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GTPlanet’s own comprehensive encyclopedia of the Gran Turismo series, GTPEDIA, is growing in size again today, with a free 174-page update to incorporate all the facts and stats of GT Sport.

Since the latest Gran Turismo game launched in October 2017, Polyphony Digital has been keeping us on our toes by delivering updates almost monthly. While many of these have delivered plenty of additional content to the community, some have involved more fundamental changes to the game’s structure. GT Sport as it launched two years ago was a shadow of what it is now — and that’s proven a challenge for us to keep up with!

Originally published in 2012, it’s the second time in GTPEDIA‘s history we’ve had to tackle a whole new chapter for a new game. This update includes all of the stats and facts about GT Sport right up to its most recent update — version 1.53 which arrived before Christmas 2019.

You’ll also find information on the flagship FIA-Certified Online Championship, and the Lewis Hamilton Time Trial Challenge DLC. In addition, we’ve expanded on some of the unfinished business from previous versions, and corrected the occasional glitch that has crept in.

The update is free to everyone who owns a copy of GTPEDIA. If you don’t own it yet, now is the time to buy! Regularly priced at $14.95, the entire book is now on sale for just $9.95, direct from the GTPlanet Store.

GTPEDIA is the ultimate and most comprehensive resource for the Gran Turismo series ever published, featuring every detail of every game in the series — including some you may not have known existed. Like GTPlanet itself, the book was assembled by fans, for fans, and we’ll continue to update it as new content is released for Sport.

Update Instructions

To access the new content, sign-in to your GTPlanet Store account, click on the “Downloads” tab and select book update version 1.07.

If you purchased GTPEDIA before August 1, 2015, please contact us for assistance. Be sure to include the email address or order number associated with your original purchase.

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