Gran Turismo Nissan Skyline Pace Car Replica Comes Up For Sale

As we’ve seen previously on GTPlanet, there’s plenty of demand out there for Gran Turismo collectibles. However one listing on a German automotive classifieds site might be among the most exclusive collectible of them all: a replica of the game’s famous Skyline Pace Car.

The Gran Turismo Skyline Pace Car first appeared back in 2001’s Gran Turismo Concept, a limited release game based on Gran Turismo 3 but centered on concept and prototype cars from the Tokyo, Geneva, and Seoul motor shows. It was an AI-controlled car that appeared in certain tests, and a version without the light bar also existed as a playable vehicle.

After Concept, the Pace Car went on to appear in Gran Turismo 4 — as a rolling roadblock in many of the IA-level licence tests — and became part of the standard car list of GT5 and GT6. The pace car was retired for GT Sport, replaced with a new version based on the R35 GT-R.

However, at least one German Gran Turismo fan remembers the car with fondness, and has converted a regular Skyline into a replica of the Pace Car.

According to the sale listing on, the seller picked the car up in October 2017 as the second owner since the car arrived in Germany from Kobe, Japan. They then set about the visual upgrades necessary to recreate the game car.

That includes not only respraying the car in Pace Car colors, but also applying decals — with the reflective Gran Turismo decals recreated in foil. There’s also appropriate replica Nismo bodykit parts, although it’s not wholly clear whether the light bar is part of the sale; these can be legally questionable items in some jurisdictions.

The seller notes that the car hasn’t been tracked — apart from a photoshoot at the Nurburgring in 2020 — or involved in any “full-throttle orgies”, and has only been driven in good weather. Other than that, it’s been garaged, and there’s a long list of regular maintenance and wear-and-tear components included in the sale description.

One thing to note though is that the car is a lower-grade GTT, a rear-wheel drive model using the RB25 engine, rather than the famous RB26-powered, all-wheel drive GT-R. Nonetheless, even with 100,000 miles on the clocks, the €39,999 ($47,000) asking price seems pretty reasonable.

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    That’s a great idea,I always loved when people are dedicated and drive around in something special like this. I’ve built a Moskvitch 412 Rally replica myself and everyone around was so happy to see it!

    However, this particular car is a bit off, magic just doesn;t work for me. I know, I know, but I think you can at least find some replica nismo s-tune body parts for the build, otherwise it’s incomplete.

    It’s like with all theese M3 GTR’S from NFSWM – there’s already quite a few replica cars, but none of them get the lines and body parts right, which is sad :(

    But nonetheless, this is still a big job to source and draw all the sticker designs and build this car so I appreciate it :)

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