Gran Turismo Tech Demo Shown Running at “4K Resolution”

Polyphony Digital has announced they’ll be showing off a special version of Gran Turismo at Sony’s “Dramatic 4K Experience” in Japan.

The game will be running at “4K resolution”, the new video standard which touts four times the 1920×1080 resolution of current HDTVs, and is powered by four PlayStation 3 consoles.

Sony and other electronics manufacturers are hoping the future video standard will drive new purchases from consumers, and the PlayStation 4 itself is widely expected to support the high resolution.

Astute Gran Turismo observers will recall this actually isn’t the first time Polyphony Digital has shown this technical demo of their game running at 4K; in 2008, at the DownShift 2008 session celebrating the series’ ten-year anniversary, a copy of GT5 Prologue was shown at 4x HD resolution, while another was running at 240 frames per second.

The “Dramatic 4K Experience” is open to the public and can be found in the “OPUS Communication Zone” at the Sony Building in Tokyo throughout the month of October.

Thanks to all of you who sent this in!

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Comments (146)

  1. GTrf

    if someone didn’t know. To increase stability of FPS you need to reduce the screen to 90%. Display settings > Set display size (HD)=90%. This works! sorry if my english is bad.

  2. 37kazzmark

    OMG I was across the road to the Sony Centre in Tokyo yesterday, but didnt go in, I’m back in Australia now :(

  3. MorphicJim

    How’s this for an idea: Reputation rating, linked to what happens to your front bumper.

    Highest negative points for your front end hitting the side of another car.

    This could also work for seasonal events with AI.

    There should also be ways to clean your slate by passing licences or completing special ‘high traffic’ events, or just driving cleanly, or by the amount of time spent in close proximity with other cars without collision.

    Then you could go online and avoid all the muppets !! if rooms were rated by reputation.

    Also, a good reputation could put a multiplier on earnings etc.

    1. ProjectVRD

      It would have to be alot more complex than that.

      For instance, you have managed to complete six laps of the Ring and be no more than 3 car lengths behind. Providing the driver in front of you is experience then that shows you are a very good driver and your reputation should be sky high… not many can keep such short distances between them and another good driver without crashing into them.

      But then, on the seventh lap, the driver in the lead makes an honest mistake and his rear wheel goes on the grass, he spins and with no time move out of the way, he driver pursuing ploughs into the side of the race leader. Neither driver is dangerous, but under your idea as it stands now the second driver is hit with a reputation drop. These scenarios happen in professional racing, the pursuing driver is never put under any sort of blame, he is considered powerless to prevent the collision.

      Everything I totally agree with, especially reputation climbing if you can pursue because that is a really difficult part of racing to master. But something needs to be put in place to make a distinction between carelessness, dangerous driving and an unavoidable situation.

      Essentially your plan would work so much better if unavoidable situations did not reduce the reputation of the pursuer but instead, even allowed an increase for the amazing work he carried out leading up the accident.

    2. MeanElf

      It’s absically a very good idea though – wasn’t it NFS: Shift that had a system that cleared the following driver in such as situation as ProjectVRD suggests? If the second driver is braking to avoid contact at the time of hitting, it didn’t count as deliberate. I know that also can be abused, but it has potential.

    3. MorphicJim

      Thanks ProjectVRD. Just like the GT5 penalties system it could never be perfect, even F1 marshals can get it wrong !! Hence the need for a method to clean your reputation from points gained when you were innocent: )
      I think that a key factor effecting the rating would have to be the frequency of offences. So, if you’ve already managed six laps of the Nordschleife, then the impact on lap 7 shouldn’t be too harshly penalised…and perhaps wiped from your slate within a few miles of close racing?
      Also, that wheel on the grass could be an indicator to the GT5 physics that an error was made by the lead car.

      Thanks MeanELF, I like the ‘if you were braking at the time’ idea.

  4. flink racquet

    Do you think this will be DLC? Maybe the GTR academy car will be 4K resolution and run at 240 fps. Or a patch to put this in the game, GT5 not GT6. C’mon Koz, you read the forum, I know your username is KTZ. Please!

    1. gamerdog6482

      Uh…so much to respond to……..

