Forza Horizon 5 Season Change: Talking Italian

Today marks the start of a whole new Series in Forza Horizon 5, and the Italians are coming…

It’s one of the most anticipated Series so far, as one of FH5’s wrongs is righted with the return of a selection of vehicles from four key Italian brands from FH4.

Abarth, Alfa Romeo, FIAT, and Lancia are the stars of the series, with 16 new vehicles available this month.

Eight of those drop into the Autoshow for purchase at any time, with the other eight all popping up as seasonal rewards over the coming four weeks and an Evolving World Accolade for collecting this latter octet.

There’s also a new DLC car pack containing exclusively Italian vehicles, and you’ll get a taster of one of them as it appears in one of the Monthly Rivals events.

Of course the Playlist is heavily Italian in nature, with just about every event requiring a car from the country — or permitting one where the requirements don’t necessarily include it.

Table of Contents

Series 24: Italian Automotive

As you’d probably expect, there’s a very Italian theme to the Series rewards this month, with two of the biggest brands in the field of exotic cars going.

Hit 80 points and you’ll win the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, a car which first became available almost two years ago back in Series 2.

It’s essentially an Aventador but with everything turned up to undici while still remaining road legal. That means more power, less weight, and adaptive aerodynamics — all of which helped the 759hp V12 supercar claim a Nurburgring production car lap record back in 2018.

Scoring 160 points will earn you the iconic Ferrari 512TR — or Testarossa. While not quite the original car, the TR was a first refresh for the 1984 classic and brought a number of improvements to make it nicer on a daily basis as well as a useful bump in power.

Neither car is available in the Autoshow, and if you want to pick one up in the Auction House they go for 20 million and 10 million respectively right now, so it’s probably worth the effort.

However S24 is a bit of an old-school Series, with a lower points haul of just 70 per Season on offer, so you’ll need to work across the four weeks to score both of the cars.

Series 24 Summer/Wet Season Rewards

Both of the cars available for Summer are new to the game, and are surprisingly closely related.

Hit the 20-point mark this week and you’ll collect the Alfa Romeo 155 Q4. This all-wheel drive version of the 155 saloon was the basis of a couple of homologation specials for touring car racing, notably in the UK and Italy.

Underneath, the car is pretty close to a Lancia Delta Integrale, with both the two-liter turbocharged engine and Q4 system able to trace themselves back to the rally legend.

The second car, available for 40 points, is a Lancia Delta but rather than being mechanically related and bearing a different name this S4 model is very different from the regular Delta under the skin.

That’s because it’s the road-going version, as required by Group B homologation, of the world champion S4 rally car, with a space frame chassis housing a mid-mounted, twin-charged engine and clad in a vaguely Delta-shaped composite body.

Summer will run through to 1430UTC on Thursday August 24, with Series 24 continuing on for another three weeks until the same time on Thursday September 14.

Series 24 Summer Playlist: Forzathon Events

The four returning brands take turns in the Forzathon Weekly Challenge, and it’s Abarth that starts things off. Pick up the Abarth 595 SS ’68 (also called esseesse in the game due to Microsoft’s odd allergy to the common automotive abbreviation) to start Taking Abarth.

You’ll need to take the old-school pocket rocket to any Trailblazers you can find and rack up a total of three stars. If you’re not looking to upgrade, the Malpais route in Baja California is the easiest to do it in one hit but you can take as many attempts as you like at any of the sites.

After completing that head to any Festival site and paint your little Abarth’s body any colour you like. Then take it on a five-mile (8km) drive to finish off.

Complete that to earn five Playlist points and 80 Forzathon Points — with the FP doubled if you own the Casa Solariega player house.

Weekly Challenge: Taking Abarth

  • Car: Abarth 595 SS ’68
    • Chapter 1: Own and drive the Abarth 595 SS ’68
    • Chapter 2: Earn three stars at Trailblazers in the Abarth 595 SS ’68
    • Chapter 3: Paint the body of the Abarth 595 SS ’68
    • Chapter 4: Drive five miles (8km) in the Abarth 595 SS ’68
  • Reward: 5 points, 80FP

Again there’s a very Italian theme to the Daily Challenges this Series, although not exclusively. These appear at the rate of one a day, at 1430UTC, with a full seven days to complete each one — rolling over into the next season if necessary — for a point apiece.

