Gran Turismo 7 Appears on Nvidia GeForce Now Leak (Updated)

Update: Nvidia has responded to the leak, stating that the list of titles on the platform is “used only for internal tracking and testing”, and that the inclusion of any title “is neither confirmation nor an announcement of any game”.

A video posted to YouTube this weekend appears to show Gran Turismo 7, along with other PlayStation exclusive titles, as a PC title, but don’t hold off on that PlayStation 5 purchase just yet (if you can find one).

The video centers on the GeForce Now game delivery platform. If you’re not entirely familiar with the GeForce Now, it’s a service from GPU manufacturer Nvidia that allows users with an account to stream games made available in its library.

It’s a service that’s been dogged by controversy over the last couple of years. Initially launching as buy-to-play service, with games available through the platform, it has become a service which offers titles through other providers as well as its own. That means that if you already own a game on Steam or Epic, you can launch it through GFN.

This functionality is at the core of the issue. A YouTube user called IGHOR created a video to bring an issue with GFN to Nvidia’s attention, after apparently being ignored previously.

It’s a little tricky to follow, but the essence is that when GFN loads up, it requests and receives unsecured library information from the platform’s server. The information contains not only all the titles that a normal subscriber can use, but a wide range of over 18,000 items of software, most of which is usually invisible and inaccessible.

Using a proxy server, IGHOR was able to load up all of the software into a GFN interface and see precisely what’s inside. Among other things, that included PlayStation exclusives like Gran Turismo 7, Horizon Forbidden West, Ratchet & Clank, and Returnal.

Naturally this has prompted a rumor that GT7 will be coming to PC, and while it’s certainly a possibility — Sony has been looking at making PS exclusives available on PC — it isn’t actually what’s shown here.

Looking more closely at the data retrieved, we can see that all of the titles listed have no Steam or Epic ID except for those already available or in development for PC.

Horizon Zero Dawn for example appears in the list several times. The title is available on Steam and is listed with a valid Steam ID, but February’s sequel Horizon Forbidden West only appears without a Steam ID.

That also applies to God of War, but with an interesting twist. The original, which is available on PS Now, is also listed with a Steam ID of “TBD”, which would suggest that title is indeed heading to PC. However the upcoming sequel — God of War Ragnarok — has no Steam listing. Neither does Gran Turismo 7.

IGHOR’s video makes it pretty clear that the list of games shown is probably a result of data being scraped from other providers’ libraries, rather than any confirmed or future availability through GFN.

That includes not only Steam but Epic, GOG, and myriad others, with the PlayStation exclusives simply showing up as a result of being in PlayStation’s storefronts, and on the PS Now service.

Interestingly, the list also contains Nintendo emulation software and Nintendo titles labelled as “Nvidia Confidential”, which suggests that GFN has a private testing environment for Nvidia staff. However none of the PlayStation games show up in this manner, only as titles without description or screenshots.

While we’re not going to rule out a Gran Turismo title heading to PC eventually, this particular leak doesn’t make it any more likely.

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  1. CryEvenHarder

    GT in its current form is neither a sim or a mixture of arcade and sim. It is pure arcade. PD are applying make up and saying its a sim game (lol).

  2. Mr Wheel Guy

    To me, if Gran Turismo comes to PC, it’s better be a spin-off (Where it leans more towards Sim Racing rather than Simcade).

    Since Simcade sounds more associated to consoles since it is optimized for controller pad and wheel. I believe that not every Simcade players on consoles would able to afford racing wheel so they end up using controller pad instead.
    While Sim Racing sounds more associated on PC since it is much more optimized for wheel.

    Similar that DiRT Rally series appears to be a spin-off of DiRT series.
    DiRT Rally is Rally Sim
    DiRT (Main series) is Simcade Rally (Apart from DiRT 5 and Showdown).

    1. Mr Wheel Guy

      I remembered some games like Nascar Heat 5, I thought this game is supposed to be a sim racer but feels more like simcade because simply Studio 397 wanted to make it accessible for any kind of players.

      1. Noobiix007

        You’re mixing everything here, Nascar Heat 5 wasn’t at all made in association with Studio 397, that’s the upcoming Nascar 21 Ignition that is, which is going to be way more of a sim.

