Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.41 Now Available: Fixes Custom Race Reward Glitch and Other Issues

A new update is now available for Gran Turismo 7, addressing a number of minor game issues including a popular money-spinning glitch in custom races.

Coming in at 457MB on PlayStation 5, the update brings a few fixes for items previously noted in the “Known Issues” page on the official game website, although it’s fair to say that one of these changes is a little less popular than others!

That’s because the glitch, which affected how race rewards are calculated in Custom Races, allowed players to exploit it to earn a lot of credits in the game in a very rapid manner — more so than any other method in the game.

In essence the issue, which has been present in the game for a while but only became exploitable with the massive Spec II/1.40 update that increased Custom Race payouts, erroneously calculated race difficulty — and therefore the prize money for victory — based on the Performance Point (PP) difference of the player and AI cars as if both were standard.

That allowed players to created custom races where the AI drove hobbled versions of high PP cars against the player’s extreme-tuned low PP car for colossal prize money: approximately 1.5m credits for a 20-minute race at Daytona, including Clean Race Bonus.

The update changes this so that the calculation now reflects the cars’ current PP values, dramatically lowering the race rewards. That also seems to be accompanied by an unannounced reduction in prize money awarded at oval tracks, with base rewards at the popular Daytona course dropping to around a third of what they were before.

However this is just one of four changes flagged in the update’s patch notes, which all address previously noted game issues.

A controller issue, which caused incorrect force feedback on the DualSense, Logitech G923/G PRO, and Thrustmaster T-GT/T-GT II when vibration strength was set in the options screens to 130 or higher, has been addressed.

There’s also a tweak to how Driver Rating (DR) is displayed in Sport Mode, which could previously show a drop in DR post-race (a feature re-added in 1.40) even though the player’s DR increased.

Finally there was an issue with how a custom wing on some vehicles would not take a color-change when painting the whole car in the Livery Editor.

As this is a minor bugfix update we’re not expecting any change in established content update scheduling, and with a new car teased for the upcoming Gran Turismo World Series Final in Barcelona next Friday there should be more news coming soon.

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