      1: It took THREE PS3s to run at 4K.
      2: Having it at 240 FPS won’t do anything at all, because 99% of modern TVs only refresh at 60 FPS.
      3: The new GTR academy car is already out.
      4: It isn’t possible for one car to be a higher resulotion/framerate than other cars.
      5: KTZ isn’t Kaz.
      6: What are you smoking?

    2. gamerdog6482

      To FURTHER expand on point #5, about ten comments below yours is KTZ suggesting things for the game.

      Why on Earth would Kaz suggest things to a game he controls on a fan site?

    3. GTrf

      if someone didn’t know. To increase stability of FPS you need to reduce the screen to 90%. Display settings > Set display size (HD)=90%. This works! sorry if my english is bad.

    1. Quakebass

      Well, this is showing off likely next-gen software, and this’ll likely be the future of the gt series, and gaming and in fact general entertainment as we know it.

      So I, for one, care.

    2. GT5_Honda_Guy

      I have to say I do not care as well. The only way to get the companies to stop force feeding new tech, is to stop buying into it. 3D is a gimmick and so is 4k. Just read online (reputable sites only) and you can quickly see why this is tech we don’t need. Bring on the PS4 though!!!

  5. kyho951

    4k is good, but I don’t expect to see it very soon. The technology for 4k is so expensive because there are no devices on the market that can run it i.e. bluray dvds or cable boxes, etc. That is why 4k is so exclusive right now. A 4k tv is very expensive and I don’t know if Sony is going to be able to put 4k into the PS4 if they plan to release the next console soon; I have been hearing it should be coming within about a year. Sony wants to bring their console on the market before microsoft does, and if they put 4k technology in their system the ps4 would be pretty expensive..

    1. Quakebass

      There’s already movie projectorse doing 16k, and I’m pretty sure there’s some 2k to maybe 4k projectors (although expensive) available for purchase. The retina display on the new MacBook Pro is doing over 2k. 4k really isn’t that far off. I’d expect it to be available in the next gen. Maybe the new consoles will have a 4k port set in, along with an HDMI port, and a standard A/V port, even if there are no 4k displays available yet, just for anticipation of the future?

    1. HKS racer

      xzhibit would say:
      yo dawg I’ve heard you like standard cars
      so we put GT5 in 4k resolution so you can pixel in your standard car while you pixel in your standard car!

  6. phil_75

    Oh great, Sony getting a head of themselves again and will force PD to make GT6 on PS4 run at 4k and to hell if it has poor textures, effects and framerate.

    Its PS3 mk2, don’t they ever learn?

    GT6 needs 1920x1080p @ rock solid 60fps with very high res textures.

    1. BlindZenDriver

      Easy now. With 4K textures filtering, lightning and all the other things needs to be great or else the resolution will look like crap.

  7. RedBaron

    Please, pimper the full HD at first and then try something like 4k. GT5 is ugly in detail – Textures, dash instruments, shadows, cardboard trees in full glory, blocked views through wheels etc.

  8. jasr73

    Makes sense for them to be heading in this direction as the market ultimately will, with or without Sony. You may have seen the 4K-capable LED 84 inch panel they showed at IFA show in Berlin earlier this year. Around US25K for one of those apparently.
    You could argue, do we really need 4K? Is it just change for changes sake. Perhaps. I remember when 1080P started to go main stream and many said at the time, costs are outrageous, I’ll never upgrade. A few years pass and it’s an accepted standard amongst Mum and Dad consumers. 4K will be the same, although I’m betting the take up will be slower.

    Like it or not, the evolution of technology this is…

    1. GT5_Honda_Guy

      All the info is online. The creation of 4K was developed for movie theaters (larger displays). Naturally, they will sell the tech to anyone willing to give up money because they know people always want to one up the next guy and will gladly pay for that satisfaction… Me, no to 3D and no to 4K.

  9. TomBrady

    Looking at all these cry babies in this comment section, it’s hilarious. It makes me wonder if Kaz is just trolling these tryhard jerkoff Forza fanboys LOL He’s the puppet master, and he pulled their strings once again

    1. SZRT Ice

      Uhh, no… I own PS3 and every copy of Gran Turismo released stateside. I want GT to be the best, as it’s now family to me. (Don’t ask, can’t explain) But people don’t do better by you telling them “aww, you’re doing great!” They need to know their problem areas and where they can improve. But keep kissing PD “asparagus” and tell me how that works out for you.

