16:30 Have to eat :-(

    17:30 After long break, come back to tackle B-license, trying to get all golds without having to return later. Fat chance. After getting 5 golds it gets too silly and ill be wasting time i could spend on other tests, so I complete 8 silver and 3 bronze to get the lupo. Race it, find its naff, then at 23:00 hand over to my bro and i kip.
  22. Cosmic

    Cosmic (Banned)

    12:00 - Rush down to GAME and pick it up.
    12:45 - Home, put the game into the PS2 and watch the intro.
    After that I've done all license test expect Super and then I slowly begun doing GT Mode.
    22:00 - Stop playing, school next day.
  23. Phil McCavity

    Phil McCavity

    hey all, my 1st post! got gt4 yesterday, and i love it to pieces!! nearly better than sex...

    i started with 100k credits (fortunately had a gt3 save on my card)

    bought a seat ibiza cupra (i own a seat leon 1.8t cupra in real life, and i love my car!! 140 mph on the a1 racing a mod'd pug.... i love the a1 hehe)

    then got a HPA stage II R32 04.... wow, for 31870 this is awesome!! i normally hate golf's but this is 4wd 552bhp!! 631 fully mod'd, love it!!

    next car i bought: viper strt10 03: great car, esp for stars n stripes and convertible comps... one thing i hate tho... feel sea sick driving it lol (u watch when u brake/accelerate!!)

    just got a clio sport v6 24v 00: 2nd hand, i like it!! saving cash to get it mod'd!!

    best thing since GT3?: NOS!! really helps... esp for not very good drivers like me hehe. really helps for those cars that spend ages labouring til the revs are high (there's prob a tech term for this, but i'm not sure what it is hehe)

    good race to earn lotsa cash: stars and stripes, the viper walks it!! u get a chevy camaro lm race car... resale value 212,499!!

    i even love the gran turismo mode main menu music!! actually more than the race music.... i esp love the piano one (no title, so i cant tell u what its called)

    the old gt3 tracks are better now.... wider!! of the new ones, i hate el capitan, but i'll get used to it hehe!!

    all in all, i am soooo pleased with GT4.... way better than GT3, which was too easy

    havent tried B mode yet, sounds like worse cheating than NOS to me hehe (mmmm might use B for them long races tho)

    havent tried arcade mode, didnt in GT3.... dont see any reason to in GT4 either LOL

    oh btw, can anyone help me with the very last part of the IA licence? i just cant do it LOL.... ( i was a bit drunk last nite, and i couldnt get that last bit)

  24. MoeZus


    Yo from down under here, havn't seen many aussies posting about their first day with GT4 yet..

    I got a call yesterday at about 9:30am from EB Games telling me GT4 is ready to be picked up. Unfortunately I was at work and had to wait until 3:30pm before I could leave, It was the slowest working day of my life. Anyhow raced out of my building and into my car and got to EB. picked up the game and got home and slapped it straight into my PS2, watched the Intro (wasnt overly impressed with it.. but anyway). Chose not to import data from GT3 and GT4P as i wanted a fresh start. Played around with the options and got everything just right and ventured into GT Mode. Stuffed around for about 20mins lookin at the cars etc then got started with my National B tests. I got through that with relative ease, I also didn't settle for anything less than a silver, managed to get a few golds along the way too. Thought it was time to buy a car and have a race. So i looked in the used car lots and picked up an S13 Silvia with 90k for $7500. Bought a racing chip and stage 1 weight reduction and hit the Sunday Cup, beat that easily, Did the FR challenge and beat that, then used that futurstic looking Mazda car to beat the FF challenge. I then got started on my National A lisence, I went to bed after 5 tests into it with all gold. Can't wait to finish work so I can play again. Oh yehh.. this is all with the DFP wheel... its AWESOME. I was leaning my head into corners etc..
  25. Pebb



    7am: My mum comes up stairs tells me GT4 has arrive while I fall back to sleep

    8am: Get up have something to eat while reading the book

    9am: After grub and a wash I play GT4

    9:05am: I Import my £100,000 credits from GT3 and I import some of the data from my GT4P save into GT4

    9:08am: After a keep tweak to my options I head to the GT Mode, and use my £100,000 credits on a TVR T350 what did anyone expect.

    And the rest of the day I cannot remember expect doing a lot of Licenses, not getting any golds but the day after that I re took the Licenses and took time to get the Golds for the Licenses.
  26. subdivider


    9th March:

    10am: got the game in my ahnds from Gameplay

    10:30am: 2nd run of the intro... wowzers

    11am: Grab and M3 and hit the ring for a few laps to get a feel for the game... another wowzers and a few expletives when I forgot the track route.

    12noon: Import credits, wheep at the fact you can't import GT3's licences (why not?!) and then goto Dodge and buy the RAM, weight reduce and NA 1 the damn thing and race

    2pm: Dentists - mucho paino

    3pm: RACE!

    1am: Bed.
  27. Pebb


    I played GT4 a bit longer then I should of yesterday night because GT4 is just to tempting.

    I was going to go to bed after playing GT4 at 1am in the morning but I played GT4 to 4am before going to bed :) .
  28. Polyphony001


    8th of march???

    Sorry, how?
  29. webber555


    My first day with gt4 seems like a blur now but I'll remember as much as I can -

    First I imported the 100000 credits from GT3 and bought myself a BMW M3. Then i ran straight for arcade, hopped in a Monaro, turned everything off (ASM & TC) and raced around the ring for 10 laps - fun stuff! Was really impressed and fell in love with a little disc which I'm not sad about at all. :tup:

    Other day 1 highlights - passed all of the licenses, did the M cup in BMW, Sunday cup, some missions, some other various begginner races, some more fun around the ring... it is a blur, should really read my diary. :idea:

    Must go now, withdrawals..... :crazy:
  30. SmokeCheckin


    I restarted the game many times because I found ways I could do things better.
    But my most recent day one I...

    Bought a black Civic CRX and beat all of the races I could with it.
    I then later bought many different cars.
    It was so long ago I forget.