Your top 5 Forza 8 improvement request

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 8' started by ctdc67, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. ctdc67


    1. Motorcycles
    2. Higher simulation level
    3. More realistic looking graphics
    4. Better track elevation depiction
    5. Some non-race track loops
  2. ShawnPhillips


    United States
    • Rally
      There are a ton of rally cars that have come to Forza thanks to the Horizon series, but we have yet to get proper rally racing in Motorsport. There is even rumors that rally feature where cut from FM7 because the Top Gear Test Track has some tire walls in place where the Top Gear Rally Cross route goes from Series 23.

    • Proper Dynamic time of day and weather.
      FM7 has a rather half-assed approach to time of day and weather and I want real full 24-Hour day-night cycles with time scaling options to have the 24-hour day-night cycle simulated in real time or as little as 24 minutes. And PLEASE just add a "Random" option when selecting weather conditions for custom races.

    • Proper simulation of Hybrid/KERS/DRS systems.
      Right now Forza doesn't properly simulated these system and they effectively just run at 100% boost mode all the time. I'd like to see these get simulated properly as well as having the option for manual control on the cars that do offer manual control of those systems.

    • Proper simulation of Torque Vectoring systems.
      As with the Hybrid systems Torque vectoring isn't properly simulated and as a result the Rimac C2 in FH4 seems to handle far worse then it's real life counterpart. And with the continuing real world development of Torque vectoring systems and Hybrid/Electric powertrains in performance cars this needs to be addressed soon if Forza wants to even remotely accurately portray the performance characteristics of new and upcoming performance cars.

    • Multi-Bucket Races in Career mode.
      One of my favorite things to do in FM7 free play is set up Multi Bucket races with Divisions of cars that have the same or very similar PI restrictions, and see how the Tire and HP restrictions of each Divisions Homologation rules effect the outcome on various tracks. Division Battles Championship pitting 2-4 Divisions of similar PI rating in Career mode with the ability to pick which Division you want to race for would be awesome. Or setting up buckets of vastly different PI ratings to mix up the races. Imagine having GT and LMP cars on the track at the same time having to contend with Slower or Faster Cars (depending on which bucket you are racing in). Would be a good place for that IMSA partnership Forza is has been sitting on despite not doing anything with. Also give us some open class Championships.

    • Longer Races.
      I know FM7 did add the option to change length of Career mode races, but it is hidden away in the Assist settings and only appears when in the pre-race lobby screen of a Career mode race. Which lead to a lot of people that did not even know the option exist complaining that the races are to short to get to the lead without playingdirty and shoving the AI out of the way through each corner. Essentially promoting the Ramming playstyle that plagues many online races. My "solution", Make the race length setting MUCH more apparent to casual players, Maybe even having a popup at the start of the game asking the player for their preferred race length. Make the "Normal" race length 50-66% longer (2 Lap race becomes 3 laps, 3 Lap becomes 5 laps, 4 laps becomes 6 Laps), and add a Short option that reverts to the stranded race length we have had in previous game.
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  3. MalibuClub


    Better physics/handing
    Better sounds
    Custom lobbies
    Realistic car features, for example; realistic automatic gearboxes, car specific assists (abs, tcs..) etc..
    Much new content; cars, tracks, wheels
  4. AudiMan2011

    AudiMan2011 Contributing Writer

    1. Much improved physics
    2. Better car class grouping
    3. Car list cut for higher fidelity and up to date models
    4. Dynamic time and weather
    5. Improved sounds i.e. squealing brakes, gearbox clunks etc
  5. Northstar

    Northstar Premium

    United States
    1) More focused car list. I want to see some actual thought put into the cars they add instead of just adding random cars. This is especially needed if they are planning a GTS style online mode. Adding onto this, ditch all the legacy models that look like crap compared to newer modeled cars.

    2) Proper time and dynamic weather. Pretty self explanatory.

    3) More tracks. Again pretty self-explanatory, a couple returning tracks and a new fantasy one isn't going to cut it 2 games in a row.

