GT6 Sales Cross the 5 Million Threshold, Franchise at 76.79 Million Total


We last heard about the sales numbers of GT6 in the final days of 2015, when Polyphony revealed the 2013 title had hit 4.71 million units sold. The company updated those figures once more this week, with the full breakdown below:

Gran Turismo: 10,850,000
Gran Turismo 2: 9,370,000
Gran Turismo 3 A-spec: 14,890,000
Gran Turismo Concept Series: 1,560,000
Gran Turismo 4 Prologue: 1,400,000
Gran Turismo 4: 11,760,000
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: 5,350,000
Gran Turismo PSP: 4,650,000
Gran Turismo 5: 11,950,000
Gran Turismo 6: 5,010,000
Total: 76,790,000

Between September 2015 and June 2016, GT6 sold an additional 300,000 units. While it doesn’t change the game’s standing in the franchise-wide rankings — it still trails GT5 Prologue by a substantial margin — it nonetheless is a noteworthy result for an older title on the last-generation PlayStation 3 system.

To their credit, both GT PSP and GT5 brought in more numbers as well, to the tune of 10,000 units each.

All eyes now turn to the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport, which will release worldwide this November. Perhaps at this point in time next year, we’ll be discussing where that game lands in terms of franchise sales. GT Sport is easily the biggest change the series has seen since it began, with a more focused car list and a push towards eSports. It will be interesting to see how the market responds.

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  1. Aussie_HSV

    Safe to say, not outstanding numbers when compared to earlier editions.

    But considering the general across-the-board drop of sales in the racing genre, and the (IMO failed timing) decision to release it on PS3 on the eve of release of the PS4, I’ld call it respectable sales figures.

  2. WyldAnimal

    Humm, 76,790,000 x $20 a game = $1,535,800,000
    1.5 billion Dollars.

    PC titles struggle to break the 1,000,000 mark..
    While Console based titles Sell 10 times that…

    Now you can see why some of the PC only titles are going Multi-Platform..

    1. queleuleu

      Woah… Said that way… Even if GTsport is a failure, Poly has some cash. And they keep staying a “small” studio in comparison with others like Ubi or Activision.

  3. BrunetPaquet

    Good to hear, I hope GT Sport will be fun to play.

    I know I’m gonna play it quite a bit with the livery editor.

    Kitty liveries.

  4. ShaiKhulud

    Yup, GT6 sales look poor in comprassion (yet consider PS4 momentum and very unexpected speed of PS3 deflation as platform), but they’re still enormous for a racing sim game that is avaliable only for one platform. Every Forza title this gen barely hit 1 million (both Horizon titles did less than 1 at their launch months), And even with newly added PC userbase it wouldn’t surpass GT6 in terms of sales. Forza games are cool and i really like the Horizon, but thew brand is so overused and generic that it is not a systemseller anymore.

    But my point here is – GT is a juggernaut and i can easily see GT:S taking 5 millions and more. Many people out there are new to PS4, a lot of normal people (not fans, fans are fans, i’m a fan so yeah, i know what i’m talking about) doesn’t care about sounds or even racing wheels support and damage model.

    GT is the only racing game brand many car lovers see outside the gaming wolrd loop: GT Academy, GT logos on every major motorsports events, a flow of non-gaming news about GT Vision and now revolutionary in every way FIA partnership with Gala and stuff.

    I know it’s hard to see clear, when you painfully love something: we’re here is too busy whining about sound design and features that actually not so vital for series success. What is vital is momentum and IMHO the momentum of Gran Turismo brand never been so strong .

    With PS4 userbase sitting around 40 mil., PSVR buzz and very good time pause (say to yourself, last GT was way too long, it’s not as overused as Forza) I can easily see GT:S surpassing GT6’s sales. Maybe not 10 millions (racing genre as whole is not so strong at the moment), but 7-8? Easily.

    But hey, I’m an armchair analytic here, so don’t blame me if it’ll flop :D

  5. submaniac93

    I personally find laughable that GT6 sold less than a prologue title… even if it is GT5P.
    When every main title in the franchise gets 9.3 and 14.9 Million copies… 5.00M is basically a failure.
    Don’t get me wrong, the game’s great, handles like a charm etc.etc. BUT, I think it’s plain boring. I platinum’d it in 3 months of casual gaming, and then pretty much dropped it.
    Yet I keep coming back to GT1 because it’s fun to play. Cars handle unrealistically by todays standards, but they’re super quick!

    Anyway, with Forza games coming on PC now, i’m probably gonna be watching GT from the shadows now.

    1. ArR29

      5 million is still a lot. Most AAA developers would love to have that numbers. 21 million copies sold on PS3 alone, what shadows are you talking about?

  6. Drausio

    After some six years playing GT5 and Gt6 the most fun I get is racing Quick Match. It’s amazing to see how incredible racers you met. You dont’t have to bother about AI just try to keep pace with racers around the world. My opinion is all this great GT editions have trained people to such a high level that the future is really into GT Sports on line racing.
    As for GT not being a “sim” we’ll soon have Assetto Corsa, with it’s real world “simulator” heritage allowing us to bench mark GT series. I won’t be surprised if it handles pretty much as GT6 with improvements but nothing dramatic. See you on the tarmac folks !!!

  7. DR_SID

    The game was clearly rushed, could have done a lot better if you ask me. Hopefully GT Sport captures that nostalgic feeling of the previous iterations.

    1. ArR29

      I don’t expect GTSport to sell more than 10million, given the fact that it is much smaller game compared to the last GT. My guess is, it’s about the same as GT6

    2. breyzipp

      I honestly don’t think GT:S will even pass the 3 million mark. Why? First of all for the biggest group of GT players (the casual singleplayer) there really is not that much content in GT:S compared to GT5/GT6. Secondly, back in the days of GT5 & GT6 the only real competition was Forza and Grid and that was even on other platforms than the PS3. Now there is also iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Project CARS, F1 2016, Dirt Rally, Forza Horizon 3, etc etc. And with the exception of iRacing and Forza Horizon 3, ALL those titles will be available on the PS4 as well. Yes I named racing games that are either more sim or more arcade than GT:S as well but that is exactly my point, there is an abundance of choice in 2016 on ALL platforms.

    3. SavageEvil

      @breyzipp I think you’re off the mark. Who told you folks buy driving games for the single player aspect these days? Forza 4,5 and 6 all have a huge single player yet only 4 reach over 4 million in sales the following games sold even less, 5 sold less than 4 and 6 sold less than 5.
      GT is still has a bigger presence than all the other games you mentioned, 3 million on PS4 out of a user base that’s 43 million and the game is catering to online and esports which people seem to not get enough of, none of the games you mentioned can you comfortably say will outsell Gt Sport. Don’t forget Gran Turismo is known worldwide, for all the people saying Forza is the new king, it sure as hell doesn’t sell like one. So I would curb my enthusiasm about GT Sport selling less than 3 million, this is GT we’re talking about. GT6 was a fluke in a bad position, yet it still sold better than any other driving game released since then. Food for thought.

    4. ArR29

      @breyzipp back in last gen era there are so many good racing games too like Dirt series, Grid, WRC, NFS shift 1 and 2, Forza 4, F1 series and open world games like burnout and TDU, but none of them stop GT from selling millions of copies. I even remember people on the interwebs saying that GT6 won’t sell 2 million copies.

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