Gran Turismo Sport Launch Date Revealed: November 15th!

Our man Jordan is on the ground at the GT Sport press conference right now, and Polyphony has released the targeted release date for its new PS4 title: November 15, 2016.

The presentation covered multiple aspects of the game, and we’ve got a brief rundown for you right now before we dive further into each subject as the day goes on.

The important takeaways:

  • As mentioned, the full retail release is set for November 15, 2016 in North America. The EU release date is November 16, and the UK must wait until November 18.
  • The game will feature over 130 cars, including new PD-created race versions of existing models. All cars will feature an interior view, and have been built from scratch for PS4.
  • 19 tracks at launch, with 27 variations, including new additions Northern Isle Speedway and Tokyo Expressway.
  • Tarmac and rally racing to be featured.
  • For the first time in GT history, a livery editor is included!
  • 117 Events are available offline.
  • In addition to the above, the FIA championship will be a primary feature of the game. A digital licensing feature will be available in 22 countries, a number likely to grow before launch.
  • The Nations Cup and Manufacturer Fan Cup first announced at GT Sport’s original reveal will be present.
  • GT Sport will feature a renewed Museum mode, last seen in GT5.
  • Photomode has received an overhaul with the inclusion of “Scapes“. Hundreds will be available for players to chose from, with no limit on cars included in the shot.
  • Photomode will have a 4K output option, much as GT5 and GT6 do.
  • A focus on social features fosters an entire community within the game.

If you don’t follow GTPlanet on Twitter (which you absolutely should), you can also catch this early clip of GT Sport gameplay. Don’t worry, there’s more where that came from:

We’ve got a whole pile of content to share with you, so grab a snack and get ready! The official livestream starts in just over an hour, featuring a brand new trailer. In the meantime, you can drool over these 28 high-res images:

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Comments (60)

  1. letdown427

    I know it’s a negative attitude but seriously, 130 cars FROM SCRATCH? Why bother? They made such a big flap about the quality of the premiums in GT6 and we all swallowed that pill on the basis that they’re PS4 ready. But they weren’t good enough for GT Sport, so presumably they won’t be good enough for GT7? Or will we now have 800 Standard, 400 Premium and then 130 ‘Ultimate’ cars?


    Don’t get me wrong, seeing all the news articles I got the feels I only ever get from riding the GT hype train, but I think we’ve all been around the block too many times now to not hold some suspicions.

    A livery editor? You mean like GT5’s track editor? You’ll be able to paint a couple of pre-defined areas on a panel, like the race number etc. It won’t be a full ‘every pixel can be edited’ sort of editor, becuase that’s what we all want and what they’re trying to make us believe, but we all know deep down it’ll be some less than half implemented mess.

    Having played a fair amount of Dirt Rally, the bar is too high now for GT style car sounds to be acceptable, and I’ll be watching plenty of youtube videos before bothering with this.

    It does look pretty though, and I’m now off to excitedly catch up all of the other news stories I missed over the weekend!

  2. jubeiiiii246

    Well I heard that Kaz said that he will keep all the cars from gt6 and that each car has its own fans. He said some standard cars we be turned into prenium. I hope he means turnin the Toyota Gt one into a prenium :)

  3. colj00

    “over 130 cars built from scratch” WHY? WHY WHY WHY PD

    the premium cars in GT5 were perfect, why waste time doing them all over again… omg

  4. Stormhawk83

    Hmm, think I’ll hold off. Looks good, some great looking cars, but I have zero interest in racing online. It needs a strong offline component, something Gt5 and Gt6 both lacked. I’ll be waiting for reviews and info from people who do take the plunge.

  5. SavageEvil

    I wonder if they are going to allow free roam and lose all the invisible walls? Nothing breaks immersion more than hitting an invisible wall mere meters off course. Either way this game is being purchased, simply because that online mode looks absolutely a godsend, I want to see how deep the officiating goes. The cautions that makes you line up in order of when the caution went into effect is excellent, I want to see what else is in there. There was no mention of tuning at all, so I wonder if this GT has none?