      2. Twist3d_Drift3rr

        NASCAR Heat 5 had nothing to do with Studio 397. That was before S397 even got involved with the physics of the game. The new game coming out however NASCAR ’21 Ignition has studio 397 making the physics. Heat 5 is full arcade and runs on the atrocious unity engine.

    2. Kazuya720

      @Mr Wheel Guy: Well I have a whole race cockpit, with seat, wheel, paddles etc. and I only play on consoles! As the huge area to adjust your (what ever) steering wheel is included back than in GT5, GT6, Sport and sure it will be in GT7, I don’t see, why consoles should only have “simcade”, (which sounds like a vilification), while the PC is allowed to get the REAL sim racing (games) ?!

      No, its not the case! I don’t even see where this comes from, because everyone who plays on PC and (mostly) uses Steam is most likely also a casual gamer who plays with pad and keyboard. The “core” gamer who wants to experience a racing sim as most imersive playes with a wheel. But not matter on which plattform, PC or console.

      GT is a sim racer!

      1. NekoPufferPPP

        Sim racing, i.e. competitive racing where reaction times are key, does work better on PC. Consoles are limited to 60fps, that’s not good enough for minimal input delay. In my experience, for example in PC2, the difference in input delay between 60 and 120 fps is astronomical, plus, the physics work better at a higher framerate, that includes force feedback as well.

        You can get used to driving at 60fps, but once you try it in double that, you’re not gonna wanna go back to 60, trust me. The difference is roughly 8ms. It doesn’t sound like a lot but it really is.

      2. Mr Wheel Guy

        Unfortunately GT is still considered to be simcade just like Forza Motorsport series.

        They’re still lower tier compared to the rFactor series though.

      3. Skinny McLean

        @NekoPufferPPP Only in very badly made games are the physics and FFB systems coupled to the frame-rate. Otherwise it’s handled in separate threads. It sounds like you’re talking about 20-30 year old games from before that was a thing.

  3. TomBrady

    Porting games to PC day and date is terrible for games. The biggest reason exclusives are so special and so polished is because they only have to focus on 1 platform. Just making a game cross gen hurts games a huge amount, let alone getting a game running on PC.

    Sure, it’s fine if they port games to PC 2 years later but it’s never gonna stay that way. That is why PC ports is the worse thing to happen to PS exclusives

    I don’t want worse games just so Sony can put more money in its pockets in the short term. Eventually it’s gonna bite them in the ass when the quality and dev time of their games gets worse and worse

    Especailly for a studio like PD that already struggles to release games on time.

    1. CodyRoy

      The architecture of the PS5 is almost identical to PC now so porting games isn’t much of a task anymore. PS5 has a Ryzen SOC with RDNA graphics so basically it is a gaming laptop. The port shouldn’t be an issue and would greatly increase the sale of GT. PC already got Forza, hopefully we get GT as well!

  4. phillgt2002

    I don’t see this costing Sony anything. Their biggest competitor, Microsoft, is running off with consumer trust with cross-platform availability and compatibility. This is something that Sony needs to do.

    Also, considering the racing game market on PC, if GT7 came out on it, there would be NOTHING as polished as a GT game to compete with it. The only games I can say could compete with it is Forza 8 and Project Cars 3, and we all know that those just are lacking.

    Sometimes I don’t feel like messing around with online-lobbies and I just want to get straight into a fleshed out career mode with good AI.

    1. Dan kem

      This will be simcade, made for pad users. It will not compete as far as refind ffb and contact patch as assetto Corsa competzione, rfactor 2 or iRacing. When it comes to PC it will be just for some fun, relax on the couch game play. Do not kid yourself if you think this will be anything other then some slap and tickle fun, it will not complete with proper sim racing on PC

      1. Dan kem

        This is coming to PS4 also, so I am pretty sure this will feel and play identical to gt sport, which when compare to the aforementioned proper sim titles, gt sport is more then lacking. I really hope it’s a refined Sim, will not breathe

  5. HuskyGT

    This would be a god-sent gift. I mean, they could just release their first party games on a Sony exclusive launcher. It doesn’t have to be Steam or Epic. This would be my only chance of ever getting back to Gran Turismo. I hope it happens.