  10. SZRT Ice

    Boring. GT’s cars LOOK real enough. Make the game more dynamic. Destructable barriers, off track crashes, remove invisible barriers, dynamic environments, dynamic props, customizations/livery, point to point rally & street, drag, career drift mode (D-Spec), touge, etc. Car graphics aren’t everything. Image is nothing, thirst is everything. Sprite.

  11. Gran_Turismo

    Its a tech demo to show what the next PS just might be able to do. No doubt the demo will run at 4k, butwhats more important is that this means PD is in fact working on GT6 and this will be a just a spec of how it is coming along.

  12. Pit Crew

    A Preview of the Orbis Power? Seems like a typical SONY marketing ploy. Would welcome some news on its (PS4/Orbis) progress too. Are they (SONY) gonna wait for the WU? and the 720 to release, allowing the PS3 to fulfill its life expectancy?

  13. AnklaX

    Something inside me just wants to shout out at Kaz’s ears “We need a totally new Gran Turismo from the ground up.”

    What I’m saying may sound off topic but in the grand scheme of things it isn’t. I’m a car, racing, and car game enthusiast. But this is the same transition we saw from GT4 to GT5 and that is disappointing. 4k. ok. but we need a totally new Gran Turismo in the form of GT6

  14. helix_9

    GT5 doesn’t run at a native 1920×1080 anyway, right? If so, shouldn’t they work on that first? This just looks like Sony marketing crap. It would be awesome to see though.

  15. ADDiCT3D_2_BASs

    I love Play Station and will still buy the ps4 but why cant PD make this game for PC too! By the time the PS4 is out it will no doubt be only as powerful as a current PC :( 4K is already been supported, come on PD make a PC version :P

  16. lalaurentide

    So while Turn10 is releasing new cars every month and got Porsche back in their game, PD is hard at work putting forth that bs.

    1. Gran_Turismo

      Thats because Daddy Microsoft has TONS of money for PD to use for gain licenses for cars. Sony does NOT have that ability right now.

    2. Abdu

      @ Gran_Turismo.

      what a load of BS. you know GT is the best selling racing game every gen? GT is way successful than ANY simulator.

    3. jah24car

      @Abdu its not really the money, its that PD has been working with Nissan, Honda, and whatever cause its asian companies and thats why they got alot of asian cars in game cause its closer to them and they get easier access, but in the states its different, Turn10 gets these other cars cause they are already in code but they take a while to generate them and get the actual sound of the car, its not the money, its the way they get the car, and then the time to generate it, Forza 4 don’t have all these bugs, and glitches SUPPOSEDLY and they make the car in dlc sound real and look great. @lalaurentide PD just wants to be as good looking as Turn10’s Forza games, the detail does look real at times for GT5 but yeah we could have more cars, but its sony’s people and PD saying they wanna try stuff out for the next game, they have less people working at PD than Turn10 cause they get more people hired, and they won’t release a car pack this month due to Forza Horizon cause I haven’t seen news on the next car pack for Forza 4, which has the worst handling if you took forza’s cars put them in gt5 it’ll handle better.

    4. Pit Crew

      ^ Its always about money. No one does bigtime business ventures for free or friendliness.

      Abdu GT5 is a simulator, and other sim racers like iracing offer an equally involved experience, for a price. Just because GranTurismo series is a cash cow every gen doesnt make Gran_Turismo statement wrong or “BS”. It also doesnt relate to his point which seems to be that MicroSoft can foot the cash to throw at their Race game to keep it fresh, in their logic, not to mention T10 staff is probably close to or more than 300 programmers where as PDs staff is 150 Programmers.

      jah24car the short answer is GranTurismo series was originally designed for the asian market until Kaz negotiated with other car manufactures who wanted in.
      You do realise GranTurismo series was first to the market and GT5 cars (Premiums) are highly detailed visually, better then Forza 4. Doubtful PD was looking at forza for ideas on how to design GT5. Where did you get your information? jeesh

  17. SaintSaiya

    Kool,but what good is it if gt6 for ps4 will use gt5 premium cars as standards and only 20% will use for Ultra premium LMFAO

    1. frankthegreat

      In gt5, polyphony didn’t want to make the same mistake with the standard cars imported from the ps2 gt4 game, so they scan the cars at a much higher resolution than the ps3 could run. After that, polyphony lower down the quality of the cars model to be the prenium cars in gt5. So they can use the model they done in gt5 in gt6, because they already though about it when doing gt5.

