GT6 Update 1.19 Now Available, Brings Nissan GT-R LM, Peugeot Vision GT

Nissan GT-R LM P1 Test - Bowling Green Kentucky May 2015

The start of June brings a fresh new GT6 update, version 1.19, available now as a 270MB download. Although it doesn’t bring any new game features, it does bring two highly anticipated cars – including one of the most intriguing new race cars to come along in quite some time.

As with most updates, there are likely a few surprises under the hood. Be sure to visit our GT6 forums to discuss the update and chat about undocumented changes.

Peugeot Vision GT

Peugeot’s beautiful new Vision GT concept – with its 1:1 power-to-weight ratio – is finally available in GT6! It’s powered by a turbocharged V6 3.2L engine producing 875hp and weighs only 875kg, which allows it to accelerate from 0-100 kph in 1.73 seconds.


You can purchase the car in the Vision GT area of “My Home” in GT6, or win it in the game by competing in the car’s special new Seasonal Event, which will be available for a limited time.



Since Nissan first announced their Nissan LMP1 challenger during their Super Bowl commercial earlier this year, it’s been one of the most anticipated new racing cars to come about in quite some time. It’s also been closely tied with the Gran Turismo series, and will be piloted by three GT Academy champions as they compete for the overall win in this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans.

As previously announced, the car will also be used in the final qualification round for GT Academy 2015, which begins June 2nd, at 07:00 GMT/UTC.

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  1. UJ BNR R34

    So guys hello I am new to this page. I do not know about Peugeot but one thing I want to say is that the gt6 team must put some more detailed interiors to the cars. So if anyone knows something or suggest something close to my comment please answer me. Does the gt6 team reads our comments??

  2. GregOr1971

    That Peugeot looks nice , especialy with “ice” colour. Looking forward for GTa round 4 to begin , to try that crazy Nismo.

  3. Primius Lovin

    Perhaps there’s more (VGT) cars hidden in those 270mb because it’s certainly way too much data for just 2 car models!

    Let’s not forget that the SRT Tomahawk VGT and Bertone VGT car designs have already been teased.

    Anyway I think that if there’s ever going to be a new track for GT6 any time soon then it certainly must be Pikes Peak given that Gran Turismo is now the official sponsor… unless Sony teases that track exclusively for GT7 at E3 this month.

    But cmon Polyphony Digital, give us Pikes Peak, even Dirt Rally has that track… and they’re not even sponsoring the PP Hill Climb!!

    1. HarVee

      Pikes Peak would certainly be a nice addition. The game already features a few Pikes Peak vehicles, yet we have no track to fully utilize their potential with.

  4. Mahmsy

    I used to love this game, so so much, but it’s getting really stale now. Where’s the Course Maker, the P1, LaFerrari, Catalunya, Imola, all of the great tracks and cars? VGT cars are cool and everything, but meeeeeh. I like the Nissan though. I hope GT7 fixes up and delivers an absolutely genuine mind blowing experience. But that’s like in 2017 or something. So back to Project Cars I go. Damn that game is fun.

    1. Kurei

      Just curious, but do you play P.CARS on PC or PS4/XB1 ?. If PC is your answer, all the items you mentioned (except the CM) are already (or will be in-time) in Assetto Corsa, plus Lamborghini is confirmed to be added in the future. I’m personally looking forward to Catalunya with the P1, it’ll be like taking it to Yas Marina all over again.

  5. Tvensky

    sorry GTplanet guys but really…. GT6 looks like sh*t now in 2015.. they need to make GT7 ASAP.. and stop any support for GT6… (while I still play GT6 on PS3 , because there is no better driving game still.. project cars has limited childish tuning, physics are like in NFS, with sim cade elements, but still such a booring rubbish game, it has literally no feedback for the whee,l G27 in my case, no connection with car whatsoever, tested nurburgring 23km max speed with RUF with almost no brakes for the first time had no accidents… fail… so yes there is nothing to replace GT6 for now..

    …but PS4 is totally ready for GT7.. cant wait for E3!

    1. fortbo

      I’m sorry but have you even played Project CARS? I’m all for everyone having there own opinion, but it sounds like you’ve never even touched it. It has much more extensive tuning than GT6, and the physics are nothing like NFS, they are actually more comparable to Iracing. If you aren’t experiencing good FFB you just need to adjust the settings because right now I have very good FFB.

    2. TomBrady

      It sounds more like he hasn’t changed the default FFB settings. pCars FFB is really bad until you totally adjust them.

      Use jack Spade’s FFB tweaks. They change the game entirely.

      And as far as pCars tuning options being childish, and limited. That’s just ridiculous. pCars has WAAAAAY more tuning options than GT6. Way more.

