GoPro “Rampage” 1970 Camaro Wins GT Awards 2014, Coming to Gran Turismo


The 2014 Gran Turismo Awards were held at Drai’s Nightclub on the Las Vegas strip Wednesday night, where Kazunori Yamauchi announced a custom car from SEMA 2014 – the world’s largest aftermarket automotive industry event – would be featured in an upcoming Gran Turismo game.

It all came down to the five remaining category finalists, and the “Best in Show” prize was ultimately awarded to the GoPro “Rampage” 1970 Camaro.


Built by Roadster Shop in Mundelein, Illinois, the builders are still keeping a lot of specs under wraps for now. Hot Rod magazine just featured the car yesterday, though, and got some more details about what makes it so special:

Besides the fenders being made of carbon fiber; the nose, hood, trunk lid, rockers and diffusers are all carbon. Power is from a 750hp LS7 with a carbon fiber Harrop crossram injection and a sideways Jerico 5-speed trans. Why sideways? Because this is so low if it was mounted conventionally it would drag on the ground. A Motec Engineering management system controls the spark and flow.

The RS custom independent front and rear suspensions are sprung by Penske adjustable cantilevered coil-overs, and an air-jack system because the car is too low for a conventional jack.

As the Best in Show winner, the car is coming to a Gran Turismo game in the future, though it’s obviously not clear when we can expect it. Last year’s winner, a custom ’67 Chevy Nova, and the 2012 winner, David Eckert’s Ford Mach 40, have yet to arrive, though GTPlanet has learned both cars have been digitally scanned and will be released in due time.

Congratulations to GoPro and the Roadster Shop team for their victory!

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Comments (106)

  1. jergto

    Kaz sure has a taste in crappy cars. I’ll admit I bought GT6 and have been left @ meh yet again.
    *Yawn*, they should have picked ken blocks ’65 mustang. 850hp, awd!!!

    As for cars being passed over, wow, the next 7th iteration of a Japanese game. YES, they will pass over your american or european car. They will put a prius black mask or what ever the hell kaz wastes his time on.
    Besides doing a sound clip of driver getting into every car, i think the new innovative thing is before the engine starts, you can hear the player get into the seat of the car. That’ll be one of the new “revolutionary” things with GT7. Call it driver seat audio, just before it starts the motor.

  2. motokroy

    You may think you’ve seen some highly douchey pony cars driven by mustachioed amateur douches, but this camaro really ‘goes pro’ in douche-baggary!

  3. Sharpie

    There is too much going on on this car big rear wing gils in fenders up front air spliter etc hahah it is a mess but the end result is that everything works form folowing function in a ugly way

  4. infamousphil

    I wouldn’t presume to tell Kaz or anyone else what they should pick as a favorite. It’s their own perspective of what is most desirable.

    But I gotta say the pickins must ah been real slim because that gopro is as ugly as, as Arnold Schwarzenegger once said… ‘one ugly mother…! From the paint job to the high mounted rear spoiler.

  5. GT5 Level 41

    For those of us that remember that nose from the 70’s its fricking awesome. I remember seeing those yellow maro’s all over town back in the day. I recall they were the first “tuners” with aftermarket body kits with gray bondo holding it all together before the 80’s rice burners showed up. It’s that offensive? Not ment to be, it’s just what we called them back then.

    Does anyone else think the nightclub looks like Kart Space?

    1. KyoDex

      Why does every suggestion for a new car always include LaFerrari or the Huracan? Can you come up with a car that GT6 can add that hasn’t been picked up by Forza or NFS? If you can’t I wouldn’t be complaining so much.

      I, myself, am really excited for a car that only GT6 is getting, same with the VGTs. But no, of course the oh-so-wise “fans” of Gran Turismo know better. They want cars that are already tired and used, that other games have already sold as overpriced DLC. Unique and fun cars that are designed SPECIFICALLY FOR GT6?! None for me, it’s not the f***ing F-Type.

    2. Riblo72

      Maybe because the game is called “Gran Turismo” and the cars that are usually called Gran turismo are Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Pagani, Bugatti, and so on and not Suzuki Swift or Mazda Miata…

  6. Maddens Raiders

    I love GT and understand the SEMA presence in the game and giving love to that market and those fans, but what about rounding out the game with more pure racers like GT3, GTE and DTM cars and more LMP2 and LMP1 cars? Aston, Bentley, Ferrari 458, for GT (returning to LeMans), and where is the Rebellion LMP, the Muscle Milk LMP, Martini Racing, or the Audi A5 DTM cars? I could go on but you get my point. What is resisting these additions?

