Gran Turismo 7 Appears in New PlayStation 5 Promotional Video

After a veritable flurry of GT7-related news earlier today — a potential Beta, and a look at a possible new official wheel for the game — the title has also popped up in a promo video for PS5.

The new video is titled “Stunning Visuals”, and it focuses on the various graphics technologies and capabilities of the new console. That includes details like ray-tracing, native 4K resolution, and 120fps frame rates.

Naturally, the next-generation Gran Turismo 7 is a good showcase for these advances, and features alongside Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and Demon’s Souls in the sequence.

Although the video mainly uses clips we’ve previously seen from Gran Turismo 7 promotional videos, there are still a few things to unpack.

Firstly, the scenes used are for the most part slightly longer, meaning we do get to see slightly more than before. That does throw us a particularly interesting, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment on the in-car clip with the Porsche Carrera GT.

As the car is driving, the temperature gauge within the instrument cluster drops from 16.4°C to 16.3°C and then goes back up to 16.4°C. That could indicate that track temperature is something actively measured and playing a role within the game’s physics engine.

Notably, the video refers to Gran Turismo 7 as being “In development for PlayStation”. That’s another hint that, as suggested by PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst earlier this year, GT7 is a cross-gen title and will be available on PlayStation 4 as well as PlayStation 5. Previous cross-gen games have also carried this legend, while PS5 exclusives have been labelled as such — including Gran Turismo 7 when first revealed.

If nothing else it’s another glimpse at GT7 after a very barren spell of information following the game’s delay to 2022. That might suggest a renewed push on promotion, so keep an eye on GTPlanet for any new details that arise.

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  1. Pigems

    Why would you assume that the laws in the country that GTS in made in, are the same as the laws in the country you live in?

  2. Leggacy

    I notice the mirrors reflect the cars interior and bodywork, I wonder if this will actually be in the game?

  3. David T.

    So… Another game that I can install on my ‘massive’ ps5 sdd only to delete it when i want to install and play another game. Deciding days in advance what game you want to play so you have time to install it and update is just a joke…… Love you Sony and am loyal but please sort out the ssd upgrade.

  4. Azly

    Do sony n gt company want us all the actually funder to ignore n moved to microsoft consoled…bcoz we r a trully stick only with u n sony…for life…n spend our cash just to wait n wait like dogz ..but still treat us like we worth nothing …n made us look like beggar n think bout it

  5. IXON009

    It’s awful to think back it's already 1 year and 1 month passed since the first trailer. And still NOTHING new given to us… Why is this required to do with the fans? It slowly kills the hype for the people who was there and enjoyed the announcement.

  6. advent

    Looking forward to checking out the Porsche GT1 shown 0:21. Hopefully, the Mercedes equivalent will also make an appearance.

  7. Dennismarinos

    Sony and PD have done this ever since PS3 and gt 5, they market it like it’s available now or very soon at launch and then it takes years for it to come out. And PS4 didn’t even get a proper GT game, and now fast forward to ps5 and gt7 is just a rehash of the gt sport engine. I really hope this new game gets really bad reviews so we can just be done with putting this now inept studio on a pedestal. There are way smaller and less funded teams putting out much higher quality games now and at a much higher pace than PD. If it flops at least Sony might start cracking the whip at them a bit. (Queue fan Bois saying: “why don’t you build the game then” or “how many games have you made”. Point is others are much better at making quality racing/Sim games than PD and Sony is letting them get away with way too much ever since GT5 taking 6 years to release, this would have been a launch title if any other studio where making it)

    1. Canucks_9419

      What I don’t get is what is the point of posting then, instead of just going and enjoying other Sims? I’m not going to disagree that this new game was revealed at least 6 months too early though.

    2. michael lopez

      Gt is never on time, that should just be baked in. Many games have been delayed due to covid. I feel like some games may be held back till more people can get ps5’s. Because of the lack of ps5’s some games might get the ps4 treatment. None of those statements seem all that far fetched to me. With gt I have just taken the approach it is out when it is out. I fully understand holding back some AAA games till more units can be produced and sold. Sure the dely sucks but chances of gt being out at ps5’s really was very small even with all of the complications of the last years and a half. Till fanatec has a ps5 ecosystem I am in no hurry. I do not want to have to use gimmicks to get my csw v2 to work. All that said I hope we get it sooner rather than later.

  8. PSN offapple

    I believe that temperature is already a thing in GT Sport, although there’s no visual indicator for it. 'Dynamic' temperature on the other hand…

  9. ruestchiva

    It’s just so strange to be putting 40% focus of an ad promoting a game that it is still at least 6 months away from launch. Especially when you want sales of a console to come as quickly as possible.

    1. Dr.F

      Sony are selling every console they can make right now, they could advertise as a door stop and it wouldn’t matter

    1. Duppy Gee

      I’m just speculating but I believe they announced GT7 early to encourage people to buy a PS5. They say a PS4 version of the game is to not alienate 110m players. That reason would have been there from the first time they announced GT7. Why not mention it then.

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