    3. Leggacy

      Quit moaning and go and post somewhere else!
      You say; they should stop support for GT6 and develop GT7 now. THEY ARE DEVELOPING GT7 as we speak. And we’re still getting goodies for this one. I don’t think you realise how long it takes to make a game like this. Yes there are franchises releasing games every year or two but they are rushed and ultimately suck. Just look at codemasters drop it and run approach to the F1 games, they look nice but play awful and don’t get significant updates.
      As for the no feedback in project cars, I hope you’re using that G27 on a PC, cos I doesn’t work with PS4. If you are playing on PC, go and tweek the settings.

    4. Tvensky

      well, indeed, we did tune cars, we did set FFB to max, tested many cars… common.. in my opinion anyone who says project cars is a good sim, is a child or never! NEVER used a real car.. I drive real car for 10 years now.. I played evey sim you can play.. :) I NEVER use any driving aids in any game.. so Im 10000000000000000% sure what Im talking about…

      so I feel real sad for you people who thinks that project cars is a sim, because its not even close.. :) when you will get into real car I bet you will notice! :D

    5. Tvensky

      also no need to be buthurt anyone..

      I do realize how many time it takes to create complex game, and all that stuff we will not talk about right now.. but I pointed out that those resources they give to GT6 could easily go for GT7…

      I mention PCars because its latest racing game release, and I m a insanely huge fan of racing games.. and it was a huge letdown and disappointment…

      I spend my time in GTplanet since from the beginning (so many years ago cant even remember), so I learned quite much here from people!

      good old days when it was hardcore site.. now its infected with children and arcade driving game fans.. since it is now for all racing games..

      all that above is only my opinion.. if someone dosnt like it we could meet each other and fight! ;)

    6. Johnnypenso

      Sorry @Tvensky, you lost all credibility when you said, “Project Cars has limited, childish tuning”. It’s fine to not like the game for your own personal reasons, no issue with that whatsoever, but the in game tuning duplicates real life as closely as any game ever, on console or pc. The tuning parameters for race cars mimic the real cars. If it’s adjustable on the real car, it’s adjustable in the game. There are no generic tuning options that work on all cars because it’s a sim, and sims are supposed to mimic real life. Either you haven’t played the game and know nothing about it, or you don’t know how tuning works in real life.

    7. Leggacy

      @tvensky, maybe you should move over to a racing game that would be more suitable for your needs….. Mario Kart maybe?

    8. Leggacy

      Not trolling this time.. Sorry

      On a serious note, what platform are you playing Project Cars on?

    9. Tenacious D

      I’m rather curious about this matter in regard to P CARS myself, having yet to experience it. I have raced quite as bit in Assetto Corsa however, and it seems right up there with the best racing sims, so it will be interesting to see if Simply Mad managed to capture car kinetics well, or just a slightly polished version of GT6 and Forza 4. Which I must say don’t give up much to other sims themselves.

  6. RoyalKINGz

    well, beggars cant be choosers am i right, but lets shift focus here, PD is jus hard at work to make the game as best as they can so that wen gt7 previews for the ps4, itll be the game changer instead of project cars, project cars is a great game dont get me wrong, but this is the result of when people actually get what they actually want in a racing game and still want to b**ch and moan and complain about it, like people, THIS IS WAT U WANTED, yyyy r u mad, u gt wt u want so shut up, this why we cant have nice things, everyone say they want it, but wen they get it they wnna bash on it, me personally i enjoyed the update, i enjoyed nearly every update the game has gotten so far, plus its free people, remember back in gt5 wen we had paid dlc nd paid track packs, yea, but pd cares enough about us to at least give us free stuff to EVRYONE nd nt to like the season pass holders (tlking to u forza) or whoever, doesnt matter what game we get thats shown on here it will always be people who bash on it, nd me personally ik a bit of coding, craps hard as heck dependin on what you doing, and time consuming for most things, for the good coders out there, props to you, for those half a$$in it, screw u, ur gettin paid, jus do ur job, but thats my freakin two cents, yall can have a field day on here if u ever so please

  7. Donnced

    I really don’t like the new vision…And don’t care about that ugly Nissan LMP1
    I’m waiting new cars,like the Mclaren P1,Ferrari La Ferrari,new DTM cars,more GT3 cars like those frome ferrari,Aston Martin,Lamborgini and stuff like that…it’s a real shame this gran turismo 6…
    And also waiting the new course creator…Bug fixes,camber fix,server fix,better IA….More OFFline events and endurance races…

    I think it will be my last Gran Turismo game..Looking forwards to Assetto Corsa!

    1. Leggacy

      Ugly or not, the Nissan is the one of the most innovative racing cars in years and we get to drive it before it actually races.

      Can’t wait to race at night from cockpit view to see the flames shooting from the bonnet (hood if your American) mounted exhausts.

      Still, FWD (I know it’s got KERS power at the rear) is an interesting choice. Can’t wait to see how it performs virtually and in meatspace.

    2. fordskydog

      Legacy – it’s good we get to drive it before it races, because we won’t want to afterwards.