    4) Blueprint with custom championship. It's in Horizon, so why hasn't it made the jump?!

    5) Better damage. They've pretty much used the same damage model since FM1 and it's showing it's age.
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  6. WFO Krypto

    WFO Krypto (Banned)

    1. Race Regulations in all Public Lobbies
    2. Race Regulations in all Public Lobbies
    3. Race Regulations in all Public Lobbies
    4. Race Regulations in all Public Lobbies
    5. Race Regulations in all Public Lobbies
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  7. ShawnPhillips


    United States
    Watching some Touring car Masters races and I'd love to see a Homologation division based on it, with some extra restriction settings to better simulate the real Touring Car Masters rules. Require parts: Full roll cage, Race compound tires, Banned parts: non-standard Aero. Something like that.

    It would be possible to recreate it in FM7 multiplayer as long as you have some trustworthy players that will follow the rules, but there is no way to properly enforce it or do it in single player as the AI will only upgrade cars for the standard Homologation specs.

    EDIT: Watching more Australian Racing on Youtube and seeing the "Improved Production" races makes me want to see something like it in FM8. Basically the same as the regular PI Class lobbies, but Requiring Full Rollcage and Race compound tires to make it more realistic to actual racing leagues similar to the Improved Production races.
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  8. Jezza819


    United States
    1. Some intelligence put into the AI cars. They have no idea where you are related to them. There's no telling how many times I've thought I had them passed only to get PIT maneuvered off track by them turning into me. Plus it would hopefully make starts cleaner by avoiding the pileup at turn 1. Now I'm using standing start with a .5 sec roll off delay between each car to try and get a clean start.

    2. Allow the function "Restart Race". If I cannot select my preferred starting position, at least let me restart a race from the same place instead of having to quit over and over again to get back into a similar grid position.

    3. Stop "rubber banding" the race. AI cars at the front, usually the front two, will set abnormally fast first 2 or 3 laps, then stabilize, then start to get much slower towards the last few laps. One race I was close enough to the front to pause and see the front two cars lap times which were 4 seconds faster than anything else but they were dirty. However at the end of the race their clean times were more inline with the rest of the field so their pace was hidden.

    4. Do something with homologation. Maybe not bump cars up to the next class, B to A, A to S, etc. Make a B to the upper end of B and so forth. I would rather not pick say a 60's Aston Martin only to get in it and there's a roll cage in it in order to get it to A class. Kind of kills the vibe of the car for me.

    5. Fix and modernize GT. Instead of GT being a catch all with GT1's, GT2, GT3, GT4, and GTE. Expand the roster to have enough cars to fill out their own natural division.
  9. ShawnPhillips


    United States
    I agree Homologation needs some tweaks. Maybe not changing the PI limits for each division, I think most are fine the way they are, but things like Opening up some cars to qualify more multiple Divisions. Maybe multiple tiers of some divisions like Street spec, Sport Spec, Race Spec, that increase Tire compound, PI, and HP Limits. Maybe add some divisions that are based on real world racing leagues like Touring car Masters or Improved Production, rather then just basing them on the car type.

    I have seen some conflicting statements regarding this. Seen some people say that Forza's huge car list results in too many divisions, but at the same time they want to split GT3, GTE, and GTD into separate divisions. Personally I don't much see a need to split GT3,GTE, and GTD into separate Divisions, but do still think it could would be nice to have them in a sort of sub-divisions, So for learderboard reason they all fall under one Division, but have the option to limit races to a sub-division so if you just want GTE spec cars you can do that.
    GT1 and GT4 definitely need to have their own Divisions though, Along with just a lot more GT4 spec cars in the game. Not as familiar with GT2 specs so I won't comment on where they should go.
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  10. strela


