Forza Horizon 4’s New Super7 Community Challenge Mode Revealed, Arrives December 8

Forza Horizon 4 players can look forward to a brand new feature arriving at the festival to test their creativity and their driving skills, all in one new game mode. It’s called Super7, and it’s set to arrive on Tuesday December 8 for all FH4 players.

Super7 — handily also the name of a legendary British kit car — is a new mode that allows players to create custom challenges for each other, and the wider FH4-playing public. These challenges can take place anywhere on the game map and test out your skills across a wide range of event types. There’s even unique prizes for players who can complete, you guessed it, seven of these challenges.

We’ve been testing out this new game feature over the last week or so, and here’s what you can expect from Super7.

What is Horizon Super7?

Super7 combines your driving skills with your creative talents. There’s a new dedicated Super7 menu tab, which allows you to interact with the feature, or you can head down the the Plough, just south of the Horizon Festival, to try it out.

As the name suggests, Super7 consists of seven randomly selected challenges. Each challenge card contains a certain objective, ranging from drift or skill scores, to racing to a specific location or blasting through a target speed trap within a given time limit.

Once you complete a challenge card you can move onto the next — or, if the challenge is too much for you, shuffle it out for a new one. If you complete all seven cards, you’ll win new in-game rewards. That includes vehicle rewards exclusive to Super7 which, also appropriately, are the 1924 Austin Seven and 1979 Triumph TR7 Roadster.

You don’t have to complete a challenge to play another; you can search and play individual cards at any time in the Challenge Browser in the Super7 hub.

Create and Share Your Own Challenge Cards

The creative part comes from the fact that you can create your own challenge cards too.

It’s a pretty simple interface. You can choose where you want the challenge to take place, then pick one of eight different event types, including drifting, skill scores, speed traps, and others. Then you select which season you want it to be set in, pick the weather, if you want traffic on the roads, and if you want to enable rewind. You can even lock players into a certain background music track.

Crucially, you’ll need to set a benchmark score for your challenge. That prevents players from creating something that’s simply not possible — though you can lower the requirements too, in case you think your own score is too good.

Once that’s all done, you can name and publish your card to share with your friends and the wider community. Your challenge card may even become part of the main Super7 sequence if you’re lucky.

Blueprint Builder

This one is a first for the entire Forza series. While you might be familiar with the Horizon Blueprint route creator for races, Super7’s Blueprint Builder allows you to add different objects and stunts along your path.

Taking control of a drone, you can select different ramps, obstacles and scenery to place along your route, or anywhere you’d like. You’ll need to be careful as you’ll be working to a budget when you’re placing obstacles; larger objects will take up more of your budget than smaller ones.

This all allows you to make your challenges as easy or as difficult as possible. You can block off certain routes to force players onto an alternate path, or create entirely closed areas. One challenge we’ve seen had platforms allowing cars to climb all over the ramparts of Bamburgh Castle, and we’re sure the wider community can come up with even more creative events.

You can try out Super7 for yourself from December 8, when it arrives free to all players. Playground Games will also be hosting a special livestream over on Twitch for the Super7 feature this coming Thursday, December 10, starting at 1800 UTC.

As always, there’ll be more discussion about Super7 over in GTPlanet’s FH4 forums. Be sure to stay tuned as we bring you more news over the coming week.

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