Bulgari’s Gran Turismo Watch Costs $4,800

The “Bulgari Aluminium Vision GT” concept car and its accompanying real-world watch were revealed at the GT World Series Finals in Barcelona last weekend, but the announcement was fairly light on details. Over the past few days, more specific information about the watch’s price and availability has now become known.

As mentioned during the reveal, two versions of the “Bulgari Aluminium x Gran Turismo Special Edition” watch will be produced: 500 with a yellow dial (SKU 104006), and 1,200 with a grayish-black “anthracite” dial (SKU 103893).

The price is an eye-watering $4,800 (or €5,200/£4,490 in Europe and the UK), making it one of the most expensive Gran Turismo-branded products ever released — aside from the Toyota Yaris GR Sport GT7 or Nissan 350Z GT4.

Even at that price point, it appears the yellow-faced version has already sold out. It became available as a special listing on EQL Run Fair, an online platform which makes high-demand products available through a lottery system.

The Run Fair listing appears to have included “one-time-only special packaging” containing a “Bulgari car replica” and the “opportunity to drive it in the new GT real driving simulator”. Considering the quiet launch, lottery system, and high price point, this will certainly make the packaging and “car replica” some of the the most challenging pieces of Gran Turismo memorabilia for collectors to find.

The higher-volume anthracite edition (103893) is still available to purchase on Bulgari.com (with free shipping, no less!), so if you’re looking for the ultimate way to surprise the Gran Turismo fan in your life this Christmas, you’re in luck!

Although the anthracite edition won’t include the special packaging or car replica, it will provide a code to redeem the car for free in Gran Turismo 7, whenever it does eventually become available in the game.

One thing that hasn’t yet become clear about the car itself is how — or indeed whether — players who don’t hand over the money for the watch will be able to access the vehicle. We’ll bring you more information on this when we have it.

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