  6. CarBastard

    It seems good, too good if I may say after the disppointment I had with GT5 and GT6 but Sony/Logitech really messed up not supporting the G27. You want me to get a new console for the new game? Fair enough, a new game demands the improved hardware. But a new wheel too? What’s wrong with my previous one? Certainly not much given that every other sim out there can support it, it’s not like it’s technically inadequate or that the PS4 doesn’t have the computer power to support it.

    You may say: “Get the G29 and stop whinning!”, but why should I? The changes were superficial at most. Why should I cater to their greed? It’s not like I don’t have other expenses like, say, college, or a real project car. The money that could buy me G29 could very well be spent on a few trackdays.

    You lost a customer there, good job Sony/Logitech. This is my farewell Gran Turismo, thanks for the good times and for leading me to GTPlanet and it’s awesome community.

    1. hairystig

      G27 doesn’t work with ps4 for the same reason ds3 doesn’t work with ps4, different system, at least new wheels work with ps3 as well as ps4 but obviously those wheels won’t work with ps5.

    2. hairystig

      Controllers wheels etc need authentication certificates to work with consoles, the authentication certificate needed for a wheel/controller to work with ps4 wasn’t available wheel your g27 was made.

    3. Johnnypenso

      The G27 does work with the PS4 and people are using it every day. There is nothing in the PS4 architecture that prevents the G series of wheels from working. It’s just a pc in a different case. The authentication certificate is bogus too. The T500 works with the PS4 and it’s several years old now.

    4. hairystig

      Oooh-kay then it would appear that someone has been telling me lies, I apologise for repeating them.

  7. Ernest mcgaha

    Hope they let is transferred our gt6 cars on gt sports looks like it’s going to be a gud racing game tho but still want to be able to drift

  8. SolidRacer

    Really hope it will stay to gran turismo core.. I don’t like modern Era cars.. Drive, race and doing rally, drift, all favorite cars from 1970 to 1999.. Anything newer is nothing important for me.. Playing gt since GT1.. If this one is mainstream and with new cars only I will possibly skip it… Because I really dislike to drive these new plastic looking cars… With all unnecessary gadgets and technology which takes away driving pleasure… Hope PD listen to their mature fans.

  9. celtiscorpion73

    I just don’t know. Seems like another incomplete GT6 to me right now, although I know there will be updates later on. I’ll wait until I hear some reviews from the players of this game before I decide to buy it this time around.

  10. JakeMR2

    Maybe I will get a PS4 this summer, but I don’t know wheather to be happy about the release or just wait for a review of the game first…


    Look at the trailer, and you can see that it’s going to be a very nice game. Maybe i’ll get a PS4 we never know!

  12. Manasseh257NSX

    Livery Editor HERE I COME! I’ll wait for GT7 for the car customization and engine swap/tuning.

    Asset to Corsa comes out in August then GT Sport in November. Lol I don’t know which one I’m going to play more.

  13. Ryan81

    Pretty much the car count I was expecting. Not bad at all to be fair. I mean, Assetto Corsa has around 100 +, PCars 125, DriveClub around the same and since this isn’t GT7 (apparently) we need to accept it for what it is: primarily a game focused on FIA with a sprinkling of road cars etc. A sub-game of the GT franchise, a bit like GT Concept Tokyo or whatever it was for the PS2. 117 offline events sounds like a pretty decent number.

    So, got three racing games to look forward to for my One and PS4 :-) Let’s just hope it’s not delayed like many GT release dates seem to be.

  14. BrunetPaquet

    I hope there’ll be online free roam like in GT6… I wanna drive my livery’d cars with/ and show ’em to my friends! Anyone got some info on that?

