GT6 Quick Match Events to Complement Bathurst 12 Hours in February


Nissan has confirmed that 2012 GT Academy European champion Wolfgang Reip will be driving the factory team’s #35 GT-R NISMO GT3 in the upcoming Bathurst 12 Hours, to be held February 6th-8th. He’ll be joined by fellow NISMO athletes Alex Buncombe and Katsumasa Chiyo.

Of course, Nissan competed in the Bathurst 12 Hours last year; the GT-R NISMO GT3 car was running strong in 3rd place until an incident forced the team to retire before Wolfgang had a stint in the car.


“Mount Panorama is one of the most magnificent tracks I have seen! It’s very difficult mentally; I would say it is as hard as the Nordschleife. I have raced on both and I would say that although Bathurst is shorter it is just as challenging,” Wolfgang said.

To help celebrate the event, Polyphony Digital has announced a special round of GT6 Quick Match races will be hosted “in conjunction with the start of the race”. We’ll keep an eye out for more details; best of luck to the Wolfgang and the Nissan team!

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Comments (22)

  1. BrunetPaquet

    Welcome to QM disaster. Seriously, on QM, they should give [enter number of] warnings and if exceeded an extreme penalty would happen. If commemorative Seasonals make me cringe because of the AI ramming me into penalties, I can only shudder how horrible this one’ll be.

    Whatever, back to waiting for GT7… Gonna relax with some other games… no, not just racing sims, anything that tickles my fancy.

    Whoever is burnt out or annoyed at GT6 should do the same as me… Who know what’ll be added later, but it’s good to relax.

  2. infamousphil

    Make it a Bathurst12 for race cars, very fast fuel consumption, tyre wear and 24min time warp, with a 1mil credit payout for a win and PD will have a total winner. Don’t forget to max the penalties and car damage and hide the scratches that ruin photo ops.

  3. sayba2th

    (Insert whichever expletive you like) sigh for qm for the Bathurst 12H, would rather have various seasonals for my home track being an Aussie. With so many bonehead tools to be found in qm in some respects I prefer the AI as meh as they can be at times. Just don’t make the payouts as low as what they were for Daytona.

    One lot of credits and no paint chips or bonus cars which have been gifted for shorter and less challenging seasonals makes one wonder if it’s a lucky dip or randomiser as to how PD comes up with the credit/prizes system. One can only hope that a seasonal like we have had for the ring and Daytona events respectively.

  4. Hastatus

    I am very surprised that he finds Mount Panorama more mentally challenging than the Nordschleife. I believe him and yet I always thought the reverse even with Mount Panorama being a new track in the GT series, having driven the Ring so much more.

    1. 05XR8

      He said the mountain is just as challenging.

      I do hope the Ford GT is detuned, like what was done to the Corevette RM for the Quick Match. This would give us even more cars to use.

  5. Blood*Specter

    I agree with MGTTTTT.
    Now if PD will fully align with FIA and bring in more venues and (Racing and Production) cars.
    I think patients is the key. Because there is not much they can accomplish on the present platform. But they seem to be getting the right idea. Lets hope so.

    If PD steps up the driving dynamics, sound, liveries, tuning adjustments and promised features they will retain plenty of customers and rake in some new ones. Standard cars equal massive fail.

    PD had better step up, because if they don’t Assetto Corsa and Project Cars are going to steal PD’s lunch money.

  6. Johnny1996

    I would’ve preferred a Seasonal with how notorious Quick Match events are, but I still have the opportunity to drive or race on Bathurst, so I’m indifferent.


    Nice to see P D Linking up seasonal events and now quick match with real life events. Definitely makes the game more engaging and interesting.

    1. GT5 Level 41

      I agree.

      My first experience with QM was terrible. I went back the other day and made a ton of credits in a short period of time. It’s better than it once was.

    2. Johnnypenso

      I find it pretty ironic that your comment on QM is about how much fake money you earn to buy fake cars, rather than the enjoyment of racing in QM. Am I the only one that feels that way? BTW, don’t expect this QM to be any better, likely worse. Bathurst doesn’t leave a lot of room for error between the tight walls, so expect a crashfest unless you are lucky enough to start in front and ace the first corner.

    3. NW48

      You’re not the only one, Johnnypenso.

      I don’t care a whole lot about credit’s. My first priority is fun, if it isn’t, I have no interest in it, whatsoever.

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