  18. Rushton1996

    So this is another of the ways PD is wasting their resources and time. Before anyone tries to get back at me, I am not saying this is useless, I’m saying there are other things which are more of a priority than this which PD should be working on. I mean GT5 looks good enough for me on HDTV with HDMI cable. So PD do more work on the gameplay which GT needs to improve most on.

    1. jah24car

      Sony is in control of their companies, just like Microsoft and their games, for each update goes through a test at what we call big shots, dlc they want goes to the big shots for approval, the content and resolution testing on current games with bigger better look for next gen (like maybe 4-5 years before cause ps3 and 360 still good right now, why you want ps4 its just gonna be rubbish like ps3 when it release before psn and what not got updates and newer models), its just simple CAPITALISM for the companies, so if PD is working on cars they don’t want to tell us, cause then it won’t be a surprise to us, but GT6 is beeing worked on to so more time to get the names and sounds and whatever right.

    1. SimonK

      I know this because a HD6970 GPU which costs £300+ can’t do 4k resolution so a PS4 GPU would have to be more powerful and more expensive than one of those, and I highly doubt it’s going to.

    2. pporshahidy

      understand that its a amd gpu…. nvidia always has something up their sleave… and sony and toshiba help nvidia in making the gpu for the ps4 with the high dev budget… and that 4k tvs is the next thing up… and sony would want to include it in the ps4 so hard core gamers can buy their own 4k tvs when it becomes affordable… understand that sony is out there to bring the most powerful console to the market so it will have a long life in the market… so sony is going to eventually make a profit from putting 4k on the ps4… my guess is that it will have it… final thought is that sony is now starting to try to bring 4k tvs to the market… why wouldnt they add the ps4 to have 4k and give the customer confidence that it wont get old… like the xbox was when they suddenly removed it form the market and added the 360 forcing customers to upgrade..

    3. ryzno

      I dont know how much 600 pounds is (i think that symbol is pounds) but the ps3 was around $600 and i thought that was expensive. so i waited till gt5 was supposed to be released in august (lets not go there), but any way i bought it for $400 and still thought it was expensive. Anyways call me cheap or poor but i aint got that kind of $$$$. So if and when its released ill see yall when the price is more reasonable.

  19. ZedMan1996

    basically the resolution will be soo sleek and the graphics for GT6 soo good that you’d SH*T yourself bad if you crashed.

    1. JDMTuningJZX90

      But the thing is if you crash in gt5, well its like your driving a bumper car… Hit a wall at 300km/h Your rear end lifts and your bumper has a mild dent… Polyphony need to step up their game.. Forza is the freshman and it’s already beating the big boy

    2. jah24car

      @JDMTuninJZX90 its sad that I guess PD (never really) worked hard for desinging the cars, but hopefully GT6 has full detaile DAMAGE, I mean yea PD does but a scratch on a white car in forza turns it black I seen real cars colored white get scratched up from hitting or getting scratched don’t leave a big black mark, thats why I hate forza’s damage its real then its not.

    1. rocketcaron

      Oh! MeanElf… You are a mean opportunistic Elf. And take a piece of paper and write 0 in binary code. Look at it closely. Its the value of your sense of humor.

  20. SonicConqueror

    What GT & PD should do is recreate the famous Ghostbusters car: the Ecto-1; as either a DLC add-on for GT5, or as a very expensive special model for GT6.

    1. jah24car

      and crash miserably then decide that all just release consoles don’t work right, they get recalled, newer model works perfect, yeah it doesn’t not really wanting a ps4 if they make a ps3 gt6 and ps4 copy I’MMA STICK TO GT6 ON PS3!! its not like PS2 and 1 they are the dinosaurs.

  21. SonicConqueror

    All your negativity about GT and it’s design & development makes me sick. STOP TALKING BS ABOUT GT!