  7. Nurburgthing.

    Congrats to Go Pro.

    Can’t say I’m not disappointed though, I would like to see another non US car win this award again. How many Camaros have won this now?

  8. berettagt88

    I’m all for more Camaro’s added to the game but Pd keep skipping the 2012 Camaro ZL1,2013 Camaro SS 1LE and 2014 Camaro Z/28 track car will we see ’em in GT7 who know’s

  9. HarVee

    One thing I can’t ever comprehend is why Kazunori includes tuned versions of cars that don’t even exist in the game yet. Cars such as this ’70 Camaro, or the ’60 Art Morrison Corvette, or Leno’s Toronado. If you’re going to go through the effort of acquiring all necessary licenses and credentials to implement these tuned variants, then why not add the original models of which they’re based off of too?

  10. Amac500

    I’m sorry, I gave it 24 hours to come around to it, bit I just think this car is straight up ugly. I just don’t like the thing, I wish they choose something else.

    1. ginsunh

      It does look like a vaporware car concocted for some “Need For Speed” type game. I dig it, but only because I know it actually exists. But, yeah, it’s fugly.

  11. MustangCobra95

    I’m getting extremely pissed off at how negative this community has gone! How about you be happy that cars are getting added to the game regardless of what type they are!

    In other words, that Camaro looks sick as hell and it looks like that one Camaro in GT6 in its “RM” form!

    1. CeeJay

      Just FYI Kaz and PD have yet to add the SEMA award winners from 2012 and 2013 to Gran Turismo so I’m not sure I’d be too ecstatic about this car being added anytime soon. Not negativity, just reality! :)

    2. liv4hardstyle

      FYI, this is a forum and thus people are entitled to their opinions. If you don’t like what others say then you can always boycott the comments section of the articles.

      My opinion on this car- hideous, that is me and me only. I’m not going to sugar coat it or beat around the bush. If there are lots of people saying negative things about the car then to me its a reflection of the car itself. If you like it great, just don’t waste your time and energy getting “pissed off” with others because their opinion isn’t the same as yours.

    3. jimipitbull

      The Cupcake Generation are usually always negative, unless they are the center of attention.
      That’s why they started putting cameras on the front of phones.

      Nice car, I think I will call her El Camaroo.

  12. IceGT

    This car looks fantastic who cares if it another Camaro, if it was the best car at the show it should win the award. For those of you complaining please tell us what other car at the show you think should have won. If you can’t answer the question please be quiet. There were lots of great cars at the show, but I for one am not disappointed with their selection.

  13. pasigiri

    Oh stop with the “another Camaro” complaints people. Just imagine if it was another GT-R or Miata or RX-7.

  14. Nomadpt1

    PD, I will give you an advice. Instead of another modified camaro put the original one.
    the same goes to the oldsmobile toronado, put the original one not the one from jay leno garage.

  15. Scuderia Paul

    When I saw the headline, I thought great another damn Camaro. But upon seeing the pictures I think it looks pretty epic.

    Roll on GT8. I mean GT7!!! ;)

  16. SnakeOfBacon

    Very nice, I wonder if this car and the two previous winners (along with Pebble Beach cars) will be coming to GT6 in an update or to GT7. I also wonder if the Buick Special and HPA Golf will be remodelled to match the rest of the SEMA winners.

  17. TomBrady

    You gotta be kidding me. Sometimes I really hate Kaz.

    Although this Camaro looks a lot better than the last few, even still, enough with the red kneck cars. American cars are trash

    1. ginsunh

      If it were red “kneck” it would have a giant “3” sticker on the back, a Playboy air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror, and it would be sponsored by 5 Hour Energy.

  18. Steph290

    I know it happens to be another Camaro, but this one definitely deserved the award. So much time and work put into that car. What a beauty! In addition to the ones we await, I do hope all of the GT Award cars are carried over to the next generation of Gran Turismo.

    1. Johnnypenso

      How much more time and work was put into this car so that it deserves the award over any of the other worthy cars?

    2. Steph290

      Not saying that other mods weren’t time consuming as well, but more of the attention to detail that made it stand out from others that I’ve seen so far. For me, most of the wide body kits on the imports & Euros were very similar and they didn’t really grab my attention (with the LibertyWalk Aventador and RocketBunny NSX as exceptions). The Camaro’s color scheme, body/aero kit, engine bay, interior…for me it just all came together beautifully in comparison to the others in the galleries. (Please don’t chew off my head Johnny)

    3. Johnnypenso

      Lol. It’s a matter of taste I guess, and I normally like Camaros, but to me this reminds me of a slap on bodykit from the 80’s or 90’s and the rear end looks more like a Toronado or other cars of that era. I’m sure there was lots of effort put into it, but it definitely would not have been my first choice.