Naturally that starts off with Italian Automotive, requiring you to just own and drive any Italian vehicle — which you’ll complete just by doing literally any activity at all this week.

Pagani’s Unrelenting speed is on show next as you’ll need to earn ten Speed Skills in any car from the brand.

It’s all about Looking the Part next, when you equip the Italy Race Suit in the Character Customizer.

You’ll then Take Two, winning two Road Races in any Italian vehicle.

Do the Monster Mash after that and complete the Buggy and the Beast Showcase event.

Reach 100mph in the 1992 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo to complete Century.

Finally capture The Mechanics of Emotion when you take a picture of any Alfa Romeo vehicle.

Daily Challenges

  • August 17 – Italian Automotive: Own and drive any Italian vehicle
  • August 18 – Unrelenting: Earn ten Speed Skills in any Pagani
  • August 19 – Looking the Part: Equip the Italy Race Suit in the Character Customizer
  • August 20 – Take Two: Win two Road Races in any Italian vehicle
  • August 21 – Monster Mash: Complete the Buggy and the Beast Showcase
  • August 22 – Century: Reach 100mph in the Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo
  • August 23 – The Mechanics of Emotion: Take a picture of any Alfa Romeo

Series 24 Summer Playlist: Season Events

Eight events appear on the solo Playlist this week — although you can also complete Horizon Arcade in multiplayer — with two Seasonal Championships, three PR Stunts, and a pair of EventLab creations.

For Horizon Arcade, worth three points, you’ll just need to find any Arcade event of any type and complete three rounds in any vehicle you choose. The zones are marked by pink circles on your map (and by a highly visible blimp) and you can take part in Air, Chaos, Drift, Speed, or Wreckage events.

In EventLab there’s a terribly familiar course at Forest Mountain Circuit. The layout is derived from the Trial Mountain circuit in Gran Turismo, with a couple of changes, and you just need to complete the laps in any A Class (701-800PI) Retro Supercar from Italy to earn three points and a Ferrari 488 GTB.

Meanwhile Beachtown Scramble is a course laid out at street level in Playa Azul. It’s a pretty narrow track, so thankfully the cars required are a little slower and smaller with only B Class (601-700PI) Rare Classics from Italy eligible. There’s three points and a Super Wheelspin for completing the laps.

The three PR Stunts are S2 Class (901-998PI) events as usual, but you’ll need a car from Italy for this week’s selection of a Danger Sign, Speed Trap, and Speed Zone — all on the eastern slope of the volcano. Each is worth two points and a Super Wheelspin.

Mountain Top will be a relatively easy Danger Sign, with a 550m target, you’ll need plenty of traction on the approach. Acceleration is key to the stiff 180mph target for the Los Arboles Speed Trap.

While Italy-themed, the Seasonal Championships remain three-race events against Highly Skilled AI, each worth five points. You’ll need to top the championship scoring at the end of all three rounds, and you’ll need to fight from an eighth place start (while the lead AI starts on pole… hardly fair) to get the points.

You’ll be street-racing in either Ferrari or Lamborghini vehicles in S1 Class (801-900PI) cars for Red vs. Yellow, with a Lamborghini Diablo SV as a bonus prize. For This Way Up you’ll be taking a B Class (601-700PI) Maserati Levante onto dirt, and there’s an Announcer Countdown Horn for victory.

