Gran Turismo 7 to See Improved Crash & Damage Physics, Coming Before 2017


Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi was in Paris last week for the formal unveiling of the new Peugeot Vision GT concept, offering the first chance in quite some time for members of the media to ask him questions. As would be expected, most of them were eager to get him talking about GT7.

The game hasn’t been formally announced, of course, so he was typically coy in his answers but did make some interesting remarks. In an interview with Italian gaming site, Yamauchi-san touched on the controversial subject of vehicular damage. Via Google Translation:

“Yamauchi has guaranteed that the seventh chapter will solve many problems related to the physical impacts and simulation of damage, two aspects that have always been taken seriously by fans of this saga. It also confirms a greater number of premium cars in Gran Turismo 7, although – for the moment – Yamauchi-san has preferred not to say too much about figures.

“Finally, when asked about the alleged arrival of Gran Turismo 7 in 2017, as initially feared by some sources, it came a blunt denial: “People will never wait so much.”

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  1. HarVee

    There is something about this comment that is leaving a bitter taste in my mouth… Perhaps it is the part when he said “It also confirms a greater number of premium cars in Gran Turismo 7”

    I’m hoping he meant that there will be more high-quality cars, because there will only be high-quality cars, and not implying there will be standards too.

  2. Rubencho

    Don’t know… a lot of things were promised for the release of GT6 and even now years after haven’t been integrated.

    I’m really considering going back to Forza Horizon, it’s arcadish but fun

    1. Rouzbeh

      YEARS? The game was released in December 2013 which is basically 2014. It’s been less that 2 years since the release of GT6.

    2. Rubencho

      @Rouzbeh ok ok, year and a half then (not taking into account the years of rumors prior the actual release of game)

  3. panjandrum

    Have to admit, there is little chance I’ll be investing in GT7. It would be the only reason I would have to purchase a PS4, so there is that, but if it was something truly great like GT4 was, then I would go for it. But my nearly complete disappointment in both GT5 and GT6 means that GT7 would have to bring a tremendous amount to the table. Most importantly, it would have to bring the challenge and fun back to the GT line. No more watered-down overly-easy physics, no more boringness, better variety of tracks (i.e. bring back the track variety from GT4), bring back the great FFB (why the heck is GT4’s FFB STILL so much better than GT5 or 6?). The list just goes on and on. I think PD really lost their way with GT5 and haven’t found their way back again yet; and I see little evidence that they know how to do so.

  4. sind3ntosca

    Just be excited and pray a lot for GT7, enough with complaining, whining, etc… they need our support guys. We play another game like Assetto Corsa, pCars, Driving Club, Forza etc… but still you comeback to play GT. I know a lot people doing this LOL… because GT is a great game, continue to evolve… and give us lots of free DLCs. I’m excited for GT7.. c’mon! ^_^

    1. Johnnypenso

      “We play another game like Assetto Corsa, pCars, Driving Club, Forza etc… but still you comeback to play GT. ” Doesn’t apply to most of the people I know…lol.

    2. Progress823

      I know a lot of people that have returned to GT after being dissatisfied by the newer offering just as I know a lot people who have left GT without a chance to return. That said…. I cannot make any judgement until I am able to compare apples to apples – GT6 is on a 7th generation console and PCars, Forza 5, et al. are on 8th generation console. It’s like comparing comparing a bottle of Boone’s Farm to a bottle of fine champagne….

    3. Tenacious D

      Most of the people I know still consider Gran Turismo to be the iconic racer, and fully expected GT6 to be on PS4. For some of them, it’s why they haven’t bought a PS4 yet.

      I wouldn’t fret over a handful of people who heap disdain on Kaz, PD and GT. People the world over aren’t fed up with the game like the hardcore here, still play it off- and online, and the internets still get clogged with traffic every time a new Gran Turismo is imminent. If the series didn’t do so many things right, it wouldn’t hold the interest of millions of fans, or those here who can’t stop reminding us of how done they are with the game. ;D

    4. Johnnypenso

      Since you like to bring up sales in every argument about GT as if somehow sales justify everything that happens, how are the sales of GT6 going? Should be up to 9ish million by now right?