    4. Steph290

      Yup, but I won’t deny that Camaros hold a special place in Kaz’s heart, lol. Any honorable mentions of your choice?

  19. Mr C5 Z06 Vette

    Isn’t the Aston Martin DBR1 supposed to be coming to GT as well? It did win the award at pebble beach last year. No sign of the Aston so I personally couldn’t care less about this Camaro.

    1. danbojte

      Because hate is easy. And also gives the false impression that you are cool, interesting or somebody who counts.

    1. wudy201

      Where are all these camaros at the Gt game I have all the camaros in it make sense to be in there there The 69 z28 and tbe racecar, the 69 or 70s forget which year ss, the 88 Iroc, 97 z28, 00 ss, ’10 ss and touring car and the LM. I can think of a lot of other cars that are a waste of space before 9 camaros,( look in Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Honda, and I would even put Toyota in there) just putting that out there. Personally I could chop out some Audis and BMWs. Really whith all thats been done to this car Its really not even a camaro anymore just the badge is camaro now its like a whole new different car. Im sure when behind the wheel of this thing it aint going to be like getting behind the wheel of any other camaro out there. I welcome this beast.

  20. numbnuts70

    What ever happened to that little blue Ferrari that won the Pebble Beach competition?

    I would’ve preferred a bit of class like that, rather than this red-neck hot-rod.

    PD fail, yet again.

    P.S. Hurry up with Pikes Peak already!! haha.

  21. thehobnob97

    That Camaro looks so beast. It will be awesome to drive it. I do agree with Halcyon925 on the JDM cars bit. The Bulletproof Automotive FR-S/GT86/BRZ is an amazing car.

  22. LR-MR-Cole

    I am sick of american muscle cars and camaros winning these awards. How about that fr-s roadster turbo. It would be a lot better to throw in a corner. This camaro has carbon everything but still handles like a dog probably. Forget SEMA nothing but tuned garbage. Lets get cars like Jaguar Project 7 or a Ferrari 458 Speciale (an even better version of an epic car). Good thing F1 2014 is out to get my racing fix cause GT6 is not doing it. Oh and pls fix the arcade mode races. We want tire deg, fuel consumption and to be able to pick your opponents or class not drive a SLS gt3 and race against a field of all rally cars. Pathetic. This is the first complaint from me in about a year so i have to vent.

    1. wudy201

      Sorryto hear that a camaro winning an award just ruined gt for you. Atleast your other complaints are something new we never heard of before (fixing arcade, tire fuel and custom races). Thank god F1 is coming out I just hope that this game doesnt have any faults since GT cant get it right.

    2. Chrisachi

      So you mean to tell me that when you do formula 1 races in arcade mode it puts you u against rally cars instead of formula 1 cars?

  23. Halcyon925

    It is a nice car, but I would actually like to see a tuner car actually win for once. I know we don’t have many American cars in the game, but most of them can’t really race too well compared to JDM and EDM cars. Something like that GT-86 that was in SEMA two years ago; that would be nice for a one-time JDM car from SEMA that won.

    1. AbsoluteBarstool

      The problem that I can see is that you can’t really do something wild with a tuner car without it looking cheap, cheesy or otherwise a bit rubbish. There’s a need for real talent that doesn’t seem to have popped up yet.

    2. ScotteDawg

      Australian V8’s kick USA V8’s ass every day of the week! Add some of them, incl. the V8 Supercars and I’m happy! (ALL AUSTRALIAN’S WHO PLAY GT6 WHO WILL GO ON TO PLAY GT7 WANT AUSSIE CARS THAT ARE NOT 10 TO 14 YEARS OLD!)

      But there ARE some older Aussie V8’s and straight 6’s we want that out-perform a lot of the newer cars or just look heaps better than the American copies of our cars! (For clarity, the American 1970 Chev Nova is a copy of the Australian 1968 Holden HG Monaro!)

    3. Chrisachi

      I second what Halcyon925 said and to add to it I would say that should just make a really bad ass Brz Frs/86, have not seen a really really good custom one yet.

    1. Chrisachi

      Guys relax save this anger for your wives when they make you do the dish’s or something. Yea I actually just bought a ps3 just so I could play GT6 guess im buying a ps4 as soon as gt7 comes out.

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