    1. RoyalKINGz

      until the end of days everyone on here is jus gonna mope, complain, and gripe over wat they want, what they dont have, nd wt they want to have in something, remember, project cars was crowd funded ND they listened to what the community wanted to have, now look at it now

  8. infamousphil

    The Peugot VGT can be won in Special Events!? WTH man! I looked all over for the red NEW tag before grinding another 15min X champiinship.

    Anywho… Peugot has done it again! Not a single gawdy line. Absolutly beautiful. Viola!

    Please excuse my French ;)

  9. GT5 Level 41

    I was expecting the Nissan Zytek Z11SN Greaves Motorsport ’13 to show up in the dealership. It’s on the official PD car list now. Maybe after GTA is over.

  10. anthonylu

    I’m waiting for it to be updated in Update 1.20. I don’t have enough room to add even more cars in the favourites roster. 100 more cars on the favourites roster is wanted on the next update. Please!!

  11. anthonylu

    They forgot to add the part where the favourites roster is increased, Double the capacity of cars that the player can add more cars in the favourites roster instead of just 100 cars in the list. We want the capacity to 200 cars in the roster, not just 100 cars, so I can complete my car collection of new GT6 cars in this game. I need the favourites roster updated NOW!!! Please and quick!!

  12. anthonylu

    This update can add some more new cars but there’s one thing that they forgot to add in the update

  13. vr6cas

    Just watched Jay Leno’s Garage segment on this car and I must say I’m intrigued myself. I wasn’t really before, but now I’m curious on how it’s going to do at race time and I want to drive it in game now. I like how Jay was truly interested in the car, technology and the thinking outside the box approach that Nissan has took. I also like the Jann segment and a glimpse of on the track driving with the car. Jann’s a natural, no way I could talk so calm and drive that thing at speed like that.

    This is a cool moment in racing, and in Gran Turismo. The fact that we are about to virtually drive this before it even has it’s first race is pretty amazing if you ask me. Good luck Lucas, Jann, and the Nissan GT Academy team on race day, I’ll be watching. ????

  14. toospiciecc

    I can’t wait for the Nissan GT-R LMP Nismo LMP1 to Finally come to Gran Turismo 6 Tomorrow and even know I heard the car is still developing at Le Mans struggling a bit, I can’t wait to get that car and Drive The Heck Out Of It!!!!!!

  15. chikitof1

    i dont see the Nissan GT-R LM where is it i want to get it…Can anyone tell me where i can buy it ..?

    1. TJC_69

      It’s available to drive tomorrow in gta round 4 . It tells you that when you boot up the game

  16. TwinTurbo LM

    To the people complaining about the VGT, did you not see that we’re getting a REAL car too?

  17. galaia2004

    Could 270Mb include a new track? Will we find out tomorrow morning or has it been ruled out?

    1. TomBrady

      I think it could. I don’t see why 2 cars would be 270 mb, and 270 mb is big enough to include a track. In iracing it would be plenty big to include 2 cars and a track

    2. galaia2004

      The previous 1.12 update came in at 484Mb with a new track (Zahara de la Sierra) and also included a new car (Toyota FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo)

      Before that the 1.09 update came in at 598Mb with a new track (Red Bull Ring) and included a new car (Volkswagen Vision GTI).

      Perhaps a new track would require more than the 270Mb we have in this update. Was hoping for a new track but will no doubt get confirmation in the morning. As others have suggested it’s likely to be Sarthe for Round 4 now.

    3. TomBrady

      Yea that’s true. The video files are huge because PD uses really high quality formats unlike SMS who uses crappy over compressed formats for their in game videos

  18. Thomas2012

    I heard on the facebook page for GT that there was some sound improvement for flaps? I know it’s probably pointless but still it’s something ;)

  19. HarVee

    Another 270MB of wasted disc space. Why can’t they just make these cars available as separate downloads instead of forcing people to downloading data that they don’t need? Updates should be released when bug fixes and new features are available. Not when two measly cars are released.

    1. Jordan

      I can’t speak with authority on the subject, but I believe all car models have to be in everyone’s game due to the software consistency required with online play. If you joined an online race with someone using a car you hadn’t downloaded or installed, the game wouldn’t have any way to render it.

    2. Ryowatanbe201

      Some games actually do this whith DLC so when you try to go into a lobby that has this “DLC” Game wont let you so its based on online consistency as Jordan pointed.

    3. TomBrady

      Most games do this nowadays but especially games like this with multiplayer the data needs to be there so everyone’s copy of the game can render the cars online.

    4. infamousphil

      I remember in Forza 4(?) that when you didn’t own the dlc the car would be rendered as a blacked out car on your 360. Also, l remember in 5 we could enjoy Spa as long as it was opened online by one with the download/update.

    5. HarVee

      Actually, I think phil may just be onto something there. You could make these cars available as separate downloads, and whenever someone enters an online lobby with these cars, the game will just display a black generic shell, until you download the car(s).

      This would certainly save people disc space and download time, and would give people options. Not everyone needs or wants these two cars, so why should they be cluttering up my game menus and wasting hard disc space? And this isn’t just about these two specific cars but rather any DLC cars really.

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