Your first day of GT4

Discussion in 'GT4 Race Reports' started by intelectualism, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. d3p0


    MR2 AW11 + No sleep.
  2. Polyphony001


    WOW, the second thing I did was take a monaro around the ring! Scary...
  3. Mecal


    first thing i did was do some license tests. go my B and then sold the car and headed out to the used car lots to buy a new one. SO i found a MR2 G Limited. and won some money, and tuned it a bit - that was my first day :)
  4. Norris


    i started off bought impreza sti done it up max super fast did all races i could then in pro cup i did boxter a few time (easy 80 grand just sell the ruf 8- grand :) then bought drift silvia mmmmmmmmm the bought 96 impreza and finished the begginer and pro cups
  5. hitman146


    well i got the game friday night at the post office looked at it for atleast 5 min int he post office so as the kind lady asked me to leave because i was blocking the door way. i drove home and nearly crashed on my bike because i was so exited. got home ran up the stairs tripped up on the stairs scraped my knee and as i finally reached my room i turned on my tv and ps2. put the disc in and closed it waited for ten min for the game to start nothing happend fideld around with the tv checked all cords and looked at the ps2 and heart this srapping sound!!!!!!!!! i opend the disc drive to see what the problem was and found out that the laser reading the cd was broocken NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sh.t sh.t sh.t i let out my anger on my garden tree hitting it with a meta pipe. the nextday i had school and after i brought it to a shop an dthey said that they could repair it but it would take more that 2 weeks.
    since non of my friends accually has the game im kinda lost
  6. Catawba Warrior

    Catawba Warrior

    My brother in law bought GT4 for my upcoming birthday (as if he needed an excuse). His PS2 is older and pretty wore out, so we were both skeptical about it playing. DRE's have been common for over a year now, at least. To be honest, the disc wasn't exactly clean coming out of the box, there was a smudge down near the critical inside. It got past the "browser" screen once, only to lock up. This PS2 has never had any mods, network adapters, or anything other than a good cleaning every now and then. He also bought another game, Prince of Persia, which loaded right up. Day 2, he took the disc back and brought home a new copy. Nice, shiny and clean. Wouldn't load. He played his POP some while I worked. I get home, he wasn't here, out working on a car. I try GT4, no luck. I try POP, no luck. I quit trying. He comes home, gets POP to load after a few tries and leaves me playing it while he heads back out. When he returns, he takes over to show me something and it locks up. After taking the PS2 apart and trying to reload he notices that the red light no longer comes on. Time for a new PS2, but at least I have the disc to look at. Not the "First day with GT4" post I had in mind, but that's my luck. Maybe next week.
  7. Polyphony001


    ah, too bad catawba! That would have made me mad!
    Thankfully we have two PS2s in our house, one old (xmas02) and another older (may01-UK release) and despite the elderly one not being ale to play cds any more, it plays GT4 no problem...
  8. Catawba Warrior

    Catawba Warrior

    Yeah, ours is just wore out. He got it when it first came out here and had it a couple of years when I got here. Since then we've played FF10, TigerWoods every year, Dynasty Warriors 3&4, both Socoms and ConflictDS1&2+Vietnam, GTA3, GT3, the list goes on and on. We've had quite a few 14-16 hour days spent on games. We haven't gotten snowed in this year, but we had a Tiger marathon while smoking a turkey last Thanksgiving. He almost went back and bought a new one, but had already spent too much on games. Now we're waiting on Friday to get here.
  9. scag1

    scag1 (Banned)

    Hi Where Do U Buy The Fr Drivetrain To Get Into The Fr Challenge
  10. Polyphony001


    An FR drivetrain is something a car will either have or not. You need to buy a car with that particular drivetrain. When buying a new car, the statistics window will tell you what drivetrain the car is (FF, FR, RR or 4WD).
  11. davidg1230


    Over riding memory for me was to plug in my wheel and take an AC Cobra around the Ring without driving aids.......well worth the 2 year wait!!
  12. Duke

    Duke Staff Emeritus

    United States
    Please post your questions only once, and in the correct place.
  13. DumpValve


    I had ordered the game online and knew i'd get on day of release, my postman doesn't come till late morning so I was waiting at work.

    Got home and there it was - with a shimmering white Ford GT meeting me. Fired up the PS2, removed GT4 Prologue (now in GT4 case - heh) and did the following.