  5. TomBrady

    I think what GT needs most is better AI. then car specific tire compounds (no more 11-13 compounds per car, no more racing slicks on road cars), then better driving physics, better mechanical damage, then better sound, then some more open wheeled cars and track day cars. Then Macau. Then better crash physics. The current crash physics are fine, the problem is the unrealistic way the AI is able to react to being hit

    The AI just needs to be faster in general, but also needs to stop braking into corners ridiculously early. We also need a 1-10 slider for AI difficulty like what some Milestone games, and pCars has

    1. SergioTurbo

      “no more racing slicks on road cars” I actually strongly disagree on that one. If you heavily tune a road car, you end up making it into a race car in everything but looks (and, depending on the car and type of racing tune you’re going for, you might be able to replicate the looks too)

      For example, GT6 only has the stock Ferrari 458, but it’s perfectly possible to do a good 458 GT3 replica (there’s a tune for it on this site), and many 90s sedans can be made into pretty good BTCC replicas. Those would be impossible without slicks on road cars, so taking them away is something that absolutely shouldn’t be done in GT7.

      True, cars like the 458 GT3 should be in the game already without us needing to go replica (instead of the Nth obscure subtrim of a Skyline or MX5 that performance-wise is equivalent to already existing ones. Really, there are too many), but building your own race cars starting to the stock, road-going version is something that should be improved (like re-adding Racing Modifications from GT2 and some kind of livery editing, even just with presets like Race Driver: GRID), not impaired by taking away parts. I personally think the tyre choices are pretty much right now, or if you really want to reduce maybe take away one type of street and one of sport tyres.

  6. liltOw

    I pennies quil Should already Finalize the simulation of the Damages and the customization(personalization) of its leash a desirous subject is convey parceque takes the example of the noise of engine Rfactor ous AsetoCorsa.
    Without Forgetting one damned PUBLISHER(EDITOR) OF CIRCUIT That the one and the betrothed That on a view(sight) of never.
    – > DRIFTEUR ON GT5 and groups GT6 Facebook community Drift-

  7. liltOw

    je pence quil devrais deja finaliser la simulation des dégâts et de la personalisation des vehicule parceque sa laisse a desirer est prend l’exemple des bruit moteur de Rfactor ou AsetoCorsa .
    Sans oublier se foutu EDITEUR DE CIRCUIT que l’on a promis et que l’on a jamais vue .
    —> DRIFTEUR SUR GT5 & GT6 group Facebook Communauté Drift <—

  8. Mickeman

    In all fairness, this is from a Vision promotion, not a press conference about current or future games.

    On the other hand, it shows how clueless this guy is. Sony needs to put a proper game director in place and keep Kaz for promoting and marketing.

    I still don’t get why they put standard cars in a AAA game? They really need to release Gran Turismo HD with only standard cars if they really love their many old Miatas and ’99 Suzuki Mochachinos so much.

    1. TomBrady

      What’s not to get? He explained it just fine. There’s a ton of people who LOVE the standard cars, and specifically use certain standard cars all the time (Formula GT, Caterham, oldschool prototypes, etc.). And why not keep them as an archive? You don’t need to drive them if you don’t want to so why do you even care?

      They said there’s gonna be more premiums in 7 than there is in 6, and there’s already over 400 in 6. That’s plenty so who cares if there’s an archive of another 800 cars.

      Are you really telling me that if they made GT7 with no standard cars, but then offered all the standard cars as a free DLC you wouldn’t download it?

      Some games will have unlockable skins from the PS1 era (like MGS 5), or even older (Wolfenstein Old Blood lets you unlock a skin from Wolfenstein 3D!!!!) everyone considers that a bonus not a negative. Why can’t you look at it that way?

    2. Johnnypenso

      After filling my garage from the money glitch I had 390 premiums and 10 standards, and those standards were for a specific purpose. If they weren’t there I wouldn’t miss them in the least and if they were in a free download of 800 cars I would pass for sure. They already look like hell next to PS3 texture quality, a direct port into a PS4 game will be atrocious.

  9. Donnced

    OMG….He selling us the same things that he said in GT3 about improvement on the damage physics…and sayin’g that there will be probally a tourist trophy 2 since 2006…and what about the GT game you promised for PS Vita KAZ????

    Smoke….only smoke..

