Gran Turismo 7 Daily Races: Genesis Rock

Gran Turismo 7’s newest selection of Daily Races is now available, with three fresh events to carry players through the next week and across the Gran Turismo World Series World Final weekend.

One of the partner brands for the series, Genesis, features accordingly in the events this week, ahead of the unveiling of its Vision Gran Turismo entry on December 2. However you’ll be racing the brand’s sole roadgoing entry: the G70 3.3T AWD Package ’22.

Whether you drive your own — and beware that widebody cars aren’t permitted — or borrow one for the event, you’ll be driving the D-segment sedan in an eight-lap race around the tight Sardegna Road Track C circuit, and in the reverse direction.

That means the tight, right-handed hairpin is the first turn, and the unfamiliar running direction might catch a few players out. Given that this week’s “No DR/SR” variation will see your Driver Rating unaffected but your Sportsmanship Rating very much at risk, that could lead to some unsavory prangs.

Also be aware of the False Start Check on the Grid Start this week. Should you jump the start — between the five lights coming on and going off — you’ll face an immediate cut of engine power for a short period, and likely become the center of a large accident.

For Race B this week you’ll be heading to Monza in the Gr.4 cars. This one’s going to be a high-speed, four-lap sprint on Racing Hard tires and it’s pretty likely to be an effective one-make race for the Mazda 3 — with the odd Veyron thrown in for traditionalists.

That said, you’ve a wider range of vehicle settings available to you this week, with four suspension parameters and the Brake Balance all able to be adjusted. You can set up the anti-roll bars, damper compression, damper expansion, and spring natural frequency before the race, and adjust brake balance both beforehand and on the fly during the event.

Race C brings you to Grand Valley Highway-1, for a nine-lap race in Gr.3 cars. This race also gives you the ability to adjust the same vehicle settings as Race B, but you’ll need to keep one eye on tire wear for the event.

That’s because the wear rate is set at 6x, meaning that your rubber wears out six times faster than the standard rate. It means an effective 54-lap race for your Racing Medium rubber and though it’s likely to last until the end you’ll have more pace on the final lap if you can save an extra sliver.

However there’s also a mandatory pit stop. You’ll need to make a trip through the pit lane on any full racing lap — so no diving in at the end of lap nine or, if you’re far enough back on the rolling start, before lap one starts — but you don’t need to swap tires or take on fuel. The 3x fuel consumption multiplier won’t be a consideration either.

In order to access the Daily Races, you’ll need to unlock Sport Mode, by completing Menu Book 9 (“Championship: Tokyo Highway Parade”) in the GT Cafe single player hub.

With GT7’s Daily Races updating every Monday across the game’s life to date, the next new set should arrive on Monday December 4.

Race A

  • Track: Sardegna Road Track – C Reverse, 8 laps
  • Car: Genesis G70 3.3T ’22 – Garage/Rental Car
  • Power/Weight/PP Limit: BOP (L)
  • Tires: Sports Hard
  • Settings: Fixed
  • Start Type: Grid Start with False Start Check
  • Fuel use: 1x
  • Tire use: 1x

Race B

  • Track: Autodrome Nazionale di Monza, 4 laps
  • Car: Gr.4 – Garage/Rental Car
  • Power/Weight/PP Limit: BOP (H)
  • Tires: Racing Hard
  • Settings: Partially Allowed – Brake Balance, Partial Suspension
  • Start Type: Rolling Start
  • Fuel use: 1x
  • Tire use: 1x

Race C

  • Track: Grand Valley Highway-1, 9 laps
  • Car: Gr.3 – Garage/Rental Car
  • Power/Weight/PP Limit: BOP (M)
  • Tires: Racing Medium
  • Settings: Partially Allowed – Brake Balance, Partial Suspension
  • Start Type: Rolling Start
  • Fuel use: 3x
  • Tire use: 6x

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