    1. A proper career. Start as a Rookie and become a Champion rather than just random championships. Something like Project CARS has.
    2. Dinamic time and weather. I miss those races in GT5 where you started during night time and race with a beautiful sunrise.
    3. Endurance races with active Pit Crew, tyre degradation, fuel consumption, mechanical damage....
    4. Online behavior measures. Anti-griefing, race regulation, player rating.
    5. Racing suit customization.
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    United Kingdom
    All of the above.
  12. WFO Krypto

    WFO Krypto (Banned)

    In regards to #3. If you change "damage" from "cosmetic" to "full" I think it is, you will have fuel burn off and mechanical damage. You can ruin your transmission shifting. You can get front end damage causing handling issues. Your tires will wear and lose grip. I have never experienced and engine failure?
  13. strela


    I know. I was thinking more of a real experience with endurance races. I would not want a game to be too harsh. If it would slow you down till the pit stop would be enough. I still think that GT5 has one of the best endurance experience ever and can only imagine how would it look like in FM8. Not gonna happen I know, but one can dream about it.
  14. BoneSawTX


    United States
    1. Want GTS/GT1, GT2/GTE/GTLM in proper divisions. And the return of some of those cars.

    2. The same with Group C/P1/LMP1/P2/DPi/DP. Or the ability to mark sub divisions inside the divisions.

    3. Race rules in all lobbies

    4. Expanded Pit Strategy, how much fuel which tires, how many.

    5. Proper real life fuel burn on long races.
  15. MikeV27

    MikeV27 Premium

    1-5. Stop gearing the game towards the masses of casual players, most of these people are not loyal to the series and only play briefly until something else comes along. Meanwhile the numbers of players who actually take the game half ass seriously has been dwindling since the Xbox 360 days, since there are much better alternatives now.
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  16. Terronium-12

    Terronium-12 Moderator

    United States
    General announcement:

    The report function isn't a means to spite someone because they want the car list lowered in favor of higher quality models. Don't do that again.
  17. Luke31


    I'm hoping really for two things:

    Bring back Panoz.

    Add a build-a-track function.
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  18. WFO Krypto

    WFO Krypto (Banned)

    One thing I have been thinking about lately while racing, is that tracks don't take rubber. The preferred line isn't black with rubber and provide more grip. In real life, corners take rubber and grip levels increase in the preferred line the more laps that are turned.
  19. ShawnPhillips


    United States
    Pretty sure that is something the devs mentioned they are working on for the next Motorsport game. They talked briefly about some physics improvements for the next installment during a Forza Monthly livestream back in December.
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  20. Zipperface

    Zipperface (Banned)

    The only real important thing "i" need - Proper privat lobbys - like in gran turismo, where you have control about anything.

    The online part of FM4-5 was great, now on FM6-7 its pure cancer. You cant even create a room!
    With a proper privat lobby stystem i would not go back to gran turismo everytime again :)
  21. WFO Krypto

    WFO Krypto (Banned)

    Not sure what Class / Classes you race, but give the race regulations hoppers a try. The racing is 1,000% better in there than it is in a regular Lobby. You get your occasional knob, but they are not full of knobs like the other Lobbies.
  22. Corsa

    Corsa Premium

    Only have three.

    FOV adjustment!
    Native triple screen support
    Player controlled pit stops
  23. ShawnPhillips


    United States
    Nurburgring is getting some remodeling for 2020, including a WRC rally cross track. Wonder if we will get an update for FM8 for the 2020 Nurburgring or have to wait until FM9.
  24. ShakesMcQueen


    They do track scans, so I suspect it'll depend on when the remodeling is done, and if it leaves enough time for them to get a crew out there to recapture the data they need.
  25. ShakesMcQueen


    A track editor would be HUUUUUUUGE. But also probably a ridiculous amount of work. That's almost something you'd have to start working on in the background now, in preparation of rolling it into Forza 9. If you wanted to do it right, anyway.

    What do I want?