EventLab: Beachtown Scramble

  • Car: B Class, Italy, Rare Classics
  • Location: Playa Azul
  • Challenge: Finish the race
  • Reward: 3 points, Super Wheelspin

EventLab: Forest Mountain Circuit

  • Car: A Class, Italy, Retro Supercars
  • Location: Gran Caldera
  • Challenge: Finish the race
  • Reward: 3 points, Ferrari 488 GTB

Horizon Tour: Mini Games

  • Car: Any
  • Location: Horizon Tour (any)
  • Challenge: Complete three rounds of Horizon Tour
  • Reward: 3 points

Danger Sign: Mountain Top

  • Car: S2 Class, Italy
  • Location: Gran Caldera
  • Challenge: 550m
  • Reward: 2 points, Super Wheelspin

Speed Trap: Los Arboles

  • Car: S2 Class, Italy
  • Location: Gran Caldera
  • Challenge: 180mph
  • Reward: 2 points, Super Wheelspin

Speed Zone: Switchbacks

  • Car: S2 Class, Italy
  • Location: Gran Caldera
  • Challenge: 115mph
  • Reward: 2 points, Super Wheelspin

Seasonal Championship: Red vs. Yellow

  • Car: S1 Class, Ferrari/Lamborghini
  • Location: Estadio Horizon
  • Challenge: Win the Championship
  • Reward: 5 points, Lamborghini Diablo SV

Seasonal Championship: This Way Up

  • Car: B Class, Maserati Levante
  • Location: Guanajuato
  • Challenge: Win the Championship
  • Reward: 5 points, Announcer Countdown Horn

Only The Trial appears in the multiplayer offerings this week, requiring an Xbox Live subscription to access on console or a PC to access unfettered.

It’s a team events which sees you paired up with up to five other humans to race championship-style against a team of six “Unbeatable” AI.

Each player on each team scores 100 points for every opponent they beat, but nothing for beating team-mates. This makes it a tactical battle to keep the AI behind as many of you as possible while not hindering your own team; sometimes the best outcome is for the very fastest players to act as blockers rather than sprinting off into the distance.

This week it’s a Road Racing event for A Class (701-800PI) Maserati Gran Turismo S vehicles, which should mean that the driving from team-mates is relatively controlled compared to overpowered machinery. That ought to make it an easy win in two races for ten points and a 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA.

The Trial: Maser Party

  • Car: A Class, Maserati Gran Turismo S
  • Location: Hotel Mirador
  • Challenge: Win the Championship
  • Reward: 10 points, Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA ’65

Series 24 Summer Playlist: Challenges

It’s a three-Challenges week, with another Treasure Hunt alongside the regular Photo Challenge and Horizon Open making an appearance in the multiplayer slot.

You will need online multiplayer access for that, of course, but you only need to pick up three Ultimate Drift or E-Drift Skills — for a drift long enough to rank up from basic through Great and Awesome — during Horizon Open Drifting. That will earn you two points and a Ferrari Portofino.

The Photo Challenge this week, #Showoff, is appropriately Italian. You’ll need to photograph any Ferrari model anywhere in Guanajuato to complete the task, with two points and a Raul Urias Jumper clothing item as your reward.

Guanajuato also features in the Treasure Hunt, The Grand Tour. It’s a pretty simple clue: “Taking a trip from Mulege to Guanajuato in your Maserati is bound to uncover some hidden gems.”

That shouldn’t take much working out. Just grab any Maserati, go (or fast travel) to Mulege, and drive from there to Guanajuato. To be fair, the city limits of both places aren’t entirely clear, so start at least south of the arch in Mulege just to be safe.

Completing that trip will reveal the Treasure Hint, which is a red circle on your map that shows roughly where the chest is located.

This week that’s in Tulum, just to the south of the ancient structures there but visible from the path around it. Smash it to earn three points and 100FP.

Horizon Open: Slip and Slide

  • Cars: Any
  • Location: Horizon Open Drifting
  • Challenge: Earn three Ultimate Drift/E-Drift Skills in Horizon Open Drifting
  • Reward: 2 points, Ferrari Portofino ’18

Photo Challenge: #Showoff

  • Cars: Ferrari (any)
  • Location: Guanajuato
  • Challenge: Photograph any Ferrari in Guanajuato
  • Reward: 2 points, Raul Urias Jumper

Treasure Hunt: The Grand Tour

  • Cars: Maserati (any)
  • Location: Mulege/Guanajuato; Tulum
  • Challenge: Drive any Maserati from Mulege to Guanajuato; find and smash the Treasure Chest
  • Reward: 3 points, 100FP

Series 24 Summer Playlist: Monthly Events

With a new Series there’s two new Monthly Events. Each offers four points, evenly distributed across the four Seasons regardless of whether you complete them today or on September 14th (before S25 arrives).

