Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.42 Arrives January 25: Adds Three New Cars, New Events & Scapes

As anticipated, the contents of the upcoming 1.42 update for Gran Turismo 7 have been revealed, showing players what they can expect when it arrives on January 25.

The announcement confirms the identities of the three vehicles coming in the update, as teased over the weekend, and reveals much of the rest of the update — although we’ll still need to wait until it arrives at around 0600 UTC on Thursday to find out the remaining details.

However, we can say for now what the new cars, new events, and other new contents of the update are, and it begins with one of the more unexpected vehicles we’ve seen in the game to date.

That’s the fourth-generation Suzuki Jimny, a pint-sized off-roader which is actually small enough to be classed as a Kei car. Indeed that’s the vehicle that we’ll see coming to the game, with the boxy, one-ton Jimny shorn of its body add-ons to fit inside the Kei class dimensions and packing a 660cc turbo good for 63hp.

We have, however, been expecting the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo, following its reveal announcement at the Gran Turismo World Finals in Barcelona in December 2023. This hybrid hyper-GT sports 17 times the power of the Jimny, and of course many players will be awarded the car from the Viewers’ Gift Campaign back in December.

Finally there’s the most unusual Bulgari Aluminium Vision GT, a vehicle designed by Polyphony Digital and Fittipaldi EF7 designer Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani for the high-end jewelry brand. This intriguing vehicle has a classic wedge profile and short wheelbase, with a high-revving four-cylinder engine to produce something we really rather liked driving in a preview event last month.

There is one mild wrinkle with the Bulgari car, at least for now: it won’t be available to regular players until an unspecified date toward the end of February. If you want access to the car sooner, you’ll need to be the lucky owner of one example of the Bulgari Aluminum Gran Turismo Limited Model chronograph watch and register via the included QR code.

Accompanying the Jimny is a new race series in the game: the Jimny Cup. This consists of three races at the Sardegna Windmills dirt track, the Lake Louise snow track, and Willow Springs. From the preview screenshots of the race, there’s quite a few modifications available to the Jimny too.

Additionally there’s an expansion to the Vision Gran Turismo Trophy series — to take advantage of the Genesis and, if you have a spare $4,800, Bulgari cars — with two new races at Tokyo Expressway and Monza. The precise details for these five races will be revealed when the update arrives.

Two new Extra Menu collections will become available too, with Dodge and Nissan featuring. It’s yet to be confirmed what the prizes are for these, but the cars required appear to be the 2002 Viper GTS, 1968 Charger R/T, and 2018 Challenger Demon, and R30 Skyline Silhouette, R92 CP, and Skyline R34 GT500 respectively.

A new set of Scapes is also available, called “Service Area”. This looks to be centered on the Ebina Service Area on the Tokyo Expressway, reputedly the busiest in Japan thanks to its location 27 miles south-west of Tokyo as the first stop leaving the city or the final one approaching it from the direction of Nagoya.

There’s also an additional curation of Scapes drawn from existing locations but with the camera rotated from landscape to portrait. Snappily named “Rotate the Camera Vertically”, this set gives — quite literally — a new angle on some of the Scapes spots.

We’ll have to wait a little longer for the final details on the update, including information on the new races, prices of the new cars, and any engine swaps that may become available. That’ll arrive with the patch notes when the update goes live on Thursday January 25.

As usual, the game’s servers will go offline for the update maintenance at 0600 UTC, whereupon you’ll be able to download and apply the update. However you won’t be able to play it in full until the servers return at 0800 UTC.

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