    - Disabled in-game music.
    - Disabled ASM
    - Fired up Arcade Mode
    - Went around Nurburgring in a Vauxhall Corsa (since I have one ;))
    - GT Mode > Import Data etc..
    - Bought an Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII and got stuck in.
  14. chinko


    bought game at 3 o'clock ish :D got home and admired the into movie (its pretty but boring), read through the guide and went into gran turismo mode. i didnt import anything from GT3 or prologue as i like the challenge. bought a nissan silvia (see pic thread) and added sports muffler and racing chip, got a national B licence, did a few sunday cup races (close second on SSr5 II as im not used to it reversed). went and got a racing flywheel and a carbon driveshaft as my accelleration was p*ss poor. got golds in the sunday cup and won that silly little 60's car, got my ass kicked trying to race with the lupo i won from the licenses. messed around in photomode and arcade checking out the cars, and admired high speed ring (my all time fave track from GT1) in the lancia delta and the 350Z JGTC car. only came off it at 1.25am :(
  15. Catawba Warrior

    Catawba Warrior

    Now I know what all the talk about the new physics means. The weight transfer is cool. I'm liking it. We had a friend over and wanted to do some racing so we went into arcade mode and did some learning.
    The memory that really stands out is a 2 lap jaunt around the 'ring against my brother in law in Calloway C12's. We were back and forth for awhile, until I slowed down for a turn that wasn't there. He pulled away and it took me a few to get him back in my sights, then I lost him again. I couldn't see him anywhere ahead on the long straights so I checked his screen to see where he was. It was a bad spot to take my eyes off the track and I missed a turn. Next thing I know, he's in my rearview. I'm like, WTF? He'd got stuck on a wall somewhere and I didn't see him as I passed.
    Back running together again though and it's lap 2? Where was the Start\Finish line? Never saw it, Eddie didn't either. We're both liking this track, I've waited years to drive it in a game and it's living up to the hype. Gonna take awhile to learn, that's for sure.
    Back to the race and I'm content to follow for now. I'm trying to check my map and find the Finish line, that's something I like to know the location of. Oh hell, that wasn't a good place to be looking at the map either and he's gone again. Not too far ahead though and I pull back up to him only to lose a couple secs as I slide out a little too far. He repays the favor though and lost it bad. I only saw his car get sideways as he was coming back onto the track, just in time to clip my rearend and spin me.
    I'm close enough to catch his draft going down the straights and there's nothing he can do as I blow by but tuck in behind and try to draft back by me. I weave a little to shake him and he's so caught up in trying to draft me that he doesn't see the turn that I brake for. I kept her on the track and missed the Finish line again, so I still have no idea exactly where it's at, but I hit it 3.996 ahead of him.
    It was late, I'd had a long day and this was a good way to end it. I've been waiting two years for this day. At least. It was fun. There are some negatives that I've already thought about and will probably post at some point, but don't get me wrong, this is now my favorite game. I can't wait to reach 25% and get the races I like unlocked. Two lap shootouts are great for 2-player, but that's just not enough for me racing alone. I don't see being able to A-spec 24hrs except maybe around a holiday when we have friends over and stay up all night smoking some meat and playnig games. I know I can handle 4 hours myself and could probably go 6 before mentally shutting down. There will be a long pause in there somewhere if I ever run the 8 hours alone. Ok, I can get in an hour or so before work, so have a good day everyone, I know I will.
  16. F310B


    The Fury was pissing me off, so I randomly went down into town and bought GT4. Started playing around 4pm, and just went straight to the licenses. Golded all the B licenses and A licenses, then golded IB-1 to IB-5 before stopping.
  17. Droptop_Chick


    United States
    I played till my fingers hurt. Bought a 97 MR2 G-Limited and started waxing the floor with everyone till it was too beat and too slow to race anymore. Mainly from repeating the tarmac rally where you win the Toyotal Rally Raid RSC and hock it for cash. But I keep the car for sentimental value, even though it's a piece now.
  18. kraken2


    I went straight to the license center and earned licenses up to IA international then bought a Skyline GT-R 2000 and raced with it for about 2 and a half hours then when to sleep because the next day i had a college test
  19. L28eT


    I started off w/ a 453hp(somewhere around there) Corvette Z06 :)
    After that I pretty much DOMINATED the Beginner's Section :sly:
    hey, many of you did ALL of the licenses b4 you did a single race...I who's in the club...just wondering...:D
    Now, I have almost 400 cars...I'm aiming to have EVERY single car...and ALL the colors...just for some pride you know?? LOL :dopey:
    And, to top it off, just like I did in all the other GT games...I'll have every car UPGRADED ALL the way :idea:
    Well, of course, I never have non-upgraded cars in my garage...
  20. Nscale4


    I got home from school, got me an '85 RX-7, did a few races, and got my B-License.