  6. warp9engage

    Given the dedicated sim-racing community the PC has, Gran Turismo makes more sense to be ported than any other first-party game. I’m willing to bet it’s not an ‘if’ but a ‘when’ it will come.
    Gran Turismo is a system seller, but so is Horizon and Uncharted, and that didn’t stop Sony. In fact, I would bet the latter two are probably bigger system sellers than GT, nowadays. I don’t see a racing simulator being the game that makes you splurge 400-500$ on a whole system, in more cases. Buying a PS just for Uncharted or God of War, on the other hand…
    This leak is nothing definitive, but it is curious that the publisher is “Playstation Mobile Inc”, which is the one publishing the ports. Also curious is that it’s not just a bunch of placeholders for anything Playstation, just in case, there’s no Bloodborne, no Spider-Man, no Last Of Us.

    1. Nujaseb

      Why would I buy a 400-500$ system for Uncharted or GoW? They’re both games that once finished are basically one and done, whereas GT could give me hundreds of hours of gameplay.

      1. warp9engage

        Because GT’s gameplay is only really appealing to racing fans, which tend to be a minority. For most of those others, hundreds of hours of “driving in circles” would be worthless.

        A lot of these PS experiences, like God of War, are made to be like long, interactive blockbuster movies. Just like people re-watch movies they enjoy, people will replay the stories they enjoy, even if it’s just to try to complete things in a different manner.

        In sum, Gran Turismo, as big of a franchise as it is, is more niche than the likes of GoW, Uncharted, TLoU.

      2. TomBrady

        First of all, there’s 100’s of “one and done” games. That doesn’t make them any less valuable. Second of all, no games are one and done. Most people replay their favorite games multiple times whether they’re “replayable” or not.

        Plus, $500 is nothing for what the PS5 and Series X offer. Just a mid grade CPU upgrade can cost the same amount and barely offer more performance. I looked into upgrading my PC to play Xbox games at a decent framerate and even if I only upgraded my CPU and got the RAM and MOBO a new CPU would require, it came to $450. Let alone the cost of a modern ray tracing capable GPU, if you can even find one.

        I bought a series X instead and it’s a much better experience than PC anyways. So is PS5.

  7. Skinny McLean

    I also think the list has been constructed by scraping various online game stores, as Andrew mentioned, so GT7 is probably not coming to Steam or Epic etc. anytime soon (or ever.)

    There's a write-up by Ighor here:

    It's quite sensationalist, in my opinion – he didn't really "unlock all games," because he could only run the games he already owns. It's simply the downloading of a JSON file through a web browser instead of via Nvidia's GFN app we're talking about. And Nvidia's online GraphQL editor (now disabled) is not needed. Feeding that JSON file to the GFN app by setting up a proxy doesn't really add anything at all (as all the info and all the links are in the JSON file,) other than it looks 'cool' in a YouTube video. It does make Nvidia's web developers look like amateurs, of course.

    And regarding the alleged piracy, a comment on his page says:

    "new super mario bros. wii is there because it's on the nvidia shield in china, has nothing to do with dolphin being there," so I guess his "software piracy" claim is bogus too.

    There's a list of the non-Steam games (from before Nvidia shortened the JSON file to 1083 entries) here:

  8. MisterWaffles

    If by some miracle GT7 ends up becoming playable on the PC, I wish your graphics cards good luck. I know my laptop would purposefully light itself on fire if it was aware I’d be trying to run the game on it.

    1. NekoPufferPPP

      I don’t understand these “my pc is on fire” jokes, it just means you don’t keep your temperatures in check, or haven’t enabled vsync, or haven’t turned the graphics settings down enough. Dust buildup is also a thing, old thermal paste as well. Am I the only one who thinks it’s entirely unfunny?

    2. 64bitmodels

      Ah yes, because Gran Turismo is such a demanding game that any PC running it that doesn’t have a top of the line graphics card will instantly go up in flames.
      You can’t be serious right now

  9. NekoPufferPPP

    If this was true, it would be massive… Unfortunately, under normal circumstances, it would cost Sony a fortune, because people wouldn’t have to buy their console to play the exclusives.

    However, taking current times into consideration i.e. supply shortages – it would honestly be a very beneficial move for them.

    If they can’t make enough consoles for everyone, those people won’t buy the exclusive games either, but since most people already have PCs, they could buy those exclusive games, and Sony can keep their profits up.

    Honestly it would make a lot of sense.

    They announced a PC version of Uncharted 4 at the recent event. That could be a hint, but we’ll have to wait and see…

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