  15. DGTR

    I know for a fact that I’m going to spend countless hours creating nonsensical liveries. I did so in Horizon 2 lol. And those social features aforementioned, maybe includes a way we can share them too in a way Forza does it?

    1. Johnnypenso

      You’re assuming you’ll have the same freedom to make liveries that you do in Forza. I wouldn’t bet on that just yet.

  16. BrunetPaquet

    YES!!!! LIVERY EDITOR!!! That’s what I wanted! I don’t care about only 130 cars if I can paint ’em! I’m extremely happy!!!

  17. JDmsz

    Extremely disasapointed only having 130 cars. I already knew from the beginning GT sport wasn’t going to have 1200+ cars but I was at least expecting 400-500 cars. Hopefully the engine sounds can make up for it.

    1. TomBrady

      130 is more than enough if they include enough variety (open wheel cars, track day cars, street cars, historic race cars, modern race cars, historic open wheel cars, super cars, hyper cars, rally cars, prototypes (old and new), karts)

      Look at pCars. One of the best car lists ever in a racing game IMO, and I’m pretty sure even with all the DLC it’s below 130.

      The problem I see with it though is that instead of just porting GT6’s premium models, they’re making them all from scratch. IMO that’s a huge waste of time considering how good GT6’s cars look. Check the forums for the thread on adaptive tessellation in GT6. You’ll be amazed at how good they look. Side by side with Driveclubs car models, it’s hard to even tell any difference, and driveclubs models are by far the best in the business.

    2. JDmsz

      Yep now im really disappointed. Saw the gameplay looks like a high fps version of gt6 and the ENGINE SOUNDS oh my gosh! They hired a freaking sound engineer from forza and still can’t get these sounds right.

  18. TomBrady

    What is picture #10 from? (4th from the top on the left). Please be VIR. Please be VIR. Please be VIR.

  19. ALO14

    Looks pretty good. I don’t think people can really call this a prologue now the info has come out.

  20. jm79

    Looks amazing, well impressed by this.
    The RS01, The Corvette, the livery editor (!), standing starts, the GRAFIX.

  21. TomBrady

    I’m disappointed that they’re only using cars built from scratch for this. Seriously, the premium cars in GT6 are WAY MORE than good enough. Especially if they use adaptive tessellation on them, they look very nearly as good as Driveclub’s which are the best in the business. Even without tessellation, they’re still way too good not to use.

    1. TomBrady

      @JP don’t be ridiculous. Why don’t you look at some screenshots side by side of the fully tessellated cars in GT6 and try saying “nearly as good” is the key phrase. The differences are so small, you’ll only ever see them in photo mode when the camera is 6 inches away. and honestly, the only difference I even notice, is that rainbow effect you get from the headlights in Driveclub. That’s it.

      If you’re telling me those aren’t good enough to use, you’ve truly lost your mind for good this time.

      @Mahmsy, because they’re throwing away cars for no reason. Seriously, search GT6’s forum, and look up the thread on adaptive tessellation. Take a look at the cars with full tessellation, and try telling me they don’t look mind blowingly good, even by PC/PS4 standards, let alone PS3.

    2. TomBrady

      If Links were allowed, I’d post them here to show you what I’m talking about.

      By no means am I saying 130 cars isn’t enough, it’s more than enough if they include enough variety, I just don’t like the fact that GT6’s premium car models are being wasted considering how good they are

    3. Johnnypenso

      Nearly as good is your phrase Tom, not mine. Obviously Kaz has decided that “nearly as good” isn’t good enough, he has to be the best. Perfectly understandable given PD’s history. Any other choice would be surprising really.

    4. Johnnypenso

      Either way, I expect them to show up in GT7. GT Sport is to be the showcase for graphics for PD and to show what is possible on the system, rather than being an all inclusive, throw in everything but the kitchen sink type game that GT7 will be.

    1. flip55

      Haha, I thought the same exact thing, too! Glad I’m not the only one who’s brain was playing tricks on them. :)

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