Both events require you to complete a clean run at the courses indicated in the cars provided to you, and that has an added bit of spice this week.

You’ll need to take care driving the point-to-point Volcan Sprint route up the eastern slope of the mountain in the Alfa Romeo 4C as there’s plenty of opportunity to mess it up and it’s a long run. The Horizon Mexico Circuit will be challenging for entirely different reasons as you’ll need to tame the paid DLC Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 track car.

Monthly Rivals: Horizon Mexico Circuit

  • Cars: Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 (provided)
  • Location: Horizon Festival
  • Challenge: Post a Clean Lap
  • Reward: 4 points (1 added to each season)

Monthly Rivals: Volcan Sprint

  • Cars: Alfa Romeo 4C (provided)
  • Location: Gran Caldera
  • Challenge: Post a Clean Time
  • Reward: 4 points (1 added to each season)

Series 24 Summer Bonus DLC Events

As usual owners of each of the two DLC expansion packs get a chance to earn seven bonus points in each location, consisting of a two-point PR Stunt and a five-point Seasonal Championship.

The Reservoir View Speed Zone is Rally Adventure’s PR Stunt, with an unusual A Class (701-800PI) Italian car requirement (your Maserati from The Trial will be ideal). It can be a tricky run with the tight hairpins but the 80mph target isn’t too troublesome. S2 Class (901-998PI) Extreme Track Toys are available for the much easier Hot Wheels Forest Edge Speed Trap, with its 250mph goal and a Super Wheelspin reward.

Highly Skilled AI await in the two championships. Nexus of Speed is an S2 Class (901-998PI) championship event for Italian cars in Hot Wheels, offering a Lamborghini Miura for victory (and beware that Playground Games still hasn’t addressed the issue of starting 12th in some Hot Wheels seasonals), while there’s a Badlands Desert Scarf available for victory in the A Class (701-800PI) Midnight Run event in Rally Adventure.

Hot Wheels Speed Trap: Forest Edge

  • Car: S2 Class, Extreme Track Toys
  • Location: Hot Wheels Forest Falls
  • Challenge: 250mph
  • Reward: 2 points, Super Wheelspin

Hot Wheels Seasonal Championship: Nexus of Speed

  • Car: S2 Class, Italy
  • Location: Hot Wheels Forest Falls
  • Challenge: Win the Championship
  • Reward: 5 points, Lamborghini Miura

Rally Adventure Speed Zone: Reservoir View

  • Car: A Class, Italy
  • Location: Sierra Nueva Epitaph Radio Tower
  • Challenge: 80mph
  • Reward: 2 points, Super Wheelspin

Rally Adventure Seasonal Championship: Midnight Run

  • Car: A Class, AWD
  • Location: Sierra Nueva Senda de Montanana
  • Challenge: Win the Championship
  • Reward: 5 points, Badlands Desert Scarf

Series 24 Summer Forzathon Shop

It will likely not be surprising that Italy dominates the Forzathon Shop this week, with a duo from the two old speed-houses.

Fronting the store is the Ferrari FXX, one of the first vehicles to answer the question “what if our supercar was a race car you can’t race” which has become surprisingly commonplace since.

To achieve this odd goal, Ferrari took the already mind-boggling Enzo and fitted race-grade components — from an F1-derived gearbox to custom slick tires, model specific aerodynamics and a massive 150hp bump on the enlarged 6.3-liter V12 engine.

A little more old-school is the Lamborghini Countach LP5000QV. This ultra-brutal performance car was a movie star and represented 80s excess in a way no other car could quite encapsulate. Even its name was a profanity…

As usual you can pick up both cars in the Autoshow. The FXX’s 2.5m credit cost is steep, so the 700FP it’ll set you back may be worth it, while 250FP for the Countach doesn’t stack up well against the 220,000cr cost.

Other store items this week include the Tape Rewind Horn and the Doodle Pattern Face Mask at 75FP each. The Wheelspin (60FP) and a Super Wheelspin (150FP) occupy their regular spots.

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