Gran Turismo 7 Daily Races: Willy Nilly

The latest set of three Gran Turismo 7 Daily Races is now available for the next seven days, bringing some new and unusual ways to race against your fellow humans online.

“Unusual” is definitely the way to describe this week’s Race A, which takes you to the Californian circuit of Willow Springs. You won’t, however, be racing at the high-speed Big Willow course…

Instead you’ll be heading to the Streets of Willow Springs, an odd, compact ribbon full of frustratingly unsighted corners and — ordinarily — a final section that has all the vibe of a car park. Largely because it is one. Just to make things a little weirder, you’ll be racing around the track in the reverse direction.

Turning the oddness up to the maximum, it’s a one-make race for the 1945 Jeep Willys MB, which is probably more at home in the off-track areas of the circuit. Nonetheless, you can either borrow an example of the 60hp military jeep or use your own (without an engine swap, or widebody) with Comfort Soft tires equipped.

It’s a four-lap race, and you’ll need to be aware of the fact it’s a Grid Start with a False Start Check. Jumping the start will result in an immediate, short cut in engine power (as much as that applies to a 60hp Jeep) and that will probably cause a pileup if you’re towards the front of the field.

As with last week, your Driver Rating won’t be affected by the events of the race, but your Sportsmanship Rating will. With so many ways to go off-track on this tight circuit, and the unfamiliar running direction, this could be a great way to lose a lot of SR very quickly…

Race B sees the return of the Trial Mountain circuit, which this week hosts a race for Gr.3 cars. As usual, this means you can select any car you wish from the Gr.3 category, with the only restriction being the Racing Hard tire requirement.

It’s a simple four-lap sprint around the course, and it’s worth noting that you’ll be able to adjust your car’s Brake Balance settings — both before and during the race — but not any suspension settings as we’ve seen in some recent events.

Finally there’s Race C which is once again visiting the fictional Autodrome Lago Maggiore complex — this time taking in the extremely short Center layout.

This race is for Gr.4 machinery, so again you can select any car from the class, but there’s a couple of additional considerations for the week.

Suspension tuning is opening up again, this time allowing you to tweak the Anti Roll Bar and Damper Compression/Expansion settings ahead of the race. With the highly varied Gr.4 category, comprising mid-engined, front-engined, and front-, rear-, and all-wheel drive, that could bring more vehicles into play than usual.

You’ll be required to use Racing Hard tires for the 20-lap race — yes, that’s twenty laps — and although they won’t wear in any significant way thanks to the 1x tire wear factor, you will need to make one stop.

This is a mandatory trip through the pit lane, for which you don’t need to take on either fuel (also at 1x consumption rate) or tires, and you can take it at any time except before you cross the start line for the first time or at the end of the final lap.

In order to access the Daily Races, you’ll need to unlock Sport Mode, by completing Menu Book 9 (“Championship: Tokyo Highway Parade”) in the GT Cafe single player hub.

With GT7’s Daily Races updating every Monday across the game’s life to date, the next new set should arrive on Monday November 27.

Race A

  • Track: Willow Springs – Streets of Willow Springs Reverse, 4 laps
  • Car: Jeep Willys MB ’45 – Garage/Rental Car
  • Power/Weight/PP Limit: BOP (L)
  • Tires: Comfort Soft
  • Settings: Fixed
  • Start Type: Grid Start with False Start Check
  • Fuel use: 1x
  • Tire use: 1x

Race B

  • Track: Trial Mountain, 4 laps
  • Car: Gr.3 – Garage/Rental Car
  • Power/Weight/PP Limit: BOP (M)
  • Tires: Racing Hard
  • Settings: Partially Allowed – Brake Balance
  • Start Type: Rolling Start
  • Fuel use: 1x
  • Tire use: 1x

Race C

  • Track: Autodrome Lago Maggiore – Center, 20 laps
  • Car: Gr.4 – Garage/Rental Car
  • Power/Weight/PP Limit: BOP (M)
  • Tires: Racing Hard
  • Settings: Partially Allowed – Brake Balance, Partial Suspension
  • Start Type: Rolling Start
  • Fuel use: 1x
  • Tire use: 1x

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