Gran Turismo Movie Now Available to Watch on Amazon & YouTube

If you weren’t able to get to the cinema to watch it, or have simply been waiting for chance to see it at home, the Gran Turismo movie is now available to buy or rent from several online media retailers.

It comes almost exactly a month after the film officially opened in theaters for the first time. Although several venues ran previews and honored bookings for showings around the original premiere date of August 11, Gran Turismo’s first screenings — as far as the global box office is concerned — were on August 25.

Since then it’s enjoyed relatively buoyant figures. It opened at #1 worldwide, beating Barbie, and passed its budget in reaching $80m in its second weekend — behind The Equalizer, Barbie, and Blue Beetle.

The movie only opened in Japan a week ago, and the additional screenings in that market have bumped the global take up to $110m, coming pretty close to the ballpark of break-even just from its five-weekend theatrical run so far.

As of today you’ll be able to buy or rent the film online through a number of different sources. At time of writing, availability is a little on the varied side, but Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and the Microsoft Store are all listing the movie as available now for $29.99 in 4K UHD. YouTube and AppleTV/iTunes also list the film, but currently with no way to purchase it.

Prime Video is also offering the film with its interactive X-Ray feature, giving information about the film and its stars, while the Microsoft store version includes a 30-minute bonus feature about the movie’s inspiration, Jann Mardenborough, called Impossible Dream.

We’re expecting an announcement in due course for the debut of the film on streaming services, with Sony Pictures having signed a deal with Netflix. That’s likely to be much closer to the holiday period, so watch this space.

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