    Make a good job beacouse assetto corsa and project cars are pushing very strong KAZ…don’t delay the game to much and don’t bring it unfinished and bugged like GT6

  10. Gerbuho

    Promises and a dark horizon (no G27 in PS4) made me move to PC and I’m so happy to have done it. :D Don’t care anymore, the 6th was my last GT.

  11. MrWaflz55

    They should honestly move this comment section to the “gt6 epic whining and complaining thread”.

    This is pretty good news. Looking forward to GT7 announcement at E3

    1. Tenacious D

      Old birds can only sing one song.

      I think it’s quite amusing how many people here hang around to remind us how done they are with the series. As if no one missed them the first time. ;D

  12. ritchbird

    ok. ok. ok.
    go back 10 years. there was an trailer on E3 2005.
    its that simple – focus on that and make your vision reality!

    i dont want improved crash & damage physics. i just want to drive a real driving-simulator on laser-scanned tracks with great environment (BOX BOX BOX!) and sounds… ups: assetto corsa

  13. Fat Tyre

    From the makers of “GT is not about crashing cars” comes “Damage… Not melting wax this time around”.

  14. dylanlikes88

    Are you telling me that there was an interview with Kaz, and no one asked him about the course creator?????

  15. smskeeter23

    Crash physics don’t mean much if you don’t fix the AI stopping in front of you all the time. All it would do is serve to make finishing the race with an intact front end impossible.
    Doesn’t matter to me as I won’t ever own it. Moving on to PC after GT6 to get away from “soon”.

  16. dylanlikes88

    For crashes, I’m not really into the damage, it’s the way the car moves while it’s crashing or how it crashes. kinda like in games like IRacing. in Iracing, if you tap the rear quarter panel of a car just a little, it starts to slide just like it does in real life. in gt6, in order to get a similar result, you have to get hit pretty hard. just watch some iracing crash compilations and then some gt6 crash compilations on youtube and compare them. you’ll see what I mean.

  17. draggerlane

    For one I don’t trust not one word that man says. He give us promises for the last two games and hardly delivered on those promises. Two. Gt7 will have to step over a mountain to compete with Project Cars and That other one coming from the PC. It doesn’t look good for Gran Turismo

  18. Monatsende

    Probably not before Christmas Season 2016.

    At least I hope not before Christmas Season 2016, because I don`t want a prologue-ish game with promised features which have to be implemented through patches over months/years.
    I`ve been down that road before – with GT6…

  19. Kurei

    Just look at the distrust members have for him here, haha. I hope for his own credibility he’ll realize the Q&A needs addressing, among other things if things are to ever turn-around for GT.

  20. VBR

    I don’t believe a word of it. Nothing Kaz says holds any weight for me anymore. His ignorance regarding the GT Planet Q&A has done that to me.

  21. MLRSparco

    At this point what does that even mean? Can we really expect them to have damage physics comparable to Forza? Something tells me it’s just gonna be measly bump up from the current system,I can’t take Kaz seriously anymore his credibility has gone straight out the window with GT6.

  22. Johnnypenso

    Going to be interesting to see how they implement realistic looking damage on 800 unibodied standards…lol.

  23. kekke2000

    We heard that for GT5. He said that Nascars could be smashed into little boxes of metal. Kaz is a dreamer that will never reach his goals.

  24. DCybertron

    “Before 2017”

    December 31st, 2016? Got it.

    In all seriousness, I’m betting it is coming in 2016.

    1. Oyashiro-sama

      LOOOOOL :D

      Well, I bet that’s the planed released date. So, with the usual delay, 2017 it is xD

    2. mboulouc

      My bet is march 2018. Have people still not learned how to take what he says when it comes to release dates?

  25. infamousphil

    What ever Kaz. These ears cain’t hear… refuse to hear whatever you got to say. Fooled me once with all that talk of a course creator for 6. Sorry guys.

    1. Coquico

      Coming? Too late. People is already leaving to P cars, and some are saving for a PS4 and a thrustmaster wheel. Many people wants a next (actual) gen racing game right now. If PDI wants to be in contention, they should release the game no more than spring 2016. And don’t forget AC is coming. In the 90’s, Sega ruled the market…today…
      In my opinion.

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