  22. panjandrum

    Just in case anyone from PD reads these…. For the love of God fix the freaking game and make it complete FIRST, then go back and play with cool stuff like 4k.

    1. Heavenly King

      1080p = 1920 x 1080 => 2073600 pixels
      4K = 4000 (3840) x 2160 => 8640000 pixels or 8294400

      4K resoulution = 1080p resolution x4

    2. gamerdog6482

      Heavenly King is wrong.
      4K is 4 K’s. 1080p=QFHD, which is slightly thinner than 4K. 4K has more pixels than 1080Px4, which is QFHD.

    1. teppischfresser

      Yep. It’s already been rumored that the ps4 was going to support 4k. This doesn’t mean it’s true, it just means its very possible.

  23. RobDoggy05

    I really wish PD would spend time on things we actualy want to see…
    This is like a concept car, cool technology and cool to look at, but pointless and not practical (most times)
    Stop with the side projects and get to the real work!

    1. TokoTurismo

      I know right? I really did wish PD did real work like the other developers who’re making racing games, and focus on trying to make the game FUN. Instead of trying to make everything real when the engine sounds sound like vacuum cleaners and the scenery looks blend and standard, like standard cars.

  24. HarVee

    Am I the only one who doesn’t understand the purpose of 4k? I mean, 4k is just nothing more than a bigger resolution. Hardly anything “Innovated” about that..

  25. zs1994

    I don’t know about you gus but I am treating this as a teaser or easter egg. Reason why look how it says what the Playstation 4 would have… Thats just a easter egg my friends plus Kaz said he does not want to talk about the GT6 release that much but.. and I say BUT. How many times has Kaz dropped easter eggs or hints???

    1. Swagger897

      not sure if you guys know what happens in feb.. or whenever, but the eggs lead to the basket where the holy graile is…. graile=gt6 in zs1994s’ case

    2. zs1994

      Atleast Swag gets what I am saying. But I should have made my post abit plainer. What I am saying is if pd is doing this with GT5 and its supposed to have that much resolution it is looking like GT6 will be PS4. And for those saying pd does too much outside game devolpment its because they are in no rush which is another reason why I am thinking GT6 is PS4. The longer you do not hear alot about GT5 dlc or updates, or GT6 info its showing that pd is wanting GT6 for PS4. And if its not as plain as My other comment I am sorry.

    3. zs1994

      Plus it also depends on how well this thing works. If pd does not like the way it will look than they will have to do something else with Gran Turismo.

  26. Lambob

    is it 4Ki, or 4Kp ?

    An idea for Sony, we all know how Japan loves immersion and innovation:

    Make the PS4 have special input connectors for:

    Heat Lamp Accessory – To simulate real Sun flare and heat
    Smell emmiter – To simulate burning rubber and oil smells on track
    rear window and side window ports – for actual placement of screens in blind spots.
    Taste module – can’t leave out this sense! (FDA approve it first though)
    and let’s not forget the SOUND input, a dedicated sound port to feed our Amplifiers and Reveivers with True Sound Samples, oh wait, nvm, nvm! The sound will never work in a GT game… ;p

  27. KilzoneStrife

    I suppose.. even if they up the res and graphical fidelity and keep the vacuum sound its still a fail.

  28. snaketus

    And GT6 release date is 26th October 2018. I thought they’d supposed to release GT6 not too long after GT5.

    Well atleast I can concentrate upcoming pc sims now. Race room has amazing audio quality.

  29. Magic Ayrton

    Beware Kaz, Turn 10 are scouring GT5 and GT6 forums for ideas and making them a reality. You are going to lose if you keep ignoring the sounds and the fans!

    1. TokoTurismo

      This. I say let Turn 10 keep checking out the GT forums. At least they know how to keep a game good for their fans..

  30. KilzoneStrife

    Tech demo.. on 4 ps3s.So this is like the original GTHD, with GT4 in 1080P and 60fps on PS3,

    I just imagine how a ground up built GT6 in 4K res would look.


  31. pasigiri

    I can see this in the PS4. Video cards today see to be monstrous in power in resolution. By the time the PS4 is ready to be released, I can 4K resolution being the high-end norm.

  32. HuskyGT

    So this will be good if I buy a gigantic screen. Maybe some day in the future. For now I don’t even make full use of the 1920 x 1080 since my screen is only 32 inch.

