Genesis Teases New Supercar Concept for Gran Turismo 7

Genesis Motor has revealed a supercar concept for Gran Turismo 7, as part of a special “Trackside Talk” presentation filmed at the recent Gran Turismo World Series Showdown.

The talk consisted of an interview of Genesis designers John Krsteski and Samir Sadikhov, who were speaking to Gran Turismo series commentator and event presenter Tom Brooks from the stage at the Showdown in Austria.

Alongside talking for about how the nascent brand evolved from the earlier Hyundai Genesis line of vehicles to become its own fully fledged marque, the designers spoke about how influential Gran Turismo has been — with Krsteski noting that sometimes his design team would doodle cars they’d call “Vision GT”.

However, towards the end of the talk, the duo teased that the current Genesis offerings in GT7 are just the start, as Krsteski commented “We have the Gr.3 and Gr.4 cars but I think that’s just the beginning of the relationship. We certainly want to surprise as we move forward and introduce some new ideas”.

That led into a short clip revealing brief glimpses of a previously unseen vehicle.

As yet we don’t have a name for the car, but even with the very fleeting shots of it we can determine quite a fair bit about it.

By shape and proportions it appears that the car is a mid-engined supercar and, despite the chatter about electric vehicles in the talk, the dual dry break filler on the rear of the car reveals a combustion engine of some kind. That could mean it’s a pure-ICE car — perhaps using a high-power version of the Tau V8 or Lambda V6 — or, more likely, a hybrid.

We can also see roof cutouts for the doors, revealing that the car is a two-seater, and some very unusual aerodynamic features. There looks to be a ducted front wing, similar to that of the Ferrari 488 Pista, Fittipaldi EF7, and the recent Genesis Essentia concept, with an oval rear wing combining upper and lateral elements in a single arc.

The cockpit and wheels are all in their own individual modules, as the design appears to channel air around these parts towards the rear, very much like the Aston Martin Valkyrie and Valhalla.

As a whole, the front end is reminiscent of the Genesis X Speedium concept, with the oval rear end also appearing on a number of recent concept designs. There’s also a new version of the illuminated dual styling line which looks to flow around the entire vehicle.

You can see the car in the 17-second clip at the end of the Trackside Talk. There’s no indication yet for when it will arrive in Gran Turismo 7, but we wouldn’t expect it to be too far away.

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