Turn 10 to Address Forza Motorsport Fan Complaints Over Progression, Penalties, & AI

Senior Turn 10 staff have issued a statement to fans of Forza Motorsport regarding the state of the game, promising to address prominent issues in 2024 and provide further, quarterly communications.

The statement is signed by Forza Motorsport’s game director Andy Beaudoin, creative director Chris Esaki, and executive producer Trevor Laupmanis, and directly references three specific issues that they regard as the most significant from fan feedback over the game’s first three months.

Leading the way here is car progression. As you may be aware, Forza Motorsport has a per-car progression system which requires you to drive each vehicle to level it up in order to unlock upgrades and points for purchasing these upgrades. This requires significant time, although it was rebalanced to shorten the time for many upgrades after just a week on sale.

However it’s still one of the biggest grievances for many fans, and it sits as Turn 10’s top priority for the coming year. Noting that it’s a “divisive” topic, the statement comments that the team is looking into changes that address complaints while keeping what works about this fundamental game mechanic.

Another issue brought up in the statement is that of Forza Race Regulations, which we found inconsistent even in our initial review. Turn 10 acknowledges that this is the case, citing examples of erroneous penalty system behaviors, and notes that it will be working with “long-time competitive Motorsport players” to assess and develop the system for the better.

Finally, at least for this quarter’s letter, there’s the AI. Again, this is something that Turn 10 agrees is under-performing, citing a number of unexpected behaviors including an unyielding approach to the racing line — despite pre-launch statements about machine learning and multiple lines — particularly at the race start.

Although there are myriad other issues, and some players will be scoffing at the absence of their own particular bugbears on the list, these three are the ones that the team considers the highest priority right now.

The statement does caution though that it will take some time to determine the proper courses of action, make the changes required, and test them before release.

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