    I do remember the demo of GT5P running at 240fps. That would be really awesome to watch working together with this massive screen with 4K resolution. I can’t even imagine how different it would look to the already “realistic” 60fps. and not only with Gran Turismo, but with any other game.

  33. Zuel

    Powered by four PS3 consoles, four of them. Has GT5 over powered the current PS3 platform that they had to use a fourth one.

    1. daus26

      Well the PS3 itself can only support 1080p. GT5 is running 1280X1080 with one PS3, so it only makes sense they would have to use 4.

  34. ChicoMaloXD

    Now do a Demo with 4k equivalent Ultra-Real sound effects :D
    We don’t want/need higher resolution for now.

    1. Magic Ayrton

      haha, so true, the sound is the only thing GT5 needs apart from maybe a more realistic simulation mode/higher res textures and lack of smoke defects… but they still choose to harp on about better graphics!! pffffffffffffft

    1. Pit Crew

      Dude are you serious? Hows that a Forza screenshot? Evidently you havent played either game. I clearly see Eiger Norwand in 1 of the screenshots, and Kazs car is a GT5 exclusive so get a clue.

  35. KiroKai

    Sounds interesting! Would love to see it… then again that’d only make sense when viewing it live and on a big screen. For my equipment, I personally don’t see a benefit in using 4k at the moment.

    1. silicon1138

      I’m sure it looks great in the flesh. Shame we can’t see a close up of that photo, the shadows really don’t look jaggy.
      Personally i’m happy with 1080 for most things. If GT5 at 1080 is pushing the PS3 so we get rubbish shadows i REALLY hope the PS4 can cope with 4K (if that’s where this is all heading).

  36. ryzno

    Yeaa!!!! Another reason to get ripped off just like prologue. Probably gonna be another full priced demo. Or a full priced game we already own, just with better resolution. I’ll stick with my 1080p till the next chapter of this great series is released. Dont waste your money america remember the iphone 4s.

    1. samdu

      It’s a tech demo. Not a product that you can purchase. No one will be wasting any money because you can’t spend any money on it.

    2. erod188

      Dont be dumb if you knew anything about the GT series you would know that prologue editions have been around since at least gt2. Whether you informed yourself of what exactly it was is up to you. Dont blame polyphony for your ignorance.

    3. ryzno

      I know plenty about the gt seriesthank you very much erod. As amatter of fact on the original gt i used to kill it with my early 90s mitsu gto twin turbo got her up to 900+hp find another factory gto in any of the series that you could get over 900 hp let me know because i was definitely lookn for that car in gt2. and i never played any of the other special editions hated gt3 damn $600 dollar races forever toget started. Gt4 was cool and like i said i was exteamly dissapointed when i payed $60 for prolouge. THE DAY IT CAME OUT AND WHEN GT5 CAME OUT I PAYED A GUY $120 BECAUSE IT WAS ALREADY SOLD OUT. SO DONT TELL ME WHAT I KNOW AND DONT KNOW. GET TO KNOW SOMEONE B4 YOU MAKE DUMB COMMENTS

  37. Tilemaxx

    I bet 4K will be supported in GT6 from the start, if it’s released on PS4. GT4 had 1080i back in 2004, so it’s seems logical to me. Polyphony always try to push the boundaries in terms of presentation and technology in every GT. Remember GT1’s Hi-Fi mode?

    1. LSL1337

      even gt5 doesn’t have real 1080p, and the (1280×1080 upscale) if i’m not mistaken2x MSAA, and the framerate isn’t always 60, specially in 3D
      so first, lets get ture 1080p, 8-16 MSAA, even in 3D, and replay detail level, after that, we may talk 4k…

    2. Tilemaxx

      First of all, we still don’t know anything about the PS4’s hardware, so we don’t know if 4K is actually possible or not. I’m talking about the innovations in display quality in every GT game, and with that in mind the next challenge for Polyphony is 4K in GT6.

    3. karelpipa

      Yes, that means that again the trackside details will be as ugly as they are now. Only cars will be nice.. :(

    4. erod188

      Is it safe to say that if it takes 4 ps3s to run this 4K demo that ps4 might be 4x more powerful than ps3?

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