Gran Turismo 7 “Legend Cars” Will Be Dynamically Priced by Hagerty

Gran Turismo has partnered with specialist classic car insurance and valuation company Hagerty, in a collaboration that will see the brand provide real-world, dynamic values for some of GT7’s most exclusive cars.

The tie-in will be part of the game’s “Legend Cars” dealership — previously known as “Brighton Antiques” in the pre-launch build-up. This part of the map, which players unlock as part of GT Cafe’s Menu Book 17, now bears prominent Hagerty branding, with the dealer’s stock now appearing to be part of the Hagerty Collection.

Company CEO McKeel Hagerty will also appear in the dealership as one of the game’s many guides. Hagerty himself will inform you about the various cars and their place in the automotive sphere in the Collection, with more than 70 cars appearing in the dealer — although there’s only five available at any one time.

More intriguingly, the vehicle values will be dynamic, and guided by Hagerty’s own real-world expertise. Although no interval has been stated yet, the prices in the dealer will rise and fall (as indicated by blue and red arrows) as they would in a real classic car dealer, using the Hagerty Valuation Tool.

Cars in the Hagerty Collection look set to have values of between 150,000cr and 20,000,000cr. As that latter value is a hard credit cap for player wallets in Gran Turismo 7, as it was in GT Sport, it seems like that would be the upper limit on any vehicle prices.

For players in the USA, there’s another angle to the partnership. If you’re a member of the Hagerty Drivers Club, you can receive a voucher to get a free vehicle from the Legend Cars dealership, with an exclusive Hagerty livery. That deal renews every year, so you can get a different car each time.

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