    - Refined penalty and sportsmanship systems to bin people based on skill.
    - Real pit stops
    - More race cars, less SUVs and stuff

    I think it's probably inevitable that we see a reduction in cars. I'd assume cars they've scanned in recent years were probably "future proofed" to have the data for higher detail, but I'll bet there's lots of more "legacy" cars that will require a long time for the crew to track down and get new scan data for, or lots of manual work to do it in-house. You saw an extreme version of this problem, in previous GT games literally having "premium" and "standard" cars.

    New platform means having to rebuild lots of stuff from scratch for higher fidelity, which means you're not just piling more bricks on top of the existing house. You're tearing down and rebuilding a significant portion of the house.


    1. Track editor
    2. Tire wall sticker
    3. Rally
    4. Screen lettering
    5. Better categories...GTE, GT3, GT4
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  27. nyrmetros


    Modern IndyCars
    CART Champcars
    Retro IndyCars

    More real world race tracks

    Ability to upgrade your garage and hire/employ more mechanics with additional bays for owned cars.
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  28. urmie


    - All of the above
    - Better QA team
    - hear Dan say "built from the ground up"
    - Any missing tracks from previous titles to be remade with Time of Day/Weather
    - Revamped show room and garage, no more janky navigation, make it smooth and "beautiful" (let next-gen show off a bit)
    - More "new" to series cars
    - Whatever they have in mind for garage/tunes/design limit, double that number from the get-go
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  29. notsofast


    1. More up to date GT racing car roster. Cars like the 911 RSR and BMW M8 are a step in the right direction but there's a significant lack of modern GT3 cars. If you compare Forza 7 with games like Project Cars and RaceRoom its like Forza was frozen in time five years ago. Not only that but a breaking up of Forza GT into several classes for differing GT categories i.e GTE/GT3/GT4.
    2. Some new tracks wouldn't go astray whether they be real world or fictional. Bring back Fujimi Kaido for drifting also.
    3. Revamped showroom and garage. Have different choices for homespace and spaces put aside to display say half a dozen of your favourite rides.
    4. Put the Motorsport back into Forza Motorsport. Less SUV's and offroad cars unless there's specific dirt racing environments for them. Get rid of stuff like the limo.
    5. Make homologation optional for career mode. Hypothetically you could make it that you get a significant credit bonus for allowing homologation in a career event. This should be for the player to decide what they want to do and give those the chance that want to race unhomologated (I can understand arguments on either side of the fence)
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  30. Dave A

    Dave A Premium

    United Kingdom
    My top 5 things are:

    1: Better career mode and events

    The career in FM7 was a bit boring IMO, there were quite a few events, which is fine, but they were not very well structured and this poor structure they made up nearlty all of the career mode. Where were the races you could just pick any car with a certain drive train and/or power requirement and go. Your first car and event could have been in a McLaren F1. Also I don't like how most of the events restric you to a small pool of cars that fit the pre-set type "Hot Hatch" or "Micro-Car" etc. I know each level had it's unrestricted event but that just limited you to racing cars of the same class as yours. t wasn't very thought out IMO.

    By all means have events for those types, but if you want to but a cheap car and tune it up and race in increasingly hard races as you go, it's not easilly possilbe in FM7's career mode. The Free Race mode is exceelent, but that's not a substitute for a well balanced and laid out career mode.

    2: Off-Road racing

    There is an unusual number of off road vehicles for a game that doesn't feature off road tracks. Let us race trucks and rally cars off road, the game car roster is perfect for that to be introduced and I imagine it would be a very popular addition to the series. I would love to see Rally Cross and point to point rally stages introduced.

    3: More Tracks

    Goes without saying really, the more tracks the better and if they added off-road tracks to the game this would be likely to happen.

    4: Forzathon and Timed exclusive prizes must go

    Get rid of timed edxclusive Forzathon prizes and any timed exclusive prizes altogether. Forzathon with just prizes is fine, but timed exclusive prizes you can only get if you keep playing the game every week are a very poor marketing ploy.

    5: Proper pit stratergy

    Get rid of the miracle tyres that adapt to the weather and introduce proper pre-race and pit lane stratergy.
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